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Electing Success Carmelized Acidic adjuvant

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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,177,072  

Phronesus Disegno's Poetry Postings to date....

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other 22222 1,232 6.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality A Bunny Crossed My Path 1,695 10.Nov.05
healing A Life Worth Living 1,961 16.Mar.04
healing A Most Imperfect Life 1,346 8.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality A Pagan's Lesson for Christians 2,203 22.Jun.04
mother_earth A Storm Is Brewing 1,566 5.Apr.05
pagan_spirituality A Sudden Familiar Comes 1,278 2.Apr.07
pagan_haiku Absolute Truth 1,422 7.Mar.05
healing Acceptance 1,438 29.Nov.05
healing Agreeing To Disagree 1,463 11.Mar.05
humor Allinav Noitatimi, the Power of Substitution 1,380 20.Sep.06
personal_life Alone By Choice? 1,749 24.Mar.05
personal_life Always 1,585 16.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Always Here 1,617 16.Apr.05
personal_life Always One Twit 1,780 7.Nov.04
pagan_spirituality Am I Light or Dark? 1,243 25.Feb.05
myth_legend An Allegorical Account of Light and Darkness 549 9.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality An Angel for One Night 1,595 8.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Analogies 1,779 28.Dec.04
personal_life And Now What? (We both know) 1,228 21.Dec.06
humor Annabelch Pea 1,803 16.Apr.04
personal_life Anonymous Gestures 1,333 6.Mar.06
humor Another Faulty E.S.P. Mishap 1,293 31.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Answers 1,350 16.Mar.05
pagan_spirituality Archetypes 1,684 26.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Astrological Angel Chants for each sign 2,013 5.Sep.04
devotional Autumn Leaves 1,305 3.Sep.05
personal_life Bad Influence 1,403 21.Aug.04
pagan_spirituality Balance 1,154 10.Jul.06
humor Beauty Surrounds Me 152 5.Aug.13
society_culture Because I'm Not A Woman 1,615 29.Dec.04
healing Becoming Stronger 1,535 19.Jan.05
liturgical_ritual Before I Face One of THOSE Days 1,376 30.Jan.06
political Behavior Is As It Does 1,140 2.Oct.06
personal_life Beliefs 1,172 17.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality Beliefs About Myself 1,111 1.May.07
devotional Beyond the Storm 1,141 18.Feb.08
personal_life Black Hole 1,723 5.Mar.05
humor Blowing Valentine's Day Right Out The *ss 666 13.Feb.11
pagan_haiku Boomerang 1,598 14.Mar.05
humor Breadcrumbs 1,304 16.May.05
humor Breakfast Phallus 1,385 23.Sep.05
personal_life Bring On the Rain 1,846 11.Jun.05
healing Broken Need 1,086 3.Apr.07
personal_life Broken Promises 2,882 19.Jun.06
healing But Right Now (Change of Season) 1,172 24.Jul.07
humor Calling Leftovers' Bluff 1,705 24.May.05
other Can You Find Me? 1,653 30.Apr.05
healing Captured Butterfly 1,808 5.Feb.05
healing Caring Friendships 1,802 1.Sep.04
other Cashews 1,187 15.Sep.04
humor Cat Grass 1,879 22.Apr.04
humor Cats Are So Pet-ticular 156 8.Oct.13
healing Caught In Perspective 1,226 26.Apr.06
society_culture Caught In-between 1,750 11.Jan.05
devotional Celestial Balance 1,397 29.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Celtic Poetry 1,286 17.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Chameleonic Being 1,808 8.Dec.04
mother_earth Changing with the Clouds 1,618 4.Mar.05
personal_life Checkmate 1,744 15.Feb.05
personal_life Cherished Friendships 1,752 4.Feb.05
personal_life Cherished Friendships, Part 2 1,323 15.Mar.05
humor Cherry Pi 1,137 4.Aug.07
healing Childhood Scars 1,572 25.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Choose Your Own Meaning 710 2.Oct.10
society_culture Christian Rebuking of Everyone Else 762 2.Nov.10
pagan_spirituality Christmas, Regardless of Religion 1,069 25.Nov.07
healing Closet Skeleton 1,482 25.Sep.04
mother_earth Comforted by a Willow Tree 1,275 27.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality Coming Out To A Loved One 1,620 28.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Coming Out To A Loved One, Part 2 1,798 11.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Coming Out To A Loved One, Part 3 1,669 16.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Commentary on Gay Magick 1,852 20.Sep.04
