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Owned by: Colleen Criswell

Crafted From: Noblesville, Indiana

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Posted: Mar.16.2005

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The Magical Circle Free School

Category: Courses

Website Profile: This is a free school to learn the basics of Wicca and Witchcraft. We have been around since 2006 and we are still going strong! We are always growing and expanding!

Over 400 courses!

All the courses we offer are free!

*You are responsible for your own materials and purchasing text books if required. We always encourage you to check out your local library.

We have forums for our students to use, we perform online rituals, have study halls and discussion groups!

We offer an intensive 3 Degree Program to help you to create your own path!

The Degree Program Introduction Class
The First Degree: Rituals and Spells
The First Degree: The Sabbats
The First Degree: Meditation and Dreamwork
The First Degree: Channeling and Divination
The First Degree:: Rites of Passage
The First Degree: Herbalism and Healing
The First Degree: Magick
The First Degree: Power of the Written Word
The First Degree: Initiation into the First Degree
The Second Degree: Visualizing and Raising Power
The Second Degree: The Elements and Elementals
The Second Degree: Guides
The Second Degree: Pagans in the Media
The Second Degree: Spiritual Places
The Second Degree: Magickal Living
The Second Degree: Out of the Broom Closet
The Second Degree: The Esbats
The Second Degree: Initiation Into the Second Degree
The Third Degree: Connections
The Third Degree: Keeping the Connection
The Third Degree: Reaching Out
The Third Degree: The Elemental Watchtowers
The Third Degree: The Power of Prayer
The Third Degree: Death and Understanding It
The Third Degree: Celebrating Life
The Third Degree: Initiation Into the Third Degree

Our staff is always available to work with you and we are a very social school, so you can work as a solitary but still have the social aspect of a coven.

When you first start at the school you will take our course called The Entrance Exam which helps you learn the ins and outs of our school, what we expect from you as a student and help you find all that we offer. We want you to get the most out of the school that you can.

Once you have completed that course you will be able to start taking the many different courses that we offer:

