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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,304,560  

Fenira Xthy's Poetry Postings to date....

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Category Title... Views Posted
personal_life 7 day Look Back not Won 255 27.Oct.14
personal_life 70s Skin Bread Spread 295 30.Jul.14
personal_life A Mad Dash at Love Holiday & Things 4 Me 766 22.Dec.11
humor A New the least lease on life, group renew me & u 903 5.Jun.11
personal_life A Pass at Polyamory LGBT 634 13.Feb.13
personal_life Agreeing to Disagree 400 2.Dec.13
personal_life Agreement, Consequent Negative Diction 662 18.Feb.14
myth_legend All less Capt.-Don't Stop 4/3= 1 1/3 Eden's Flower 1,418 4.May.08
liturgical_ritual Am Fear A chailleasA chanain caillidh e A shaoghal 1,163 7.Dec.09
healing Anesthesia & Witch's Math 1,448 1.Aug.08
society_culture Animism & Architecture 1912 to 2000; Animal play 540 20.Mar.13
personal_life Anion Bridge Cesium Chloride Compound 221 16.Feb.15
healing Antilastic & Syntastic or Length & Breadth 747 27.Nov.11
personal_life apparent prior priorities place you last 319 30.Jul.14
personal_life apparent prior priorities place you last 325 31.Jul.14
personal_life Appositive & Apperceptive 695 2.Aug.12
personal_life Aquamarine Constellation 301 20.Oct.14
personal_life Articles of Faith Distaff Place 297 27.Sep.14
pagan_spirituality As a Mother bare (s) the world will bear, be-aware 805 29.Jun.11
devotional Ash Wednesday 543 20.Mar.13
political At Will State (s) ; 3x 3 Come (s) back 2 me 1,077 31.Jul.10
personal_life Banishing Spell 4 the Dark B4 Bed 1,350 10.Jul.08
personal_life Beauty hard and tasked 518 26.Feb.13
personal_life Bee's Ride Cutey 328 13.Sep.14
society_culture Bees or beings with room to breathe 548 13.Mar.13
personal_life Better Held Gates' 56 2.Mar.16
personal_life Blocking doors building broken faith soft set scor 319 16.Sep.14
personal_life Blocking doors building broken faith soft set scor 418 17.Sep.14
personal_life Blue Lions and Water Bunnies 272 16.Sep.14
pagan_spirituality Calcium the Marble Bull 270 10.Nov.14
personal_life Calvinist's Responsible Service 182 14.Jan.15
society_culture Categorically Catalan solids lasting class 497 1.Mar.13
personal_life Centaurians Irrevocable Trust 265 14.Jan.15
personal_life Cesnas jetwashed by fightjets 299 7.Jul.14
personal_life Chartered City Cemetary Romance Trained Redemption 531 20.Mar.13
society_culture Cherry Blossoms Adult Development 569 4.Mar.13
personal_life Community Anchors 263 21.Sep.14
healing Concommit 714 9.Dec.11
personal_life Connections Place to keep & hold 384 10.Apr.14
political Contravert Bands 299 24.Jul.14
personal_life Conversational Home's Spirit 297 10.Jun.14
society_culture ConversionTensorGeometryModalModels2LinearNvariant 271 6.Jan.15
personal_life Cowboy at Contingent Home Western Philosophical 554 2.Mar.13
personal_life Dadaism Humanitarianism to unseat competition 443 30.Mar.13
other Dark So'Lipsisters Child's Rune 1,169 11.Apr.09
political Deconstruction 2 Heal Politics 947 16.Oct.10
personal_life Depending on a Friend Christian Life Development 564 18.Mar.13
personal_life Determinant Refinance from 1/4 to 3: 6 419 29.Mar.14
personal_life Determinant savior 342 23.Mar.14
other Dhampyre Samhain Charm 380 20.Oct.13
personal_life Dime Store 558 26.Feb.13
personal_life Direct Communication Prison 425 23.Dec.13
personal_life Disambiguating Discussion of Violence 543 2.Mar.13
personal_life Dislike Monster Flesh 541 4.Mar.13
personal_life Displaced Acts Redoubted 406 24.Jan.14
society_culture Divergent differential j ~6 Crimian Wenceallislost 356 25.Apr.14
society_culture Doctor Visit Lambent sic. 1,161 30.Mar.10
personal_life Dostoevsky Homeodgenous Economic Fraternity 410 2.Mar.14
personal_life Duellist 757 8.Jan.12
personal_life Easter Life Trusses 408 6.Apr.14
