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The Witches Universe

Category: paths

Website Profile: The Witches Universe is the secret model of the witches world, though the website is constantly expanding the nature of the Witches beyond Witchery is made clear here...

(Mature nature, truthful messages, and freedom of voice)

If it is about the connection or disconnection of the world, you will see it here or it will arrive there....soon...

So be Patient....

"It is to she who is the most divine that finds the simple truths in all things"
"for she will master not only herself but the future that holds her captive"
"and all who come before her will call her queen of her domain"
By the moon we are taught
to seek the power sought,
to remember and embrace the time,
to defy the secret lines,
to hold and have by nature’s tools,
to sow and reap unlike other fools,
to have and give as the night shines true,
so mote it be shall be the due.

The real power of a witch which will eventually comes from inside after tuning, (a
process to study the being of oneself and in oath learn the secrets to fine tune
themselves like tuning on a piano/or/violin, by the actions of ritual, workings
rites ect.) Sorry but as this is a book and not a oath-ed book as you will
learn... some things will remain page-less however we will get you in the arena in
this book.

: the understanding of the inner candle is the powerful sacred
energies and the union of the keys and secrets of the soul as a
beginner in the ancient arcane and heart of the learning of magic,
k or not...... ( as much as one may wish, one is not born with knowledge and
gifted by age or lifeline, the secrets of natures truths, this is handed out by
those who in themselves explored the possible and came back with answers, some to
be complete others, to be a bit off.. but answers none the less, but only in the
union of memory and the pattern of energy.. was they fully able to be expressed
this is the first step of knowledge to.........magical truths....

Because you are entering into this art freely with your mind
and hearts opened you will discover that the world around you
isn't all it is said to be…I must warn you to practice this book
is to become everything it stands for. Because the nature of the
witch you sought to see, can be very mature at certain times,
because Nudity aka Skyclad nature is required if performing
the lessons in this book completely to its end. This is the way of
the mature mind and body for those whom are serious in
continuing their education in the arts of the witchery ways
open from the ideals of lessor understandings by word
ideals/frames alone... So if you fear either then return to this
book in like seven to ten years and grow in the messages of
other arts in the meanwhile

Witchcraft is the arts of multiple natures, while witchery is
about the magic (k) born in ones own body. The will of this
magic (k) and future of it, shall happen in their own time. Now
this doesn't give you the right to think you can make what you
want. For witchcraft of the wiccan ideals, wants nothing that it
cant openly control, even if they say they don't do that. Wicca
devoid of its original design, an openly truthful image of ancient
magic (k) of both Kel "druidism" and occult witch imagery,
cant give you power over a word such as thelemic practices of
"k" magical orders have been made able to in the expression
of, overall "MAGICK" as a subject. It aka Witchcraft, only
allows those who choose to be the backwards magic user, to
getaway with things that in time will eventually catch up with
them, as wiccan designs of modern are starting to find in their
practice. This is merely an illusion to the real magic (k) that
they as in wiccan study deny themselves.

Witchcraft, aka witchery, aka thitching is a title about the
different changes in the Witch's Nature, its a very long story
with in each of these individual arts. It can become a very
lonely art. Though others will not agree, because they are in
big groups "gatherings" aka "groves". Denying everything
that comes from their way of seeing their "Lives". This is
because they want "The Coven Heads" of witchcraft to make
them feel like they are reborn "Wiccan Elders" brought back
from another time... (more about that later) and part of an
"ancient" family. Sounds familiar kinda of like CHURCH
need I say more.... (so you can see why wicca-craft seeks a more
religious view in their understandings and practices) as of

Ah, the Goddess of the Circle, "not". This is only the position
of the one afforded the wisdom to share in the energy of the
true circle. Above is a picture of a women within the circle aka
Witches Circle. This picture is about placement, a skill that you
learn later on however. In this picture the circle is use a wiccan
design, It is the union of the circle to serve as a gathering of
those whom are alike in energy aka nature to share in others
eventual awareness of this practice. Not for the image and or
vanity of any appointed person to this station, in practicing
rituals for others or themselves. This is a lesson about
responsibility and service to the circle and not to the self which
others seem to forget because of the illusion of power. Those
whom serve anything in the witches design, do it not in
worship or in fear but in love and in selfless duty, given to
them by the power of the circle and never self appointed
"REMEMBER THE CHORES" I mentioned earlier. Those
whom are given such station are given it to serve, as the
connection to the forces and the will of SHE. For they are
memories of the futures to come, as they pass the "secrets" to
the ones whom are part of the rituals inner workings.

