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A bursting heart

Dedication Spell

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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,276,805  

SilverAngelFire's Poetry Postings to date....

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Category Title... Views Posted
personal_life 82 lbs 1,214 17.Aug.06
other A Dreamer Am I 36 17.Dec.15
healing A Healing 264 20.Jul.14
healing A Healing II 40 24.Sep.15
personal_life A Love That Never Ends 1,179 3.Oct.07
healing A Moments Peace 1,149 27.Jun.06
personal_life A Promise I Will Keep 1,216 21.May.06
personal_life A Single Red Rose 1,375 8.Jun.06
other A Tale of Twin Hearts 802 23.Jan.11
personal_life Adapting: Mind, Body & Soul 826 14.Aug.11
personal_life After All This Time 1,051 14.Feb.10
personal_life Again and Again and Again 705 27.Aug.11
healing All or Nothing 1,115 23.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality Amber Essence 1,048 1.Sep.07
personal_life And The Meaning Is... 964 21.Nov.07
pagan_spirituality Angel Wings 1,219 18.May.06
personal_life Another Year 1,206 12.Aug.07
other Anubis Warrior 1,014 10.Aug.07
personal_life Are You There? 317 5.May.14
other As Deeply as the Sun 15 2.Feb.16
other As My Soul Reaches 648 25.Sep.11
personal_life Ascension 1,002 4.Apr.10
personal_life At Least I'm Me 1,110 13.Jun.06
other Atop a Mountain 57 28.Nov.15
healing Avec Beaucoup Amour Paris 35 15.Nov.15
pagan_spirituality Awakening 1,170 29.Mar.07
healing Back To Business 1,020 18.Aug.07
other Balance 36 3.Jan.16
other Bard and the Butterfly 30 22.Dec.15
devotional Basu 288 20.Jul.14
healing Battle Cry 1,154 19.Dec.06
personal_life Be Careful What You Wish For 1,072 9.Nov.07
personal_life Beauty of a Man 1,300 17.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality Believe 1,202 1.Jan.07
devotional Beyond Ley Lines 1,043 16.Aug.07
personal_life Biting My Tongue 1,308 11.Oct.06
personal_life Blessed 1,058 9.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality Blessings of Light 1,143 21.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality Blessings to Auset 1,091 6.Aug.06
personal_life Blissfully Overshadowed by the Pretty People 1,160 29.Jul.07
other Blue Skies 68 26.Sep.15
personal_life Boundaries 959 18.Apr.10
personal_life Breathe 784 9.Feb.11
personal_life Breathe Into Me 61 19.Oct.15
healing Bring It Home 1,028 4.Nov.07
other Bulletproof 13 30.Jan.16
personal_life Butterflies 1,133 19.Apr.08
healing C'in the Light 1,218 5.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Calling Out to the Sky 1,058 21.May.06
other Can Ne'er Look Away 37 24.Nov.15
personal_life Can See You Coming From a Mile Away 410 17.May.14
other Casting Shadows 847 6.Sep.09
other Catfish and Cherry Blossoms 109 24.Jul.15
personal_life Changes 1,077 14.Aug.07
other Chasm in Motion 35 10.Dec.15
other Circle Pure 146 23.Aug.15
personal_life Circumstance 759 20.Mar.10
healing Cloudless Thunder 1,263 2.Oct.06
personal_life Come Monday 1,347 8.Jul.06
personal_life Compassion vs. Commodity 716 13.Feb.11
other Coqui, Coqui 57 13.Sep.15
personal_life Crossed Wires 1,066 10.Sep.07
pagan_spirituality Crying Out Loud 1,055 18.May.08
healing Crystal Flame 1,092 12.Dec.06
personal_life Dear MF 34 6.Jan.16
healing Deep Breaths 271 14.Jul.14
other Deja vu 137 22.Jul.15
personal_life Divinity 1,305 4.Jun.06
other Does Bear the Key 34 6.Dec.15
pagan_spirituality Dominion of the Goddess 1,220 8.Jun.06
myth_legend Dragonfire 939 28.Mar.10
personal_life Dream a Little Dream 1,124 8.May.07
other Dream to Nightmare 32 18.Dec.15
personal_life Dreamscape 1,219 16.Jan.07
mother_earth Earthly Intentions 1,177 9.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Ebb and Flow 1,194 4.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Empower Life 1,097 15.Jun.06
other Energy Shift 71 16.Sep.15
healing Eternity 137 25.Apr.15
personal_life Falling 1,234 25.Jun.06
other Fear 151 25.Jul.15
pagan_spirituality Flinch 584 2.Sep.11
pagan_spirituality For a Moment 1,381 5.Jun.06
society_culture For All We Preach 91 2.Sep.15
society_culture For the Sake of All That’s Good 96 1.Aug.15
personal_life For What It's Worth 953 26.Apr.08
pagan_spirituality Found 1,021 17.Apr.07
other Fountains Flow Eternal 603 27.Sep.11
