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Top 13 Samhain Articles at Witchvox

Join us is celebrating the top 13 articles from your 'Samhain' section here at Witchvox. - Also check out: Samhain Events in your town.

You Call It Hallowe'en... We Call It Samhain by Peg Aloi [304,839 ]

A Brief History of Hallowe'en by Christina Aubin [256,188 ]

Satanic Panic and Black Cats by Wren [65,330 ]

The Lore of the Door by Wren [41,602 ]

Samhain Night by Wren [25,397 ]

The Silver Bough, and Samhain in a Stone Circle by Peg Aloi [20,356 ]

The Mighty Dead, the Beloved Dead and Us by M Macha Nightmare [20,287 ]

My Samhain - by Mark Sosnowski by Moonspider [18,120 ]

Hearken Now, The Darkness Comes! - by Lark by Lark [16,499 ]

The Halloween Witch: Should We Be Offended? by Crow Tarot Lady [15,452 ]

Why I Love Samhain by M Macha Nightmare [14,274 ]

Ancestors by Christina Aubin [11,990 ]

Samhain in the Shadow of Halloween by Lady Abigail [9,534 ]

Also check out: The Real Origins of Halloween and Halloween Errors and Lies by Isaac Bonewits

This Week at Witchvox....

Thoughts on Conjuring Spirits by Crick [Wvox Sponsor] [531 reads]

When one incorporates Ceremonial magic into their practice they are in essence, engaging in the art of connecting with spirits. I personally believe that there is a misconception of such a practice in today's society. There is the belief that such a pursuit is endorsed primarily by those who engage in Black Magic. As an old school witch, I frequently engage denizens from the spirit world. I do this as a useful mode of understanding and en... [more]

A Microcosmic View of Ma'at by Rev.Roman Delgado [263 reads]

Note: Here I write about Ma’at and I use the both the Egyptian terms for Gods (Netjeru) and the English words Gods and goddesses interchangeably. I do the same with the words of Order and Chaos and its Egyptian counterparts Ma’at and Isfet. In my own exploration into Kemeticisim and the many flavors of Egyptian Paganism I have come across a term that fascinates me, mostly because of its subtle complexity. That is the Egyptian Concept of M... [more]

Laura Faught by Rowen Earthchild [205 reads]

Laura or "Laurie" as she liked to called and I were friends for a long time. She passed from this life on October 2, 2014. She lived in Fifty-Six Arkansas. I am shocked and saddened by her passing She was a practicing Pagan when I knew her. I don't know if she still was at the time of her passing. I can still remember the day we met. She was working at the Exxon gas station here in town and I stopped by with a friend of mine who had asked... [more]

Top Essays of 2014

Where did Aleister Crowley’s Influence on Wicca Go? by Adley Tenenbaum [4,687 reads]

Gerald Gardner was the founder of what today is referred to as Wicca. Specifically I speak of ‘Gardnerian Wicca’, an oath-bound and initiation required tradition that traces its lineage to Gerald Gardner and the New Forrest Coven. What is known commonly today as Wicca in the public is hardly what Gardner established in 1947. Gardner's tradition focused primarily on ritual and performing it, whereas today, what is known as Wicca generally is associat... [more]

Sacred Space Conference by Caroline Kenner [Wvox Sponsor] [4,371 reads]

Here I was, in the opening ritual of Sacred Space 2014, listening to my friends and fellow board members invoke our Matron and Patron, Athena of Greece and Thoth of Egypt. We work all year to create Sacred Space, and now conference time was finally here. Gwen... [more]

Thanksgiving Memories of a Native American Witch by Lady Abigail [Wvox Sponsor] [4,339 reads]

Thanksgiving has always been a strange and difficult time for me. Sometimes it was hard to understand or accept how some would celebrate this holiday. Perhaps it is because I am not only a card carrying Witch but I am also a proud card carrying Native American who in childhood spent many of her holidays on the reservation with family members. I understand giving thanks for all the amazing gifts of life and the blessings given us by the Godde... [more]

