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 Author:    Posted: Dec. 28, 2004   This Page Viewed: 1,495,720  

Radko Vacek's Poetry Postings to date....

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healing "Climb Far!" 850 26.Jul.14
humor "ge da lo ba ba" 267 22.Aug.18
humor "Good Job!" 605 18.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality "Grrr!" 1,328 12.Jul.12
healing "Haaooooo!" 1,029 30.Mar.13
humor "old school" 226 21.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality "Radko, have you left?" 231 25.Nov.18
society_culture "ROOM FOR RENT - no room for magic" 1,094 8.Nov.12
humor "Say Hello Skyler" 1,371 14.Jun.12
healing "Strange Birds!" 812 6.Dec.14
healing "uh-AWNGHK!!!!" 1,162 20.Oct.12
humor "VERRR!" 437 19.Oct.17
humor "Wolves!" 201 7.Dec.18
humor "Wonderful Work!" 1,044 10.Aug.13
humor 1-800-D-AS-DOG-Well trained! 952 15.Sep.13
healing 2014 Edition! 801 21.Nov.14
personal_life 2B or Not 2B 731 27.Jan.15
society_culture ?????????? 1,005 9.Aug.13
healing A 8, a 9, and a 10 - 553 3.Oct.16
healing A Benediction to You 321 9.Mar.18
pagan_spirituality A Big, New World! 955 3.Sep.13
pagan_spirituality A Cat Named Today 1,172 12.Sep.12
pagan_spirituality A Cup of Insight! 1,000 10.Jul.13
myth_legend A Divine Moral 256 29.May.18
humor A Dummy, but Bold! 259 19.May.18
pagan_spirituality A Fairy Book! 229 23.Nov.18
mother_earth A Forgotten Way 1,204 4.Sep.12
healing A Gift to This World 338 12.Feb.18
humor A Labrador - What Beds Are For! 224 2.Nov.18
healing A Leaf, off of the Tree of Life! 906 7.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality A Letter from Harmony 357 1.Dec.17
personal_life A Life Linked In! 692 29.Sep.15
liturgical_ritual A Longevity Ritual! 641 30.Oct.15
personal_life A Magical Love Story, Close Up! 1,068 16.Apr.14
mother_earth A Mother Earth Vision 1,141 6.Apr.13
myth_legend A Myth of Love and Hope 239 28.Oct.18
devotional A Nutshell, for You! 778 14.Jan.16
humor A Package, of Magic! 214 20.Dec.18
devotional A Pagan Prayer: my giving cup 1,219 16.Oct.12
personal_life A Parting Benediction 915 9.Nov.13
personal_life A Philosophy for Living 380 5.Jan.18
myth_legend A Pigment, of my Imagination! 984 8.Sep.13
pagan_spirituality A Pure Day's Eye 318 25.Feb.18
healing A Question of Holabeards! 1,039 3.Sep.13
personal_life A Rose of Life! 692 18.Feb.15
mother_earth A Sight For Wise Eyes! 1,255 3.Oct.12
devotional A Sonnet in Defense of Lady Luna 1,293 25.May.12
personal_life A Sonnet on Love 829 14.Nov.14
personal_life A Sonnet on Romance 789 1.Oct.14
personal_life A Special Path! 825 4.Nov.14
devotional A Subtle Thing, 931 17.Sep.13
healing A Summer Place! 815 3.Dec.14
pagan_spirituality A Surprise Gift 421 12.Aug.17
devotional A True Deity! 1,128 6.Jan.13
healing A UNIVERSAL PRAYER 316 10.Mar.18
pagan_spirituality A Way of Life 1,074 6.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Above and Beyond 1,378 29.May.12
personal_life Abundance! 834 21.Sep.14
pagan_spirituality Aging - Enchantingly! 1,215 4.Aug.12
society_culture Alpha and Omega 1,131 27.Sep.12
humor Ambassador Whiskers! 1,000 26.Oct.13
pagan_spirituality An Odd God 1,104 16.Aug.12
personal_life Anima! 801 25.Feb.15
personal_life Animal Stars 1,144 18.Aug.12
humor Animated! 1,191 22.Jul.12
healing Animating! 871 20.Jul.14
devotional Apollo! 1,030 14.Oct.13
devotional Apollo, Oh Brilliant One! 931 7.Apr.14
myth_legend Apprentice, 966 9.Sep.13
society_culture Artistic Magic 453 8.Aug.17
pagan_spirituality Aspects of Zeus! 936 24.May.14
humor Astrophel and Stella 310 4.Mar.18
healing At the Heart of It All 386 2.Mar.18
devotional Aurora! Grant Me Vision! 481 22.Jul.17
healing Autumn Ritual 924 12.Oct.13
pagan_spirituality Awakening 1,484 19.May.12
mother_earth Baby Bird Poem 863 1.Apr.14
humor Banished! 879 5.Apr.14
healing Be Glad! 311 21.Feb.18
healing Beast or Bird? 324 29.Dec.17
healing Beating Your Wings 239 9.Nov.18
humor Beats Me! You Pick! 688 20.Feb.15
personal_life Beautiful Mystery 867 1.Apr.13
humor Beauty and the Bear - a love story 1,463 26.May.12
humor Beethoven's Fifth 386 31.Aug.17
pagan_spirituality Beguilingly 853 8.Dec.14
mother_earth Beloved World, 734 22.Jul.15
mother_earth Beltane Bird 361 27.Oct.17
pagan_spirituality Benediction 1,275 7.Jun.12
healing Best of Friends, 1,168 21.Oct.12
personal_life Best Philosophy 386 10.Dec.17
personal_life Beyond Words 287 20.Apr.18
humor Biggest! 231 4.Nov.18
humor Bingo! 297 9.Mar.18
personal_life Bio 1,042 9.Aug.12
humor Birds of a Feather! 889 13.Apr.15
healing Birthday! 510 23.Jul.16
pagan_spirituality Black Magic! 838 24.Jun.14
healing Blessed be ye Faes! 900 13.Sep.13
personal_life Blessed Day 1,159 12.Sep.12
pagan_spirituality Blessed is the One 121 14.Jun.19
healing Blue Dragon! 554 3.Oct.16
pagan_spirituality Bog Goddess 674 25.Jan.16
