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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,244,339  

hernamewasjoanne's Poetry Postings to date....

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Category Title... Views Posted
healing ...and then lie with me in the garden of innocence 407 29.Aug.12
healing A birthday gift from reflected self 546 8.Sep.11
healing A blessing 560 14.Jun.11
mother_earth A day out 568 4.Jul.11
healing A healing balm 371 22.Feb.13
healing A life begun 264 14.Apr.15
healing A New Dream 1,049 19.Sep.08
mother_earth A New Year's Day Song 625 3.Feb.11
devotional A prayer 248 25.Dec.13
devotional A prayer 76 6.Feb.15
healing A spring poem 538 1.Sep.11
healing Alchemy of a restless heart 794 17.Apr.10
healing Aligned with love 977 5.Apr.10
devotional All is Well 113 29.Nov.14
healing Allowance 223 10.Jan.14
healing Allowance - Return of the Sun King 658 28.Feb.11
pagan_spirituality Amnesia lifting 940 2.Apr.10
devotional Amplified Heart 268 22.Mar.14
healing An owl with silver wings flew by 383 30.Sep.12
healing And so it begins 842 30.Jun.10
healing and so shall it be 279 17.Oct.13
healing And the deer are swift as they run in warm welcome 211 2.Jul.14
healing Angel of Isis 1,082 29.Aug.08
devotional Archaic 279 10.Jun.13
healing Arrival - Enlightened Era 93 13.Jan.15
devotional At last 479 22.Feb.12
pagan_spirituality Autumn 594 28.Feb.11
pagan_spirituality Awaken 607 28.Feb.11
healing Awakening together 413 4.Sep.12
devotional Be that 240 12.Dec.13
pagan_spirituality Beautiful People 838 6.Nov.10
personal_life Behind the words 227 10.Mar.14
healing Blended 381 4.Sep.12
healing Bless The Fallen [Fierce Grace] 547 23.Jun.11
healing Blessings 768 30.Jun.10
devotional Bliss 243 9.Feb.14
healing Blue ray 411 7.Feb.13
healing Blue ray between hearts 859 8.Apr.10
devotional Blue Star Devotion 429 5.Feb.12
devotional Blue Star Tribe 421 18.Feb.13
healing Blueberries 281 26.Aug.13
healing Cat and mouse at the Labyrinth of the Goddess 755 22.Sep.10
devotional Chanting 85 16.Jan.15
personal_life Charge 239 9.Feb.14
healing Cicada 110 23.Nov.14
devotional Clan 123 29.Nov.14
devotional Clear view 248 3.Mar.14
devotional Close Current 338 4.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Cloth Creation 983 4.Sep.08
devotional Coming to you 228 17.Feb.14
devotional Compass 68 20.Feb.15
healing Connection 73 23.Feb.15
pagan_spirituality Connection returned 211 20.Jun.14
healing Convergence 522 17.Mar.11
pagan_spirituality Coronation 1,112 19.Aug.08
devotional cosmic goddess 436 1.Jan.13
pagan_spirituality Courage 622 28.Feb.11
other Crashing 94 13.Jan.15
other Crow Calls 342 16.Mar.13
devotional Crow love 390 1.Oct.12
pagan_spirituality crowkin 1,155 10.Aug.08
devotional Dancing 169 24.Jul.14
personal_life Dear Friend 985 11.Apr.10
pagan_spirituality Dearly Departed 1,018 19.Sep.08
other Death lives alongside us 263 17.Oct.13
devotional Dedication 217 19.May.14
pagan_spirituality Deep Penetration 451 27.Apr.12
devotional Deep realms of love 182 30.Apr.14
personal_life Deliciously Sweet 854 11.Apr.10
pagan_spirituality Delight 539 14.Jun.11
devotional Devotion 351 26.Apr.13
devotional Devotion 203 3.Feb.14
devotional Dialogue 211 24.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Divergance 905 10.May.10
healing Divine Romance 992 11.Apr.10
devotional Do I dare? 212 25.Feb.14
