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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,181,978  

Stewart Bitkoff's Poetry Postings to date....

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Category Title... Views Posted
devotional (2) Deep Thoughts 186 18.Jun.13
society_culture 'Deja Vu' 1,134 19.Jun.07
healing 'Remember' 1,960 30.Nov.06
society_culture A Better World 104 26.May.14
mother_earth A Call To Hearts 34 29.Sep.14
mother_earth A Dream 712 24.Jul.10
personal_life A Higher Call 96 25.May.14
healing A Humble Heart 556 30.Jul.11
other A Process of Change 1,817 27.Oct.06
myth_legend A Rare Fruit 540 17.Mar.11
society_culture A Special Age 872 5.Apr.09
myth_legend A Time With Out War? 198 13.Jul.13
personal_life Added Responsibility 482 16.Feb.11
mother_earth Always Darkest Before Dawn 616 15.Mar.11
pagan_spirituality Ancient Treasure 298 19.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality As The Hour Glass Drains- 3 Texts 485 16.Jul.11
mother_earth August Songs (5) 492 10.Aug.11
personal_life Balanced Living 493 6.Apr.11
personal_life Be Yourself 80 21.May.14
mother_earth Beginning & Ending 183 1.Aug.13
liturgical_ritual Belief 1,580 7.Mar.07
personal_life Beyond The Tears 80 13.May.14
pagan_spirituality Beyond Words 344 16.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Beyond Words 348 10.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Beyond Words 164 12.Oct.13
pagan_spirituality Blaming God/Light 148 8.Nov.13
pagan_spirituality Blocking Mechanism 162 20.Nov.13
pagan_spirituality Bocce Player Reverie 389 28.Apr.12
society_culture Bottled Water 1,645 13.Feb.07
humor Brain Enema 1,049 28.Mar.08
pagan_spirituality Breaking Camp 181 8.Oct.13
personal_life Breaking Free 98 30.Apr.14
other Chariot of God 728 17.Aug.10
pagan_spirituality Child of the Universe 198 19.May.13
pagan_spirituality Child of the Universe 91 21.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Completing the Circle 80 15.May.14
myth_legend Conferring Grace & Baraka 478 23.Jul.11
pagan_spirituality Consciousness Chains 324 23.Oct.12
political Consider the Possibility 186 27.Jun.13
personal_life Coo Coo Birds 241 23.Apr.13
pagan_spirituality Correcting Ills of the World 380 24.Apr.12
pagan_spirituality Cosmic Dream Catcher 193 22.May.13
pagan_spirituality Cosmic Gardener 419 21.Apr.12
devotional Daily Prayer 1,791 15.Feb.07
pagan_spirituality Dancing Across the Stars 618 6.Sep.10
mother_earth Dandelion Sisters 24 10.Oct.14
pagan_spirituality Dark Cave 309 8.Jan.13
pagan_spirituality Dark Cave (s) 112 14.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Dark Hour 402 14.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality Death's Call 392 26.May.12
pagan_spirituality Desires (2) , Fear 1,783 30.Mar.07
mother_earth Diamonds 1,130 8.May.07
pagan_spirituality Dissatisfaction with Your Path 515 18.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality Distant Hearts 313 8.Jan.13
devotional Divine Longing 591 12.Mar.11
other Each House Has a Door 1,796 8.Nov.06
personal_life Each Moment 807 25.Aug.10
devotional Each Soul is Unique 510 10.Apr.11
society_culture Easter Sunday 392 3.Apr.12
society_culture Easter Sunday 84 18.Apr.14
pagan_spirituality Empty House 348 2.Sep.12
myth_legend End Day Scenarios 502 24.May.11
society_culture Expectations & Emotions 473 24.May.11
personal_life Extra Hours 185 10.Aug.13
society_culture Eye on the Sky 734 9.Aug.10
pagan_spirituality Filling My Cup 174 19.Jun.13
personal_life Filling The Inner Hunger 681 2.Jan.11
pagan_spirituality Finding Truth 173 14.Oct.13
personal_life Floor Boards 98 24.May.14
healing For You Today 439 13.Mar.12
pagan_spirituality For You Today 112 16.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality For You Today 107 16.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Game Station 480 15.Aug.11
mother_earth Garden Cuttings 508 9.Jun.11
mother_earth Gardens 730 19.Aug.10
personal_life Goal of Our Journey 78 3.Jun.14
pagan_spirituality Going Home 600 26.Jan.11
pagan_spirituality Golden Key 350 14.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Gradual Enlightenment 269 21.Oct.12
mother_earth Handfull of Grapes 445 30.Aug.11
healing Happiness 1,863 5.Jan.07
personal_life Happiness 36 4.Oct.14