Advanced Divination
Advanced Divination Part 2
Advanced Divination Part 3
Advanced Symbolism
African Goddesses
African Gods
Air Witchcraft
Angels 101: Archangles
Angels 102
Angels 103
Aromatherapy 101
Aromatherapy 102
Aromatherapy 103
Aromatherapy 201
Aromatherapy 202
Aromatherapy 203
Aromatherapy 204
Astrology 101: Sun, Moon, Ascendant
Astrology 102: The Planets
Astrology 103: The Houses and Charting
Aura Reading
Automatic Writing 101: Introduction
Automatic Writing 102: Before and After
Automatic Writing 103: Automatic Writing and Typing
Baptisms and Wicannings
Basic Elements 101: Introduction
Basic Elements 102: Air
Basic Elements 103: Fire
Basic Elements 104 Water
Basic Elements 105 Earth
Basic Elements 106 Final
Basic Tarot
Basic Tarot 102: Creating Layouts
Basic Wicca
Candle Magick 101
Candle Magick: Figure Candles
Candle Magick: Jar Candles
Candle Magick: The Enchanted Candle
Celtic Goddesses
Celtic Gods
Celtic Paganism
Chakras 101: Introduction
Chakras 102: The Root Chakra
Chakras 103: The Sacral Chakra
Chakras 104: The Solar Plexus Chakra
Chakras 105: The Heart Chakra
Chakras 106: The Throat Chakra
Chakras 107: The Brow Chakra
Chakras 108: The Crown Chakra
Chakras 109: The Final
Chromotherapy 101: Introduction
Chromotherapy 102: The Colors
Chromotherapy 103: Final
Cleansing and Consecrations
Cleansing Methods
Cleansing Methods 102
Color Magick
Coming of Age
Communicating With the Faerie Realm: Faries, Elves, Legends and Myths
Communicating With the Faerie Realm : Sylphs of the Air
Communicating With the Faerie Realm: Djinn of Fire
Communicating With the Faerie Realm : Undines of Water
Communicating With the Faerie Realm: Gnomes of Earth
Communicating With the Faerie Realm : Flower Faeries and Tree Spirits
Cooking by Moonlight Autumn Moons
Cooking by Moonlight Blue Moon and Beyond
Cooking by Moonlight Spring Moons
Cooking by Moonlight Summer Moons
Cooking by Moonlight Winter Moons
Cord Magick
Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101
Correspondences of Spellcrafting 102
Correspondences of Spellcrafting 103
Correspondences of Spellcrafting 104'
Cottage Witchery 101
Cottage Witchery 102
Cottage Witchery 103
Cottage Witchery 104
Crafting Witchy Cards 101
Crafting Witchy Cards 102
Crafting Witchy Cards 103
Crafting Witchy Cards 104
Creating a Book of Shadows
Creating a Homemade Altar and Tools
Creating Items for Meditation and Divination
Creating Items for Meditation and Divination 2
Creating Items for Ritual Wear
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Beltane
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Imbolic
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Laugnassad
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Litha
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Mabon
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Ostara
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Samhain
Creating Items for the Sabbats: Yule
Creating Mini Travel Altars
Creating Your Own Rituals
Creating Your Own Spells
Cross Stitch Basics
Cross Stitch Basics: Making Patterns
Daily Devotions: Introduction to Prayer
Daily Devotions: Morning Devotions
Daily Devotions: Afternoon Devotions
Daily Devotions: Evening Devotions
Daily Devotions Final
Dancing With the Wheel 101: Introduction
Dancing With the Wheel 102: The Stones
Dancing With the Wheel 103: The Wheel and Moon
Dancing With the Wheel 104: The Tools
Dancing With the Wheel 105: The Final
Domino Reading
Dragon Magick 101
Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation 2
Druidism 101: Introduction
Earth Witchcraft
Eastern Goddesses
Eastern Gods
Egyptian Goddesses
Egyptian Gods
Egyptian Mythology and Culture
Elemental Magick 101
Elemental Magick 102 Air
Elemental Magick 103 Fire
Elemental Magick 104 Water
Elemental Magick 105 Earth
Elemental Magick 106 Combination Magick
Elemental Magick 107: The Final
Embracing Your Inner Goddess: Committing to Yourself *NEW 9/17*
Faerie Magick 101
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Beltane
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Finals
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Imbolic
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Lammas
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Litha
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Mabon
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Ostara
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Samhain
Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year: Yule
Feminist Dianic Wicca
Fire Witchcraft
Fortune Telling: Dukkerin
Funerals: A Celebration of Life
God Project Part One: The God as Protector and Provider
God Project Part Two: The God as Joymaker
God Project Part Three: The God as Enforcer
God Project Part Four: The God as Destroyer and Rebuilder
Goddess Project Part One The Goddess as Creator and Sustainer
Goddess Project Part Two The Goddess as Manifester
Goddess Project Part Three The Goddess as Transformer
Goddess Project Part Four The Goddess as Releaser and Renewer
Greek and Roman Demigods
Greek and Roman Demigoddeses
Greek and Roman Festivals
Greek and Roman Mythology 101
Greek and Roman Mythology 201
Greek Goddesses
Greek Gods
Healing of the Soul - Introduction
Healing of the Soul - Self
Healing of the Soul - The Magick Formula
Healing of the Soul - Healing of the Soul - Priest (tess) hood and The Divine