pagan_spirituality Born Witch 1,342 24.Jul.12
humor Bug in the Brew 1,212 9.Jul.12
humor Bums! 694 16.Aug.15
personal_life Busted! 209 27.Nov.18
devotional But Dearest, 328 15.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Buttons and Cups 409 13.Oct.17
healing Cardiac Sonnet 622 21.Dec.15
healing Carpe Diem! 571 16.Jul.16
humor Cat and Dog 566 24.Sep.15
personal_life Cat Ears! 539 18.Jun.16
healing Cats and Dogs, Reigning! 963 31.May.13
healing Celebrate LIFE! 563 9.Sep.16
personal_life Celestial Prophecy 398 18.Aug.17
personal_life Chances 854 15.Sep.14
healing Chaos! 434 17.Jun.17
healing Chasing the Light! 1,014 7.Sep.13
mother_earth Chirp, Chirp! 289 23.Feb.18
pagan_spirituality Choosing to Choose 931 20.Apr.13
humor Chosen!!!! 1,256 21.Jul.12
humor Clumsy and the Nymph 654 8.Mar.15
personal_life Coins and Cups 462 8.Jul.17
pagan_spirituality Common Good 1,323 18.Jun.12
personal_life Common Ground 988 29.Dec.13
healing Consolation 310 9.Mar.18
healing Consolation 664 12.Aug.15
pagan_spirituality Cooperative Effort 1,064 28.Aug.12
humor Cosmic Strip 1,105 8.Apr.13
healing Could We Be - Even Friends? 1,000 5.Sep.13
mother_earth Count Your Blessings! 495 3.Jul.16
personal_life Couplets, for You! 251 26.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality Creative Living 1,311 27.Jul.12
healing Crystal Clear! 736 1.Dec.14
healing Cupful of Blessings! 696 5.Sep.15
liturgical_ritual Danger! 583 13.Sep.15
healing Dangerous Attraction 229 8.Nov.18
healing Dare to Dream! 834 18.Feb.15
personal_life Dawn and the Day - a surprising story 1,187 29.May.12
humor Dear Friend! 972 3.Aug.13
society_culture Dear Inmate, 343 3.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Dear Luna, 999 17.Aug.13
mother_earth Dear Mother Earth, 1,022 15.Aug.13
healing Dear People of Any Faith, 1,094 19.Sep.12
personal_life Dear Stella, 427 7.Oct.17
myth_legend Dearest Ida, 1,190 15.Sep.12
personal_life Dearly Remembered, 888 20.Aug.13
personal_life Design! 327 28.Dec.17
society_culture Desirous One! 437 14.Oct.17
personal_life Despair and Happiness 400 16.Feb.18
pagan_spirituality Devi 1,047 30.Mar.13
healing Dialogue With Myself 987 12.Sep.13
pagan_spirituality Dionysian Dance! 665 23.Aug.15
society_culture Discipline Me! 318 3.May.18
devotional Discovery! 271 11.May.18
pagan_spirituality Divine Gold 374 18.Jan.18
healing Divine Lady! 671 28.Mar.15
pagan_spirituality Do it, Dare! 344 27.Feb.18
personal_life Do Shine, my Love, for Loving Eyes Like Mine! 957 15.Mar.14
devotional Do You Love? 277 20.Apr.18
humor Don't be a Grouchy Ghost! 205 4.Dec.18
healing Dreamers of the World, 1,493 18.Feb.14
other Dreampower! 757 5.Oct.15
healing Dreams 776 18.Oct.14
mother_earth Echo of Eternity 1,117 6.Sep.12
humor Elfin-Eyed! 832 20.Mar.14
humor Elusive Beast! 767 23.Oct.14
myth_legend Elusive Game! 889 31.Jan.14
healing Embraced! 764 29.Oct.14
pagan_spirituality Empathy 1,197 30.Aug.12
healing Empowered! 259 24.May.18
healing Enchanting Correspondence! 613 15.Sep.15
pagan_spirituality Enchantingly! 1,027 1.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Enchantment Lost 432 9.Dec.17
personal_life Engineering Prescription 225 4.Dec.18
healing Enlightened 633 17.Sep.15
personal_life Enthused! 520 2.Apr.16
pagan_spirituality Eos Expecting 874 15.May.13
mother_earth Epic 1,228 8.Sep.12
devotional Epiphany 440 29.Jul.17
personal_life Epitaph for Pets 1,219 24.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Equinox 314 18.Mar.18
society_culture Essence 653 22.Jul.15
pagan_spirituality Essential Points 1,137 5.Sep.12
healing Eternal Odyssey! 440 24.Jun.17
personal_life Eternal Spell 1,388 23.May.12
healing Eulalia 464 22.May.17
society_culture Eulogy 213 26.Nov.18
mother_earth Expecting! 579 24.Jul.16
healing Extraordinary! 1,021 21.Mar.13
healing Eye to Eye 261 10.Aug.18
personal_life F, as in Fine! 587 23.Jul.15
pagan_spirituality Fair Chance 1,133 11.Oct.12
pagan_spirituality fatcat 957 20.Mar.13
myth_legend Fateful Love Story 957 1.Jun.13
healing Feathers 424 18.Feb.18
devotional Feeling, for Fish! 861 11.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality Find it, I Dare You to! 375 8.Dec.17
healing Find the Hidden Stars! 1,238 1.Sep.12
devotional Find Your Song! 602 7.Jul.15
humor Floral Attraction! 257 14.Oct.18
mother_earth Flute's Journey 445 23.Jul.17
healing Fly, Witch, Fly! 978 7.Sep.13
personal_life For Lovers Young at heart 244 21.Oct.18
personal_life For Real! 634 17.Nov.14
healing For the Love of the Pentagram! 992 28.Feb.13
society_culture For the Sake of Their New Gods, 1,377 26.Jul.12
pagan_spirituality Forbidden! 606 19.Oct.15
myth_legend Forewarned 1,256 28.Jun.12
healing From Mess to Success! 731 8.Oct.15
