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Nature Divination

Category: Divination

Website Profile: Nature Divination with the Earth Deck

"The Earth Deck is a wonderful, magical tool for divination that reminds us what our true sacred text is: nature herself. A great tool for activating the intuition and imagination. And Gaiamore's beautiful images can be enjoyed
just for themselves!"
Starhawk, activist, organizer, and author

The Earth Deck is a collection of 52 laminated, 8x8 inch large photocards showing many aspects of Nature. The cards are durable, easily seen in group settings, and perfect for a variety of interactive or solitary practices. The photo that appears on the back of each card is a compelling picture of a crystal ball on the earth, suggesting the idea that if we look deeply to the earth for guidance, we will gain all the knowledge we seek. As a display object, each card is beautiful to look at and evokes a sense of awe in the magnificence and power of nature. A reversible handcrafted cloth pouch is available for the Deck.

Nature divination with The Earth Deck is a unique and powerful experience that leads to self-discovery through attunement with the inherent wisdom of Mother Earth. Because the images are unaltered photos of nature herself, no esoteric explanations are necessary. The teaching comes from each individual's personal relationship with the image - visually, emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually. Because of this, The Earth Deck is an ideal tool for earth-based spiritual practitioners as well as for professionals in traditional fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and education.

The Earth Deck appeals to everybody. People, of all ages and gender, from all walks of life, from various religious beliefs, and of different cultural backgrounds, can use this deck for personal growth and enjoyment. All of us belong to the Earth. There are no particular credentials needed to appreciate and learn from nature.

One of our main challenges in life is to create space for deeply honoring the gifts of nature and to achieve balance with the natural world. Nature divination with The Earth Deck is one creative and easy way to do this. The Earth Deck with its simple elegance makes it easy for everyone to return to Mother Nature for healing, comfort and wisdom.

"Reading the book of nature, becoming acquainted with nature's patterns by watching the sun, the moon, and the stars, can educate a person in the mysteries of the body and soul. The byproduct of this kind of education of the heart is a life full of warmth, charm, and meaning." -Thomas Moore

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

About the Earth Deck Creator:
Gaiamore, (Gail Morrison, M.Ed.) , artist and photographer, is an eco-therapist and teacher of earth-based spiritual practices who facilitates personal growth and healing through deep seeing using images of nature. Her photographs emerge from her passionate love for the wild and her keen awareness of Earth as Sacred Teacher. Working as a guide and mentor, Gaiamore leads us on a journey to the self that extends into the heart and soul of our planet.

Gaiamore guides individuals and groups, facilitating creative expression and introspection through our natural connection to the Earth. Her background includes many years of work as a teacher, counselor and group facilitator. She is trained in creative visualization, hypno-therapy, shamanic journeying, dance/movement therapy, hospice care giving, and relaxation techniques. She is the author of The Elements of Self-Esteem, and she also researched, developed and facilitated Skills for Success, a twelve month self growth program for at-risk populations and the professionals who serve them. All of her professional experience combined with her deep relationship to nature led her to develop this simple but enlightening tool for self-discovery-- The Earth Deck.

Individual Sessions with Gaiamore and the Earth Deck in person, video call, or by phone. Sessions can be conducted with or without the Earth Deck. Contact: or Nature Divination and the Earth Deck on facebook.

To order an Earth Deck or schedule a Nature Divination session with Gaiamore visit or or contact us at

More Testimonials

"My experience of nature divination with the Earth Deck was a serene ride through my sometimes some times turbid waters of my mind. The reading was simple. One card, but with my layers. Gail skillfully guides the reading, without leading, and helped me bring to the surface questions and answers that are hidden within me. Nature Divination, the Earth Deck, and Gail Morrison allowed me to intuitively draw the information out of scene from nature. There is no greater gift than finding out that answers you seek are already within you and with a little help, they can be revealed and made clear. I would recommend Nature Divination and the Earth Deck with the expert guidance of Gail Morrison to anyone who is seeking to better understand themselves and find answers to their questions." John Hurwitz

"My partner and I were both receiving readings from Gail. He went first, so I was able to understand the process before going into it. Or so I thought. When my turn came, Gail used an entirely different process that drew on my own background. Gail first helped me solidify my unwieldy intention. She asked me to pick a card in whatever way felt right to me. When I flipped the card over, it was closeup of a sandy beach. Gail guided me through the process of touring the card and noticing what came up. Sometimes the guiding was in the form of silently holding space and sometimes it was asking the right question at the right time. The large format and great photo made the card I chose easy to dive into. She’s the tour guide through your session who intuitively moves from asking questions to staying silent at the right times. I felt both incredibly supported and like I had all the space I needed."
Sheri Keller

