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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,168,988  

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mother_earth "Fred" and other feathered or furry friends! 1,022 7.Aug.08
humor "Scat!" said the cat..... 1,185 28.Feb.08
devotional "Where You Are".... 331 14.Aug.11
humor 10 Little..... 1,375 31.Oct.06
humor 13 Reasons To Become A Witch! 1,408 2.Mar.07
humor 18 Ways to Piss Off a Pagan!/& joke! 2,617 19.Feb.07
devotional A Blessing for All U.S.A. Soldiers... 1,849 19.May.06
healing A Dear John Letter problem....Dear Abby 1,427 25.Oct.06
healing A Fable I Tell..... 1,503 2.Sep.06
healing A Forgiveness Poem.. 1,480 19.Feb.07
humor A Friend For The Night…… 1,736 9.Nov.06
healing A Little Girl Lost...... 1,340 10.Sep.06
myth_legend A Monsters' Lullaby... 1,095 26.Oct.08
devotional A Personal Thank-You to The Great Composers! 1,345 21.Aug.06
personal_life A Poem about Eating TOO much Sugars!!! 1,136 10.Nov.07
healing A Poem For a Young Diabetic..... 1,583 11.Aug.06
healing A poem for Kelsey & so many other abused children! 1,145 12.Mar.08
healing A POEM for Me... 585 5.Apr.10
devotional A Poem For Pets, 1's there for U! 1,344 10.Nov.06
humor A Sign from My Father!! LOL! 1,157 2.Sep.07
devotional A Special Prayer to/for our Troops! 1,331 5.Nov.06
liturgical_ritual A Thanksgiving Holiday Circle Prayer... 1,376 20.Nov.07
devotional A Tribute to Gay Soldiers, Who Were There! 1,537 3.Sep.06
humor A very young "Tantrum"! 1,401 21.Aug.06
mother_earth A Walk in the Rain..... 1,458 26.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality A Walk with a Faerie.... 1,635 28.Jul.06
healing Ain't gonna get no sympathy... 1,142 10.Oct.08
society_culture Alabama John Cherokee trad 1,310 7.Feb.07
humor All Gone! 1,568 9.Nov.06
personal_life All These Years..... 686 21.Mar.10
devotional Amazing Amy! 1,250 6.Dec.07
pagan_spirituality An Article on Ouija Boards... 1,674 20.Jan.07
personal_life And THEY became Actors 522 11.Apr.10
mother_earth Animals of the wild, I love you so! 706 9.Mar.10
healing Another personal letter to our U.S. Soldiers... 989 17.Jun.08
humor Aradeithia's Witches Salon..... 1,702 8.Oct.06
personal_life Arthritis 1,294 27.Jan.08
healing Article on Steve Irwin 1,473 26.Sep.06
devotional As I Think Of You Tonight….To our U.S. Soldiers!!! 1,637 9.Nov.06
healing Attitude 1,113 26.Feb.08
humor Baby Puff's Birthday Cake... 1,542 8.Oct.06
humor Be Scary! (@ Halloween School) 1,602 31.Oct.06
devotional Be Who U Really Are! 1,423 9.Oct.06
personal_life Being True to Oneself... 1,194 5.Nov.07
other Beneath a Whisper... 1,265 23.Oct.07
healing Better For It... 725 24.Mar.10
myth_legend Bir Mir Bist Du Schon (Transylvanian Style) 1,929 25.Aug.06
mother_earth Bird watchin'..... 1,106 14.Jun.08
personal_life Blogging the Positive on Diabetes...... 1,916 28.Jul.06
mother_earth Blood Red Moon 1,340 11.Nov.06
mother_earth Bloom! 1,481 9.Nov.06
healing But, NO..that's who you are!!! 531 8.Jun.10
humor Can I be Wicked for once? 1,664 5.Apr.06
mother_earth Care! (Poem about saving the whales!) 1,074 27.Feb.08
pagan_spirituality Child Ghosts 1,371 27.May.06
humor Chocolate Ice Cream! 958 17.Dec.08