healing From the Summerland, to You! 662 25.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality Fruit of Dionysos 1,217 4.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality Fusion! 209 26.Nov.18
personal_life Gaia's Theme Song! 728 4.Feb.15
humor Garfield's Favorite! 1,257 5.Oct.12
mother_earth Genesis, Revised! 219 16.Nov.18
healing Get Real! 838 21.May.13
society_culture Give! 1,082 27.Sep.12
mother_earth Go to Nature! 422 26.Aug.17
healing Go, in the Spirit's Way! 346 26.Jan.18
pagan_spirituality Goddess Grace 1,002 10.May.13
pagan_spirituality Goddess Yearning 991 6.Feb.14
pagan_spirituality Going With the Flow 887 23.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Good Nature! 1,017 4.Nov.13
pagan_spirituality Good News! 689 17.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality Good Points! 1,177 18.Aug.12
personal_life Good Will 407 22.May.17
pagan_spirituality Good Will, Good Cheer! 867 5.Nov.13
personal_life Goodness Spent 1,180 9.Oct.12
pagan_spirituality Goof! 931 12.Jul.13
myth_legend Gordian Knots! 783 9.Jul.15
personal_life Got the Beat? 647 1.Feb.16
devotional Grace and Grit 273 22.Jul.18
pagan_spirituality Gratefully, 1,227 30.Jul.12
pagan_spirituality Grave Image! 822 20.Dec.14
devotional Great Spirit! 423 13.Apr.18
pagan_spirituality Great, Magical Unknown! 369 28.Nov.17
mother_earth green thumb 1,069 9.Apr.13
healing Groovy! 483 2.Jul.16
personal_life Guarded Secret 746 22.Dec.14
healing Hard Magic 1,133 25.Jul.12
personal_life Harmonious Song! 717 18.Dec.14
healing Healing! 668 2.Dec.14
pagan_spirituality Hear Me Shout! 343 3.Nov.17
healing Helianthus 228 3.Nov.18
devotional Help Wanted - Friend, to the end, anytime 453 25.Jun.17
humor Help Wanted? 1,025 31.Jul.13
personal_life Her Name Was 892 27.Jun.14
myth_legend Heracles, 1,025 22.Oct.13
healing Here Comes the Sun! 764 26.Dec.14
society_culture Heroine! 536 14.Jul.15
healing Hey Baby! 325 13.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Hidden Dragons 471 30.Apr.17
pagan_spirituality Hide and Seek 1,323 5.Jun.12
personal_life High Hopes! 412 17.Jun.17
pagan_spirituality High Priestess, 1,182 13.Sep.12
healing Hobo 470 15.May.17
healing Hogan 247 31.Aug.18
pagan_spirituality Home Run to Come 1,240 29.Jun.12
personal_life Honestly! 715 12.Aug.14
healing Hoops and Loops 642 25.Sep.15
myth_legend Hope for Hope 233 28.Oct.18
myth_legend Hopes 1,328 8.Jul.12
society_culture Horse Sense 246 5.Oct.18
personal_life How Crystal Clear! 218 23.Nov.18
healing How to Choose a Miracle 227 16.Dec.18
healing HOW TO REALIZE A STAR 417 22.Mar.18
humor How to Turn a Goblin Into _ ___! 219 14.Dec.18
mother_earth Human Nature 1,077 12.Oct.12
healing Humanity, 379 18.Dec.17
healing Hummm! 480 21.Aug.16
healing I am a Sentimentalist 240 19.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality I am the Crocus 1,062 14.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality I Hear the Tarot Say, 1,194 2.Oct.12
devotional I Love You For Being So - 296 1.Aug.18
society_culture I still am 212 25.Jan.19
healing I wish I could stop time 984 21.May.14
personal_life Illumination 406 19.Aug.17
humor Imagination A. Real, Lady! 923 18.Aug.13
humor In a Nutshell, 1,251 21.Jul.12
personal_life In Deep Water 781 10.Aug.14
pagan_spirituality In Dying Reborn! 769 6.Feb.15
devotional In My Darkest Hour, 927 18.Aug.13
society_culture In my Pagan Way 1,186 17.Dec.12
pagan_spirituality In the Dead of the Night, 964 28.Aug.13
healing In Tribute to Goethe 706 30.Aug.15
mother_earth In Unity Empowered, 661 2.Sep.14
healing Incantation for an Ill Friend 1,018 20.Apr.13
personal_life Incantation for Pye 985 3.May.13
humor Incense 611 14.Sep.15
devotional Inconceivably Awesome! 611 1.Jun.16
pagan_spirituality Incorruptible! 687 23.Apr.15
mother_earth Independence Day 703 29.Jul.15
healing Inner Peace 876 11.Jul.14
myth_legend Insight 1,288 26.Jun.12
mother_earth Interstellar Message 271 1.Sep.18
pagan_spirituality INTERTWINED! 315 8.Mar.18
pagan_spirituality Intertwining is - 755 14.Oct.15
personal_life Intimations of the Ideal 680 29.Jun.15
healing Introduction to Love 917 12.Apr.14
mother_earth Intrusion! 516 20.May.16
pagan_spirituality Invisible Friend 917 31.Jul.13
liturgical_ritual Invocation to Pegasus 886 15.Sep.13
society_culture Is That a Skunk? OOPS! I Flunked! 244 29.Oct.18
devotional It is You, Oh Beloved! 1,021 14.Jun.14
mother_earth Ivory! 644 26.Sep.15
healing Janus Vision 760 17.Sep.14
humor Jinxed! 959 19.May.13
humor Just a Pound, PLEASE! 340 7.Jan.18
mother_earth Just Justice 1,131 23.Aug.12
healing Just One Day Later, 937 30.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Just Plain Cute! 698 2.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality Justice 1,117 22.Oct.12
mother_earth KIN! 225 28.Oct.18
humor Lady Anon! 630 28.Sep.15
pagan_spirituality Lady Liberty, 997 16.Aug.13