Healing of the Soul - Physical Items
Healing of the Soul - Final
Hedge Witchery 101: Introduction
Hedge Witchery 102: Flower Magick
Hedge Witchery 103: Enchanted Gardens
Hedge Witchery 104: Faerie Magick and Hedge Witchcrafting
Hedge Witchery 105: Final
Hedge Witchery 201
Hedge Witchery 202: Learning, Turning, and Discerning
Hedge Witchery 203: Growing, Hoeing & Keeping Things Going
Hedge Witchery 204: After Harvest
Herb Rack 101
Herb Rack 102
Herb Rack 103
Herbalism Basics 101
Hex Craft
Homemade Book of Shadows
Homemade Magickal Paper
Hydrotherapy 101
Hydrotherapy : Beauty Baths
Hydrotherapy : Crystal Baths
Hydrotherapy : Emotional Soothing Baths
Hydrotherapy : Healing Baths
Hydrotherapy : Homeopathic Baths
Hydrotherapy : Metaphysical Baths
Hydrotherapy : Pleasure and Sexuality Baths
I Ching
Intuitive Soul Art
Irish Language 101
Irish Language 102
Journeys with Gems 101- Gemstone Magick
Journeys with Gems 102 - Knowing your Gemstones
Journeys with Gems 103 - Gemstone Associations
Journeys with Gems 104 - Jewelry, Talismans, and Amulets
Kitchen Witchery: Basics
Kitchen Witchery: Cooking by Moonlight
Kitchen Witchery: Feasting Around the Wheel of the Year
Kitchen Witchery 102: Let's Get Cooking
Knowing Your Spirit Guides
Language of the Body
Lithomancy 101: Rainbow Stone Reading
Lithomancy 102: Gemstone Readings
Lucid Dreaming
Magickal Herbalism 101
Magickal Herbalism 102
Magickal Herbalism 103
Magickal Herbalism 104
Magickal Herbalism 105
Magickal Housekeeping 101
Magickal Housekeeping 102
Magickal Housekeeping 103
Magickal Housekeeping 104
Magickal Household Crafts 101
Magickal Knitting: Learn to Knit Magickally
Magickal Metals 101
Magickal Metals 102
Magickal Metals 103
Magickal Metals 104
Magickal Names
Making Magickal Inks
Meditation 101
Men of Christian Mythology
Middle Eastern Goddesses
Middle Eastern Gods
Miscellaneous Goddesses
Miscellaneous Gods *NEW 10/17*
Moon Musings 101: Understanding and Working With the Moon
Moon Musings: Autumn Moons
Moon Musings: Blue Moons and Beyond
Moon Musings: Spring Moons
Moon Musings: Summer Moons
Moon Musings: Winter Moons
Mount Olympus and the Underworld
Norse Goddesses
Norse Gods
Norse Paganism
North American Goddesses
North American Gods
Numerology 101
Numerology 102
Numerology 103
Numerology 104
Numerology, Advanced 201
Numerology, Advanced 202
Numerology, Advanced 203
Ogham (Divination)
Ogham Writing 101
Ogham Writing 102
Oracle Cards
Ouija Boards: Are They Just a Game?
Pagan Music Videos
Palmistry: Colors, Symbols and Line Formation
Palmistry: Lines and Mounts
Palmistry: The Hands and Fingers
Paranormal Investigation 101: The History
Paranormal Investigation 102: The How To of Investigating
Paranormal Investigation 103: Going Hunting
Phases of the Moon 101: New Moon
Phases of the Moon 102: Waxing Moon
Phases of the Moon 103: Waning Moon
Phases of the Moon 104: Crying Moon
Phases of the Moon 105: Dark Moon
Pintrest Pagans
Poppet Magick
Protection Magick
Psychic Development
Reiki : Hui Yin Attunement
Reiki : Introduction
Roman Goddesses
Roman Gods
Runes 101
Runes for Fun 201
Runes for Fun 202
Rural Cartomancy
Scrap Book of Shadows
Scrap Book of Shadows 102 (Quilling)
Scrap Book of Shadows 103 (Stamping)
Scrying with Pendulums
Smudging and Blessings101
Smudging and Blessings 102
South American Goddesses
South American Gods
Spice Rack 101
Spice Rack 102
Spice Rack 103
Stregheria 101: Introduction to Italian Witchcraft
Substitutions and Solutions
Sun Praising - Introduction
Tarot: Creating Your Own Layouts
Tarot: Cups
Tarot: Layouts and Readings
Tarot: Major Arcana
Tarot: Pentacles
Tarot: Swords
Tarot: Wands
Tarot and Astrology 101
Tarot and Astrology 102
Tarot and Astrology 103
Tarot Magick
Temple and Home Worship
Totems and Spirit Animals: An Introduction
Totems and Spirit Animals 102: Understanding Animal Medicine
Totem and Spirit Animals: Winged Enchantment
Totem and Spirit Animals: The Exotic Language of Insects and Reptiles
Totems and Spirit Animals: Final
Tree Magick 101
Tree Magick 102
Tree Magick 103
Tree Magick 104
Triple Gods Introduction
Triple Gods - Youth/Creator/Son
Triple Gods- Greenman/Sustainer/Father
Triple Gods - Wiseman/Destroyer/Elder
Triple Gods - Trinity
Triple Goddess - Introduction
Triple Goddess-The Maiden
Triple Goddess -The Mother
Triple Goddess- The Crone
Triple Goddess - Trinity
Unexplained and Interesting
Urban Legends 101
Vampire Creatures and Historical Revenants
Walking the Labyrinth
Water Witchcraft
Weddings and Handfastings
Wheel of the Year: Beltane
Wheel of the Year: Imbolic
Wheel of the Year: Introduction to the Sabbats
Wheel of the Year: Laughnasad
Wheel of the Year: Litha
Wheel of the Year: Mabon
Wheel of the Year: Ostara
Wheel of the Year: Samhain
Wheel of the Year: Yule
Wicca Ground Work
Wicca Ritual and Spellwork
Wild and Wonderful Weeds101: A Pharmacy in your Backyard
Wild and Wonderful Weeds102
Wild and Wonderful Weeds103
Witch Crafting Basic Crafts 101
Witch Crafting Basic Crafts 102
Women of Christian Mythology
Working With Familiars 101 *NEW 10/17*
Working With the Muses
Working With the Muses: Calliope
Working With the Muses: Clio
Working With the Muses: Erato
Working With the Muses: Eutrepe
Working With the Muses: Melpomene
Working With the Muses: Polyhymnia
Working With the Muses: Terpsichore
Working With the Muses: Thalia
Working With the Muses: Urania