healing Cliff Memories and Thoughts... 1,189 5.Sep.06
humor Coffee 1,651 9.Nov.06
devotional Coffee with You... 1,342 11.Nov.06
personal_life Collecting E.V.P.'s.... 1,216 30.Oct.07
personal_life Come Away to Turtle Bay, , , 762 10.Feb.10
humor Concrete 1,194 26.Jan.08
healing Consumed… 1,334 19.Feb.07
humor CrAnKy oLd WiTcH!..... (lol!!) 1,051 17.Dec.08
personal_life Culture Shock 1,192 25.Oct.07
devotional Daddy's Poem 1,382 6.Nov.06
healing Daddy.... 1,593 29.May.06
myth_legend Daily Growing… 1,577 9.Nov.06
myth_legend Dancing Faeries, Sleeping Faeries... 1,302 21.Jan.08
myth_legend Dark Vampire 1,402 10.Aug.06
healing Dealin' with a Life Lesson.... 1,149 6.Dec.07
devotional Dear Dorothy... 1,278 21.Aug.07
devotional Dear Family, 1,345 31.Aug.07
personal_life Dear Pat... 1,085 9.Nov.07
healing Dear Sherry... 1,273 13.Aug.07
personal_life Dedicated to Diabetes 1,466 19.Jul.06
society_culture Dedication To a Youtube Hall of Famer.. 1,055 18.Aug.08
devotional Dedication to Jenn Corbin and others!! 1,232 6.Feb.08
personal_life Diabetes and Me... 1,073 1.May.08
humor Do I want to marry you? 1,794 12.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Do The Ghost Rap! 1,373 31.Oct.06
political Do You Hear The People Sing? 1,809 9.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Do you want to talk?........ 1,750 4.Apr.06
devotional DOG 1,735 2.Aug.06
humor DON'T Feed Your Cat Too Much!!! 611 28.Mar.10
humor Don't Hurt Your Little Furbies! 1,293 25.Nov.07
society_culture Don't Let Me Forget! 1,262 31.Oct.07
healing Don't say Goodbye! 1,477 29.Jul.06
other Don't Say I Dare you...... 1,650 16.Aug.06
humor Don't Tell your Spirits....... 1,210 31.Oct.06
humor Don't Wake me UP! 1,080 28.Feb.08
devotional Don’t Forget Them! 1,282 1.Mar.07
mother_earth Dream in Blue, Bluish Green 1,466 11.Nov.06
devotional Dream Search 1,156 12.Nov.06
society_culture Drunken Sailor, Traditional 1,242 7.Feb.07
other Escape...... 1,234 31.Oct.06
society_culture Essentials... 1,051 1.Oct.08
devotional Eulogy for a Veteran 1,899 9.Nov.06
personal_life Excuuse me.... 1,036 5.Jan.09
personal_life Facing the Truth…. 1,339 8.May.07
devotional Faithfully… 1,284 22.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality Famous Ghosts..... 1,149 31.Oct.06
personal_life Famous People with Diabetes 1,420 26.Nov.06
healing Fighting Myself... 1,345 26.Sep.06
personal_life Flare Ups 1,635 25.Aug.06
humor Foods in the Frig'! 1,526 29.Jul.06
devotional For All The Stevie's In The World... 1,122 18.Nov.08
devotional For Edie Brickell and New Bohemians! 1,754 25.Oct.06
devotional For Grandma” D” 1,339 21.Feb.07
devotional For My Love......4 U R the 1!!!! 1,337 8.Oct.06
devotional For our Soldiers, whose lives are important to us. 1,126 4.Nov.07
devotional For Our Soldiers.... 1,387 29.May.06
devotional For The Children..... 999 13.Mar.08
healing FOR the LITTLE ONES...... 1,504 26.Sep.06
healing For you... 1,225 3.Feb.08
personal_life Fresh Fruit Salad 3,290 16.Nov.06
humor Froggie Jokes! 1,456 9.Nov.06
humor Funky Witch 1,159 22.Feb.07
healing Get Off that Wailing Ship! 1,475 18.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Ghosts Are Around.... 1,297 9.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality Ghosts in My Dreams.... 1,279 3.Sep.06