personal_life Compromise 1,103 12.Apr.06
personal_life Conceited Denial 1,775 18.Apr.06
liturgical_ritual Conceive, Believe, Receive 675 16.Nov.10
personal_life Conditional Love 1,131 30.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Conquering Daemons 1,414 23.Nov.04
healing Conquering Daemons, Part 2 1,243 3.Mar.05
healing Conquering Daemons, Part 3 1,267 31.May.05
personal_life Contemplation 1,287 1.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Conversation with a Christian 1,356 28.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Conversation with a Tealight Lamp 1,375 13.Mar.05
personal_life Count Your Blessings 1,644 17.Dec.05
humor Counting Sheep for the Sleep-Challenged 158 20.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Creating Something from Nothing 1,668 25.Apr.05
humor Cure For A Broken Heart 2,196 19.Mar.04
personal_life Curiosity 1,194 29.Aug.06
pagan_haiku Daily Procedures 1,055 19.Dec.04
myth_legend Damsel In Distress 1,700 27.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality Dark Mother 1,637 12.Oct.05
personal_life Dark Mother, Part 2 1,345 4.Nov.05
humor Death and Rebirth 1,971 9.Sep.04
myth_legend Defeat of the Mermaid 1,286 3.Mar.05
devotional Devotional to the Great God Pan 2,178 16.Apr.04
devotional Devotional to the Great God Pan, Part 2 1,428 16.Feb.05
humor Did God Make Her Faint? 153 23.Jul.13
humor Dimensions 1,343 4.May.05
healing Dismissal of Lies 1,439 2.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Divinatory Analysis 1,508 21.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Do You Even Know What Magickal Gumption Means? 1,300 25.Apr.07
healing Don't Give Up Now 1,296 2.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Don't Preach To Me 1,130 25.Jul.06
healing Don't Seek New Love When You Must Cry 194 11.Jul.13
healing Dreams 1,417 29.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Dual Souls (Ode to Gay Spirituality) 1,076 26.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality Durmiendo en Invierno 1,748 23.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality eBooks of eShadows 1,344 24.May.06
society_culture Effects of Oppression 163 13.May.13
pagan_spirituality Elemental Blessings 1,718 8.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Elemental Prose 1,831 15.Mar.05
healing Emotional Equations 1,786 15.Nov.04
personal_life Emotions 1,548 4.Mar.05
pagan_spirituality Empathic 1,369 30.Apr.05
humor Empty Brain 1,630 6.Oct.04
healing Encouragement 1,352 6.May.05
healing Encouragement, Part 2 1,710 11.Jun.05
healing Encouragement, Part 3 1,142 17.Jul.06
pagan_haiku Enough 1,354 15.Jan.06
pagan_haiku Etherial Extortionism 1,518 10.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Exploring New Identities 1,392 10.May.05
political Extrapolation 1,985 1.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Failure 1,479 28.Dec.04
personal_life Faith Alone Ain't Enough 1,071 12.Apr.07
society_culture Faith Based For-Profit 157 18.Jul.13
personal_life Faith in Love (for a change) 743 29.Sep.10
healing Faith to Heal 1,140 9.Jan.08
personal_life Fake Love Letter 1,508 6.May.05
personal_life Fake Love Letter, Part 2 1,836 17.May.05
political False Titles of Leadership 1,900 28.Jun.04
pagan_spirituality Falsely Accused 1,429 3.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Fear (Dedicated to Brandon) 734 2.Nov.10
personal_life Fear and Patience 1,821 30.Jun.04
personal_life Fear Is Learned 1,126 15.Mar.05
humor Feminine Mysteries 1,511 13.Oct.05
humor Festival Beltane 1,855 29.Apr.05
personal_life Fighting Simple Problems with Complexity 1,954 8.Jun.04
personal_life Fingerprints 1,634 13.Mar.05
humor Fire Element, Stuck in Water and Earth 670 28.Sep.10
humor Five Little Froggies 1,615 3.May.04
pagan_spirituality Flame 1,493 1.Mar.05
society_culture Fluffy Bunny 1,408 18.Jan.06
society_culture Flying Eagle, Jealous Bunny 1,183 24.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality Fool Me 1,326 17.May.05
personal_life Fooling the World (Fooling Yourself) 1,196 14.Jun.06
personal_life For the Men 1,058 14.Jul.06
healing Forgiveness 1,655 24.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality Four of Cups 1,131 30.Mar.06
healing Freedom From A Psychic Vampire 1,977 26.Jul.04
personal_life Freedom From A Psychic Vampire, Part 2 1,725 31.Aug.04