"A Nature Divination reading with Gail Morrison is a gentle, insightful, brilliant gift, for yourself or someone you love. One reading. One card. Many resolutions. I kept cycling through the same questions, felt imprisoned by the same uncomfortable feelings. I did not want to burden my friends with my issues, and I did not want costly protracted therapy. I needed a Tarot card reading. Gail Morrison, eco-therapist and creator of the Earth Deck, uses nature’s stunning beauty as a prompter to develop a series of questions; you are doing the work, getting to know yourself deeper, learning your options, and creating the best scenario for life. My session with Gail was the best I ever had."
Rosa De Anda, artist and writer

"Deepest gratitude for the therapeutic genius of Gail Morrison; her guiding hand throughout these long years never faltered; therapy uniting ecofeminism, active imagination, and relentless support—it works!" Dr. April Heaslip, Author (Regenerating Magdalene: Psyche's Quest for the Archetypal Bride)

"This morning I just drew a card from my Earth Deck, and, as always, it was the perfect card to guide me and inspire me and help me to see things clearly again! I love my deck so much and I love you, Gail, for making it with such incredible care, art, and reverence for the natural world and for our spirits within. I still remember our class together fondly. Thank you and much love!"
Deborah Mckay, writer.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful session last week. I am still letting it settle and integrate but even knowing that I have these new tools that I discovered are helping things feel more open, spacious, and possible. Thank you for all of your work on this Earth. It is a comfort and inspiration to know that you are here." Sincerely, Rachel

"I highly recommend Gaiamore's services to anyone that is looking for guidance and support, or wanting to further develop their spiritual practice. Understanding from others does not always come easy, especially for those of us who are spiritual seekers and on the mystical path. However, Gaiamore was an immense source of support to me during one of the most challenging times in my life. In the midst of my spiritual crisis, I knew that I needed to talk with someone but I did not feel that a traditional counselor would be a good fit for me. However, Gaiamore's valuable insights and compassionate approach to counseling helped me to attain a spiritual breakthrough. Even though I am female, I have approached many aspects of my life in a more masculine way. Gaiamore led me on guided meditations and helped me to see things from a feminine perspective so that I could create more balance and harmony within. I am so very grateful to Gaiamore for assisting me when I most needed her wisdom and guidance."
Shannon Brianne
Boston, MA

"I was fortunate to be introduced to this fabulous divinatory tool, soon after its release, when Gaiamore offered a week-long intensive in the use of this deck. As a visual learner I was wowed by the sheer beauty and evocative power of these images. Several years later this deck remains one of my 3 favorite divinatory tools and I use it regularity. I encourage you to purchase the deck and if you are able, to schedule an individual Skype consultation with Gaiamore. While the cards will speak to you on their own, Gaiamore’s guidance will enhance their revelations. She is a skilled intuitive who asks just the right, gently probing questions to encourage the emergence of your inner wisdom.
Have fun and enjoy!"
Nancy Weber, NY

“I am a student of Gaiamore and have experienced the incredible gifts she has to offer in numerous phone sessions with her and also in my use of the Earthdeck. By checking in with the pearls of wisdom that is offered in every photograph, reading, workshop and offering that Gaiamore shares, you will be led on a journey to the center of the earth! (Your very own earth!) This woman can hold SPACE ya'll! 
Gaiamore never advises, unless asked to, and even then usually resists, because her goal is to help YOU find YOUR answers! What a blessing! What an honor! To know that such a being is capable of existing on earth! One who truly has no personal agenda and is completely devoted to allowing your most authentic self to arise without feeling judged, misunderstood or not fully listened to!

Gaiamore is able to help you reflect on experiences occurring in daily life as well as connect with your intuition and Higher Self through guided meditation sessions. (My own experience of these sessions has been varied and phenomenal every time.) She is capable of leading meditations that focus and ground you in your physical body or another place deep within your imagination (a.k.a. another dimension, however you want to look at it) . She is an incredible guide and earth mother who can hold the most sacred of spaces around you as you travel to the most unmapped corners of the depths of yourself.”