healing Give It Your All! 1,571 9.Nov.06
healing Going Towards the LiGhT! 1,580 30.Jul.06
devotional Good Bye, Sweet Lil’ One… 1,327 21.Feb.07
healing Good Night...But, NOT, .. "Forever!!" 107 7.Nov.13
devotional Goodbye Heath.... 1,130 23.Jan.08
healing Goodbye...I can't hold you forever.... 718 6.Apr.10
devotional Goodbye…. 1,392 2.Mar.07
personal_life Gotta Read, Gotta Read! Gotta keep on Readin'! 1,087 26.Jan.08
mother_earth Green Man, Green Man 1,553 2.Nov.06
devotional Gri-Gri (for Marie Laveau) 1,795 17.Oct.06
healing HaBiTs.....AnD HeAlInG ThEm! 1,213 29.Mar.08
pagan_spirituality Halloween Party 1,350 31.Oct.06
humor Happy Spell…. 1,335 2.Mar.07
humor Hard wired huh? 1,073 19.Jun.08
humor Hatfield and Mccoy 1,687 8.Oct.06
myth_legend Haunted Okinawa... 1,720 8.Oct.06
myth_legend Haunted Rocker... 1,106 26.Jan.08
mother_earth Heart of the Ocean 1,496 9.Nov.06
humor Heaven's to Bessy! 1,085 27.Feb.08
devotional Hello! What were YOU thinkin'?!!!! 1,586 14.Mar.08
mother_earth Hello, don't go.... 1,108 28.Feb.08
devotional Hey Again! 1,319 24.Feb.07
healing Hi! A letter of encouragement.., to heal and hope! 1,277 24.May.07
myth_legend HIdden Shadow People..... 1,252 8.Oct.06
healing Hold Me, Rock Me, Don't Let Me Go.... (Song) 1,649 15.Oct.06
healing Hold the Phone, Here are some Magickal Stones! 1,074 26.Jan.08
society_culture Home Versus Here... 1,012 12.Apr.08
healing How Much Do you Love? 1,466 28.May.06
personal_life Humanity Healing Music and so forth.... 1,070 11.Mar.08
personal_life I 've gotta let go….. 1,298 21.Feb.07
personal_life I , Alone...... 1,387 8.Sep.06
devotional I Admire... 1,247 1.Nov.07
humor I Am a Little Monster!! 554 12.Apr.10
society_culture I am Me, Just let Me Be!!!! 1,820 9.Jun.06
other I am Still adding interesting sites here! 1,385 2.Dec.06
personal_life I am UN.... 1,095 23.Oct.07
healing I am worth more! 1,194 21.Jan.08
humor I Became a Cat.... 1,608 11.May.06
devotional I Bow To You!!! 1,748 19.May.06
humor I came I saw I amscrayed! LOL! 1,041 26.Jun.08
myth_legend I Can't Get You Out Of My Teeth! 1,309 16.May.07
healing I Cannot Like You Anymore... 194 27.Nov.12
devotional I Carry You.... 1,119 10.Feb.08
pagan_spirituality I Do NOT Believe Like You Do! 1,279 16.Jan.08
personal_life I Eat My Own Words... 940 28.Jun.09
healing I Had To Reveal My Dreams…. 1,283 13.Feb.07
healing I hurt like you! 1,424 5.Sep.06
myth_legend I Imagined... 1,094 11.Nov.07
devotional I just love you so! 1,804 17.Jul.06
personal_life I know everything.So, la de dah dah!!! 1,246 21.Jan.08
personal_life I Let You Go... 184 27.Nov.12
devotional I like you, and that’s fo’ sho’! 1,291 10.May.07
personal_life I Live You Every SIngle Day! 633 28.Mar.10
personal_life I Love You!!! 1,386 26.Sep.06
devotional I Love You, I Like You, I'm Sad, I Miss You.... 1,688 5.Sep.06
healing I Miss You...... 1,246 2.Mar.07
personal_life I really want for Christmas (or Yule) ! 1,130 28.Nov.07
healing I really want to know.........? 1,324 12.Jan.08
healing I should have loved me more... 1,893 23.May.06
devotional I Stand Too, For the Red , White N Blue! 1,824 6.Apr.06
personal_life I Still Think 'Bout You.... 1,193 21.Jan.08