We are always adding new courses!

We also have a series of course for parents to take with their children ages 4-16

Witchlings 101: Welcome To The Circle
Witchlings : Circle of Elements
Witchlings : Wheel of the Year
Witchlings: Cycles of the Moon
Witchlings: The Life Cycle

We also have a school forum board which is our Student Lounge. We have many different sections including a place for students to help each other out in the class specific forums as well as student blogs where your classmates will discuss their own magickal journeys. There we have a lot of great discussions going on and also have a number of clubs including:

Divination Club - Members talk about different forms of divination and practice methods on each other!

The Magickal Book Club - where a member chooses a book for the month that we all read and discuss. It can be either fiction or non-fiction but it is always Pagan friendly.

Magical Circle Newsletter - This is a group of students and teachers who work together to put out the monthly newsletter.

Witchy Weight Loss - A place for those who are looking to live healthier lives to find support and motivation.

Pen Pal Club - Make new friends and send each other letters of support!

Success and Accountability Club - To help keep ourselves on track and focused.

The Swap Meet - Do gift and craft exchanges, share books and other items with each other!

Crafting Club - For students who love to make things, share ideas and get tips!

Photography Club - If you like to take photos, come and share with us!

Kitchen Witch - For those who love to cook and want to try out new and exciting new recipes!

Writers Under the Moon - Here poets and story writers can come along and work on projects together or submit their own work.

The Official Magical Circle School Chat Group - A place to sign up for the Official Facebook Chat Group. Without being part of the forum group you cannot be part of the Facebook group, this is for student safety.

WTMC - The school's radio channel pod cast.

LGBTQ Network - For Pagans who are in the LGBTQ spectrum and for allies of LGBTQ

Magickal Music Club - for those interested in making music together.

Mentors - If you need help or want to help others!

We also have a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest and other social outlets!

To SURF to this Website: Click HERE

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