pagan_spirituality Earth angels 266 20.May.13
devotional Elixir 149 19.Oct.14
pagan_spirituality Emergence 451 12.May.12
pagan_spirituality Emerging Angels 820 10.Apr.10
pagan_spirituality Enlightened Era 1 184 7.Aug.14
devotional Enlightened Era 2 133 27.Aug.14
devotional Enlightened Era 3 166 27.Aug.14
other entanglement 245 10.Feb.14
healing Entwine 220 18.Dec.13
devotional Eternal 298 26.Apr.13
devotional Eternal is Love 275 11.Apr.15
healing Ever so lightly butterfly kisses 370 18.Mar.13
healing Evermore 449 22.Aug.11
pagan_spirituality Exquisite visit 367 7.Jan.13
devotional Faith 242 10.Mar.14
society_culture Fearless sensitivity 948 2.Apr.10
devotional Feast 224 11.Mar.14
healing Feel 426 26.Feb.12
healing Final Surrender 795 8.Sep.10
pagan_spirituality First Rescue 1,008 4.Sep.08
devotional Flower kisses 406 1.May.12
healing Fly 416 2.Aug.12
healing Focus 225 25.Jun.14
devotional Found 181 2.Aug.14
healing Free 161 19.Oct.14
devotional Free flow we all go 241 6.Apr.14
devotional Free form 251 29.Dec.13
devotional From the stars 186 8.Apr.14
devotional Full Moon 127 5.Nov.14
devotional Game over 166 4.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality Gentleness of wolves 513 15.Dec.11
healing Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable 338 22.Apr.13
devotional Glory 133 14.Oct.14
pagan_spirituality Go for it 274 23.May.13
devotional Goddess Bless 206 4.Jul.14
healing Golden Butterfly 981 4.Sep.08
healing Greetings 140 22.Sep.14
pagan_spirituality Harvesting 1,148 15.Aug.08
healing He has my back 175 30.Jul.14
healing Heartache Medicine 440 19.Mar.12
devotional Her Grotto 109 23.Nov.14
pagan_spirituality Hocus Pocus 404 27.Apr.12
personal_life Holding the Thread 511 23.Jul.11
healing Homecoming 737 12.May.10
healing Honour 844 12.May.10
healing Hope 731 11.Nov.10
pagan_spirituality how easy is that? 423 29.Nov.11
healing Humility 201 24.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality I am a beautiful free wild spirit 1,001 11.Sep.08
healing I am Faith 215 8.Feb.14
healing I am the One 574 11.Apr.11
mother_earth I am the river 844 28.Jul.10
devotional I am the union 263 17.Jun.13
healing I Bless His Gentleness 472 17.Jul.11
devotional I have always loved Pine trees 76 17.Mar.15
healing I Remember 763 1.Jul.10
pagan_spirituality I'm with you Black Elk 493 29.Dec.11
devotional Icaros 175 29.May.14
healing Icaros 62 20.May.15
healing In sacred silence holding peaceful waters 383 27.Oct.12
other In Surrender 738 11.Nov.10
devotional In this moment 108 29.Nov.14
healing Inclusion 760 15.May.10
healing Infallible 737 14.Oct.10
devotional Innocence 70 12.Mar.15
healing Innocence Divine 445 12.Jan.12
healing Integration 401 17.Aug.12
devotional Integrity 534 11.Jul.11
mother_earth Isn't this what it's all about? 965 5.Apr.10
healing It comes 272 2.Sep.13
pagan_spirituality It is all about being free 795 4.Jul.10
devotional It is this I would warm myself by 87 20.Feb.15
healing It takes a fool to remain sane 300 15.May.13
devotional It's personal It's cosmic 279 9.Sep.13
devotional Jenni 480 23.Jul.11
devotional Joy 263 17.Jun.13
healing Judy's dream 554 28.Feb.11
pagan_spirituality Just do it!! 779 17.Apr.10
devotional Just say yes 197 6.Jun.14
healing Keep.It.Simple.Sweetheart 762 11.Nov.10
healing King's Rock 173 30.Jul.14
healing Leaving a Land of Confusion 119 29.Nov.14