You will find that it is the idea of the Modern witches messages
aka neo-pagan wiccan, wiccan theology. That they, want to say
any of the witches natures are all links in a chain. But truthful
messages of witchery show only so many chain links fit at one
time. So they whom are wiccan/neo don't want to hint at this
in any form, until your part of the whole in their study,
practice........ Then they shout it as if it was a
Fact.....underlining the image of witchcraft as a whole, to serve
a personal self education and not respecting the messages that
help them, to be created in the first place....

Witchcraft within the Elemental natures and SHE, When one
received these bonds we also receive more of its mysteries and
freedoms as a Coven....SO Protect them and they will Protect
(be aware that for the sake of our circle, the symbols are
examples of the only thing told here not where they are
correctly placed on the body as in ritual.....) Sorry you can't
fully have that...Yet.

As a witch or student of the root, you are free to teach them a
lesson when they try and show you the However
you still need to know what your up against…So just know the
two sides as I know them...for now...
Good and Evil aren't in magic (k) al existence, these are merely
words to define what I just told you and even they don't really
know themselves. So you can see how messed up the world is
about common values. "DON'T FALL INTO THE SHEEP,
UNLESS YOU GOT CLIPPERS", then make me a jacket if
you would I'm However I think you got the

Ah... the shadow, that unseen force that builds with it the ages
of lost memories, and death walks among them whom seek to
see this world beyond our own skin. And to learn about the
SHADOW is to show us as beings of the sides and reveal the
eventual limits of our desires. Some want the power of this as
in natures gifts because there are many designs within it. As
one who eventually find out the different faces of these sides in
the end i must warn you, that to walk in the shadow brings you
closer to that door that others fear, as the borderline between
the worlds of life and death. Others want to be far away when
it, as in shadow if and when it may arrive as in a force..... But
in all, it is just another face of an unseen person, walking in the
wake of anothers great storm... Truthfully "they", as in "the
temple ones", and the reach of their magic (k) can only infect
you if you weaken your spirit, and disconnect from the
overall.... But to the elemental natures of the tools in the star
aka penta.... "They" as I like to call them aren’t in control of
what they summon, and by what they know as the skill to
"summon"....... I really mean what they try and call forth....
They only want to control, and never to allow others to partake
in the skill to do the same as themselves..... As I was studying
as a upcoming magus, I was learning the ways of those persons,
and their tools, so as to see if their designs was a common
linking to the surfaces of witchery and magick as a whole, as
we of the root design knew could eventually become part of
Truthfully there is not much meaning to it outside acquiring in
ritual and workings aka "personal power".....
Their magick comes from the idea of other broken arts and
they mix and match until you get this messed up Slice of
Reality, that could become something stronger in time, as the
bible of the church would state THEY KNOW NOT WHAT
THEY DO.... Which correctly translates to "they do what they
can not know the full impact of", Witchcraft as in Ceremonial
Summoning arts... Is actually an age old factual truth when it
dives into "spiritualism" as in (ghost) , because they learn to
tap into the shadow of the power of the thing they are trying to
understand and not into its full image shadowed or not..... (this
creates a crossed reality, whereby the user of this skill is
between both realities and most likely can't find the main one
they came in at.....)

This is the placement in your ritual "altar" design.......

In this placement, which is a design that will grow overtime as
your skills in witchcraft messages improves... You can then
learn to command the forces of existence, and if willed by SHE
the powers of nature itself as in the elements....
The secret to this placement is our forth greatest secret...
As for the self candle its purple "in color and aura", and has
many uses as you will find out in time.... (but not now)

The "Root" to Witchcraft is the secret name, of the "rituals
and or workings that allow us in this Art, to communicate with
the "Goddess and her sisters".....yes, you heard me sisters in
these arts....
These names in the consort workings of the seasons and or
practices of this understand, thereby helps to develop the
changes in the personal witches aka "thitching" and form a
way of their growth, as in connection with each season and or
awareness in its arrival.....
Here they are, so you may understand them.....but remember
this is only a deeper look. To know the truth of these exercises
in this Art, to this you have to become apart of the circle at the
root..... (Oath is as Oath taken) .

