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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,368,341  

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pagan_spirituality "Guidance From The Cosmos!* 1,029 16.Sep.07
healing "Pride, Can be Stifling" 1,210 18.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality **Retrieving The Lightness Once More** 1,164 15.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality *A Banquet Of Life's Blessings* 1,359 29.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality *A Cosmic Dance* 1,049 17.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *A Maiden, A Knight And A Knave* 1,178 9.Jan.07
myth_legend *A Mermaid's Call 1,103 4.Sep.07
devotional *A Poem for the Amish School Children* 1,400 4.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *A Rip Tide* 1,064 17.Jul.08
pagan_spirituality *A Season, A Reason, Or A Lifetime?* 1,375 17.Sep.06
healing *A Seduction Of Words* 998 25.Jul.08
pagan_spirituality *A Splash of Healing Waves* 1,322 18.Jan.07
mother_earth *A Super Full Moon In Capricorn* 977 8.Jul.09
pagan_spirituality *A Tribute To Dana Reeve* ( one year anniversary) 1,176 12.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *Abysmal Fog* 1,001 11.Sep.08
pagan_spirituality *Abyss Of Loneliness* 1,046 12.Jun.09
pagan_spirituality *Achieving Your Heart's Desires* 1,136 3.Sep.06
mother_earth *Allowing Nature's Song To Touch Your Soul* 1,359 17.Mar.07
devotional *Amanda, You Were Our Rose* 1,201 10.Oct.06
devotional *An Angelic Prayer For All* 1,314 7.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality *Ancient Voices* 1,136 31.May.07
mother_earth *Are You Like a Sea Gull?* 1,338 10.Jan.07
healing *Asking The Universe for A Miracle* 1,355 29.Mar.07
devotional *Baby Giovanni, You Are Heaven Sent 1,228 3.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Balance* 1,482 5.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality *Basking, Once More, In Your Light* 1,227 3.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *Be Not Blinded By Pride* 1,330 19.Jan.07
society_culture *Beacons of Light* 1,388 27.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality *Before you Lose Your Fire* 1,124 4.Jun.07
mother_earth *Beneath This Brilliant Full Moon* 1,296 1.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Breaking Out of This Shell* (Encapsulation) 993 25.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Breathing Life Back Into Life* 1,315 14.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *Breatless And Restless* 1,072 27.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Buried Love, Hindered Heart* 1,147 31.May.07
mother_earth *Bursts Of Crimson Color* 1,136 1.May.07
healing *Can I Kiss Your Healing Lips* 1,095 20.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *Capturing The Perfect Goddess* 1,183 22.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Change* 1,072 6.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Changes* 1,367 20.Nov.06
personal_life *Choosing The Right Path* 1,311 23.Oct.06
mother_earth *Clarity Arrived Today !* 1,171 30.Apr.07
healing *Cleansing Tears Of Pain* 1,316 17.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality *Closed Eyes See The Beauty* 1,046 15.Dec.07
pagan_spirituality *Cloudy Visions* 1,047 17.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Color Me With Your Sweet Music* 1,317 19.Jun.07
personal_life *Come, Tend My Garden* 1,185 11.Jul.07
society_culture *Coming Home* 1,115 22.Nov.07
mother_earth *Conserve and Preserve* 1,298 31.Aug.06
healing *Continual Enlightenment* 1,397 12.Nov.06
myth_legend *Courtly Love Of Long Ago* 1,419 31.Dec.06
mother_earth *Craving The Sun's Warm Embrace* 1,403 12.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality *Crystal Energy* 1,307 9.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Dance Of Life* 1,084 24.Jan.07
mother_earth *Dancing Under a Moonlit Night* 1,043 22.Jan.08
pagan_spirituality *Darkness Amongst Angels* 1,085 4.Dec.08
pagan_spirituality *Daylight Savings Time, Grateful Abundance* 1,080 10.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *Dearest Sweetheart* 1,040 6.Feb.08
pagan_spirituality *Death Has Spoken To Me!* 1,469 2.Aug.06
healing *Deception's Disguise* 1,095 14.Jul.07
devotional *Deeper Than Purple Rain* 1,154 8.Feb.07
healing *Disconnection of A Soul Mate* 1,138 16.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Do Not Evoke The Goddess on This Full Lit Moon* 1,388 30.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *Dwellers, All Are We* 1,114 20.Apr.07
mother_earth *Earthen Discoveries* 1,025 11.Jul.07
mother_earth *Ebbing and Flowing* 1,198 25.Sep.06
healing *Enlightenment Came, As I Listened To My Soul* 998 13.Jul.07
mother_earth *Enraptured by the Moon's Darkness" 1,116 25.Aug.07
other *Erotic Voyage* 1,064 15.Aug.07
myth_legend *Euterpe you-TER-pee* 1,182 11.May.07
devotional *Fallen Souls Take Flight* (Dedication to VATech) 1,141 24.Apr.07
healing *Fear Can Be The Catalyst, If You Let It!* 1,382 3.Aug.06
mother_earth *Fiesty Full Moon In Leo* 1,237 2.Feb.07
healing *Fleeting Footsteps* 1,180 3.May.07
healing *Floating In The Sea Of Depression* 1,100 20.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Flowing Waves of Azure Sky* 1,391 10.Sep.06
