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The Love War

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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,138,853  

Widdershins's Poetry Postings to date....

(Sorted: Title)

Category Title... Views Posted
personal_life “I love you…” 1,295 28.Aug.06
myth_legend “It is called magery, ” 975 4.Jan.07
personal_life “Slowest Possible Groove” 916 7.Sep.06
personal_life A buried strength 944 20.Jun.07
personal_life A fascination with sorrow 1,004 15.Nov.06
personal_life A harmless cloud of love… 975 7.Oct.06
healing A little flower to mark it’s place… 988 5.Sep.06
personal_life A Lonely Poem 3,144 19.Sep.04
personal_life A Love that Should, but Never Died 1,487 25.Nov.05
myth_legend A mage shaping the gods… 968 19.Nov.06
mother_earth A matter of pride 791 20.Jun.07
myth_legend A medieval reflection in the Moon 755 20.Jun.07
personal_life A morning wish 1,208 23.Jun.06
personal_life A New Past… 990 23.Jun.06
other A Secret 1,132 23.Jun.06
mother_earth A song that touches your heart 959 23.Jun.06
liturgical_ritual A spell for sunshine 1,858 28.Jun.04
devotional A Witch Behind a Web 1,025 23.Jun.06
other Abhorring to the final breath 1,057 8.Dec.06
other About Hate 1,532 4.Feb.05
personal_life Abusive love of far away 851 12.Sep.06
personal_life After anger 726 19.Sep.06
personal_life All I’ve become 858 29.Nov.06
personal_life Almost lost you on a full moon… 869 8.Oct.06
personal_life Am I going to hell? 857 7.Sep.06
other An Aspect of Sleepwalker's Land 1,315 2.Dec.05
personal_life And I resisted… 826 11.Oct.06
personal_life As I sit here in remorse 967 24.Jun.06
other As long as tomorrow exists… 1,056 10.Nov.06
personal_life As my traitor betrayed… 886 2.Nov.06
healing Being One of Me 1,284 17.Sep.05
personal_life Belong to Me 882 23.Jun.06
personal_life Biting the wrong jaw… 859 12.Nov.06
personal_life Bleeding pictures 854 23.Nov.06
healing Bringing out of me the bodymind need 958 12.Oct.06
personal_life Careless Fool 1,012 28.Feb.07
other Circle your enemy 977 4.Jan.07
personal_life Come, my new light… 959 21.Aug.06
personal_life Condemnation 870 23.Jun.06
other Cut Off from the Source (please help) 1,493 4.Feb.05
myth_legend Death’s companion… 913 7.Oct.06
other Delicately torn 930 20.Jun.07
personal_life Depressed lover 1,019 20.Jun.07
personal_life Depths are pain 800 17.Sep.06
other Disembodied smile 954 2.Nov.07
myth_legend Doom 1,031 14.Dec.06
healing Dóri’s tears 763 20.Oct.06
personal_life Double cross me again… (contains language!) 835 6.Sep.06
personal_life Early Morning, in the Depth of Night 943 23.Jun.06
personal_life Echoing Halls 1,461 10.Feb.05
other Édes Ananász 1,898 6.Nov.04
personal_life Elvish-moon and Nocturnal Bloom 899 23.Aug.06
personal_life Embarrassed, confused, angry 971 19.Sep.06
personal_life Emotional abuse 869 9.Sep.06
other Empty revenge 926 20.Jun.07
personal_life End of the Line 752 23.Jun.06
personal_life Ending the Fantasy story… forever… 864 1.Oct.06
other Entrance exam into spring 828 28.Feb.07
personal_life Eternal Hell 997 28.Oct.05
other Eve of florid loss 946 3.Dec.06
personal_life Even 832 20.Jun.07
other Exile 907 25.Feb.07
personal_life Facing darkness 893 26.Sep.06
personal_life Fangs 982 20.Jun.07
other Fantasy Satin 829 31.Jul.06
other Fascinating manipulative words 965 9.Dec.06
healing Femme 856 23.Jun.06
personal_life Flowing 807 21.Aug.06
personal_life Fool me just this once… 901 10.Nov.06
healing For LoisJayne 1,629 23.Dec.04
other Freedom in Hell 929 23.Jun.06
personal_life Get out, escape… freedom… 862 10.Oct.06
personal_life Goodbye, Hell-bent (contains language!) 783 11.Aug.06
personal_life Goodnight in the forgotten realm of your forest 824 1.Oct.06
other Guilty and easy 876 20.Jun.07
personal_life Gyűlöllek (in Hungarian) 1,002 28.Aug.06
personal_life Happens every day 683 21.Aug.06
other Happiness lies in dark chambers 1,103 17.Sep.05
personal_life Hate you – not hate you, all the same 900 30.Sep.06
personal_life Have I come of age? 928 22.Oct.06