pagan_spirituality Heaven & Hell 488 20.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality Hiding From Life 803 4.Apr.10
other Higher Knowledge 1,072 13.Oct.07
devotional Higher Than Angels 384 7.Apr.12
pagan_spirituality How Many Times? 372 19.Mar.12
pagan_spirituality How To Lead an Original Life 526 11.Mar.11
healing I Cannot Give You Spiritual Experience 384 17.Mar.12
devotional I Lift My Cup 96 15.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality I Wonder Why? 299 7.Nov.12
mother_earth Illumination 491 26.Jun.11
mother_earth Illumination & Dreams 719 22.Jul.10
pagan_spirituality In The Deepest Ocean 329 25.Nov.12
personal_life In This Cell 370 5.Apr.12
pagan_spirituality Journey of a Drop of Water 123 27.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Journey To The Sun 400 15.Aug.12
other Judgement Day 737 23.Jul.10
pagan_spirituality Judgment Day Song 323 10.Aug.12
society_culture Koran Burning Reverend: Part II 585 24.Oct.10
personal_life Learn About Yourself 104 18.Apr.14
pagan_spirituality Learning & Classrooms 473 29.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality Learning Sequence 530 8.Mar.11
pagan_spirituality Let us Suppose 311 7.Jan.13
pagan_spirituality Let Your Soul Soar 295 7.Jan.13
pagan_spirituality Life of the Heart 139 13.Feb.14
healing Light of Hope 454 16.Jul.11
devotional Light of Humanity 185 27.Jun.13
pagan_spirituality Living A Dream 348 12.Apr.12
pagan_spirituality Living A Dream 387 27.May.12
devotional Loneliness 757 14.Aug.10
devotional Loneliness 313 25.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Looking For God/Light 306 2.May.12
mother_earth Magnificent Meadow 193 10.Jul.13
devotional Magnificent Monastery 215 28.Apr.13
pagan_spirituality Manufacturer Guarantee 307 3.Jan.13
pagan_spirituality Many Paths 370 17.Sep.12
healing Meditation (s) 1,819 16.Nov.06
pagan_spirituality Meditations 485 18.Jul.11
pagan_spirituality Meditations 181 16.Jun.13
pagan_spirituality Minstrel to the Stars 348 5.May.12
mother_earth Missed Opportunity 738 18.Aug.10
mother_earth Missed Opportunity 89 11.May.14
pagan_spirituality Mixed Bag Times Four 562 24.Feb.11
devotional Morning Meditation 222 10.May.13
other Moth to a Flame 281 27.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Movement Through Time 164 31.Oct.13
society_culture My Brother's Keeper 394 18.Mar.12
pagan_spirituality New Form 188 8.Jul.13
other New Year's Parable: A Drop of Water 625 1.Jan.11
pagan_spirituality Now I See 359 9.Apr.12
pagan_spirituality O Spiritual Traveler, Arise! 505 6.Jun.11
pagan_spirituality On Star Mapping System 406 3.Jul.12
devotional On Summer Nights 1,744 10.Nov.06
mother_earth Parable: A Drop Of Water 555 11.Jan.11
pagan_spirituality Part of the Eternal Oneness 205 19.Sep.13
personal_life Patterned Choices 160 12.Nov.13
devotional Pearl of Great Price 796 12.Aug.10
personal_life Pictures, Memories & Scrapbooks 181 17.Nov.13
healing Place of Chains 573 19.Mar.11
pagan_spirituality Power Plant 324 2.May.12
devotional Prayer for the Weary 194 1.Jul.13
devotional Prayer of Surrender 299 6.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Prayer to the Morn 96 19.Mar.14
devotional Prayer: Heart As Mirror 564 29.Jan.11
personal_life Precious Treasure 198 15.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Process of Change 77 8.May.14
pagan_spirituality Putting Down My Suitcase 615 6.Feb.11
pagan_spirituality Questions & Answers 103 6.Apr.14
pagan_spirituality Raising a Candle 300 21.Jan.13
pagan_spirituality Raising Better People 343 9.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Rare Jewels 307 11.Nov.12
personal_life Rarest of Jewels 135 31.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Reaching the First Stair 273 28.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Rebirth 392 2.Jul.12
pagan_spirituality Rebirth 225 11.Mar.13
mother_earth Rebirth 78 10.May.14
other Religion 1,822 8.Nov.06
myth_legend Remembering Who We Are 995 21.Jan.08
pagan_spirituality Repeating Thought Patterns 323 13.Nov.12
devotional Resurrection Song- Holiday Verse 525 22.Apr.11
healing Resurrection: Hide & Seek 539 9.Feb.11
pagan_spirituality Return To The Garden 191 9.May.13
pagan_spirituality Rise Higher 181 16.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Science of Man 78 2.May.14
personal_life Searching For Truth 76 22.May.14