devotional *Fly Free and Wild As Can Be* 1,356 21.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *Footprints Are A Step In Time* 1,414 17.Sep.06
personal_life *Free Will Reunion* 958 15.Jul.08
personal_life *French Vanilla Coffee* 1,168 30.Jul.07
personal_life *From Puberty To Menopause* 1,361 30.Nov.06
mother_earth *Full Moon Encompassing* 1,060 29.Jul.07
mother_earth *Gemini Full Moon, So Bright* 1,402 5.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality *Goddess Light Shine In You* 1,431 24.Oct.06
healing *Happy Birthday, Baby Boy* 1,376 4.Aug.06
personal_life *Happy Full Moon Birthday, Alyse!* 1,111 28.Jun.07
mother_earth *Harvest Time Is Bountiful!* 1,289 11.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *He Had A Dream* 1,550 16.Jan.06
devotional *He Had A Dream* (Repost) 1,441 21.Jan.08
mother_earth *Healed Reign* 1,052 18.Jul.07
society_culture *History Is Being Made Today* 975 20.Jan.09
healing *Honesty and Flying Free* 1,330 29.Nov.06
healing *How Dare You Go Away* 1,148 15.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality *How Does It Feel To Be Desired?* 1,019 2.Aug.07
mother_earth *Hunter's Moon* 1,087 15.Oct.08
pagan_spirituality *I Have A Voice, I Am Speaking My Truth* 1,034 1.Mar.09
pagan_spirituality *I Love and Believe In You* 1,227 10.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *I See You Clearly* 1,000 20.Jul.07
society_culture *I Weep* 1,110 14.Nov.08
pagan_spirituality *Icy Release, Heated Bliss* 975 2.Feb.08
devotional *Illumination of The Angels Calling* 1,516 5.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *In This Heart, Beats A Steady Drum* 1,112 21.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Inner Beauty and Radiance* 1,112 2.Oct.06
healing *Iridescent Love* 1,064 30.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *Is There Love Without Lust?* 1,147 6.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *It's Now Or Never* 1,356 10.May.06
pagan_spirituality *July Seventh, Two Thousand Seven* 1,015 7.Jul.07
humor *Just A Few Phrases To Make You Think !* 1,311 26.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Just Believe That You WILL !* 1,147 14.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *Just Live!* 952 13.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *Kindred Spirits* 1,219 29.Mar.07
healing *Leaving This Fantasy of You and Me* 1,397 9.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *Let Me Be Stable and Renewed* 1,203 19.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *Let The Sparks of Love start to Fly* 1,123 14.Feb.07
mother_earth *Let The Sun's Warmth Bring You Peace* 1,401 25.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *Let There Be Warmth, Not Coldness* 1,199 8.Mar.07
healing *Let Your Words Tell Your Truth* 1,475 19.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *Life Is Full Of Abundance* 1,284 28.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *Life's Highway, Up or Down?* 1,144 20.May.07
personal_life *Life's Transformations* 1,292 1.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *Living In The Moment* 1,083 1.Sep.08
pagan_spirituality *Living with The Flow of Fate* 1,439 6.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *Loneliness Is Solitude* 1,303 6.Sep.06
healing *Loneliness* 1,311 19.Sep.06
personal_life *Longing To Be Near You, This Moment* 1,309 14.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Lost In Your Mind Without A Trace* 1,197 31.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *Love and Lust On This Full Moon* 1,071 30.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Love Never Dies* 1,238 12.Dec.08
pagan_spirituality *Love On The Beach* 1,071 19.Jul.08
mother_earth *Majenta, Pink Clouds* 1,318 16.Dec.06
mother_earth *Manifestation Of Desires and Dreams* 1,310 21.Dec.06
healing *Medicine Woman* 989 6.Jul.07
healing *Meet Me Under The Willow Tree* 1,129 29.Jun.07
humor *MEN* 1,727 20.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality *Mercury and Neptune's Alignment* 1,178 7.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Midnight Blue* 970 24.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Midnight Calling* 1,012 31.Aug.09
pagan_spirituality *Mighty Warrior, Strong and Tall* 1,506 25.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *Milky Way Dreams* 1,025 17.Oct.08
pagan_spirituality *Molten Lava Heat* 1,085 24.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Moon Goddess Opens Doors* 1,199 2.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Moonlight of Brilliant Colors* 1,348 15.Apr.07
mother_earth *Moonlit Offerings* 1,080 1.Jan.09
mother_earth *Mother Earth's Restoration* 1,046 23.Nov.08
mother_earth *Mother's Day* an ancient custom 1,096 12.May.07
healing *Moving On* 1,115 23.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *My Heart Was Held Hostage* 998 21.Jul.09
pagan_spirituality *Mystical Knight* 1,147 1.Jun.07
devotional *Mystical Mermaid* 1,221 10.Jan.07
mother_earth *Nature's Transformation of Body and Soul* 1,071 24.Jan.08