Six Rules for Safer Pagan Sex: A Guide by Caer Jones [3,965 reads]

Many of us grew up hearing every variation possible of “sex is bad for you and will turn you funny colors”. There was guilt and shame associated with having sex, with our bodies, with our pleasure. Most of this sex negativity was community-enforced and dumped on teens who were already flailing around trying to figure all this crap out anyway. There was no defense against it, so most of us absorbed it to greater or lesser extents. It’s not like we ha... [more]

Sacred Space 2014 Conference by Sabrinamari [3,636 reads]

How many times have you gone to a workshop hoping that it would be gripping, insightful and engaging, only to find that it was better than you could possibly have imagined?I did this seven times at this year’s Sacred Space gathering.Little did... [more]

GOD AND ME (A Pagan's Personal Reply to the New Atheists) by Mike Nichols [3,585 reads]

"Have you made your peace with God?""I wasn't aware that we had quarreled."--Henry David Thoreau, on his deathbedIn this essay, I plan to analyze the following TWO questions: "Do you believe in God?" and "Do you worship Nature?" Although in my culture, the first is usually asked with reference to Christianity and the second is usually asked with reference to Paganism, I have come to realize the two questions are eerily parallel. And ... [more]

From Christian to Pagan (Part I) by Gina Lopina [3,248 reads]

I was born and raised Catholic. I was often confused by the Catholic faith and found little in it that helped me become more spiritual. I have to say that I am not anti-Christian, as I believe in tolerance for all religions. But, prior to coming out of the broom closet, I lived a double life.The Double LifeWhen my children were in Catholic School, prior to me pulling them out to homeschool them, I was active in the Catholic Ch... [more]

The Nightmare After Halloween by Jessica Marie Baumgartner [Wvox Sponsor] [3,230 reads]

So many of us grew up loving Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Parents in the Pagan community should know that it is so much more than a fun movie. When I was young, I never imagined that this strange and beautiful film would come in handy as a teaching tool for my children, but any teacher will tell you that true-life lessons can come from anywhere. My young daughters are just getting acquainted with the world and questioning ev... [more]

Healing the Witch Within by Lady Abigail [Wvox Sponsor] [3,202 reads]

As a small child raised in the mountains of the Ozarks, winter seemed more like a mystical land filled with glistening fairies and magickal spells found in every breath than a season in the year. The only time I really recognize winter as 'winter' would be if I might happen to get sick. This didn’t happen very often because my Great Grandmother was a wise and gifted healer. She was an Ozark Wise Woman and Witch. She was a beautiful proud Nat... [more]

For Love of the God by Diane Awenydd-Evans [3,148 reads]

I am a witch. That is to say, I am Wiccan. I worship and love the Goddess in all her forms. The Light, the Dark, the Young, the Old, the Mother, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Rivers and Lakes and Oceans, the Indefinable, all forms of the Goddess are holy and sacred to me. I am grateful that I have found her in this lifetime, in this incarnation. My Community embraces her fully and fiercely. And that is as it should be. But what of the... [more]

Which Witch? Philosophical and Psychological Roots of Wicca by Radko Vacek [3,137 reads]

Here is the background story for the jackpot question! English folklore is a treasury of tales. Two of these are so old that they probably helped Jeoffrey Chaucer as a little boy (c. 1350) to develop his imagination to write The Canterbury Tales. Both folktales involve Witches. The one involves a Witch getting melted by water, which was incorporated into The Wizard of Oz. The second actually involves a Witch getting EATEN, by a little ... [more]

The LGBT Community Within the Pagan Community by Luthien [3,137 reads]

Coming out of the broom closet – no easy task as most of you will know, and doubly hard when there are two closets from which to emerge into a harsh, intolerant and often unforgiving world. Thank goodness we don’t live in medieval Europe whereby I’d have been burnt at the stake, hosed down and then burnt again on both counts. I want to discuss some of the issues that I have come across in my day-to-day life as both a Pagan and a member of the LGBT c... [more]

Thoughts on the Threefold Law/Law of Return by Vervain [3,087 reads]