healing Lady M and Lord D, M.D., 1,140 26.Jan.13
personal_life Lady Temperance 406 6.Apr.18
pagan_spirituality Lady Virtuosa! 219 7.Dec.18
pagan_spirituality Last Sacrament 336 5.Dec.17
healing Lasting Beauty 1,116 3.Nov.12
healing Laugh, Kindly! 246 26.Oct.18
humor Leap Frog! 650 19.Jan.16
healing Leap Frog! 684 18.Sep.15
society_culture Learning to Love 301 29.Apr.18
mother_earth Let Beauty Be! 1,173 17.Oct.12
devotional Let It Snow! 227 16.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality Let the Magic Fly! 897 22.Jun.14
pagan_spirituality Lethe 910 14.Apr.15
healing Letter to Myself 734 6.May.15
healing Letting Go 917 27.Jun.13
mother_earth Leviathan! 352 15.Jul.17
pagan_spirituality Levitation! 655 12.Sep.15
pagan_spirituality Liberating 1,187 22.Aug.12
healing Liberation! 198 9.Feb.19
healing Liberation! 814 3.Apr.15
humor LIFE BEATS TIME 4 to1 227 6.Nov.18
mother_earth Life Has This Magical Side! 1,257 6.Oct.12
pagan_spirituality Life Is - 760 28.Jul.14
humor Life is to Live! 996 18.Aug.13
society_culture Life! 407 11.Apr.18
personal_life Lightning-Ball! 223 7.Oct.18
devotional Like That Cloud, 248 31.Aug.18
personal_life Little Caesar! 866 7.Aug.13
humor Little High Priestess! 958 22.Feb.14
personal_life Live, and Give! 671 21.Sep.15
devotional Living Love 316 28.Apr.18
healing Living, Gracefully! 360 7.Feb.18
pagan_spirituality Look Both Ways!!!! 1,186 18.Oct.12
healing Looking Inward 261 1.Oct.18
healing Looking Over 1,048 9.May.13
healing Looking Upward 241 1.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality Love 101 1,168 6.Oct.12
devotional Love Blossoms! 437 10.Aug.17
healing Love Freed 349 26.Jan.18
healing Love Is - 938 2.Feb.14
personal_life Love Never Ends 233 26.Oct.18
mother_earth Love Truly! 519 22.Mar.16
personal_life Love! 395 12.Apr.18
devotional Love's Right! 407 12.Jan.18
pagan_spirituality Love, 936 13.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Love, 637 1.Nov.15
healing Love, Come of Age! 368 27.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Love-Bugs! 267 26.Jul.18
pagan_spirituality Lovely Heart, Lovely You! 996 11.Aug.12
myth_legend Lovely Vision 968 31.May.13
healing Loving Lyrics 427 20.Feb.18
healing Loving Thoughts 765 16.Nov.14
healing Luna's Song 1,113 13.Aug.12
liturgical_ritual Lunar Invocation 874 11.Sep.13
healing Lyric Magic! 308 11.Feb.18
humor M&M's, in Dark Chocolate! 627 5.Nov.15
devotional Made One 234 16.Nov.18
devotional Made Simply 249 2.Jun.18
pagan_spirituality Magi, 974 23.Sep.13
healing Magic Landscape! 611 13.Oct.15
society_culture Magic, in a Candy Bar! 228 7.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality Magical Arrows 1,202 17.Aug.12
mother_earth Magical Circle! 689 5.Jul.15
humor Magical Ears - the Feline Kind! 782 27.Dec.14
pagan_spirituality Magical Friends! 900 25.Apr.14
pagan_spirituality Magical Island 1,148 15.Jan.13
humor Magical Knots! 748 21.Feb.15
humor Magical Metamorphosis 1,114 10.Feb.13
healing Magical Signs 987 27.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Magique the Minstrel 984 8.Jun.13
healing Mama! Milk! 1,105 27.Sep.12
personal_life Man to Boy Talk 368 23.Dec.17
humor Many Aspects of - Nothing! 1,199 20.Oct.12
society_culture Masks 989 26.Oct.13
personal_life Masquerade 1,041 15.Jul.13
humor MatheMAGICAL! 516 9.Jul.16
personal_life Mating Vows 1,234 1.Aug.12
healing May Bird 265 13.May.18
healing May Have This Dance? 591 25.Jun.16
personal_life May I Have Your Heart? 321 1.Feb.18
healing May you rise to love! 812 23.Nov.14
healing May Your LIFE Sing! 569 22.Apr.16
humor Meeeow! 1,079 13.Apr.13
pagan_spirituality MEEOOOW!!!! 801 10.Dec.14
personal_life memories of dad 501 23.Apr.17
myth_legend Mercury, Jr.! 319 9.Feb.18
humor Merry-Go-Round! 947 19.Sep.13
humor Messy Magic! 225 16.Dec.18
healing Metamorphosis! 650 17.May.15
society_culture Microcosm 947 31.Jul.13
humor Midnight Magic 235 20.Dec.18
mother_earth Midsummer Revelries 912 6.Jun.13
healing Mind Over Matter 270 18.May.18
pagan_spirituality Mind the Will! 971 17.Aug.13
devotional Mira, Look! 333 29.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Miracles, and Magic! 711 23.Sep.15
humor Mister Hobo II 913 9.Jul.13
humor Mister Hobo! 1,008 28.Sep.12
personal_life Mister Oh No! 952 23.Aug.13
mother_earth Mommy! 1,066 24.Sep.12
humor Moon Face! 961 27.May.14
healing Moon, and Sun! 562 19.Mar.16
healing Moon, Moon, Moon! 226 10.Dec.18
healing More Love, More Love! 992 18.Sep.13
humor More Song! 696 30.Sep.15
personal_life More, or Less! 522 12.Mar.16
healing Morning Glories, 985 12.Jul.13
healing Morning Magic! 236 20.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality Mother Nature 991 23.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Mountain Soul 1,208 29.Jul.12