personal_life Easter Lillies at Home 513 4.Mar.13
personal_life Economic Banana Republic Drift of Inertia 439 20.Nov.13
personal_life Electing Success Carmelized Acidic adjuvant 348 1.Oct.14
personal_life elemental marriage beyond the veil 394 23.Mar.14
personal_life End The Emotional Affair of Job 562 20.Feb.13
personal_life Epitome Z 343 8.May.14
personal_life Equity Tribal Hydralysis 293 29.Sep.14
personal_life Everlasting.....Sairee 281 29.Oct.14
personal_life Exceptional Talk Where it Leads NKS 334 28.May.14
personal_life Familial relationship v. Serf class 3:6 443 29.Mar.14
personal_life Family 504 2.Mar.13
personal_life Father's Day 2014 284 15.Jun.14
devotional Fiodior Brighet 1,068 3.Feb.10
personal_life Gazprom and Pemex tangential families 283 25.Jul.14
humor Ghost Reaper the town 92 19.Nov.15
personal_life Gifted Education Standard 533 13.Mar.13
personal_life Girls & Math...Connections.. 454 4.Nov.13
devotional Good Friday's Bread 493 30.Mar.13
personal_life Grace and Worth's gold ring 571 23.Feb.13
personal_life Great Rite (s) Compersion; Does A=D ? 835 22.Aug.11
personal_life Heart in a Show 702 12.Apr.12
healing Heliot's Healing Art 1,149 26.Jul.08
personal_life Holy Saturday 448 30.Mar.13
personal_life Honey Brown 1,382 8.Jul.08
personal_life Horizon plateaus doet's attained mind 318 20.Jun.14
personal_life Human Genome Project, or Genomes & Individuity 542 21.Dec.13
personal_life Imputing in Cubic Cambre Betwn;Incubi Mind Computr 370 27.Apr.14
personal_life Incontravertables no place last class techno~c~red 262 27.Sep.14
personal_life Individual of their Own Making Annealing Hyperbloi 487 14.Dec.13
personal_life Intemediary Access by Individual State 372 20.Nov.13
personal_life Involuntary Semelfactive Bootstrap Invalidation 369 18.Jan.14
personal_life J Trees B-day Soulstice 1,448 4.May.08
humor James's B'day Torte 1,033 21.Aug.10
healing L-Arginine Herbal Afib & Cardio Med Yet Unsaid 386 22.Jan.14
personal_life Labor towit 330 20.Jul.14
personal_life Leading the Veil to Rock Dolls Stone BoneCemetery 387 22.Apr.14
personal_life Left or done to death middle of the road 332 15.Nov.13
personal_life Lemaille's Integrity as a First Student 863 8.May.12
personal_life Lent love met 556 17.Mar.13
personal_life Light Ethics Unstoppable, True Female Aspect 353 20.Jun.14
personal_life Liminal Justice 576 27.Feb.13
personal_life Linguistic Nepotism Reconstituted 356 2.Dec.13
personal_life LipServiceVariableGeometricCycleMutualXclusivity 313 14.Dec.14
personal_life Literacy is Math & the answer to problem 495 17.Apr.13
personal_life l~lysine et al.arginine 303 13.Oct.14
society_culture Mabon Bill B Stings 1,134 30.Sep.09
humor Mabon Samhain Set 1,225 19.Sep.09
personal_life Marsh Spoil child 274 16.Aug.14
personal_life Marsh Spoil child 279 16.Aug.14
personal_life Maunday Thursday Contraiety Command 423 30.Mar.13
personal_life Mechanical Sugar Pharma 319 14.Oct.14
personal_life Media Share Exclusivity 304 26.Aug.14
personal_life Media Share Exclusivity 239 26.Aug.14
personal_life MemorialDayLull'sParallel LawSerialSummarilyStaid 324 22.May.14
political Microscope Slide Suspense Sequester 549 26.Feb.13
mother_earth Mid-Summer Growth Thanks To the Trees 976 26.Jul.10
pagan_spirituality Mother 416 10.Jun.13
personal_life Mother's at the start 687 12.Nov.11
personal_life Mother's Language 272 21.Sep.14
personal_life Multivariate Medium Art 451 15.Nov.13
healing My lawyer lover that I love! 717 14.Nov.11
personal_life Nature & Form Individuality 312 16.Feb.14
personal_life New Law Tylenol Only A Physician Can Call 920 9.Mar.11
personal_life No Choice Lull Law N-1 325 22.May.14
humor Numite Stone & How a bicycle take (s) a fan to tea 920 9.Jun.11
personal_life Obstruction Civil Torte 295 12.Sep.14
personal_life Obstruction Civil Torte 282 12.Sep.14
personal_life Orthogonal Polynomials 289 14.Dec.14