pagan_spirituality *Negativity turns to Positivity* 1,324 13.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *Never Squander Inner Words!* 1,043 27.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *No Other Love* 1,638 13.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *No Turning Back* 1,014 23.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *On this Myst Filled Night* 1,372 13.Apr.07
healing *Open The Door To Tranquility and Hope!" 1,025 18.Jun.07
healing *Our Power Centers* 1,348 26.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *Passion Awaits* 1,135 16.Sep.07
healing *Patience, Some Things Are Worth Waiting For* 1,073 5.Jun.07
myth_legend *Persephone, Goddess Of Spring and the Underworld* 1,057 15.Jun.09
pagan_spirituality *Planting The Seeds of Freedom and Growth* 1,492 26.Sep.06
healing *Pray for Peace In Our World* 1,223 1.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Purple Waves Of Majesty* 894 29.Oct.08
pagan_spirituality *Rain Drops* 1,039 16.Mar.09
healing *Raindrops Had To Fall* 2,873 4.May.07
personal_life *Recurring Dream, or A Memory?* 1,263 16.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Rejection Turns To Obsession* 1,238 19.Sep.06
healing *Release, Let Go, Live!* 1,338 21.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *Replanting The Roots Of Freedom* 1,281 15.Sep.06
mother_earth *Ring Of Fire (Sequel to Something) * 1,178 11.Jul.07
personal_life *Scrambled Eggs and Banana French Toast* 1,248 13.May.07
healing *Seeking Inner Peace* 1,117 3.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Sensuality* 1,009 3.Feb.08
mother_earth *Shades Of Change* 1,021 22.Oct.08
healing *Since You Left Me* 1,075 12.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Sinking and Floating* 1,236 29.Nov.06
myth_legend *Sirona, Allow Your Healing Drops to Reign* 1,198 12.May.07
mother_earth *SnowFall In New England* 1,174 23.Feb.07
personal_life *Something* 1,125 9.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Soul Sisters Unite For the Power of Lightness* 1,320 14.Oct.06
healing *Soul's Release* 1,098 11.Oct.07
pagan_spirituality *Soul's Salvation* 1,110 21.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Starry-Eyed and Moonlit Glow* 896 8.Mar.09
healing *State Of Mind* 1,401 14.Jan.07
pagan_spirituality *Steroid Man* 1,392 10.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *Stop Pretending* 1,400 5.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *Tears from Heaven* 1,351 29.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *Temptress* 1,180 18.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Tender Is The Night* 1,171 4.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Tenderly The Universe Answers Your Plea* 936 18.Apr.09
healing *Testing The Waters* 1,075 16.May.07
personal_life *That Fatal Division of Father and Child* 1,202 14.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality *The Anticipation Of No School Day!* 1,197 17.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *The Balance of Emotions* 1,116 10.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *The Boy's Green-Eyed Beauty* 1,986 2.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality *The Crack In The Earth* 980 19.Nov.08
pagan_spirituality *The Crocodile Man Lives On* 1,233 7.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *The Day Is As It Should Remain* 1,102 7.Jun.07
myth_legend *The Egyptian Mother Goddess* 1,176 5.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *The Empowerment of Kindness* 1,173 23.Jan.07
myth_legend *The Essence of Cosmic Intuition* 1,086 30.May.07
healing *The Feeling Of Reality* 1,221 6.Sep.06
personal_life *The Final Curtain* 1,046 28.Feb.07
personal_life *The Fringed Jacket, the Car, and The Hippie Girl* 1,312 3.Oct.06
mother_earth *The Harvest Full Moon* 1,345 9.Oct.06
mother_earth *The Hawk* 1,172 6.May.07
mother_earth *The Intensity of The Moon' s Power 1,093 28.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *The Jubilation Of Another Day* 1,064 25.Dec.08
mother_earth *The Long Night Full Moon" 979 26.Dec.07
mother_earth *The Morning Dew* 933 27.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *The Mother/Father Inner Struggle For Peace* 1,200 4.Oct.06
mother_earth *The New Moon In Virgo, Eclipse* 1,458 22.Sep.06
healing *The Ocean Is My Serenity* 1,364 12.Nov.06
healing *The Pain Is Gone, Happiness Remains* 1,189 13.Sep.06
healing *The Peace Train* 1,263 9.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *The Pedestal Of Unrealistic Expectations* 1,558 23.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality *The Rhythm Of Nature* 1,247 20.Jun.07
mother_earth *The Shore, The Shells, and The Sunset* 1,316 21.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality *The Silence Ended* (Sequel to The Silence) 1,061 18.Dec.08
pagan_spirituality *The Silence* 1,131 17.Dec.08
healing *The Stillness Of The Night* 969 25.Jul.07
mother_earth *The Sun, An Amazing Energy God* 1,258 18.Sep.06
pagan_spirituality *The Twig Of Life* 1,033 2.Mar.09
pagan_spirituality *The Universe Does Not Judge You* 1,191 10.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *There Is Always A Solution Awaiting You!* 1,113 22.May.07
pagan_spirituality *These Fortress Walls* 1,323 28.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality *This Frozen Heart Shall Melt* 1,264 21.Jan.07