"Underlined secret", Truthfully a witch doesn't know in the
beginning, or end at the times, before.... that there such beings
as in deities existed, but felt from the forces about them, that
these practices....were the correct way to gather and connect to
them as a reward "like a moth to a flame". And just like the
moth, those aware of these actions in practices both natural
and tooled rituals, became awake of a world beyond the system
they grew to accept as the only one..... Wiser ones of these
awaken "sights", as they grew in these select secrets... Thereby
chosen to protect themselves and others by not showing these
awareness's once outside of the witches, or basic magic (k) 's
model. Choosing in secret to not reveal these things, so as to
(not) bring a sense of unrest to those in the Arts for of what
was already accepted as "true". For they whom chosen to hide
such awareness's that these deities and their skills, where
selectively accepted as the higher "priestly" passages of an
education outside the ring of the circle. For this higher
awareness was the eventual goal to the "witchcraft self", as
was collecting and using the more "natural" workings as they
became more revealed....... (shsssssssssssssssss) now you know,
keep it secret please....
(The thought to this is like the student chef whom prepares the
meal, to become the "head chef" whom does the cooking, and
choices the meal as it is requested) .

The Star seen here as "purple" is the end of your road and the
upward blue triangle is your new is by the virtue
of witchcraft you may have made it here or by the nature of
rooting witchery that you see it at all... Why so (negative) "well
to put it simple"... We are part of a whole new circle that here
your only beginning to see, so why just settle for the table
scraps..... And have fun with baking and eating the CAKE.......
Ah, you thought i would reveal it all and make you master of
the design, but never of its full awareness or full witch in one
Too Bad...... (here is your first clue)

Ah a Book of Shadows, or is it........ For the "truthful" secrets
of the ages many didn't have these books given by the devil or
otherwise, they was created by thinking back towards their
better days and forward to the modern examples of ceremonial
bibles, and by the messages of the ages and in prayer, however
real books did exist.....
These books was brought from dream and tapped into your
soul and seemed to come from somewhere outside of time itself.
It is these books that MEN you heard me "men" were the only
ones allowed to touch but as one knows "curiosity killed the
cat" and the witch was born.... Working to get these secrets, or
just to be connected to someone who had them... These
"special women" sought out to know more then they should at
the time....and it is this, that started the endless debates of the
"witchcraft ways" the modern re-creation of its mysteries,
and over time "consorted" oath takers bonded to one another
and thereby had to pass the wisdom on...which was always
done in ritual.... When the male/mage/magus passed on so did
the info, however after a while tolerances of such "women of
power" sought to get there hands not only on the book, but its
title as a TEACHER.....using such ritual and secrets to bring
forth others, they created a bond not only of the secret man
way..but now a whole new "sisterhood"....

The Dagger is both a promise and a reminder a tool to bind
and rip holes in both worlds, and a skill to draw and dis-guard
energy at will, and if your lucky to be skilled in this, it will even
act as a tracker as well... One of the 5 basic (k) tools of the
magic (k) user and now witch..... Before witches could only
hope to hold the dagger as it was both their death and the right
of their divinity in ritual, when they did... Used only before in
the occult and cultural passages as both a way in and out of
life, it was seen as a great honor to be of either... Either to be
under one or to have it on themselves... Now in a world where
everything is "self serving", the Occult branches of ritual and
ceremonial arts would take it as an image "the dagger" upon
themselves to adopt a form of bordo/limbo from which the
dagger acts as entrance and exit in rituals of truth and trust...
Which was never said before above is what it was used

Stones have energy given from the pressure within the earth or
the void of space... It is the heat of the sun and even the rays of
the moon that make these energies/essences aware to us... As a
tool it "stones", can gather energy from most anywhere as
long as they aren't used for more then one focused purpose,
"this is because everything in nature can control it's own
balances", I would tell you more but we are drifting into druid
It is the nature of a stone "as in the properties", of the stones
itself that can either collect (prepared) energy or deflect it.... as
it goes through all the centuries of its being made... (this duality
in its design is "geo-natural" and not "created"....) Duality of a
Property is one of the more advancing wisdom's in the Arts......
Gem stones however tend to have a bit of psychic energy
because of their reflective nature within the crystallized
scales...but again this is more just information, not lesson.....

(these messages come from the main book of rooting magic)
they are in parts.... they who want in need to seek, me or the coven...

otherwise like this world, you only going to see what this world is willing to
openly show and miss out on the whole story..

look for you then...

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