personal_life Freedom From A Psychic Vampire, Part 3 1,835 29.Nov.04
personal_life Freedom From A Psychic Vampire, Part 4 1,502 16.Dec.04
personal_life Friend of Mine 1,616 19.Jun.05
personal_life Friends Do 1,254 11.Mar.05
society_culture Friends In Need 739 21.Sep.10
personal_life Friends Somehow Accept 1,441 9.Jan.06
healing Friends Unknown 1,936 18.Aug.04
personal_life Friendship Through My Inner Child's Eyes 1,457 7.Jul.04
personal_life From Hello to Now 1,246 8.Nov.05
personal_life From One Poet To Another 1,949 10.Jul.04
pagan_spirituality Fundamentals of Magick 1,377 28.Jun.06
personal_life Furry Forest 1,274 8.Jun.05
personal_life Garden of Love 1,681 26.Mar.04
humor Gardening Anyway 822 7.May.10
pagan_spirituality Genderless Energies 1,339 13.Sep.05
personal_life Getting A Grip 1,430 19.Oct.05
personal_life Getting Along 1,253 7.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Getting to Know the God/dess 1,827 21.Jul.04
healing Gift of Sunlight 1,931 2.Mar.04
pagan_spirituality Giving Back Unwanted Negativity 1,316 14.Jul.06
humor Glacies Lubrica 152 13.Dec.13
humor Glamour Versus Comfort 954 30.Jul.07
other Glance of a Spider 1,331 21.Dec.05
mother_earth Global Dimming Versus Global Warming 1,319 6.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality God, Help Me With Anger 1,033 12.Mar.08
humor Great-Granny's Gregarious Ghost 1,609 13.Oct.04
healing Grieving the Loss of a Loved One 1,192 11.Feb.06
humor Growing Mint Plants, from Dream to Nightmare 211 1.Mar.13
mother_earth Guess This Creature (Poetic Riddle) 165 11.Jul.13
liturgical_ritual Halloween Costumes Deciphered 1,341 31.Oct.04
personal_life Happy Endings 1,764 26.Nov.04
humor Happy Prayer for Springtime 1,806 2.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality Harm Me (Harm Yourself) 1,480 17.Jun.05
healing Harming Oneself: Is It Really Wise? 1,759 25.Dec.04
political Hateful, But True 1,342 28.Dec.05
healing Healing Myself 1,498 7.Aug.05
devotional Heartfelt Thoughts 1,543 29.Apr.05
personal_life Her Warm Smile 1,163 22.Jan.05
pagan_spirituality Hidden Meaning 1,366 1.Jun.05
humor Homemade Garden Salad 1,250 7.Mar.06
humor Homemade Incense 1,324 5.May.05
healing Hope 1,450 12.Jul.05
personal_life Hope for a Better Tomorrow 1,672 12.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality House and Mind 1,517 27.Feb.05
personal_life How 1,423 10.Nov.05
personal_life How Is It 1,162 21.May.05
humor How Past Witches Flew 1,554 5.Apr.05
healing I Am Not You 1,273 1.Nov.05
humor I Can't Not Love My Cats 917 10.May.10
healing I Don't Have All The Answers, But I'll Always Care 1,405 19.Apr.06
personal_life I Don't Know Why I Love You 1,638 6.Jul.04
personal_life I Feel Like Doing Something Bad 1,665 18.Jan.05
humor I Love My Butt 2,154 4.Aug.04
pagan_spirituality I Love You Too 748 2.Oct.10
personal_life I Never Said Good-Bye 1,460 4.Apr.06
humor I Once Gave Myself To Jesus 2,302 8.Jun.04
healing I Should Have Been More 1,456 27.Oct.05
personal_life I Think I Met Someone New 1,446 28.Dec.05
personal_life I Was Good Enough After All 1,239 13.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality I Will Love One More Day 171 29.Jul.13
personal_life I Wished for You 1,977 21.May.04
pagan_spirituality I Wished For You, Part 2 1,275 5.May.06
political I'll Believe In the Christian God When... 1,465 2.Aug.04
political I'm a Better Christian Than You 1,827 14.Nov.04
humor I'm Dying 1,350 11.May.05
personal_life I'm Sorry 1,471 8.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality If I Had Just One Wish 1,353 1.Jun.05
personal_life If I Love 1,287 23.Aug.06
personal_life If I Love Anyone 1,302 18.Feb.05
healing If I Never Knew You 1,931 10.Jun.04
pagan_haiku If Love Is The Answer 1,126 7.Nov.05
personal_life If Only For A Moment 1,785 13.Jul.04
humor If You Can't Be Kind 1,059 2.Jan.05
humor If You Can't Pet It 1,176 15.Feb.07
personal_life If You Don't Want Me... 2,020 8.Apr.04
political Imagine A World 1,787 14.Oct.04
personal_life Impatience 1,032 5.Dec.07
society_culture In Mother's Arms 785 22.Sep.10
personal_life In My Arms 1,406 14.Mar.05
healing In Remembrance of April 19, 1995 1,515 19.Apr.05
pagan_spirituality In Search Of Self 1,180 19.Jun.06
personal_life In the Arms of my Love 1,526 16.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Incense of Friendship 1,497 19.Aug.05