healing I think of you... 1,872 17.Jan.06
personal_life I WANT you, I CRAVE you...But, ... 795 3.Feb.10
devotional I was Alone..... 1,560 27.May.06
personal_life I was thinking ‘bout you, again… 1,199 21.Feb.07
personal_life I Will Always Remember You... 613 21.Mar.10
healing I will miss you....Ode to Steve Irwin.... 2,242 4.Sep.06
healing I wish I could tell you…… 1,291 9.Feb.07
personal_life I wish that you could have been... 202 27.Nov.12
personal_life I Wish You The Best! 531 11.Apr.10
personal_life I wish... 261 22.Sep.12
society_culture I WIshed That You... 604 15.Mar.10
other I wish…. 1,309 21.Feb.07
devotional I wonder about you.... (Our U.S. Soldiers) 1,348 9.Sep.06
devotional I'm Gonna Loooove YOU! LOL! (fun love poem!) 1,097 12.Mar.08
society_culture I'm gonna tell you I love you...because I do... 1,702 23.Mar.06
personal_life I'm NOT your "Baby!".... 607 3.Feb.10
healing If I Die Before You Wake...... 1,432 12.Feb.07
myth_legend If I were a Ghost..... 1,318 3.Sep.06
humor If I were a Witch.... 1,365 3.Sep.06
mother_earth If they build, You will leave! (tear drops) ! 1,525 8.Oct.06
personal_life If you can't be there for me...... 1,612 2.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality If You're Calling Me... 703 15.Mar.10
healing Imagine...... 1,226 22.Feb.07
devotional In Memory, with love! 1,420 8.Jun.07
healing In My Mind… 1,349 24.Feb.07
society_culture Interesting Web Sites... 1,250 15.Feb.07
personal_life It won't do any good to... 1,168 13.Jul.07
personal_life It's Okay To Reminisce About Us... 597 21.Mar.10
healing It’s Time to say farewell… 1,227 21.Feb.07
personal_life Just a poem to THANK YOU, for your letters!!! 568 14.Mar.10
society_culture Just because.... 1,015 27.Feb.08
personal_life Just Being Me........ 1,621 15.Sep.06
devotional Just Some Thoughts for the U.S. Servicemen... 1,368 4.Sep.06
healing Just When You Thought..... 1,471 2.Oct.06
personal_life Karma's a BITCH!!... 520 15.Mar.10
healing Keep It Real..... 1,695 18.Aug.06
devotional Keepin' It Real! 1,328 8.Oct.06
healing Keepin' it Together.... 1,182 26.Jan.08
healing Kiss Your Fate, and Get Real!! 1,150 8.Dec.07
other Learn How to Swim! 1,626 8.Oct.06
healing Learning how to Love myself.....! 1,228 8.May.07
healing Learning Recruits.... 1,546 1.May.06
healing Learning to vent and learning to let loose! 986 10.May.08
devotional Let me ..... 1,932 18.May.06
healing Let's Celebrate You! 1,200 8.Jul.07
humor Letter to those "dancin' fools" (U.S. Soldiers) 1,139 12.Jun.08
humor Letter...To Ms. Cyndarella III...... 1,247 11.Nov.06
personal_life Letting Go... 223 17.Mar.13
humor Life among the Lily Pads… 1,521 10.Nov.06
devotional Like My Family.... 1,851 15.Jun.06
humor Little Bear 1,370 12.Nov.06
personal_life Little Ladies 1,339 11.Nov.06
personal_life Little me... 1,879 27.May.06
humor Little Miss Thang.... 992 28.Feb.08
humor Little Witches.... 1,036 26.Oct.08
personal_life Living with Diabetes... 914 11.May.08
humor LOUISIANA GHOST STORY 1,314 31.Oct.06
devotional Loving… 3,151 21.Feb.07
myth_legend Magathazar, a Wizard Bizarre...... 1,610 8.Oct.06
myth_legend MAGICK BOX.... 1,089 21.Jan.08
pagan_spirituality Magick In The Cauldron 1,567 31.Oct.06