healing Moved! 365 11.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Moving With a Beauty Like the Night, 956 6.Nov.13
pagan_spirituality Mr. Light Feet! 635 10.Oct.15
healing Musical Energy 261 26.May.18
healing My Heart-to-Heart Friend, 1,014 6.Feb.14
healing My Lady, Thank You! 895 4.Mar.13
humor My Natal Stars, 395 31.Aug.17
mother_earth My Shadow! My Friend! 1,298 6.Jun.12
healing Mysterious Prey! 332 5.Feb.18
pagan_spirituality Mystery 1,146 22.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Naturalist Hymn 207 5.Dec.18
devotional Naturalist Mass! 530 26.May.16
healing Nature's Beautiful! 231 9.Nov.18
personal_life Nectar of the Gods! 985 17.Oct.13
devotional Never Give Up! 975 22.Jun.14
healing Never Too Late 213 26.Oct.18
mother_earth NEW REALITY 315 16.Mar.18
healing Not Magic? KNOT Magic! 549 1.Apr.16
humor Not Perfect, But Purrrfect! 1,068 14.Oct.12
healing Nothing But the Best 867 29.Sep.14
humor O Wizard!!! 965 2.Jun.14
humor Occult Scents 739 11.Jan.16
healing Oceana! 1,331 21.Jul.12
pagan_spirituality Oceanic 415 15.Aug.17
pagan_spirituality Odd Animal! 1,103 7.Aug.12
devotional Ode to Cronus and the Spirits of the Golden Age 1,091 24.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Odyssey 1,038 22.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Of You I Sing, Oh Wind! 751 7.Feb.15
personal_life Oh Artemis, 1,067 14.Sep.12
personal_life Oh Artemis, 416 22.Sep.17
personal_life Oh Blessed Seed! 922 21.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality Oh Dionysos, 1,178 15.Sep.12
personal_life Oh Fair Goddess! 667 26.Sep.15
pagan_spirituality Oh Fiery Bird! 748 22.Mar.15
devotional Oh Goddess our Lady! 925 1.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Oh Goddess! 904 11.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Oh Goddess, All the Difference You Make! 726 27.Feb.15
mother_earth Oh Honorable Lady, 375 1.Nov.17
devotional Oh Mithras, 1,117 4.Dec.12
devotional Oh Moon! 224 7.Nov.18
personal_life Oh Sunflower! 794 29.Jul.14
healing Oh the Lyrics of the World! 390 26.Nov.17
pagan_spirituality Oh Thumb! 219 7.Nov.18
healing Oh World, Come to Me! 357 8.Nov.17
healing Oh, These Moments! 772 10.Feb.15
pagan_spirituality Oh, this leaping heart! 637 13.Feb.16
humor Older Than Dirt! 1,054 13.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality On a Lady Bug 308 6.Mar.18
mother_earth On Animals 44 4.Oct.19
personal_life On Cups 838 7.Dec.14
liturgical_ritual On Earning Respect 916 23.Feb.14
healing On Intolerance 252 14.Dec.18
society_culture On Locks of Hair 221 4.Dec.18
other On Love 340 9.Feb.18
personal_life On Lughnasadh 1,129 14.Jul.12
personal_life On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! 288 15.May.18
devotional ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙ ΑΓΑΠΗΣ (Greek Love Song) 574 13.Apr.16
humor Once, Upon a Sparrow! 352 21.Dec.17
mother_earth Only With Wonder 204 22.Dec.18
pagan_spirituality Opawaka 261 16.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality OPEN YOUR EYES! 322 14.Mar.18
personal_life Opened Doors 810 5.Jul.14
personal_life PACT of the Pack 885 9.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Pagan Victory! 1,016 26.Aug.13
humor Pan! 1,263 31.Jul.12
humor Party Animal! 414 29.Aug.17
healing Paternal Spirit! 346 20.Feb.18
pagan_spirituality Peace! 903 14.Sep.13
mother_earth peep peep peep 338 17.Apr.18
mother_earth Pegasus! 893 4.Feb.14
humor Pigments of Our Imagination 233 9.Nov.18
healing Pink Unicorn! 799 18.Dec.14
humor PISSED! 207 7.Dec.18
devotional Plainly Divine, 1,124 24.Sep.12
humor Play Husky! 1,211 1.Jul.12
pagan_spirituality Playing in the Sun, Suddenly, 988 3.Sep.13
personal_life Please do! 1,211 14.Oct.12
personal_life Poetry is like - 314 17.Mar.18
healing Points to Remember 1,013 1.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Polyhymnia 893 3.Jul.13
humor Poor Man! 1,130 12.Aug.12
mother_earth Poor Richard's Rich! 343 9.Nov.17
devotional Prayer for Every Day 286 7.May.18
personal_life Present! 615 9.Dec.15
devotional Priceless Ingredient 326 4.May.18
healing Primal Element 678 27.Nov.15
personal_life Professor Whiskers 395 26.Aug.17
humor Projectile! 221 16.Nov.18
liturgical_ritual Proven Lady! 942 13.Feb.14
healing Psychic Surgeon! 930 10.Sep.13
humor Purrrfect! 1,208 25.Aug.12
myth_legend Pursuing Dreams 498 1.May.17
pagan_spirituality Puzzling Metamorphosis 1,202 9.Oct.12
humor QC Control 244 24.Oct.18
society_culture Quite the Dance! 1,097 25.Aug.12
personal_life Race Horse 763 20.Oct.14
society_culture Radical! 335 27.Apr.18
personal_life Rain! Lightning! Action! 891 20.Aug.14
pagan_spirituality Rainbow Ingredients! 970 19.Apr.14
humor Raven! 889 8.Apr.15
personal_life Reaching 1,351 10.Jul.12
pagan_spirituality Real as Rock! 983 26.Aug.13
myth_legend Really High Hopes 1,074 1.Apr.13