healing *This Road of Light and Healing* 1,443 17.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *This Sea Of Glass* 1,457 31.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality *Thoughts Adrift* 1,229 23.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Thoughts Of Magical Wonder* 1,128 17.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Timeless Wonders* 1,069 6.May.07
pagan_spirituality *To Become Peaceful Once More* 1,188 6.Sep.06
devotional *To Know You, Is To Love You* (Boo) 1,217 25.Apr.07
healing *To Love, Is To Live* 1,262 31.Aug.06
healing *To Love, To Forgive, and To Forget* 1,284 22.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *To My Soul Sister* 1,279 16.Nov.06
devotional *To The Families of 9/11 Victims* 1,204 11.Sep.06
healing *True Test Of Character* 1,047 1.Jun.07
humor *Twas The Night Before Christmas* 1,338 24.Dec.06
mother_earth *Twelve Robins In a Tree !* 1,117 11.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality *Twilight Into Dawn* 1,047 11.Nov.08
society_culture *Twilight* 1,057 14.Oct.07
pagan_spirituality *Twin Moons Shining Down Tonight* 1,048 28.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality *Twin Mountain Peaks* 1,059 24.Jun.07
humor *Two Crazy Girls In Wonderland!* 1,269 29.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Unfulfilled Dreams* 1,317 24.Sep.06
society_culture *United Energy Drops* 1,179 25.Jan.07
mother_earth *Universal Wisdom* 1,064 13.Jul.08
pagan_spirituality *Urging Wisdom Out Of the Dark* 1,188 3.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Veils Of Blackened Nightfall* 1,279 11.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *Vibrational Energy* 1,150 29.Jun.07
mother_earth *Visions Of Snowballs In My Head* 1,226 23.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality *Walking Along Life's Thoroughfare* 1,186 15.Oct.06
pagan_spirituality *Walking Into My Life, Once More* 1,158 6.Jun.07
devotional *Walking Toward Your Love* 1,406 29.Oct.06
society_culture *Watching From Ivory Towers* 1,006 13.Aug.07
mother_earth *Water Is The Source For All Life* 1,005 27.Mar.09
pagan_spirituality *Weaving Endless Strands* 1,052 12.Apr.07
pagan_spirituality *When I Speak With You* 1,106 27.Jun.07
pagan_spirituality *Where There Is Love* 1,139 24.Jul.07
pagan_spirituality *Why Did You Have To Go?* 1,246 9.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *Wild Fire* 1,022 26.Oct.08
pagan_spirituality *Wisdom* 1,318 6.Jan.07
healing *Within The Confines OF The Mind* 971 17.May.07
pagan_spirituality *Words!* 1,233 8.May.07
devotional *YODA* 1,193 24.Apr.07
personal_life *You Are A Miracle* 1,287 21.Apr.07
healing *You Are Almost There!* 1,321 22.Jun.07
personal_life *You Are Delusional, I Do Not Love You any Longer! 1,384 3.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality *You Are Leaving Me !* 1,225 11.May.07
pagan_spirituality *You Touch My Soul, Heart, Mind and Life* 1,262 9.Mar.07
mother_earth *Your Spirit Is Beautiful* 1,277 20.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality *Your Words Cut Like A Razor* 1,216 2.Aug.06
personal_life 13th Anniversary of my 39th Birthday 1,825 7.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality A Beautiful Soul, A Brilliant Light 1,362 14.Jun.06
healing A Child's Untimely Death 1,629 16.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality A Crisp Winter Morning 1,271 5.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality A Cure for My Desire 2,209 14.Aug.05
personal_life A Fine Line Between Love and Hate 1,448 21.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality A Fire That Has Extinquished 1,508 27.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality A Journey to Heal the Mind and Soul 1,396 24.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality A Lady Without Reservation 1,247 27.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality A Lesson of Learning to Love Again 1,628 9.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality A Majestic Valentine's Day Full Moon 1,359 14.Feb.06
healing A Mother's Unconditional Love 2,638 2.May.06
healing A New Day 1,383 27.May.06
healing A Simple Word, A Phrase, Just Speak Your Truth 1,547 5.Aug.06
society_culture A Tribute to Dana Reeve 1,328 8.Mar.06
devotional A Tribute to Mr. Toler a victim of the Sago Mine 1,500 13.Jan.06
healing A Tribute To My Higher Power 2,277 11.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality A Vampire of Pure Light 2,237 11.Aug.05
devotional A Wedding Poem of Love 2,896 28.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality Acknowledged Feelings of Love 1,326 4.Jan.06
personal_life All These Years Later 1,369 25.Jun.06
personal_life Amber 1,790 25.Jun.05
devotional Amber's Dad 1,342 21.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality An Oasis for the Soul 1,669 23.Sep.05
mother_earth Ancient Voices Of The Wind 871 8.May.10
pagan_spirituality Angel Wings Of Light 1,320 10.Dec.05
personal_life Angry and Disillusioned 1,452 27.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Another Falling Star For Me 1,825 9.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Anticipation 1,021 26.Sep.08