healing Making the Change... 754 4.Feb.10
myth_legend Mandrika the VooDoo madam 1,598 8.Oct.06
devotional Marie Laveau 1,710 17.Oct.06
healing May those know….. 1,534 31.Oct.06
personal_life Maybe..... 1,388 21.Feb.07
myth_legend Me and the Sandman... 1,385 30.Aug.06
personal_life Me Missing the Cultures! 1,133 13.Oct.07
pagan_spirituality Meet me in the MoonLight.... 1,400 2.Oct.06
personal_life Memories in Colors.....Part I 1,419 19.Jun.06
humor Metformin, a Sneaky Med!!! 543 26.Mar.10
other Miranda Priestly 1,501 16.Aug.06
other More Dear John Letters Info... 1,525 7.Nov.06
personal_life Moving On 1,328 9.Nov.06
personal_life Mr. Super Fine.... 1,718 9.Nov.06
devotional My Best Friend.......... 1,637 9.Nov.06
healing My Carbs' Oh! (song::paw paw patch, tune) 1,384 20.Jul.06
devotional My Friend, My Comrade, A Courageous Soul….. 1,536 9.Nov.06
healing My Good Friend, .....A True Soldier! 1,447 3.Sep.06
humor My Haunted Living Room! 1,446 12.Nov.06
healing My Heart Will Dance For You.... 569 12.Apr.10
healing My Hurting.. 483 4.Jun.10
humor My Last Supper! 1,740 25.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality My Little Friend 1,419 9.Nov.06
personal_life My Real Thoughts... 974 28.Oct.08
devotional My Sweet Dream Of Love (First Magnetic Poem) ! 1,080 6.Dec.07
healing My thoughts on finding a cures for cancer n more! 1,184 10.Jul.07
devotional My” Slip” to God…. 1,346 14.Feb.07
mother_earth NATIVE AMERICAN ANIMAL FETISHES 1,402 17.Dec.06
society_culture Native American Totem Poles..... 1,633 18.Dec.06
mother_earth Nature 1,107 9.Feb.08
personal_life Night Night Poem... 180 23.Mar.13
personal_life NightJuice 1,600 9.Nov.06
healing NO CONTROL... 820 16.Feb.10
healing No more Hoarding!!!..... 1,081 9.Feb.08
healing No more life on a shelf! 1,340 21.Feb.07
healing No More Wallowing!!! 1,296 26.Sep.06
personal_life Not a poem, just thoughts on my life now... 1,059 26.Feb.08
healing Not alone! 1,729 17.Jul.06
healing Not Till Eternity... 914 25.Jul.08
personal_life Note to a Soul in Need.... 1,307 19.Aug.07
humor O.C.D.isms! Oh No! Now Don't Get Me Started! 1,284 3.Sep.06
humor Ode to Je fah fah com! LOL! 1,033 13.Mar.08
devotional Ode to the Humans of Next Door.... 1,607 9.Oct.06
healing Oh Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie!... 1,066 28.Feb.08
healing ON BEING ANGRY! 1,038 10.May.08
personal_life Ones I liked..... 1,739 27.Aug.06
devotional Online Mentor…. 1,199 21.Feb.07
humor Our little Ghostie! 1,899 20.May.06
devotional Oy! Check out the soldiers!!! 1,350 12.Feb.08
society_culture Paddy, Lay Back 1,195 7.Feb.07
other PART FIVE SEMPER FIDO 1,291 16.Dec.06
other PART FOUR SEMPER FIDO 1,297 16.Dec.06
other PART ONE SEMPER FIDO 1,341 16.Dec.06
other PART SIX /AND END OF SEMPER FIDO 1,308 16.Dec.06
other PART THREE SEMPER FIDO 1,168 16.Dec.06
other PART TWO SEMPER FIDO CONTINUES... 1,334 16.Dec.06
other Passion 1,161 11.Nov.06
healing Peace, I bring you...For Jennifer Hudson & others 937 28.Oct.08
devotional Peace, My Friend.... 979 15.Dec.08
personal_life People that take “issues” …… 1,716 9.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Personal group sites { 3 of them!} 1,255 4.Apr.07