pagan_spirituality Season of Spiritual Renewal 116 13.Mar.14
personal_life Self-Importance 801 10.Aug.10
mother_earth Show-Off & Harmony 450 16.Sep.11
society_culture Situation Potentials 745 4.Apr.10
pagan_spirituality Smoke From Evening's Fire 343 13.Aug.12
society_culture Some End Game Thoughts 529 12.Mar.11
pagan_spirituality Some Thoughts on Prayer 496 28.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality Speaking Plainly 184 10.Oct.13
pagan_spirituality Spiritual Energy 576 22.Jan.11
pagan_spirituality Spiritual Experience 87 18.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Spiritual Experience 82 20.May.14
society_culture Spiritual Learning Outcomes 638 22.Jul.10
other Spiritual Sight 1,764 1.Nov.06
myth_legend Spiritual Traveler 725 5.Sep.10
pagan_spirituality Spiritual Traveler 360 21.Apr.12
pagan_spirituality Spiritual Traveler: The Microcosm 499 22.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality Spiritual University 567 11.Jan.11
mother_earth Starfish, Angel of Death, Formless 1,784 25.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality Super Highway to God/Light 367 12.Jun.12
healing Sweet Afternoon 518 26.Feb.11
mother_earth Sylvester's Hiss 420 21.Sep.11
mother_earth The Capacity for Something 503 19.Jun.11
pagan_spirituality The Capacity For Something 189 18.Sep.13
pagan_spirituality The Designers 315 13.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality The Divine Plan 94 27.Mar.14
other The Exemplar 118 1.Mar.14
liturgical_ritual The Golden Caress 438 8.Sep.11
devotional The Golden Caress 209 10.Sep.13
devotional The Heart 680 14.Aug.10
devotional The Higher Law 509 10.Apr.11
mother_earth The Higher Road 549 21.May.11
devotional The Holy Books 477 1.May.11
myth_legend The Jewel 80 7.May.14
pagan_spirituality The Mystical Path 530 31.Mar.11
pagan_spirituality The Plan For Humanity 512 24.Jan.11
mother_earth The Prophecy 508 21.May.11
mother_earth The Rainbow Bridge 470 22.Jul.11
pagan_spirituality The Religion is One 352 3.May.12
pagan_spirituality The Religion is One 417 18.Aug.12
other The Return 733 25.Jul.10
myth_legend The River 1,717 18.Nov.06
myth_legend The Servants 535 7.Apr.11
mother_earth The Song Bird 1,715 19.Jan.07
pagan_spirituality The Spiritual Journey 711 28.Aug.10
pagan_spirituality The Tapestry 153 22.Dec.13
myth_legend The Theologian 205 14.Sep.13
pagan_spirituality The Wheel Turns 179 13.May.13
mother_earth The World Famous Diver 462 22.Jun.11
pagan_spirituality These Old Shoes 275 27.Mar.13
mother_earth Three Ants on a Log 698 29.Jul.10
society_culture Three Reflections 1,749 11.Nov.06
mother_earth Three Sisters 656 16.Aug.10
pagan_spirituality Three Sisters 415 16.May.12
pagan_spirituality Through the Desert 87 18.May.14
pagan_spirituality Transcending the Pull 349 9.Jun.12
healing Traveling Beyond Pain & Suffering 589 28.Feb.11
myth_legend Treasure Hunt 684 24.Aug.10
pagan_spirituality Truly Lasting 316 7.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Two Meditations 316 10.Sep.12
personal_life Unbeliever 176 16.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Underlying Reality 127 13.Jan.14
pagan_spirituality Unseen Guardians 333 6.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Up Into The Healing Light 143 21.Nov.13
healing Visions for Tomorrow 599 30.Jan.11
pagan_spirituality Voyage Home 326 21.Oct.12
mother_earth Waiting Deep Within 497 21.Jun.11
personal_life Wasted Energy 331 18.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Water of Happiness 200 30.Jun.13
myth_legend What Did You Do About It? 474 12.Sep.11
society_culture What If 288 22.Jan.13
devotional What Remains? 394 22.Apr.12
mother_earth What Remains? (3) 501 22.Jul.11
myth_legend What The Master Offers 1,650 31.Dec.06
pagan_spirituality Wheel of Life 131 6.Jan.14
pagan_spirituality Which is the Correct Religion? 516 18.Apr.11
devotional Whisperings of the Heart 538 6.Apr.11
society_culture Who is the Greedy One? 694 17.Aug.10
pagan_spirituality Why Do I Forget? 415 23.Jun.12
personal_life Why is there Suffering? 568 29.Jul.10
pagan_spirituality Wisdom, Experience & Knowing 151 18.Dec.13
pagan_spirituality Wisdom: Why It Cannot be Given Away? 689 8.Oct.10
liturgical_ritual With Emotion 1,643 7.Mar.07
pagan_spirituality You Are The Door 581 10.Mar.11

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