healing Indifference 1,818 25.Oct.04
pagan_spirituality Infinity 1,684 23.Aug.04
pagan_haiku Infinity, Part 2 1,309 7.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Inherent Claims 1,140 28.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Innately Different 1,406 7.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Inner World As The Outer 1,604 7.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Insecure Witches 1,054 9.Jan.08
healing Inspired by Coffee 1,620 19.Nov.04
political Integrity 1,361 24.Oct.06
healing Inverse Catharsis 1,726 7.Oct.04
society_culture Invisible Illnesses 427 7.Dec.11
devotional It Was Never Jesus 1,464 7.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality It's All Inside 1,635 30.Sep.05
humor Itty Bitty Little Kitty 1,536 19.Oct.04
pagan_spirituality Judgement 1,230 5.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Just a Request 1,283 7.Jun.06
pagan_haiku Just A Request (fulfilled, Thanks to all of you!) 1,244 9.Aug.06
healing Just Be Yourself! 1,779 26.Jan.05
personal_life Just Because I Do 1,352 7.May.05
healing Just Enough 1,595 23.Aug.05
personal_life Just Wanting To Be Near 1,636 15.Mar.05
personal_life Just When I Thought 1,566 5.Oct.04
pagan_spirituality Keeping Enough For Yourself 1,567 3.Sep.05
healing Keeping the Peace (both Inner and Outer) 1,344 4.Aug.06
other Killing Time 1,626 30.Oct.04
humor Kills Bugs Dead 594 9.Apr.11
personal_life Kindred Spirits 1,323 22.Apr.05
humor Kitten Catten (soft as Cotton) 1,230 8.Mar.06
healing Knowing (You Love Me) 1,146 8.Mar.07
pagan_haiku Knowing You Are Loved 1,008 17.Sep.07
pagan_spirituality Lamentations of Mormon Stupidity 697 17.Oct.10
society_culture Lamentations of Mormon Stupidity, Part 2 678 2.Nov.10
personal_life Lavender Blues 1,260 31.May.06
humor Lavender Lipstick Lillian's Lovable Linguistics 1,804 11.Mar.04
pagan_spirituality Learning Self-Confidence 954 13.Jun.06
healing Learning to Like Myself Better 1,375 21.Mar.06
personal_life Lessons of Self-Reliance 1,456 20.Feb.05
personal_life Let the Cat Go 1,411 5.Jul.05
healing Let Them 1,541 27.Dec.04
healing Letting Go 1,663 1.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Letting Go, Part 2 1,344 24.May.05
healing Life Goes On 1,922 20.Nov.04
healing Life's Burdens 1,007 26.May.07
healing Life's Lessons on Love 1,807 5.Nov.04
healing Limits 1,375 10.Jan.07
personal_life Listening 1,301 8.Sep.05
humor Little Dulcita 1,723 4.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality Little Flaws 1,752 27.May.05
personal_life Little Things 1,206 4.Jan.06
humor Little Witch Muffet 359 15.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality Living Beyond My Time 1,166 1.May.06
personal_life Living for the Here and Now 1,751 6.Jan.05
healing Living Through Painful Memories 971 17.May.08
pagan_spirituality Living Well 1,376 22.Oct.05
humor Loki's Halloween Visit 1,291 5.Sep.06
personal_life Louder Than Words 1,378 21.Mar.05
personal_life Love After So Long 1,714 1.Nov.04
healing Love and Conflict 1,251 15.May.06
pagan_spirituality Love From a Past Life 1,565 7.May.05
pagan_spirituality Love from a Past Life, Part 2 1,382 30.Aug.05
personal_life Love Like Never Before 1,516 19.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Love Magick 1,259 12.Apr.05
healing Love Never Knows 1,307 13.Mar.06
personal_life Love's Balance 1,539 17.Sep.05
pagan_haiku Love, Subset of Infinity 1,477 23.Jan.05
other Love/Beware the Inner Child 1,749 6.Dec.04
personal_life Low Self-Esteem, Yet Loved 753 29.Sep.10
humor Madhouse Barn 1,729 17.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality Magick (spelled with a K) 1,282 29.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Magick is... 1,541 1.Feb.05
humor Magickal Stress Remedy For People Over Thirty 1,569 16.Jun.04
personal_life Make Up Your Damn Mind! 1,518 10.May.06
pagan_spirituality Masculinity Who Bears Children 955 5.Dec.07
pagan_spirituality May Words Never Harm You 1,150 7.Jun.06
personal_life Maybe, Just Maybe... 1,443 12.Nov.04
personal_life Me-Time 1,151 2.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Memories of the Future 1,183 18.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Middle Ground 1,490 16.May.05
personal_life Midnight Pillow-Talks 1,882 25.Jan.05