humor Petey the Snake 1,481 19.Feb.07
healing Pi** on you! 931 17.Dec.08
healing Piece of mind..A Diabetics Poem. 1,187 27.Nov.07
humor Piglets dancing on their little tippy toes…. 1,281 22.Feb.07
society_culture Please Don't Play the Choking Game...! 1,007 28.Feb.08
healing Please Hold on.!!!..... 1,692 10.Aug.06
society_culture Please Honor.... 1,709 27.May.06
other Portrait of a Couple I 1,464 3.Sep.06
devotional Prayer for the Armed Forces Out in Iraq. 1,579 17.May.06
myth_legend Punch and Judy (old nursery rhyme) 1,251 16.Nov.06
personal_life Rambled thoughts... 1,019 7.Dec.08
humor Readers Digest Hilarious (Halloween) Stories! 1,325 15.Feb.07
humor Real Examples of Air Line Chatter.... 1,837 23.Feb.07
personal_life Reality, or "My Life's Lecture!!!" 1,228 16.Nov.07
healing Reasons.... 546 6.Apr.10
myth_legend Red Groovy Ruby Garnet Girl... 1,089 27.Feb.08
healing Regarding a Certain "Place of Worship." 512 1.Apr.10
devotional Regarding Michael Jackson.. 872 26.Jun.09
healing Regarding that article about Kathie Lee Gifford.. 1,080 7.Oct.08
personal_life Regarding that puppy, and more!!! 1,029 7.Mar.08
humor Reggae Babies, And a Little Hip-Hop Too! 1,561 15.Oct.06
personal_life Remember... 540 6.Apr.10
personal_life Repeating Thoughts... 936 4.May.09
mother_earth Rock N' Roll Dandelions 1,793 10.Aug.06
mother_earth Round , Round The Roses-Oh! 1,485 2.Aug.06
mother_earth Run Wild Horses be Free! 1,793 24.Mar.06
mother_earth Save the Horses....!!!!! 1,205 26.Sep.06
personal_life Sea of Glass 1,204 21.Jan.08
pagan_spirituality Send BaccCCK The Energies 1,235 31.Oct.06
myth_legend Shadow Being 557 22.Mar.10
devotional She Is A Songstress...... 1,051 29.Sep.08
humor She, (the little Faery) 2,082 6.Apr.06
humor She’s….. 1,745 9.Nov.06
humor Shirts! 1,310 8.Oct.06
personal_life Should I stand up for me? 1,181 26.Jan.08
healing Show Me The Way To You........... 1,388 18.Aug.06
personal_life Sing a Campsong 1,682 9.Nov.06
personal_life SING! 1,431 26.Sep.06
other Sista' Soul 1,652 2.Nov.06
personal_life So Bitter, sometimes! 1,596 24.Aug.06
devotional Soldier, Comrade, One Who knows... 1,288 8.Oct.06
devotional Soldiers out there.... 1,585 28.Mar.06
humor Soldiers Walk Down To Electric Avenue.... 1,266 9.Feb.08
pagan_spirituality Some Collected Inspirational Web Places (for me) ! 1,464 2.Dec.06
healing Somethin's Up! 1,324 10.Feb.07
devotional Somewhere a Soldier......... 1,404 10.Aug.06
devotional Somewhere a Veteran.......... 1,552 10.Aug.06
myth_legend Song by the Seashore... 1,643 27.May.06
healing Spend Your Money!!! 1,118 26.Jan.08
other Strength is: 1,368 10.Nov.06
society_culture Strike the Bell.. (and some other sea shanties) 1,181 7.Feb.07
healing Stubborn, angry, selfish me! 1,309 24.Aug.06
mother_earth Sure Don’t! 1,174 10.May.07
healing Talk with my Angel, ( the wiser one) 1,248 10.May.07
other Tangled In You.... 1,304 31.Oct.06
personal_life That's just the way it is..that's life! 470 13.Apr.10
other The Artist... 1,003 5.May.09
humor The Bixxxin' Kitchen Witch 1,427 11.Nov.06
other The Black Cat's Plea Poem... 653 26.Mar.10
devotional The Boys in You and the Men in You! 1,480 3.Sep.06
humor The Cemetery 1,197 28.Jan.08
humor The Charming Suitor of Light... 226 14.Jul.12