pagan_spirituality Are You A Wandering Soul? 1,621 25.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Are You Really A Wiccan? 1,182 5.May.07
healing Arms Of Healing 1,505 15.Jan.06
society_culture Article about the Blue Moon Rising 1,259 30.May.07
pagan_spirituality Balancing Independence with Intimacy 1,555 13.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality Banishment is What you Deserve 1,569 11.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Be Not Afraid 1,631 5.Feb.06
healing Be Not Blinded By Shadows of Doubt 1,648 27.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Be That Star Flame 1,474 28.Nov.05
mother_earth Beautiful Auburn Cardinal 1,404 10.Apr.06
healing Being Angry versus Being Upset 1,546 18.Mar.06
healing Being Illuminated 1,295 6.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality Beware of the Darkness 1,612 14.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Blessed Be, A New Life! 1,690 29.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Blood's Passion For Love 1,408 3.Jan.06
healing Breath of Life 1,532 10.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Brilliance of Evolvement 1,318 11.Jan.06
mother_earth By The Light Of The Harvest Moon 1,088 22.Sep.08
pagan_spirituality Can You Hear What I Hear? 1,654 27.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Caring Is Sharing 1,429 26.Nov.05
healing Change Is Necessary 1,285 8.May.06
pagan_spirituality Choices 2,114 16.Jul.05
personal_life Christmas Memories 1,731 23.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Come On Now, Just Do It! 1,353 1.Dec.05
personal_life Compromise 1,224 22.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality Cosmic Chemistry 1,067 6.Jul.08
pagan_spirituality Cry Out To The Universe 1,150 20.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Decisions 1,324 10.Dec.05
healing Deja Vu 2,083 22.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Delicious Treasures 1,194 9.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Disconnections 1,359 17.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Don't Quit ! 1,412 15.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Dream Lover 960 29.Aug.07
pagan_spirituality During Those Retirement Years 1,394 23.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Empowering The Choice of Lightness 1,209 1.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Eternal Magic 1,031 30.Mar.10
pagan_spirituality Ever Burning Embers 1,510 4.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Faded Memory 2,107 24.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Fall into My Arms 1,654 3.Oct.05
personal_life Falling, Falling, I Don't Want to Get Up 1,309 6.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Fantom Lover of This Night 2,143 14.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Fear is part of Growth 1,334 12.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Fear of Desire 1,407 8.Dec.05
healing Feel the Pain 1,345 10.Mar.06
healing Feel the Pain and Heal Thyself 2,115 9.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Fire and Rain 912 24.Mar.10
mother_earth Fire Is Desire In a Flame 1,325 5.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality First Full Moon Of The New Year! 1,442 14.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Floating Clouds 2,109 11.Jul.05
devotional Fly On The Messenger's Wings 1,611 8.Dec.05
healing Forever Bonded In Spiritual Lightness 1,504 3.Dec.05
healing Forgiven 2,112 16.Jul.05
personal_life Forgiveness Makes Me Smile 1,299 27.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Free From the Heartbreak Kid 1,487 14.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Free To Express And Posess 1,507 2.Dec.05
personal_life Friendship Is Patience, Compassion and Caring 1,148 14.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality From Darkness to Enlightenment 2,064 5.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality From Now Until Eternity 1,065 11.Oct.08
pagan_spirituality Full Circle of Passion 1,314 2.Nov.05
mother_earth Full Moon In Aries, Hunter's Full Moon 617 12.Oct.11
mother_earth Golden Moonlight Fascination 917 19.Aug.08
pagan_spirituality Green Eyes 1,301 23.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Happy New Year, Mother Earth 1,398 29.Dec.05
mother_earth Harvest Moon's Majik 2,264 18.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Haunted Lover, Let me Be 2,070 11.Aug.05
healing Have You Ever Believed That You Can Fly? 1,288 29.May.06
pagan_spirituality Him 1,611 7.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Honesty (A true test of Integrity) 2,130 25.Jun.05
personal_life How Can That Be? 1,067 19.May.07
healing How Dare You Speak To Me Like That 1,365 7.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality How Many Faces Do You Have 1,898 15.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality I Am Free To Be Me 1,497 4.Dec.05
healing I Am Important, Yes I Am! 1,371 26.Jan.06
personal_life I am In a Slump, I Want To Jump! 1,383 27.Jun.06
personal_life I Crave You 1,148 13.May.06
pagan_spirituality I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore 1,637 1.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality I Feel Free 2,183 7.Aug.05