personal_life Midnight Snack Temptation 1,409 28.Sep.05
humor Midnight Toast to Change 1,627 13.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Mirror's Reflection 1,497 25.Jul.05
humor Mis-Spell 1,740 23.Nov.04
healing Moments Without Despair 1,223 12.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality Moonbeam Friendships 1,363 16.Nov.05
healing Moonlit Thoughts 1,774 16.Jul.04
mother_earth Mother's Cry 1,151 26.Jul.06
healing Mother's Eternally Healing Love 2,023 5.Apr.04
humor Mound in the Ground 1,895 20.May.04
humor Mound in the Ground, Part 2 1,616 28.Dec.04
mother_earth Mount St. Helens' False Alarm 1,866 21.Oct.04
pagan_spirituality Moving On With Life 1,248 5.Oct.05
humor My Baby's Cat Loves Me 1,635 8.Mar.05
pagan_spirituality My Brother 1,534 10.Aug.05
humor My Cats Knead Me 177 20.Apr.13
personal_life My Father's Face 1,436 14.Jun.05
humor My First Spell 1,459 13.Dec.05
political My Friend So Far Away 1,511 13.Oct.05
personal_life My Furry Tabby Orange 744 4.Oct.10
personal_life My Heart Versus My Mind 1,163 25.Apr.07
political My Life, My Choices 1,977 15.Oct.04
humor My Lil' Stinkerpot Cat (and Leonine Friend) 992 17.Dec.08
personal_life My New Friend 1,548 12.May.04
pagan_spirituality My Own Best Friend 1,316 7.May.05
healing My Own Needs 960 17.Dec.08
personal_life My Precious Little Bauble 1,267 22.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality My Smile Remains 1,605 24.Sep.04
personal_life My Solemn Promise 1,507 16.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality My Soul's Wood-Burning Stove 1,449 27.Sep.05
personal_life My Teddy Bear 1,806 21.Nov.04
pagan_haiku My Two Cents' Worth (Haiku) 1,247 9.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality Never Alone 1,491 13.Apr.05
pagan_spirituality Never Give Up on Magick 2,012 8.Jul.04
personal_life Never Wanted 1,892 27.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality New Moon 1,172 10.Mar.05
humor Newness in Relationships 1,809 9.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Nine of Pentacles 1,646 6.Apr.05
healing No Longer Hurting Myself (to fight back) 1,160 30.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality No One Knows It All 602 9.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality Non-Christian Salvation 1,517 16.Aug.05
personal_life Not So Distant Love 1,360 11.Mar.05
humor Not Suicide 1,922 19.Sep.04
healing Not Ugly 1,545 10.Apr.05
political Nothing Grows Under A... 1,458 10.Jun.05
healing Now You Know 948 19.Jun.06
society_culture Observing Evil 1,369 31.Aug.06
personal_life Of All 1,733 25.Feb.05
healing On Bullies 1,718 16.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality On Knowledge and Magick 1,069 12.Apr.06
personal_life On Middle Age 1,891 19.Oct.04
personal_life On Middle Age, Part 2 1,148 16.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality One 1,073 17.Jan.06
healing One Focus (to Heal) 1,438 17.Aug.05
personal_life One Goal at a Time 1,280 25.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality One Mystery Of Life 1,301 5.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality One True Path 1,385 10.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality One World Religion (Ode to the Oxymoron) 233 12.Apr.13
personal_life Only Human 1,576 6.Jul.05
pagan_haiku Opinions 1,231 13.Dec.05
humor Our Cure For Disagreement 621 21.Jan.11
personal_life Our Lost Chance 1,749 24.Jun.05
healing Overcoming Angry Thoughts 1,964 9.Aug.04
personal_life Overcoming Bad Habits 1,558 20.Jan.05
healing Overcoming Expectation 1,495 4.Aug.05
healing Overcoming Fear 1,475 17.Oct.04
healing Overcoming Grudges 1,710 2.Apr.05
pagan_spirituality Overcoming Narrow-Minded Influences 1,390 4.Aug.06
healing Overcoming Stress 1,120 20.Jan.07
pagan_spirituality Overcoming Worry 1,202 18.May.05
pagan_spirituality Pagan Tribute 1,662 23.Dec.04
healing Painful Memories 1,078 8.Mar.07
devotional Pan Was Waiting for Me 1,374 19.Jun.04
personal_life Patience is a Virtue 1,081 29.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality Patience, My Sweet! 563 28.Apr.11
mother_earth Peaceful Waters 1,145 9.Mar.05
pagan_spirituality Perception and Change 1,154 20.Jan.06
humor Perfection Am I 1,527 25.May.05
pagan_spirituality Personal Choice 1,278 14.Sep.04