other Freedom In 58 30.Nov.15
personal_life Fret Not Little One 990 27.Oct.07
personal_life Friends (A Truce) 1,387 16.Dec.06
healing From Shadow to Sun 1,084 26.Aug.07
personal_life Gently How the Sun Does Shine 950 26.Apr.09
other Get Over It 1,248 18.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Goddess Moon 1,155 27.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality Goddess Mother 1,145 8.May.06
pagan_spirituality Goddess of Eternal Name 1,131 2.Jun.06
myth_legend Golden as the Day 238 15.Oct.15
other Growing Tenfold 36 18.Jan.16
other Have You Ever... 575 13.Sep.11
personal_life He Says... 1,036 21.May.06
pagan_spirituality Heart and Soul 1,072 16.Nov.07
personal_life Heartbreak 1,026 29.Jun.08
personal_life Heavens Gift 1,142 18.Oct.06
personal_life Hidden Treasures 101 29.Aug.15
personal_life Hold The Presses 1,098 11.Nov.07
personal_life Holding to Forever 1,067 25.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality Home 991 27.May.07
devotional House 6 354 28.Jun.14
pagan_spirituality House of the Rising Sun 1,145 6.Sep.07
personal_life How Could I Forget 740 25.Aug.11
humor How I Tried 1,035 7.Oct.07
personal_life I Am the God 583 21.Jan.13
personal_life I am the Goddess 471 23.Apr.13
other I Closed My Eyes 28 21.Nov.15
personal_life I Make No Apologies 66 10.Nov.15
personal_life If I Were Gone Tomorrow 826 2.Mar.11
personal_life Imaginary Friends 295 6.Jul.14
personal_life In Daily Prayer 1,229 17.Sep.06
healing In the Mist 1,295 20.May.06
personal_life In The Night 1,113 2.Jul.06
healing Indigo Sky 1,109 6.Jun.06
healing Infinite Journey 106 20.Jun.15
other Inner Self 65 24.Sep.15
personal_life Inquire Within 1,126 28.May.06
personal_life Inside Looking Out 738 13.Mar.11
personal_life Inspire Me 909 13.Mar.10
pagan_spirituality Into the Never 943 6.Jul.08
other Isabelle, The Worst Witch Part I 45 28.Sep.15
personal_life It Should Never Be That Hard 689 31.Aug.11
personal_life It's In The Eyes 1,007 6.May.08
other Je Suis Lŕ 76 7.Sep.15
other Judgement and Imperfection 86 7.Aug.15
other Lady of the Willows 25 18.Nov.15
other Lessons Unlearned 947 21.Feb.10
personal_life Let The Rain Fall 1,068 30.Mar.08
healing Letting Go 287 18.Jul.14
other Life and Death 19 7.Jan.16
healing Life Interrupted 1,258 12.Jun.07
personal_life Life, Love & Loyalty 544 19.Nov.12
personal_life Lifeline 971 7.Oct.07
personal_life Lifeline - Fate Has Its Say After All 1,019 10.Oct.07
healing Lifeline - Take Hold Of The Flame 959 11.Oct.07
pagan_spirituality Light Within The Dark 1,039 6.May.07
other Like It Was Yesterday 15 27.Jan.16
myth_legend Listen 41 26.Nov.15
other Logic and Belief 36 1.Jan.16
personal_life London 860 1,067 15.Aug.07
other Losing Track of Time 72 6.Nov.15
other Love Remains 41 8.Jan.16
personal_life Loving Touch 1,194 14.May.06
other Magical Mystery 10 5.Feb.16
personal_life Malibu Barbie 1,168 27.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality Midnight Calling 1,119 24.May.06
personal_life Midnight Serenade 997 23.Apr.09
personal_life Mitters and ... 1,002 11.May.08
personal_life Moments in the Sun 1,234 12.Jun.06
healing Most Likely to Listen 1,265 29.Jul.06
personal_life My Angel, My World 1,266 28.Jul.06
devotional My Lucky Day 28 17.Nov.15
personal_life My Muse 600 9.Sep.11
healing My Soul Received 306 28.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality NEVER! 1,353 17.May.06
personal_life No Means No 1,084 1.Jan.07
personal_life No More Tears to Cry 843 5.May.10
healing Not Ours To Take 992 27.Nov.07
personal_life Nothing I Wouldn't Give 748 9.Mar.11
personal_life One Day 1,045 5.Nov.06
personal_life One Day I'll Try Again 1,196 2.Jul.06
personal_life One Picture Speak a Thousand Words 80 12.Sep.15
personal_life One Would Think 1,173 18.Jan.07
healing Our World of Angels 1,061 11.Sep.07
society_culture Our World of Angels: Post 9/11 69 11.Sep.15
pagan_spirituality Parallel Universe 973 20.Aug.07
other Perception 37 4.Dec.15
personal_life Perfect Magick Made 708 14.Feb.11
other Pie Chart 575 4.Oct.11
other Pink Confetti 43 20.Oct.15
personal_life Please Leave A Message 960 5.Apr.08
other Predator 993 23.Nov.07
personal_life Prism 928 12.Mar.08
other Quotes from My Coffee Companion 75 30.Dec.15