personal_life I Feel Nothing 1,624 15.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality I Have To Hate Him 2,457 29.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality I Miss You 1,633 6.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality I Must Stand Tall, And Never Fall 1,481 29.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality I Never Knew 1,342 17.Dec.05
healing I No Longer Weep For You 1,673 19.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality I Would Rather Feel The Pain 1,342 10.Dec.05
healing If I Wasn't Afraid I Would? 1,580 24.Jan.06
personal_life If Tomorrow Never Comes 1,368 7.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Impetuous 1,453 22.Jan.06
healing In An Instant Your Life Changes 1,340 23.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality In Memory of a Lost Love 1,446 5.Dec.05
personal_life In My Delta Sleep 1,415 8.May.06
healing In Search of A Spell To Remove This Darkness 1,152 15.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality In The Lightness Of Energy 1,402 6.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Intentions 1,493 12.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Into the Sunshine 2,032 1.Aug.05
healing Is Your Flame Still Burning? 1,671 28.Nov.05
personal_life It's Your Drama, Not Mine! 1,342 12.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Jealousy 2,066 27.Jul.05
healing Journey to Wholeness 2,036 28.Aug.05
healing Journeying Out Of Darkness 1,364 28.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Just Open That Door 1,481 26.Sep.05
healing Just Smile 2,300 12.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Just Tell The Truth 2,130 6.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Knowledge is Power 1,996 2.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Lean On Me, Let Me Be Your Rock 1,482 24.Oct.05
liturgical_ritual Let Go Of The Old, Embrace The New 1,545 24.Oct.05
healing Let Me Be, I Have Tranquility! 1,611 25.Jun.06
mother_earth Let The Goddess Heal Your Pain 1,321 13.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Let The Moonlight Be Your Guide 2,169 17.Aug.05
mother_earth Let The Universe Show Me The Way 1,315 22.May.06
mother_earth Let The Wind Carry You Away 1,449 28.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Let the Wind Kiss Your Eyes 1,272 21.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Let us Return to Innocence Together 1,419 9.Jan.06
healing Letting Go Of Hidden Fears 1,781 22.Aug.06
personal_life Lifting the Veil of Uncertainty 1,189 15.Nov.05
healing Lightening My Load 1,167 22.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Liquid Love Energy 1,518 21.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Listen To Your Inner Voice 2,113 1.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Listen To Your Inner Voice Part Two 1,385 24.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality Looking For Love 2,051 12.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Looking To Feel 1,227 19.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Love and Devotion 1,437 8.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Love And Devotion, Just Like The Ocean 1,428 10.Jun.06
healing Love Yourself First 1,507 4.Apr.06
humor Man 2,289 8.Aug.05
healing Midst of Chaos 1,943 11.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Morning Hours Are My Renewal 1,626 20.Oct.05
mother_earth Mother Earth, Do Not Die 1,283 5.Jun.06
mother_earth Mother Nature, A Very Powerful Person 1,725 27.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Much Better Off Without You, Mother 1,946 9.Sep.05
personal_life Music Is My Essence 1,345 12.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality My Angel Of Soft Whispers 1,521 20.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality My Heart is Open Once Again 1,636 25.Oct.05
devotional My, Child, My Son 2,620 14.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Mystery 1,923 25.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Mystic Outcast 921 7.Jul.08
personal_life Mystical Meatballs! 1,119 23.May.07
pagan_spirituality Nature Is Our Teacher 1,308 6.Dec.05
mother_earth Nature's Creatures, are Our Teachers! 1,193 24.Jun.06
mother_earth Nature's Queen 1,271 22.May.06
pagan_spirituality New Beginnings, Mercury Out Of Retrograde 1,390 28.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality Night, Light, Sight, and Flight 1,084 19.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Nothingness 1,818 25.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality NYC, My Home Away From Home 2,121 20.Aug.05
mother_earth On This August Night 1,457 20.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Open to Vibrational Energies 1,360 12.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Own Your Own Power 1,977 13.Aug.05
healing Owning Your Happiness 1,425 9.Mar.06
healing Pain 2,031 21.Sep.05
healing Pain, Is Raining Down On Me 1,145 17.May.06
healing Painful Thoughts of Growth 1,628 1.Apr.06
mother_earth Partial Eclipse of the Moon, Tonight! 1,434 17.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Passionate Scorpio Moon 1,419 13.May.06
pagan_spirituality Path To Spiritual Growth 2,024 18.Jul.05