personal_life Picnicky Day 1,719 20.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality Pine Tree Solitude 547 19.Apr.11
humor Pocket Monster (a Totem for Halloween) 1,381 20.Oct.05
other Poetic Square 1,814 4.Jan.05
pagan_spirituality Poetry's Window 122 10.Nov.13
pagan_spirituality Polar Endpoints of a Span 1,239 26.Jun.06
healing Positive Attitude for Life Limiting Illnesses 217 11.Apr.13
healing Possibilities 1,188 14.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Prayer Across Different Beliefs 730 2.Oct.10
personal_life Pseudoscientific Know-It-Alls 1,387 5.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality Psychobabble 1,692 20.Oct.04
other Psychobabble, Part 2 1,470 21.Jun.05
personal_life Pushy People 1,654 13.Dec.04
humor Puzzle 1,582 4.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Questioning the Source 1,223 16.Jul.07
humor Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore Beans!" 1,944 8.Mar.04
pagan_spirituality Random Thoughts 1,255 26.Jan.05
personal_life Random Thoughts, Part 2 1,536 16.Feb.05
other Random Thoughts, Part 3 1,441 16.Feb.05
healing Real 1,113 25.Nov.07
healing Reasons to Smile 214 12.Apr.13
healing Releasing A Troubled Friendship 1,895 18.May.04
pagan_spirituality Religion Is 1,524 24.Mar.05
political Religious Politics and Political Religions 1,143 22.Jan.06
political Religious Politics and Political Religions, Part 2 1,133 14.Jul.06
healing Resignation from Grief 1,094 1.Feb.07
mother_earth Retrograde Weather Pattern 160 17.Jul.13
personal_life Returned Plague 1,705 3.Mar.05
healing Returning Back To Normal 1,852 27.Jul.04
pagan_haiku Revenge 1,081 14.Mar.05
humor Roses Are Red... 1,454 23.Aug.04
personal_life Sacred Fire 1,376 17.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Samhainic Necromancy 101 1,130 10.Oct.06
humor Scared Shirtless! 163 20.Aug.13
humor Seasonal Craziness: Autumn 1,634 11.Oct.04
humor Seasonal Craziness: Springtime 1,825 25.Mar.04
humor Seasonal Craziness: Summertime 1,555 24.Jun.04
humor Seasonal Craziness: Wintertime 1,796 6.Jan.05
mother_earth Seasonal Life Force 906 10.Oct.06
personal_life Second Thoughts... 1,077 24.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality Secrets of a Honeybee 1,014 13.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality Secrets of a Solitaire 1,235 5.Apr.06
healing Seeing Through the Mask 1,351 23.May.06
personal_life Seek and Ye Shall Find 1,292 10.Nov.06
personal_life Selective Truth 1,520 29.Oct.04
pagan_spirituality Self-Chosen Fate 1,219 4.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Self-Control 1,268 3.Oct.05
personal_life Self-Control, Part 2 1,246 11.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Self-Sacrifice 1,314 5.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Sexy God Pan 778 29.Sep.10
personal_life She Wasn't There 2,021 2.Apr.04
humor Signs from the Goddess 1,196 8.Apr.05
personal_life Silent Conversations 1,192 7.Feb.06
society_culture Simply Be 1,051 12.Mar.08
humor Sleep Disorder 1,409 8.May.06
personal_life Slowly Growing Love 1,465 5.Dec.04
humor So Intelligent, Yet So Air-Headed 1,855 2.Jun.04
personal_life Something Good From Something Bad 1,420 7.Mar.05
personal_life Sometimes I Wonder Why 1,433 26.Aug.05
personal_life Song of the Heart 1,402 13.Jun.05
personal_life Soul Mate 1,298 13.Apr.07
humor Spanish Desire 1,608 16.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality Spellwork (and Intuition) 752 2.Oct.10
humor Spiritual Cure For A Bad Mood 1,459 6.May.04
humor Spoiled (But Not Rotten!) 692 4.Oct.10
personal_life Spoiled Kitten 1,043 20.Oct.05
personal_life Stalemate 1,066 9.Jun.07
personal_life Stalker Be Gone 1,273 20.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Stolen Words 1,215 11.Mar.05
pagan_spirituality Stolen Words, Part 2 1,630 20.May.05
healing Straight? 1,759 31.May.05
pagan_spirituality Sunflower Blessing 1,173 27.May.04
personal_life Support 1,259 8.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Symbol in Nature (riddle) 1,404 30.Jan.06
political Synergy 1,696 31.Jan.05
personal_life Szerelem Elsõ Pillantásra 1,621 27.Aug.04
pagan_spirituality Take A Break Now, Says My Cat 894 14.May.07
pagan_spirituality Takes One To Know One 1,232 15.Jun.05
personal_life Teddy Bear Prayer 1,729 28.Apr.04
pagan_haiku Tell Me Your Story 953 25.Sep.06
healing Thank You 1,482 14.Oct.04