society_culture Here I Am, Same As I Ever Was (re-edited version) 958 23.Jun.06
personal_life High on sorrow 793 11.Aug.06
personal_life Honesty to thine self… 853 25.Oct.06
personal_life Hope Undone 841 21.Aug.06
humor I annoy myself 917 20.Jun.07
personal_life I can’t hate you… 788 27.Sep.06
personal_life I grieve instead of them and forget my wish… 704 23.Sep.06
personal_life I hate (er, mild language) 1,339 27.Oct.05
personal_life I hate you today (contains language) 1,044 23.Jun.06
personal_life I haunt… (Mr. Brightside) 935 21.Oct.06
personal_life I just can’t stand you! 813 17.Nov.06
other I See Pain, I See Fear 1,325 18.Sep.04
personal_life I shant blame nor accuse 1,438 1.Feb.05
personal_life I should die for the love that is living 977 23.Jun.06
healing I wish every smile would last… 885 21.Dec.06
personal_life I’ll end up feeling sorry for myself 987 17.Dec.06
personal_life I’ll never fit into a box… 941 12.Oct.06
personal_life I'm Alive Again! - Die cruelty, Die suffering... 1,405 14.May.05
personal_life I've lost a brother... 890 22.Oct.06
personal_life I've seen that name before... 741 27.Sep.06
personal_life I, Widdershins 1,328 25.Nov.05
other I. Depression the Molester 946 1.Dec.06
other II. Depression the Agonizing 983 1.Dec.06
other III. Depression the True 970 1.Dec.06
personal_life Indulging in pointlessness 893 10.Nov.06
personal_life It’s that love-hate sort of thing 1,006 28.Aug.07
personal_life It’ll All End in Suicide 1,184 28.Oct.05
personal_life Just as Black 904 23.Jun.06
personal_life Karma 874 23.Jun.06
healing Knot of anger 840 1.Oct.06
personal_life Laying down and dying 946 21.Aug.06
personal_life Lesson To the Naďve 1,084 23.Jun.06
other Life is not about contentment 703 4.Nov.06
personal_life Little Devil, Revenge on you (contains language!) 1,340 25.Nov.05
personal_life Little Lofty Wind 767 23.Jun.06
healing Look to the story… 900 20.Oct.06
personal_life Lost in a Moment 1,271 17.Sep.05
myth_legend Lure of the Craft 1,017 26.Dec.06
pagan_haiku Lying soul? (Haiku) 914 26.Oct.06
personal_life Manifest my lonely yearning 863 2.Nov.06
other Marinating 818 25.Sep.06
personal_life Messages of Rain 792 23.Jun.06
personal_life Mirror of the slate poetic 1,126 8.Nov.06
healing Morning meditation on a field of clouds 876 5.Dec.06
personal_life Mortally Bound 937 29.Oct.06
personal_life Mourning face of the Queen of Spades 1,124 10.Jan.07
personal_life My fantasy slumber… (energy dying) 881 1.Sep.06
personal_life My hatred for you… 943 21.Aug.06
humor My Luck Is Running Out 1,314 1.Apr.05
personal_life My unreal 778 15.Oct.06
personal_life Never stop talking… 848 21.Aug.06
personal_life No breath to argue 824 1.Nov.06
other No god grants him reply 826 20.Jun.07
political No one makes slave out of you anymore: for Hungary 975 10.Nov.06
personal_life No swords to weild 920 21.Aug.06
personal_life No! Don't ever die.... 1,243 28.Nov.05
personal_life Nostalgia 979 23.Jun.06
personal_life Not Enough 926 23.Jun.06
other Not needed 885 20.Jun.07
personal_life Not Yet Free 846 11.Aug.06
personal_life Oh, yes, I remember: A Poem of Love 1,202 12.May.05
personal_life One, Two, Three… Love troubles for me… 834 3.Sep.06
personal_life Open Your Heart, and PUSH the Limits 1,202 28.Nov.05
personal_life Orange 910 21.Aug.06
personal_life Passive immobile escape 815 20.Jun.07
personal_life Perhaps… 808 23.Jun.06
other Peter’s story 909 27.Nov.06
personal_life Raging emptiness 773 23.Sep.06
other Rebel to be a Warrior: Wise Nothing 1,249 18.May.05
healing Reflection in the Doorknob 817 19.Dec.06
personal_life Relief spreads from inside out 941 23.Jun.06
personal_life Saw fit to leave 897 1.Aug.06
society_culture Secretly psychotic 945 25.Nov.06
personal_life Set’s me to fly 1,071 28.Aug.06
myth_legend Setting out to become a Hero: Shadowdancer 969 4.Oct.06
personal_life Severed Tie 831 23.Jun.06
personal_life Shores 851 23.Jun.06
personal_life Signs 1,086 25.Nov.05
society_culture Sin Hunter 661 23.Jun.06
personal_life Slowly The Unfocused Eyes Saw Clear 839 23.Jun.06
other Snake mural 995 20.Jun.07