myth_legend The China DOll (poetic version) 1,713 27.May.06
humor The Day (a short short poem!) LOL! 211 14.Jul.12
healing The Diabetes Beasties! 1,486 2.Aug.06
mother_earth The Fairy Garden 1,783 24.Mar.06
other The Fear that keeps Waiting........ 1,442 14.Sep.06
personal_life The Friendship Connection 1,423 31.Oct.06
society_culture The Frisco Ship 1,261 7.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality The Ghost Blues..... 1,650 31.Oct.06
humor The Ghost Slept Over at My house.... (short poem) 927 26.Oct.08
myth_legend ThE HaUnTeD ChAiR...... 1,147 26.Jan.08
myth_legend The Lady in Pink 1,138 26.Jan.08
personal_life The Lie 463 4.May.10
other The Magazine (scam) Crews Song. 1,141 26.Nov.07
myth_legend The Merry-Go Round Spirit Children 1,740 4.Aug.06
devotional The Oldest Best Witch.... 1,654 8.Oct.06
myth_legend The Poem Peddler 1,021 26.Jan.08
devotional The Price of Children... 1,197 7.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality The Psychic 1,145 16.Jan.08
personal_life The Real Deal Here.... 1,153 21.Aug.07
myth_legend The Sandman he Cometh, and he Challenges# Two! 1,595 4.Sep.06
society_culture The Sea- Apprentice Boy 2,001 9.Nov.06
healing The Truth…. 1,494 9.Nov.06
myth_legend The Vampyre , She…. 1,187 13.Feb.07
humor The Veggie Salsa! 1,008 27.Apr.08
other The very reasons to be grateful ..... 1,222 1.Nov.06
mother_earth The Water Sprite's Dance... 1,452 21.Aug.06
humor The Witch had an Itch! 1,746 28.Apr.06
other The Witch in the Forest..... 1,702 14.May.06
society_culture There was a Crooked Man/As I was going to St. Ives 1,310 16.Nov.06
healing These Are The Facts….. 1,220 21.Feb.07
society_culture They are NOT Kings, and They are NOT Queens! 1,470 31.Jul.06
personal_life They Taught us the Wrong Way!!! 1,498 12.Feb.08
pagan_spirituality Thin Veil 1,557 2.Oct.06
humor Things Adults say....HA ha!!! 1,066 2.Apr.08
personal_life Things that URK me................!!!!! 1,106 29.Nov.07
devotional Things you didn't do 1,509 9.Nov.06
society_culture Think About Love.... 1,105 25.Nov.07
personal_life Think First!! 1,227 9.Oct.07
healing Think I know now, ... 1,558 19.Jun.06
devotional Thinking Of You! 1,329 11.Nov.06
healing This is not a poem... 59 23.Mar.14
healing This is Reality… 1,227 21.Feb.07
other Thought I heard.... 1,579 28.Apr.06
personal_life Thoughts and Philosophies... 1,249 28.Dec.07
personal_life Thoughts for on the Go..... 1,255 11.Nov.07
healing Thoughts on my friend... 1,218 27.Jul.07
healing THoughts on the V-Tech shooter and more! 1,340 18.Apr.07
myth_legend Three Jazz MIce.... 1,830 23.May.06
pagan_spirituality Three Witches Cook Something Up.... 1,384 31.Oct.06
other Throwing puppy off the cliff.........NOT OKAY!!! 1,034 4.Mar.08
personal_life To : Ralph, and Others Like Him! 1,378 26.Sep.06
devotional To a Favorite American Rocker..... 1,333 8.Oct.06
personal_life To all of the Little Ones, I've Loved Before.... 1,271 10.Sep.06
devotional To D.M...THIS IS 4 YOU!!! 612 30.Oct.09
personal_life To the A**'s I have known and then some!! 642 14.Mar.10
healing To The Parents that stole a young woman's life!!! 1,196 26.Nov.07
devotional To: All Soulful Artistic Singers.... 1,183 16.May.07