devotional Let love be known 286 17.Jun.13
healing Let's not fall asleep while making love 568 5.Mar.11
healing Life and Lifepraiser 432 28.Sep.11
devotional Listen 232 25.Feb.14
healing Living in the heart of the god and goddess union 480 12.Nov.11
devotional Looking to him within 371 1.Dec.12
devotional Lotus of the woods 241 15.Apr.14
devotional Love 463 3.Apr.12
devotional Love 287 20.May.13
devotional Love always 183 8.Feb.14
healing Love for Love's sake alone 338 1.Dec.12
healing Love heals 982 10.Apr.10
devotional Love walks in 173 25.Jun.14
healing Love's Embrace 485 15.Jul.11
healing Magic 357 22.Apr.13
healing May I love 232 3.Feb.14
mother_earth May's full moon 881 1.May.10
devotional Medicine 489 23.Jul.11
pagan_spirituality Medicine Man 886 19.May.10
devotional Merry Meet 523 5.Jul.11
devotional Message from the mothers 240 22.Mar.14
devotional Mission Accomplished 41 9.Jun.15
devotional Moon shapings 81 20.Feb.15
healing Multidimensional Universe 456 12.Nov.11
devotional My god I love you, goddess yes 238 29.Mar.14
devotional My Lady to Her Lover 534 24.Jul.11
devotional My love 36 23.Jun.15
healing My Mother"s gift 756 7.Jul.10
healing New Love 558 11.Apr.11
pagan_spirituality New Skin 621 28.Feb.11
devotional No fear 151 22.Sep.14
healing No more a dirty word 743 3.Sep.10
devotional Now 189 25.Feb.14
healing Ochre Heart 1,071 25.Aug.08
devotional Odin Owlfather 506 9.Oct.11
devotional Offering 139 30.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality On finding a friend 550 14.Jun.11
healing Once again 791 10.Jun.10
devotional One day now 281 29.Jun.13
pagan_spirituality Onion Tears 535 14.Jun.11
pagan_spirituality Original Intent 521 6.Aug.11
pagan_spirituality Paddocks- A sore sight for clear eyes 397 25.Jan.12
pagan_spirituality Pan on a Chain (Break Patriarchy's tethers) 974 23.Sep.08
devotional participation in the creation of a rainbow 314 17.Oct.13
healing Passionate tenderness 77 2.Mar.15
healing Patience 239 10.Jan.14
healing Pearl free from the strand 829 15.Apr.10
healing Perfection 582 30.Jul.11
devotional Picture Perfect 160 2.Sep.14
healing Please continue 242 22.Apr.14
healing Poem for Felicia 1,106 18.Aug.08
healing Poem Weaving 209 19.May.14
pagan_spirituality Poseidon calls 1,019 22.Aug.08
devotional Prayer answered 229 26.Dec.13
pagan_spirituality Prayer for a fallen god 217 3.Jun.14
healing Prayer of the Mystic 155 15.Sep.14
pagan_spirituality Presence 804 10.May.10
devotional Presence 196 24.Mar.14
devotional Primal 136 29.Sep.14
healing Profundity 197 10.Apr.14
pagan_spirituality Prophecy 534 5.Jul.11
pagan_spirituality Pure magic 1,012 11.Sep.08
healing Purification 419 29.Nov.11
pagan_spirituality Rain songs 1,018 19.Aug.08
healing Re-trusting intimacy - A prayer 779 17.Oct.10
healing Receiving 576 20.Nov.10
pagan_spirituality Reclamation (Hommage to Cernunnos) 1,087 26.Aug.08
healing Regain 416 31.Jul.12
healing Remember 397 20.Oct.12
healing Remember Me 472 17.Sep.11
healing Respect 122 16.Dec.14
healing Restoration 476 26.Feb.12
devotional Reveal 131 1.Nov.14
healing Reveries 381 4.Sep.12
devotional Sacred dawn 456 11.Oct.11
devotional Sacred Time 142 1.Nov.14
healing Sacred Timing 434 4.Mar.12
devotional sacred trust 262 31.Mar.14
healing Sacred waters 41 31.Jul.15
devotional Says Shekinah 137 25.Jun.14
devotional Says the Divine god 163 6.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality Season of the Witch 409 27.Apr.12