humor Really! 229 23.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality Reflections on an Aquarium 245 2.Nov.18
personal_life Reflections on the Full Moon 744 3.Jan.15
healing Remember! 533 10.Feb.16
healing Respectfully, 878 21.Aug.13
humor Risk It! 214 1.Dec.18
personal_life Ritual Bathing 710 19.Jun.15
healing Rock n Roll! 827 24.Jul.14
humor Rocky Rocked! 215 20.Dec.18
pagan_spirituality Romantic Rumblings 843 21.Mar.14
pagan_spirituality Roots 668 2.May.15
personal_life Round Trip! 796 8.Nov.14
myth_legend Run the Race! 389 9.Jan.18
personal_life Running Late 223 4.Nov.18
personal_life Sacred Drum 1,360 19.May.12
personal_life Sacred Drum II 1,263 20.May.12
healing Sacred Grail! 539 27.Jan.16
mother_earth Sacred Ground 1,322 28.Jul.12
healing Sacred Property 1,085 4.Sep.12
political Sacrifice? 698 6.Jul.15
personal_life SAIL! 558 17.Jul.16
mother_earth Salutation 1,183 19.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality Salutations! 909 6.Sep.13
devotional Sanctity Known 702 30.Jul.15
mother_earth Save the Redwoods! 469 3.Jun.17
personal_life Seasons 777 16.Sep.14
healing See? Hear? 260 19.Aug.18
devotional Self-Sacrificing Goddess! 723 8.Mar.15
personal_life Sentimental Web 968 14.Nov.13
pagan_spirituality Serendipitous Advances 1,147 20.Aug.12
healing Shhh! Don't Tell! 692 6.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality Shooting Star 1,136 30.Aug.12
personal_life Sincerely Yours 257 12.Aug.18
healing Sing! Write! 185 22.Feb.19
humor Singing - my Theme Song! 206 18.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality Singing in the Rain 226 26.Oct.18
healing Slow Down! 270 13.May.18
healing Snake Medicine! 760 16.Feb.15
healing Snip, Snip! 758 20.Dec.14
healing Soar! 230 9.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality Soaring 1,188 11.Jul.12
personal_life Soaring! 738 27.Jul.15
personal_life Socratic Magic! 660 25.Jun.15
humor Sold! 211 7.Dec.18
healing Some Landscape! 653 29.Nov.15
healing Sometimes You Do Such Beautiful Things! 735 17.Dec.14
pagan_spirituality Song of my Heritage 223 19.Jan.19
healing Song of Thanksgiving 607 21.Oct.15
healing Sonnet of the Beltane Bird 1,032 5.May.13
pagan_spirituality Sonnet on Iris the Beautiful 1,162 19.Oct.12
humor Sonnet to a Friend 252 15.Oct.18
humor Sonnet, to a Houseplant! 245 15.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality Sonnet: Thus Be Thou! 1,007 24.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Sorcerers Sonnet 786 20.Dec.14
pagan_spirituality Sound Awakening 439 4.May.17
personal_life Sounds Sublime! 181 22.Feb.19
pagan_spirituality Southpaw Outlaws 397 3.Mar.18
humor Speaking of Life and Death, 1,043 3.Aug.13
humor Spellbound 1,259 3.Jul.12
humor Spellbound! 936 12.Feb.14
personal_life Spelling Love! 680 12.Nov.14
society_culture Spelling! 457 13.Oct.16
pagan_spirituality Spirited! 959 8.May.13
pagan_spirituality Spirituality, All Your Own! 346 26.Jan.18
pagan_spirituality Standing Stone! 881 31.Oct.14
healing Star! 751 21.Sep.15
humor Star-Crossed 1,047 15.Aug.12
personal_life Stardust! 279 27.Jul.18
healing Starlight, Star Might! 536 25.Feb.16
devotional Staying Attuned, 439 29.Jul.17
pagan_spirituality Strange! 797 21.Nov.14
pagan_spirituality Stranger Than Fiction! 230 2.Nov.18
healing Success is 407 24.Aug.17
healing Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams 312 10.Feb.18
devotional Sun, Moon, Stars 269 21.Aug.18
healing Surprise Reunion! 628 4.Dec.15
healing Surviving the Storm 343 4.Jan.18
personal_life Tails in the Life of Margarita Suarez 743 16.May.15
humor Take Credit! 394 2.Sep.17
healing Take Heart! 1,133 24.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality Taking Wing! 678 11.Sep.15
healing Tarot, from the Tower to the World 973 2.Apr.13
healing Tea, for Two! 374 19.Dec.17
humor Teacher, TEACHER! 438 9.Jul.17
healing Thank You! 844 11.Apr.14
devotional Thank You, Oh Muse! 1,255 25.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality That Cloud is Mine! 606 4.Jun.16
other The - Creature? 230 25.Oct.18
mother_earth The ABC's of Being ConservAtionist 234 20.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality The Aeolian Harp 1,250 25.Jul.12
humor The Authority! 1,058 23.Aug.13
mother_earth The Avian Creed 381 17.Feb.18
pagan_spirituality The Awakening 928 24.Jun.14
devotional The Beautiful Goddess 228 15.Dec.18
healing The Better, Long Run 243 25.Sep.18
pagan_spirituality The Book of Light 353 23.Feb.18
humor The Boon Behind the Balloons 233 1.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality The Call of Beauty! 753 30.Nov.14
mother_earth The Cold Awakening 1,323 16.Jun.12
healing The Courage to Love 247 20.Sep.18
society_culture The Court Cards in Domestic Animals 1,253 2.Dec.12
humor The Creature (5102) ! 861 10.Oct.15
healing The Dance - of the Besom! 893 8.Apr.15