healing To: K 1,211 12.Jul.07
personal_life Toothache! 1,169 28.Jan.08
humor Tragedie Turlock's Potion.... 1,200 8.Oct.06
devotional Tree... 1,355 11.Nov.06
personal_life Twenty things about me that are true! 997 4.Aug.08
personal_life Twinges... 1,070 26.Feb.08
mother_earth Under the Full Moon.... 1,128 28.Feb.08
personal_life Unless.... 959 7.Dec.08
devotional Veterans of American Soil 1,130 8.Sep.06
personal_life Volcano Boy! 1,485 2.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Wahoa! Wahoa! 1,075 26.Jan.08
healing Walking into you again.... 1,815 28.Jun.06
healing Web Places for those Diabetic Spaces!! 1,279 3.Feb.08
healing What I "believed" to be true.... 965 17.Dec.08
healing What I didn't know........ 959 1.Apr.08
humor What Is Your New Name? 1,325 12.Dec.06
personal_life What Love is, and Feels like..and other thoughts! 1,392 9.Aug.06
mother_earth What the birds do and say on my porch! 924 10.Oct.08
devotional What Was Really Happenin' To You... 1,000 1.Oct.08
healing What's It Gonna Take? 1,287 30.Nov.07
healing What's It Really All About? 1,027 17.Mar.08
personal_life When I dream…. 1,240 21.Feb.07
personal_life When I Was Younger (Dealing with Trich') 872 19.Aug.09
personal_life WHen Men Sleep! 1,421 23.May.06
personal_life When People "Police" a Diabetic... (and then some) 1,049 11.Nov.07
humor When ya gotta go........ 1,332 9.Nov.06
personal_life When You Judge Me..... 1,266 5.Sep.06
healing When You Left.....I 1,145 8.Dec.07
healing When you left.....II 1,225 27.Jan.08
devotional When You Meet a Vet.. 1,043 17.Mar.08
devotional Where you are right now....... 1,747 26.Jan.06
healing Whereever you go.... 1,113 8.Dec.07
healing Wherever you are.. 1,500 9.Jun.06
devotional Wherever you are..... 1,336 8.Jul.07
healing Wherever You Are........ 1,701 21.Aug.06
personal_life Who I Am 1,182 31.Oct.06
healing Who R U Really? 1,097 16.May.07
personal_life Why Can't I be Your Friend?!? 472 17.Apr.10
personal_life Why I Let You Go....!! 552 31.Mar.10
humor Winnie The Pooh Poems I love, among many! 1,944 16.Nov.06
political WiShEs…… 1,134 10.May.07
liturgical_ritual WItch Stew Gathering... 1,185 26.Jan.08
devotional Without You…. 1,209 13.Feb.07
humor Word Sound Off 1,170 2.Nov.06
healing Working on Number One....!! 1,536 8.Oct.06
myth_legend Would There , Could There, Be, A Haunted House? 1,133 16.Aug.06
personal_life You and I... 457 11.Apr.10
devotional You and I.... 1,195 21.Jan.08
devotional You are my friend….. 1,187 10.Feb.07
devotional You Are My Love...... 1,520 10.Aug.06
devotional You Are My...... 1,667 9.Nov.06
personal_life You Are NOT Who You Said You Were!! 718 10.Feb.10
devotional You are the light in my life.... 1,569 27.May.06
devotional You Are There..... 1,482 25.Oct.06
humor You KNOW you make me ..... 184 27.Nov.12
devotional You R Special ya know? 1,199 8.Jan.08
healing You Seeing Your Real Life....! 1,236 19.Aug.07
devotional YOU! 1,540 9.Nov.06
devotional You're NOT All That Far Away From Me.... 1,311 11.Nov.07
humor You're not all that you're cracked up to be! 1,250 8.Oct.06
personal_life You've Left... 965 1.Oct.08
devotional You've Reached My Heart... 1,172 25.Jul.08

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