healing Peeling Back the Layers of Turmoil 1,239 31.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality Perseverance 1,930 5.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Pompei, The Majestic Land 2,022 10.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality Power of the Ocean 1,582 8.Nov.05
healing Pure Again 2,110 30.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Pure Destiny 2,290 18.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Pure Light 1,988 23.Jul.05
healing Pure Love 1,962 28.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Put It Out To The Universe 1,467 4.Jan.06
healing Putting This Relationship To Rest 1,164 8.Jun.06
healing Raining Into Me 1,037 5.Jul.08
healing Rapid Waves Of Anquish ! 1,078 5.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Reality Or Fantasy? 1,428 18.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Recesses Of Our Souls 1,283 27.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Reflection on Your Feelings 1,423 21.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Remnants of You 2,058 26.Jun.05
healing Renewed Love 1,482 5.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Resinating Notes of Restoration 1,302 11.Jan.06
devotional Rest In Peace, My Pup 1,369 9.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality Revelations 298 7.Feb.15
pagan_spirituality Rise Phoenix, Rise 2,094 22.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Salt Aire and Sunshine 1,391 6.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Secret Fantasies 798 8.Nov.10
healing Set Me Free 2,229 3.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Shadows Of My Mind 1,729 25.Sep.05
healing Shards of Glass 2,221 26.Jun.05
pagan_spirituality Shedding Life's Camoflage 1,535 11.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality Shore of Sicily 1,502 16.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Sicilian Strega 1,276 10.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Sincerity, A Dying Deed 2,030 11.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Sorrowful River 1,161 28.May.07
mother_earth Sparrow of Life and Freedom 1,931 16.Aug.05
mother_earth Spring is Sprung, And I am Rejuvenated 1,423 2.Apr.06
mother_earth Surrender, To The Virgo Full Moon Eclipse 1,270 14.Mar.06
healing Synergy 1,353 28.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality Teardrops Of Passion's Pain 898 17.Aug.08
healing Tears On My Pillow 2,361 6.Jul.05
mother_earth Tears On This Sagittarius Full Moon 1,445 11.Jun.06
healing Tears, The Cleansing of Your Soul 1,196 8.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality Teasing To Please 1,235 21.Jul.06
mother_earth Tell Me Your Secrets, Twisted Ancient Tree 1,761 4.Jan.06
personal_life Tender, Sweet Gentle Man 1,558 13.Feb.06
personal_life That Crazy Monster Called Pop 1,836 29.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality That Cycle Called Life 1,784 2.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality That Ever Powerful LIfe's Flow 1,323 24.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality That Sacred Place Called Ecstasy 1,894 1.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality The "New" Moon In Virgo, Gave Me Inner Peace 1,261 24.Aug.06
healing The Air Is Heavy Today 1,279 5.Jun.06
mother_earth The Aquarius/Leo Full Moon Shined Her Light 1,094 10.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality The Beat of My Heart 1,802 4.Sep.05
mother_earth The Beauty of This Full Moon Eve 1,354 9.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality The Best Night Of Your Life 1,037 25.Aug.08
pagan_spirituality The Bird Sang, The Message Was Heard ! 1,449 22.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality The Colors of Your World 1,324 7.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality The Depths of Your Soul 1,991 3.Jul.05
mother_earth The Early Morning Mist 1,264 14.Aug.06
pagan_spirituality The Egyptian, Mother Goddess 1,020 16.Nov.08
pagan_spirituality The Evolutionary Feeling of Passion 1,491 10.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality The Falcon, The Mountain, and The Sea 1,545 18.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality The Fear Of Never Being Loved Again 1,951 23.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality The Flight Of Freedom 1,178 7.Aug.06
healing The Goddess Is Back! 1,380 31.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality The Goddess Of The Forest (Mielikki) 1,126 26.May.07
pagan_spirituality The Intensity of Your Beckoning 1,376 3.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality The Land of Imagination 1,386 9.Feb.06
healing The Moon Gave Me Enlightenment Tonight! 1,583 16.Nov.05
mother_earth The Moon's Glowing Beauty 1,597 15.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality The Moon's Silver Carpet Ride 2,310 23.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality The Moonbeam Goddess 915 22.May.08
pagan_spirituality The Passion of the Elements 2,170 2.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality The Passion Of Your Touch 1,192 6.Aug.06
healing The Path Less Traveled 1,672 20.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality The Picture of My Soul 1,789 8.Oct.05