personal_life The Devil Card an Enlightened Way 798 6.Jan.15
pagan_spirituality The Divine Line 260 18.Aug.18
pagan_spirituality The Divine Riddle 38 6.Oct.19
devotional The Divine You! 592 4.Apr.16
devotional The Endless Knot! 548 23.Feb.16
personal_life The Eternal Lady! 791 16.Jan.15
personal_life The Fairest Gem 263 3.Aug.18
healing The Fairies 359 14.Feb.18
healing The Fairy in Us All 902 24.Jul.13
healing The Fairy Ring 1,333 14.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality The Fairy Storybook 723 31.Mar.15
personal_life The Faith of Love 1,025 26.Mar.13
humor The Fury and the Sound 234 26.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality The Game of Life 1,026 13.Aug.12
myth_legend The Garden, of Lollipop Blooms! 235 26.Oct.18
humor The Get-It-On, in Poetry! 242 3.Nov.18
healing The Gilded Threshold 406 19.Nov.17
healing The Goddess Asks Only, 414 7.Dec.17
mother_earth The Goddess of My Heart 927 5.Jun.13
personal_life The Golden String 234 17.Nov.18
personal_life The Good Circle 966 26.Aug.13
devotional The Green Scene 636 7.Jan.16
devotional The Guardian Angel 349 15.Apr.18
healing The Guiding Star 259 3.Aug.18
humor The Guru's Distracted. 242 17.Oct.18
myth_legend The Haunting 236 26.Oct.18
personal_life The Heavenly Reflection 846 31.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality The Hidden Force 1,192 9.Sep.12
healing The Hidden Isle 234 21.Nov.18
personal_life The Horse Before 224 2.Dec.18
healing The Lady and the Lord 429 11.Jun.17
pagan_spirituality The Lady of Love 1,117 10.Feb.13
healing The Lesson of the Scorpions 1,596 19.Jun.12
healing The Light Above! 320 14.Jan.18
pagan_spirituality The Little Room 1,018 24.Aug.13
healing The LIVELY Balloon! 484 11.Aug.17
devotional The Lovable Moon! 674 1.Jul.15
pagan_spirituality The Love Heart Stone! 852 11.Mar.14
mother_earth The Loving Mother 226 3.Nov.18
pagan_spirituality The Loving Spirit! 799 19.Feb.15
other The Loving Union 459 15.Oct.17
healing The Magic Bubble 262 26.Aug.18
pagan_spirituality The Magic Gift! 391 8.Aug.17
healing The Magic of Love! 886 23.Apr.14
healing The Magic of Poetry 249 21.Oct.18
personal_life The Magic of the Spin 242 30.Oct.18
personal_life The Magic Word! 888 5.Apr.14
liturgical_ritual The Magical Key 973 12.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality The Magical Rede 1,004 3.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality The Magician! 649 7.Nov.15
humor The MAGICIAN! 227 21.Nov.18
healing The Making of the Day 433 24.Jun.17
pagan_spirituality The Mating Dance 322 21.Jan.18
healing The Message 1,014 27.Apr.13
personal_life The Mind and the Will 813 9.Jan.15
society_culture The Most Magical Deed 1,276 30.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality The Moving Lady! 341 16.Dec.17
devotional The New Choice 1,151 24.Oct.12
personal_life The New Sunset Gold! 456 13.Apr.17
pagan_spirituality The Passion of the Wild Winds 1,227 23.Jun.12
pagan_spirituality The Poetic Eye, Oh Poetic I! 243 2.Nov.18
healing The Poetic Spirit 216 14.Dec.18
society_culture The Power of Words 238 5.Oct.18
humor The Psychic Cat 1,174 4.Oct.12
humor The Quest of the Second Grade Apprentice 1,213 22.Oct.12
pagan_spirituality The Quest, of the Golden Flea! 980 10.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality The Race 1,192 27.Sep.12
humor The Real Stuff 1,144 5.Aug.12
other The Red Horizon 186 21.Feb.19
society_culture The Rede in a Hot Spot 1,201 25.May.12
humor The Revelation! 996 12.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality The Sacred Dance 1,023 9.Mar.13
mother_earth The Simple Life 900 9.Apr.15
healing The Singing Lady of Dawn! 919 23.May.14
mother_earth The Sleek and the Lordly 760 14.Jan.15
healing The Smoothed Stone Gathers No Vice 216 14.Dec.18
healing The Song Also Rises! 717 11.May.15
mother_earth The Spell of the Willow 1,302 29.Jun.12
healing The Story of a Life 245 3.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality The Story of a Sunflower 467 17.Sep.17
healing The Story of a Tear 475 3.Aug.17
personal_life The Subtle Side of Love 811 7.Oct.14
humor The Tale of my Name 244 22.Oct.18
personal_life The Three Keys of Life 228 19.Jul.18
myth_legend The Three M's in the Making of All Worlds, 1,147 13.Sep.12
pagan_spirituality The Tightrope Dancer 1,179 8.Sep.12
personal_life The Trail to Who Knows Where 825 29.Apr.14
mother_earth The Tree Called Poetry 400 28.Feb.18
mother_earth The Tree of Life 1,098 10.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality The True Deities 1,071 29.Nov.12
mother_earth The Two Doors 233 22.Jul.18
healing The View From Over 285 17.Sep.18
healing The Vital Web 249 27.Sep.18
healing The Way of Water 302 30.Mar.18
healing The Whisper 858 17.Apr.14
personal_life The Winds of Fate 793 13.Mar.15