personal_life Rantings of an Insane Person 875 1.Apr.08
other Reaching Out 83 6.Sep.15
personal_life Ready, Set, Go... 51 1.Oct.15
other Reliving a Dream 12 28.Jan.16
personal_life Rendezvous 1,278 3.Jun.07
other Respect 21 15.Jan.16
pagan_spirituality Resurrection 1,059 25.Nov.07
personal_life Revelations 1,034 28.Jul.07
healing Rhythmic Healing 1,221 5.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality Rising Tides 1,106 2.Jun.06
personal_life River's Edge 172 16.Oct.15
other Rules To Live By 97 28.Jul.15
pagan_spirituality Rushing Winds 1,070 14.May.06
pagan_spirituality Samhains Here 1,016 31.Oct.07
pagan_spirituality Sands of Time 1,054 8.Aug.06
personal_life Sapphire Sky 981 26.Mar.08
personal_life Serenity 973 15.Jun.08
other Shared Magic 34 28.Dec.15
other SHAZAM 15 19.Jan.16
humor Shut Up, Shuttin Up! 1,268 11.May.08
personal_life Silent Burden 1,267 10.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Silent Echo 1,141 6.Aug.06
other Sirius Rising 84 9.Aug.15
personal_life Sister, Sister 1,029 4.Aug.07
healing Slowly Now 51 30.Oct.15
healing Smile 992 23.Apr.08
other Smoke Signals 58 21.Sep.15
other Sokar House 1 – Emerge the Duat 39 15.Nov.15
personal_life Some Say 324 29.Jun.14
personal_life Someone To Watch Over... 1,002 18.Jan.09
healing Something's Not Right 1,150 10.Oct.06
personal_life Sometimes I Forget 754 4.Apr.10
humor Somewhat Famous 928 30.Mar.08
other Song of the Bluebird 719 4.Sep.11
pagan_spirituality Soul Embrace 1,008 6.May.07
healing Spirit Breeze 1,175 16.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality Spirit Dance 1,148 1.Oct.06
personal_life Star & Sky 1,352 27.Oct.06
other Stickers 55 29.Sep.15
other Still the Mind 34 12.Dec.15
personal_life Strength 871 1.Nov.07
personal_life Sweet Dreams 1,069 5.Aug.07
devotional Sweet Persuasion 1,189 6.Jun.06
other Sweet Thrush 13 23.Jan.16
personal_life Symphony 1,256 23.Apr.07
other Synchronicity 110 31.Jul.15
pagan_spirituality Tainted Gypsy 1,439 27.Aug.06
devotional Tempered Dreams 1,279 3.Oct.06
other That Which is Hidden 317 12.Jul.14
personal_life The 23rd 1,268 1.Oct.06
healing The Angels Sing 1,275 25.Oct.06
other The Devil is Dead 599 11.Sep.11
pagan_spirituality The Eyes of the Nile 53 30.Sep.15
other The Gift of Complacency 77 31.Aug.15
pagan_spirituality The Goddess 1,208 4.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality The Guardian Awakened 1,342 6.Oct.06
personal_life The Heart 42 14.Jan.16
healing The Heart to Heal 1,011 2.Jun.06
personal_life The Kiss 722 19.Aug.11
personal_life The Raven Calling 1,117 29.Oct.07
personal_life The Sad Truth 1,036 31.Jul.07
other The Thin Line 37 13.Nov.15
other The Voice Within 34 10.Jan.16
personal_life Time to Go 363 15.Jun.14
healing To Rest is Divine 46 23.Sep.15
devotional Together We Hold the Key 1,086 27.May.06
personal_life Too Late 1,368 12.Nov.06
personal_life Torn 1,217 23.Jul.06
healing Tracing Yesterday 1,192 12.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality True Hearts 962 23.Nov.07
personal_life Truth 1,178 18.Dec.06
personal_life Twelve Years, One Week, Five Days, Eight Hours 884 2.Sep.07
personal_life UGH! 1,135 19.Jan.07
other Universal Code 45 12.Jan.16
personal_life Unrelenting 1,069 1.Aug.07
personal_life Valhalla 939 23.Apr.10
other Vision... 700 28.Aug.11
personal_life Wandering Eagle 953 11.Aug.07
personal_life Watch the World Go By 987 14.Oct.06
other What...Wait 37 28.Oct.15
personal_life When It's Real 1,232 20.Jun.06
personal_life Where Are You Christmas 1,252 23.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality Where the Shadows Fall 1,179 24.May.06
other Where There's A Will 622 23.Aug.11
personal_life Where You Are 1,069 15.Sep.07
personal_life Who's To Say 862 27.Apr.08
personal_life Why? 1,285 12.Oct.06
personal_life Wild Horses 1,023 9.Sep.07
other Wildflowers 806 1.Aug.10
healing Wings Of Change 1,050 20.Oct.07
pagan_spirituality Wings of Isis 1,146 18.Oct.06
personal_life Wish It All Away 816 14.Jun.09
personal_life Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 581 9.Sep.11
humor Woo Hoo!!! 1,554 29.May.06
personal_life Yours Alone 62 31.Oct.15
other Yuletide Blessings 34 24.Dec.15
pagan_spirituality Zen & Now 1,067 18.May.06

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