mother_earth The Pisces, Virgo Full Moon Energy 1,356 7.Sep.06
healing The Power of Letting Go 872 26.Jul.08
pagan_spirituality The Power of Positive Energy 1,422 20.Feb.06
mother_earth The Power of the Earth's Energy 1,503 9.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality The Power of The Written Word 1,354 25.Feb.06
healing The Power of Your Love 1,448 22.Dec.05
pagan_spirituality The Rain Is Falling, The Clouds Are Crying 1,354 27.Aug.06
mother_earth The Rath of Mother Nature 1,946 22.Sep.05
pagan_spirituality The Sea Shall Set Me Free 1,727 11.Aug.05
personal_life The Seeds Are Planted 1,475 29.Mar.06
personal_life The Shadow of a Man 1,779 29.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality The Street Corner, The Man, and the Lesson 1,344 10.Feb.06
mother_earth The Summer Solstice Sun, Summoned Me Today! 1,623 21.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality The Sun's Passionate Caresses 1,780 18.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality The Synergy of Kindred Spirits 1,262 2.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality The Truth Shall Set You Free! 1,461 22.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality The Unopened Doors 2,106 28.Jul.05
mother_earth The Wind Shall Speak To You 975 18.Jan.09
pagan_spirituality The Wonderment Of This Full Moon 1,529 14.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality There Is Only Today! 846 19.Oct.09
pagan_spirituality Thinking and More Thinking 1,332 3.Apr.06
mother_earth This Gemini Moon, Festival of Humanity 1,538 15.Dec.05
devotional This Is Dedicated To My Friends and Loved Ones 1,338 24.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality Those Dragon Eyes 2,142 28.Jul.05
healing Thoughts On Self-Sabotage 1,421 18.Jul.06
pagan_spirituality Threads of Blessed Light 1,383 22.Dec.05
personal_life Three Italian Beauties 2,230 5.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Till You Come Back To Me! 1,445 29.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality To Be In Your Arms, This Very Night 1,222 24.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality To Desire Those Moments Of Love 1,004 13.Jul.08
pagan_spirituality To Dream, Or Not To Dream! 1,482 17.Jan.06
healing To Feel No Fear, To be Fearless! 1,515 4.Feb.06
devotional To Know A True Soul Mate 1,560 9.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality To Know Desire is to Have Passion 1,874 8.Aug.05
personal_life To Live Is to Have Friends Like You 1,317 14.Oct.05
personal_life To Old Friends 1,516 6.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality To Tell The Truth 1,428 16.Dec.05
mother_earth To The Pagan Beat 1,572 6.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Too Busy To Live? 1,254 10.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality Trapped in Your Web 1,326 30.Mar.06
healing Tribute For all those Soul's Found in the Ukraine 1,032 6.Jun.07
healing True Forgiveness 1,914 25.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Truly Beautiful Inside 1,962 9.Aug.05
pagan_spirituality Unbelievable 2,011 2.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality Unconditional Love 2,191 25.Jun.05
devotional Venus The Roman Goddess Of Love 1,558 3.Feb.06
pagan_spirituality Vibrational Residue 1,404 25.Feb.06
healing Violent Rain 1,487 11.Jan.06
healing Violent Rain II 1,304 11.Jan.06
pagan_spirituality Vision, Fullfillment of Your Life 1,453 17.Jan.06
mother_earth Vitality from The Sun 1,600 15.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality Vivacious Venus 1,318 30.Apr.06
mother_earth Water, The Gift Of Life 1,374 17.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality We Are All Such Creatures of Habit 1,444 3.Apr.06
devotional We Shall Not Forget You New Orleans 1,969 8.Sep.05
personal_life Weekend Warrior, and His Lady Love 1,251 13.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality What Happened, Beautiful Man? 2,277 23.Jul.05
pagan_spirituality What Is Love? 1,516 23.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality When I Think Of You 1,502 17.Oct.05
pagan_spirituality When There Is Love 1,344 31.Mar.06
pagan_spirituality When There Is No Other Love 1,583 20.Oct.05
healing Where The Wind Bathes My Soul 1,530 16.Jan.06
healing Why Do I Still Love You? 1,743 25.Oct.05
personal_life Will You Be My Lover? 1,634 9.Nov.05
healing Wind Bath 340 18.Dec.14
pagan_spirituality Wind Chimes Of Your Heart 1,562 26.Jan.06
healing Wings Shall Set Me Free 1,434 14.May.06
pagan_spirituality Wonderment 1,388 13.Dec.05
personal_life Words Can Be Very Uplifting 1,408 19.Jan.06
personal_life Wrapped In Love 1,392 29.Apr.06
pagan_spirituality You Are Magnificent To Behold ! 1,508 4.Jun.06
pagan_spirituality You Are My Spiritual Connection 1,488 14.Nov.05
pagan_spirituality You Fill Up My Senses 1,389 5.Jan.06
personal_life You Have The Desire To Light That Fire ! 1,378 28.Jun.06
devotional Your Heart is Speaking To Me 1,375 3.Jan.06
healing Your Heart's Desire 1,384 27.May.06
pagan_spirituality Your Touch is Divine 1,481 9.Jan.06
healing Your True Being 2,092 3.Aug.05

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