devotional The Wise Crone 981 4.Mar.13
personal_life The work of words 589 9.Oct.16
mother_earth The World, Embraced! 453 2.Aug.17
healing The World, in a Button! 1,135 2.Oct.12
pagan_spirituality The Wounding 1,044 3.Aug.13
healing These Beloved, Old Dogs! 1,206 5.Nov.12
pagan_spirituality This Enchanting Light! 914 16.Oct.13
devotional This Loving Light! 811 9.Oct.15
personal_life This Magical, Restless Will! 830 23.Jan.14
personal_life This Mouse! This Man! 464 27.May.17
mother_earth This Something! 505 15.Aug.16
personal_life This True Magic! 787 14.Sep.14
healing Three Little Witches 1,358 28.Jul.12
mother_earth Three Worlds, Three Words! 627 20.Oct.15
humor Threshold 1,223 2.Oct.12
devotional Thumbs Up for the Lady! 262 4.Aug.18
healing Thus Celebrate the Fairies 1,114 20.Sep.12
pagan_spirituality Thus Charms the Light of Darkness 962 6.Aug.12
pagan_spirituality Thus Discerns the Sage 1,122 19.Aug.12
personal_life Thus Serves the Loving Heart! 1,022 11.Aug.12
healing Thus Unfolds the Bud 1,159 25.Aug.12
personal_life Thus Works Love 1,108 14.Sep.12
pagan_spirituality Tiger Loose! 1,096 18.Aug.12
society_culture Time to Play! 260 31.Jul.18
personal_life Time to Soar 1,006 27.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality Timeless! 977 30.Oct.13
pagan_spirituality To Diana 906 3.May.14
pagan_spirituality To Life! 820 21.Jul.14
pagan_spirituality To Lunacy 1,193 17.Jul.12
humor To Mary Jane, Lady ESA! 222 11.Nov.18
devotional To Mnemosyne 891 24.Apr.14
mother_earth To See the World in a Roll 283 17.May.18
humor To spell or to misspell 1,378 24.May.12
healing To the Greek, Solar God: 902 22.Aug.13
healing To You With Weeping Eyes, 988 7.Aug.13
personal_life Today 301 11.May.18
pagan_spirituality TOES! 215 6.Dec.18
humor Too Good 220 24.Nov.18
society_culture Top Secret! 1,170 30.Jul.12
devotional Toward the Unknown 552 16.May.16
mother_earth Transition 191 1.Feb.19
humor Trick or Truth! 343 23.Feb.18
personal_life True Blue! 537 4.Feb.16
healing True Love! 207 8.Dec.18
mother_earth Twins! 251 22.Sep.18
humor Two Pun or Not Two Pun 670 15.Oct.15
pagan_spirituality Unfolding 900 2.Jul.13
pagan_spirituality Unicorn Xing! 744 6.Mar.15
devotional Union Found! 411 19.Jul.17
pagan_spirituality Upon the Path 451 9.Sep.17
healing Upon the Wings of Love! 618 23.Dec.15
personal_life Use Your Talents! 437 22.Nov.17
humor Using my Boons the Best I Can, 1,079 19.Oct.13
personal_life Vector, to Which Star? 248 20.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality Victorious Athena 1,191 9.Aug.12
society_culture Vive la difference! 748 25.Mar.15
healing Vive le coeur d'audace! 697 24.Mar.15
devotional Waking Up! 614 26.Apr.16
humor Walking on Hands, Reciting on Dreams! 620 7.May.16
personal_life Wants versus Needs 1,435 12.Jun.12
healing Watch Your Words! 356 22.Nov.17
healing Waving Blossom! 682 30.Jun.15
healing What a Blossoming! 571 2.May.16
healing What a Lasting Kiss! 832 31.Dec.14
devotional What Are We? 273 13.May.18
mother_earth What Awesome Majesty! 607 17.Mar.16
pagan_spirituality What makes magic real? 721 14.Nov.14
personal_life What Power! 764 14.Feb.15
personal_life What's It All About? 769 13.May.15
devotional What's Love All About? 284 28.Jul.18
healing When You Grieve, Remember, 1,018 15.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Where Neptune Transits, 846 4.Apr.14
healing Where the Bee Sucks 259 7.Sep.18
society_culture Which One Am I? 333 22.Dec.17
myth_legend Whiter Than Snow! 956 18.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Who Denies the Wind? 828 10.Apr.15
mother_earth Who Knows? 909 30.Jun.13
humor Who's There?! 248 23.Oct.18
pagan_spirituality Why Not? 458 23.Aug.17
healing Wiccan Chicken Soup! 1,076 7.Apr.13
pagan_spirituality Wiccan Discipline 1,037 10.Mar.13
pagan_spirituality Wiggle my Nose? Wiggle YOUR Toes! 531 27.Oct.15
society_culture Wild Emily! 353 5.Dec.17
pagan_spirituality Wild Rose! 1,319 21.Jul.12
other Wisdom Stone! 572 11.Mar.16
pagan_spirituality With a Closed Mind, 1,173 8.Sep.12
personal_life With Gratitude, 951 13.Aug.13
healing Within my Heart, 662 3.Mar.16
devotional Wolfenoot? Food for Thought! 244 20.Oct.18
myth_legend Wondrous Creature! 707 26.Jan.15
mother_earth Working Wonders 945 4.Aug.13
pagan_spirituality Worlds Shared! 881 30.Jul.14
society_culture Worlds, in Grains of Sand! 230 8.Nov.18
mother_earth Wu Xing 1,166 1.Nov.12
mother_earth Yearning 1,092 11.Oct.12
healing YES! 705 5.Nov.14
personal_life Yesterday 255 11.May.18
healing You are! I am. 477 11.May.17
society_culture You be the Judge 218 3.Dec.18
healing You Pretty Lighthouse! 233 21.Oct.18
personal_life Young and Old 812 10.Aug.14
pagan_spirituality Zephyr 1,000 8.Aug.13
personal_life Zero 758 7.Oct.15

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