I realized I was a Wiccan sometime late in middle school, and overall I've been very happy with my decision to walk down that path. However, over the nine or ten years I've been stewing in the religion, I've come to realize that there are parts of what I started with that don't make sense to me anymore. It's natural for this to happen -- and it's certainly not something that worries me -- I don't call myself Wiccan because I need to fit my beliefs i... [more]

Never Once Was There a An Athame Near My Chalice: My Very Sheltered Occultist Upbringing by Deborah Castellano [3,071 reads]

Everyone loves to trade early Occultist/Pagan stories. The corrupt teachers! The Chthonic beings you summoned just because you could before you could even hold an thame! Ostracization for petty crimes committed in your youth! In fighting! Coven drama! Sexism! Racism! Getting your car keyed! Illicit sex with elders and barely legals!Oh it’s just so scandalous and juicy! I love hearing all of it!And then there’s me.I’m a Genera... [more]

Are You a Natural Witch? by Michelle Cole [2,990 reads]

As a child, I clearly remember the excitement each year when the advertisements began heralding the yearly opportunity to watch Dorothy take a wild ride in a little white house. The wicked witch frightened me to no end but I always loved seeing that big pink bubble floating down, knowing the good witch was there to help. My top two favorite TV shows as a kid were Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Oh, how I wished I could ‘twinkle’ my n... [more]

The Hex Murder of 1928 by Sorbus [2,680 reads]

Americans seem to love a scandal. The more sensational the details, the more attention the thing gets. In November of 1928, there was a murder that brought the nation’s attention on a seemingly witchcraft related event. Focusing the public on magikal practices in the German speaking rural communities of southern Pennsylvania, it was sensationalized and drew ridicule to the locals as backward, superstitious practitioners of “witchcraft”.Still... [more]

The Magick of Jewelry and Metals by Raven Digitalis [2,571 reads]

Jewelry has long been used in magick. Its most common historical use is protective, to guard against demons, malicious creatures, and adversaries’ attacks. With the rise of metallurgy, specifically designed pieces came to be used as magickal talismans. This is prevalent in indigenous and modern societies both.Jewelry can be a stylistic way to display your beliefs and alignments either inside or outside of ritual circle. Practitioners of nume... [more]

One Wiccan's Journey Through Depression by White Wave [2,568 reads]

At some point in everyone’s life, we will fall into the pit of despair. Sometimes it will be triggered by the death of a loved one, by abuse, by poverty, by failure, by deceit. At first, it seems a momentary sadness, a melancholy almost startlingly beautiful. Then all things begin to overwhelm with their sadness. For others, depression creeps slowly in, till it begins to squat as an unwelcome house guest in the mind, consuming all hope in th... [more]

Safety: Let's Shift Our Focus by Witch Sage [2,539 reads]

By now, most of us know that Pagan author and musician, Kenneth "Kenny" Klein, 59, was arrested at his home in New Orleans on March 25th and is facing 25 counts of possession of child pornography. Police were tipped off to Mr. Klein's computer activity back in February and the month long investigation led to his arrest.As you can imagine, these allegations have sent shock waves through the Pagan community. Many persons of Pagan faiths are ca... [more]

Magick and Consequences: My Experience with Sigils by Wimsaur [2,534 reads]

Some time last September, I started reading Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine. The core of this book is Chaos Magick. Essentially, Chaos Magick is a system of magick that allows for believing in whatever you want for the purpose of manifesting your desires. If you want to cast a love spell, then it pays to believe in a Love Goddess such as Aphrodite. If you want to reign down destruction on your enemies (assuming you have enemies) , then Mars, the... [more]

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        My Family Is Different

        Author: Jessica Marie Baumgartner

        Category: Pagan Children's   Level: All

        This is the story of a young Wiccan girl who realizes that her family celebrates a different faith than others. When she asks her friends about their beliefs, she learns that many of them follow different religions or non at all and comes to understand that all families are different.

        It is a positive take on the hard discussion that many Pagan parents have to face while also teaching respect of religious diversity. ... Impressions: 35,917

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