Written with pure Love and Gratitude,

Diana (a.k.a. Goddess of the Moon)

"It's hard to put into just a few words the magic that has come into my life through my sessions with Gail Morrison. I would describe her elegant therapeutic approach as a complex web of techniques woven seamlessly together and crafted for each individual. Attending to my dreams, somatics and feelings, she has listened to Psyche and has guided me—through active imagination/trance—toward my own healing. Gail is an exemplary therapist, holding my uniqueness sacred and empowered. Embedded in the life giving forces of Nature, Gail has guided me safely, with dynamically compassionate skill, to new levels of awareness and self-understanding. My process with her has enabled me to move beyond the limits of inescapable conditioning into the expansiveness of my core potential."
With so much love and gratitude,

"The Earth Deck has a lot of power. Extremely riveting and compelling, the images of the earth remind us of our deepest, most primitive selves. They take us into our own inner landscape where we don't often sit. Working with this deck is not a mind game like some other tools of introspection. The pictures evoke a non-verbal response that remind us of who we are."
Donna Read, Canadian Filmmaker

"When I cannot make the opportunity to actually step out onto the land and immerse my self in her beauty and gifts, I sometimes pull a card from the Earth Deck. When I do so, I am often thrown into a reverie, a dialogue with that aspect of grandmother's beauty that is suddenly gracing my vision close up through the wonderful photograph. While not a substitute for encountering the earth first hand, this beautiful set of cards can serve as a reminder of what awaits us just outside our door and can stimulate imagery journeys that deepen our love and gratitude for the other than human beings that populate our planet."
Peter Scanlan, Ph.D.
Wilderness Vision Quest and Soulcraft Guide
Clinical Psychologist
Nashville, Tennessee

"I have just received your stunning nature Divination deck and I had to tell you how much I love it! In presentation and use, it is so delightfully unexpected, and so beautifully produced. Having the cards so large and enigmatic makes for a very unique and wondrous experience.
As the producer of the SF Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS) - not to mention something of a divination system junkie - I would love to be able to have more people experience this wonderful work."
strength & honour -- q o'a&d (thalassa)

"I've had the good fortune to have a Japanese woman staying here for the last few days. She is friend to the Buddhist nun who organized the Peace Walk I was on last summer. Tonight, after the lovely meal she prepared, I shared your gorgeous deck. Simply put, Kioko is in awe. I wish you could see her excitement.
She speaks very little English and I don't know any Japanese, but her face and vocalizations say it all. Your images of the Goddess pour forth from every card and are clearly a universally understood language."

"This month's recommended set of cards is a non-tarot deck, the Earth Deck by Gaiamore (Gail Morrison) . It's made up nature photographs on 52 sturdy cards measuring 8" x 8". They're laminated and large enough for differing eye strengths to see. ...When I first opened the gorgeous bag and looked through the deck, I kept gasping, "Sooo beautiful..." Whether for meditation, divination, counselling, ritual, journaling, group work, or admiring beautiful art, the Earth Deck is a pack of cards you'll treasure. If you choose, they can come in a handmade cloth bag.
I asked the Earth Deck this question: "Whom do you serve?" to which it responded with an image of the Grand Canyon. This suggests to me that the Earth Deck serves those who expose the many layers of themselves as they slowly and patiently carve a deep, grounded place within. These cards serve the wilderness within and the wilderness without, offering insights that create sturdy channels within ourselves through which life might flow. Wow!
You can read many creative ideas about using the Earth Deck and purchase it at ."
James Wells
Toronto, ON

"Last year, I purchased one major thing, and that was Gaiamore's deck. I wanted to share with you that the Earth deck is a powerful divinatory tool that will settle into your soul once you use it for readings. I used mine last night to begin a tarot reading and the images were clear and powerful.
If you can support Gaiamore's work by purchasing her deck, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful inspiring and spiritual images that will remain with you long after you put the deck back in its sacred spot."

"When we learn to read Tarot we study the meanings of numbers and elements, and most of all, especially from modern decks, we learn to think in pictures and interpret them. Gaiamore's Earth Deck not only furthers our skill in finding our own meanings in the beautiful images from Nature, but also leads us into divination by simply gazing at the sky, the lake, and the patterns of leaves in the world around us. Gail's beautiful mystical photographs help us feed our souls."
Rose May Dance, Reclaiming teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist

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