other So easily swayed 908 20.Jun.07
personal_life So the songs still sing sweetly 919 23.Jun.06
personal_life Some Things Haven’t Changed 1,496 17.Sep.05
personal_life Sorry if I exist! 1,059 11.Nov.06
society_culture Space is a golf course 859 25.Nov.06
healing Spy stars accomplice Moon, game: conquer the World 976 2.Jul.07
personal_life Still ripping me apart… (Stop it!) 1,025 12.Nov.06
mother_earth Storm Cloud 1,059 23.Jun.06
personal_life Tackling the Books 1,274 4.Feb.05
personal_life Temper-bind 884 23.Jun.06
humor Terrified of Santa 1,049 5.Dec.06
myth_legend Terrifyingly cold familiarity 870 23.Sep.06
personal_life The Arafeli knight 734 3.Sep.06
personal_life The beginning of My Story… 819 17.Nov.06
other The birth of sickle and thorn 1,050 18.Jan.07
personal_life The Chains 924 23.Jun.06
personal_life The cold, cruel blood of dying love 850 25.Aug.06
myth_legend The Cool Fires of Lament 808 23.Jun.06
other The Cost 915 20.Jun.07
personal_life The defiant one seeking solace 1,458 17.Sep.05
society_culture The egoist's regime 715 15.Sep.06
personal_life The electronic folds of the subconscious 827 15.Oct.06
personal_life The farther you get (for my mother) 829 23.Sep.06
personal_life The fields of Stayhappy 954 13.Sep.06
other The killing in the wall (true story) 1,017 15.Jan.07
personal_life The labyrinth 790 11.Aug.06
personal_life The legacy of Widdershins (long & painful read) 840 17.Dec.06
myth_legend The mirror reflects weak pestilence 908 23.Sep.06
personal_life The naïve toy 886 11.Aug.06
other The Nightingale’s Flight 876 20.Jun.07
personal_life The physicality 983 5.Nov.06
personal_life The Return of Forever, Memory, Feeling, of Me 1,508 15.Mar.05
personal_life The Sacrifice (contains mild language) 859 23.Jun.06
personal_life The Shiver of Anticipation 944 23.Jun.06
personal_life The silent treatment 971 20.Sep.06
personal_life The Spider, the Mouse, and the Fly (a bit morbid) 1,306 17.Sep.05
personal_life The starpool and the lurch 954 23.Oct.06
personal_life The strong mask 830 28.Aug.06
other The Taste Of Blood 1,289 6.Aug.04
personal_life The Unjust of Intricacies 962 23.Jun.06
other The voices… just around the bend… 905 25.Feb.07
myth_legend The Warrior’s Eyes Narrowed 927 23.Jun.06
society_culture The Wiccan Goth pt. I 1,308 25.Nov.05
society_culture The Wiccan Goth pt. II 1,200 2.Dec.05
society_culture The Wiccan Goth pt. III 911 23.Jun.06
other The woman in the romantic movie… 878 11.Jan.07
personal_life Theater of Past Lives 798 28.Feb.07
personal_life There still is an emptiness to fill 736 23.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality This is the New Year 863 1.Nov.06
society_culture Those in the darkest nights 862 15.Sep.06
healing To A Christian Witch Who Feels Outcast 1,766 9.Sep.04
personal_life To annoy you… as revenge 836 19.Sep.06
healing To Every Grass Blade 1,542 28.Nov.04
healing To incontent Heart 1,411 18.Dec.04
personal_life To the Master :D 1,181 28.Nov.05
other To The Wanderer 1,214 1.Apr.05
personal_life Tonight’s self-loathing 807 17.Dec.06
personal_life Total Standstill 843 23.Jun.06
personal_life Uh-oh, I think I'm in love with you! 1,259 4.Dec.05
other Up-growing elegance and a glass of champagne 891 4.Jan.07
healing Viceroy, thou shalt reshape. 834 20.Oct.06
healing Vision disease 922 2.Sep.06
liturgical_ritual Visions are Laced With Red 898 23.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Waiting to be filled by you… 981 7.Jan.07
personal_life Was I just second-best? 1,015 5.Dec.06
personal_life What You Made Me 924 30.Jun.06
healing When I should be… I am… 1,499 7.Nov.04
other When You Feel Alone 1,408 18.Sep.04
other Where the demons slip in… 869 4.Nov.06
personal_life Why sad, my Little Gothic? 905 17.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality Willing Waiting’s Wilt 973 23.Jun.06
personal_life Would I have gone to hell? 762 7.Sep.06
personal_life You think I didn’t notice? 762 28.Feb.07
other You’re such a sweet thing to take & hold 734 19.Sep.06

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