humor Ostara A Observation On Reincarnation 1,209 16.Mar.10
personal_life Ownership's Property 351 2.Dec.13
personal_life Passing Class; PasseComposeAgreesIntransititive 336 4.Oct.14
personal_life Pentagon Widow 429 6.Jun.13
personal_life Pentecost Traits One headed serpent 490 2.Mar.13
personal_life Political Results or Christian Confluids 416 28.Mar.14
personal_life Principium of Place 298 27.Sep.14
political Pronominal Waste Semmelfact Bootstrapped 381 22.Jan.14
personal_life Property Tea 492 9.Mar.13
personal_life Pseudovector z belonging project 413 28.Oct.13
society_culture Public School Connections, or Not 434 17.Apr.13
society_culture Purple Defense Too Much Self-Limitation 400 24.Jan.14
personal_life Quantile quaternary Venture capitalists 291 26.Oct.14
personal_life Quaternions Affine Conservation Euclidian Space 397 2.Dec.13
personal_life Respondent Literati the Examined Life 354 10.Jan.14
personal_life Right Wrongs Natural Song 543 25.Feb.13
personal_life Rock Palm Sunday 418 30.Mar.13
personal_life Rough Rules; recovery calculation v. deduction 449 1.Apr.13
society_culture Runing the Boss Grace's Cost 1,247 29.Aug.09
society_culture Sanction, or Society.. simply corporate culture id 299 15.Sep.14
personal_life Saturnalia' s light lean Heals 114 3.Sep.15
personal_life Saturnalia' s light lean Heals 121 3.Sep.15
healing Scorpion Banished 1,396 20.Aug.08
personal_life Scotland Independent County Family Tribes 343 17.Sep.14
political Secondary Waves Calculated Silence 339 11.Jun.14
personal_life Secular Catholiscism 572 1.Mar.13
personal_life Separation Suspense 279 11.Jul.14
political ShortChangePerspectivOnHealthCare 1,028 25.Mar.10
personal_life SiO2 & Ogham: Daughter's Tale 1,240 17.Feb.10
personal_life Smote, Beltain's Heart Bespoken 799 8.May.11
personal_life Snow Light Velocity Dark Matter Accelerates Known 203 18.Feb.15
personal_life Solo Solid Consolation 390 8.Feb.14
personal_life Sounds DC al fine 303 9.Oct.14
personal_life Southern circuit the indivisable individual 415 23.Mar.14
healing Spirit of Determinants axiom of identity 454 21.Sep.13
personal_life Start over society make-over due Good's deflection 340 22.May.14
personal_life Starts Star Selfie 302 31.May.14
healing Steele Inside the Silken Glove, not twisted 497 6.Apr.13
healing Straitened Restart 406 12.Jun.13
personal_life Subaltern Mood 532 26.Feb.13
personal_life Succession of Squared Immediate Inferences 464 4.Mar.13
personal_life Summer Solstice's Garden Birthday 1,054 20.Jun.10
personal_life Sun sitara's paper moon 54 9.Feb.16
healing T3 Nerve Endings 322 19.Apr.14
healing T3 Nerve Endings to dihybrid_bees 368 19.Apr.14
personal_life Ta' mo chroi' istigh ionat 786 1.Oct.11
personal_life Taking Rights Away Country Wide Lorentz Stress 270 5.Dec.14
personal_life TBI Canonickel Human Race n-1 379 4.May.14
personal_life Teacher Trust in Georgia & Contraposition 495 3.Apr.13
society_culture Tennabrae Shadow Service 482 24.Mar.13
personal_life The article Cladistic exigency to Synomorfee 332 28.May.14
personal_life Thought School Inversion Lost 482 21.Apr.14
personal_life Thyme Enfold Herbal Medicine Salt Air 1,113 29.Aug.09
personal_life Touch, Distance, or Ascent is Education 788 23.Jul.12
liturgical_ritual Two Goddesses Breathe Life Now 1,292 16.Aug.08
personal_life Vietnamese Aposthecarry on Sensobilities 264 25.Sep.14
personal_life Water Color Military 292 5.Oct.14
personal_life Weight of the world orchestrated 500 9.Mar.13
personal_life Where the cusp of no buys support to go between 516 27.Apr.14
humor Whereof I speak at small one knee 738 1.Jun.11
personal_life Who's Side I am taking: Rose Qurtz 1,366 1.Jun.08
personal_life Whole Blameless Crucifixion 4/3 pi r^3 401 20.Apr.14
personal_life Woman Life 264 25.Jul.14
personal_life Zip Bang Fizz Aftr His 1,406 26.May.08

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