personal_life That Which Is Mine, And Shared 1,070 18.Sep.06
humor The "High" Priestess 1,977 7.Apr.04
myth_legend The Archer and the Crab 1,336 6.May.05
myth_legend The Bird and the Fish 1,203 16.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality The Blessing of Friendship 1,383 27.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality The Cuddlefish and the Shark 1,528 16.Sep.05
healing The Disease of Love 1,791 5.Jan.05
pagan_spirituality The Essence of Thought 1,351 7.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality The Flaw in Jesus' Resurrection 68 18.Apr.14
pagan_spirituality The Goddess Alone 1,601 8.Aug.04
pagan_spirituality The Goddess, The God 1,893 28.Dec.04
political The Golden Rule 1,139 10.Jul.06
humor The Goodbye He'll Never Forget 1,182 28.Apr.07
humor The Great Indoors ;-) 1,404 17.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality The Heart Times Three 1,439 5.May.05
myth_legend The Key (Attaining Manhood) 1,556 19.Sep.05
pagan_haiku The Lion Tamer 1,033 14.Mar.05
mother_earth The Love of a Tree 1,163 7.Oct.05
devotional The Magick of Nine Totems 1,495 20.Aug.04
pagan_spirituality The Magick of the Sand Plum Tree 265 17.Mar.13
personal_life The Means To Write 1,284 14.Jun.05
personal_life The Mystery of Forgiveness 1,150 28.Mar.06
healing The Power of Words 1,875 3.Jan.05
pagan_spirituality The Purpose of Cycles 1,034 18.Apr.05
personal_life The Question Of Love 1,609 2.Sep.04
humor The Real Reason Cats Purr 280 12.Jul.12
humor The Sacredness of Silliness 1,151 5.Apr.06
society_culture The Sanctity of Divorce 1,522 10.Jun.05
society_culture The Soul of a Gay Man 1,769 1.Apr.04
personal_life The Sunken Pebble 1,030 14.Mar.05
humor The Thirsty Princess 1,244 15.May.06
pagan_spirituality The Unknowns of Magickal Intent 1,064 2.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality The Unpredictable Nature of Love Spells 181 21.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality The Veil 724 4.Oct.10
pagan_spirituality The Way Magic Works (for friends) 1,224 13.Dec.06
society_culture The Wolf and the Deer 1,958 30.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality The Word and The Spirit 1,305 9.Mar.06
personal_life The Wrong Coven 1,153 6.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality The Young Mage Who Listened To His Heart 1,785 24.May.04
pagan_spirituality Their Day Is Coming 1,335 3.Jun.05
healing They Won't Love Me 1,015 2.Sep.07
healing This Lunar Night 1,908 27.Oct.04
healing This Time Will Be The One 1,203 15.May.06
personal_life Thoughts Well Directed 1,006 14.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality Threshold of Mystery 1,111 25.Aug.05
personal_life Throwing Grapes (Giving Too Much of Self) 1,303 17.Jul.06
political Throwing Stones (in a Glass House) 1,323 25.Jul.06
healing Time and Love Together 1,235 6.Jan.07
personal_life Time Keeps Passing By 1,691 27.Apr.05
pagan_spirituality Tiny Seed of Trust 1,652 19.May.05
society_culture Titles 712 4.Oct.10
personal_life To Be Loved 1,273 7.Dec.04
personal_life To Be Noticed 1,252 8.Feb.06
personal_life To Be Popular 1,621 22.Jan.05
healing To Have A Good Life (Just Work At It) 1,344 24.Oct.06
personal_life To Kill Myself 1,653 26.Aug.05
personal_life To My Soulmate Who Always Cared 1,150 29.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality To My Wonderful Friend 1,611 18.Feb.05
healing To My Younger Self 1,803 23.Oct.04
pagan_spirituality To Own My Own Shadow 1,562 18.Nov.04
humor To Phase with the Moon 1,838 4.Dec.04
personal_life To the Shaman In My Life 1,509 3.Jul.04
devotional Together, They Are One 1,307 10.Feb.06
healing Together, We Will Overcome This 1,272 6.Jul.05
personal_life Token Lover 1,325 16.Aug.05
humor Too Much Sex 1,662 3.Nov.04
healing Total Peace of Mind 1,645 21.Dec.04
pagan_spirituality Totems in Winter 1,667 20.Dec.04
political Traditional Family Values 1,892 16.Jul.04
personal_life True Love 1,755 12.Nov.04
pagan_spirituality True Love Never Dies 1,543 5.Oct.05
personal_life Trying Times 1,067 5.Jan.07
personal_life Turning Princes into Frogs 1,764 13.Feb.05
pagan_spirituality Two Ancestral Homes 1,908 25.Aug.04
pagan_spirituality Two Can Play That Game 1,108 20.Mar.06
society_culture Two Sides to Everything 1,229 14.Nov.04