healing See 212 3.Mar.14
healing Sensitivity, Yours and Mine 354 22.Apr.13
pagan_spirituality Shaman child 747 3.Oct.10
devotional Shifting the Dream 529 11.Jul.11
devotional Shining 225 27.Feb.14
healing Shooting Stars 72 12.Mar.15
devotional Simon 231 12.May.14
pagan_spirituality Sin 504 5.Jul.11
healing Sitting in a sun shower 217 16.Mar.14
devotional So there 41 6.Jul.15
healing Something has gotta give 55 2.Mar.15
healing Song for a brave friend who is letting it go 676 3.Feb.11
devotional Song of Hagiel 489 11.Jul.11
healing Soul connections 839 26.Apr.10
pagan_spirituality Soul Friend 1,092 25.Aug.08
pagan_spirituality Sovereignty 830 8.Apr.10
healing spiral exploration 417 27.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Spirit Bird 1,029 22.Aug.08
healing Spirit Knows 378 3.Apr.13
healing Spiritual song of the Aborigine 96 4.Feb.15
devotional Spring Tidings 147 22.Sep.14
pagan_spirituality Springcleaning 877 8.Apr.10
devotional Stag Man 101 16.Jan.15
devotional Stand 142 1.Nov.14
pagan_spirituality Star child of the Winter Solstice 467 24.Jun.12
other Star Fusion (Two stars in our sky today) 996 5.Sep.08
healing Star gazing 290 12.Aug.13
healing star solstice 241 21.Dec.13
pagan_spirituality Star Wanderer 597 4.Jul.11
healing Starbringer 789 26.Aug.10
healing Stillness 860 15.Apr.10
healing Strange Pairings 468 22.Aug.11
healing Strength of the Fawn 378 27.Oct.12
devotional Surrendering to the truth of who we are 529 4.Aug.11
healing Swaying 579 17.Mar.11
healing Sweet Dreams 399 28.Mar.13
devotional Swoon 297 14.Apr.13
other Tao Friendship 72 2.Mar.15
healing Thankyou 455 22.Aug.11
devotional That is one adored baby 744 21.Aug.10
devotional The bone is thrown 188 17.Jun.14
healing The Expanded View 155 12.Nov.14
devotional The only way 160 18.Aug.14
devotional The passion of their love 206 4.Jul.14
devotional The Real Deal 501 25.Oct.11
devotional The word 217 25.Feb.14
healing There was a little girl... 377 7.Feb.13
devotional This year 270 1.Jan.14
healing Threesome 388 7.Aug.12
mother_earth Tjukurpa 840 22.Apr.10
humor To each our own 140 19.Oct.14
healing To know Courage 290 20.May.13
healing to the Dark 416 1.Jan.13
healing To whom it may concern 233 17.Feb.14
healing Treehearts 853 3.Sep.10
healing Tribal Dance 90 4.Mar.15
devotional True Blue 121 16.Dec.14
healing Trust Shown 69 1.Jun.15
healing Trust your feeling heart 1,153 27.Aug.08
healing Truth and Dare 177 4.May.14
devotional Under the pine trees 50 15.Jun.15
pagan_spirituality Unicorn 723 1.May.10
pagan_spirituality Unicorns 622 3.Feb.11
healing Unlimited potential 969 11.Sep.08
healing Upon waking 62 24.Jun.15
healing Vacation dwellers 767 15.May.10
healing Visionmaker 270 19.Jul.13
devotional Wait and watch 261 23.May.13
healing Welcomed 220 5.Apr.14
society_culture What's your view? 157 2.Sep.14
personal_life Whispers of Spirit 1,015 24.Sep.08
pagan_spirituality White horse 385 19.May.12
devotional White Tiger Medicine 38 30.Jun.15
healing Who am I? 727 3.Sep.10
devotional Who is Crowman? 233 24.Feb.14
devotional Who loves 248 8.Nov.13
healing Whole 252 18.Dec.13
healing Wild 839 30.Jun.10
devotional Wild child 69 4.Mar.15
healing Witches Weather 479 24.Jun.12
devotional Wyld tings 180 19.Oct.14
devotional Your Joy Is My Wish 237 8.Apr.14

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