pagan_spirituality Unanswered Prayers 1,426 1.Dec.05
society_culture Undefined Faith, Undefined Reality 686 22.Sep.10
personal_life Understanding False Accusations 1,501 16.Sep.04
healing Understanding Parents 1,549 24.Nov.05
personal_life Understood Promise Versus Proven Promise 1,114 11.Apr.07
other Undying Love 1,695 22.Apr.05
humor Unexplained Associations 1,168 3.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Unlikely 1,198 29.Nov.04
healing Value of Self 1,491 14.Jul.05
personal_life Vexatious Vampire 1,523 29.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Vindicating a Curse 1,483 22.Feb.05
healing Vindicating A Curse, Part 2 1,457 31.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Vindicating A Curse, Part 3 1,211 9.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Vindicating A Curse, Part 4 157 20.Aug.13
humor Virgo Birthday Gift Dilemma 143 21.Aug.13
personal_life Waiting to Recover 874 10.Jul.09
mother_earth Walk In The Woods 1,335 21.Apr.05
personal_life Warm Heart in Autumn 1,200 10.Nov.04
personal_life We Both Just Knew 1,701 10.Mar.05
devotional Weathering the Storm 1,613 19.Nov.04
personal_life Wendy 535 17.May.11
humor What Do You Do 1,277 28.Apr.05
personal_life What Does It Mean 1,564 7.Jan.05
pagan_spirituality What Goes Around Comes Around 641 25.Jan.11
humor What Was that Herbal Remedy? 2,103 19.Jul.04
humor What Was That Word?! 1,945 5.Nov.04
personal_life What Your Love Does 1,262 29.Jun.05
personal_life When a Friend Smiles 986 28.Aug.06
healing When a Witch Cries 1,918 1.Jul.04
pagan_spirituality When A Witch Cries, Part 2 1,512 1.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality When Cats Love You 186 1.Mar.13
humor When He Doesn't Know You Exist 1,256 6.Jun.06
humor When I Catch Someone Staring 1,168 26.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality When I Told You Goodbye 1,584 4.Apr.05
personal_life When Lost Love Returns 1,742 21.Feb.05
healing When Love Given Isn't Returned 1,181 4.May.06
healing When One Door Closes... 1,115 20.Jun.07
humor When Sagittarians Get Drunk 2,071 26.Apr.04
pagan_spirituality When Someone Else Believes In You 1,233 7.Apr.06
healing When They Don't Understand 1,054 30.Jan.06
society_culture When They Try To Convert Me 129 20.May.13
humor When Thoughts Think For Themselves 1,473 11.Apr.06
personal_life When Three Cats Gang Up On Me 223 11.Mar.13
personal_life When to Let People Be 987 19.Jul.06
personal_life When You're Right, You're Right 1,168 31.Mar.06
personal_life Where the Spotlight Shines 1,393 10.Jul.06
healing Where Were You (When You Needed Yourself?) 1,287 13.Jun.06
personal_life While You're Here 1,323 26.Mar.05
pagan_spirituality White Moth 1,725 9.Nov.04
healing Why Hope Can Never Be Lost 1,253 14.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Why I Dislike Christmas 1,062 20.Dec.05
devotional Why I Fear Nothing 1,281 26.Jun.06
humor Why I Love To Sneeze 1,076 6.Jan.07
pagan_spirituality Why Magick Works 1,560 27.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Why Me 1,442 22.Apr.05
humor Why My Spells Didn't Work 1,895 12.May.04
healing Why Should I Worry? 1,760 29.Sep.04
pagan_spirituality Why They Fear Us 1,291 12.Jul.06
pagan_haiku Wind Beneath Your Wings 946 9.Jan.08
mother_earth Winter Solstice 2013 124 25.Dec.13
humor Witch Rhymes With B...! 2,753 20.Apr.04
humor Witchella's Garden Hose Mishap 1,435 15.Apr.05
personal_life With All My Heart 943 12.Mar.08
humor With My Head On Your Lap 1,592 21.Mar.05
personal_life With You Again 1,326 1.Aug.05
healing Without Failure 1,245 2.Mar.06
personal_life Wondering 1,377 20.Oct.05
healing Working Hard On Myself 1,555 13.Sep.05
humor Worst Date Of My Life 1,546 7.Apr.05
humor Would Ya Like to Buy the Sun? 1,476 22.Jul.04
personal_life Yes You Did 1,078 7.May.05
personal_life You Are The Only One Who Is You 170 11.Sep.13
healing You Can't Be Yourself Until... 1,331 24.Oct.06
personal_life You Can't Make Up Your Mind! 1,358 31.Mar.06
personal_life You Can't Possibly Understand Me, So Why Do You? 1,334 29.Dec.06
healing You Never Asked 1,850 1.Nov.04
personal_life You Think I Love You (And You're Right!) 2,007 29.Mar.04
personal_life Your Closeness 1,156 10.Nov.05
personal_life Your Rose, My Love 1,335 15.Dec.04
other Zest of Life 1,786 6.Oct.04

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