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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 106 - 4/13/2003

What Is Your Inner Animal?

Do you tend to ‘bark’ at people? Howl at the Moon perhaps? Do you have catlike reflexes or can your psychic ‘whiskers’ pick up nearby energy vibrations? Do you have a ‘nest’ or like to ‘burrow’ under the covers? Do you actually even growl sometimes?

What animal traits do you think that you sometimes exhibit? Has anyone ever told you that you remind him/her of some animal?

How much of an animal nature do you think that we humans might retain? Should we attempt to completely conquer or tame the ‘animal’ within? Or do you consider your inner animal to be an ally or alter-ego?

What is the name of your inner animal? If you share space with an actual animal, does the animal (or animals) consider you ‘one of them’? Can you and your animal friends communicate in mysterious ways?

 Reponses:   There are 127 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

So Many Amimals Apr 13th. at 10:42:59 pm EDT

Gunshythirdeye (Anchorage, Alaska) Age: 49 - Email

I have so many animal spirit friends, My cat who has been gone for about year she was my familiar, and traveled with me on many a meditation. She still joins me in my meditations, and visits me in my dreams, and I can feel the weight of her still as she leaps on my bed. And feel her head bunt me, or strol past me and wrap her tail around my leg. A cat would be a good example of my animal, but I have so many others who are with me. I have a friend who teaches Reiki, and when I am doing Reiki on one of the members of the class a lovely little, female Japanese Snow Monkey comes and helps, I've felt her on me, and others in my group have either sensed her or seen her. She is relatively new for me, I have had a relationship with a Unicorn, sense I was 5. I have many unseen friends some are animals some are people some are sheer spirit. But I still think that a cat would be my top choice.

Unkempt Menagerie Apr 13th. at 11:27:55 pm EDT

Updog (Richmond, VA) Age: 26 - Email

I'm a Crow-Dog. When I dream I am a Raven-Wolf. Little toads and frogs bring me secret blessings. My joy is a tiger. My love- a dragonfly. My hope- a luminous, downy moth. My body is the horse that I ride. My mind is a metallic wasp....
And somewhere inside me, a tiny cricket laughs at it all-- at my happiness, my anger, my sorrow, my worries, my pride, my lust, my guilt-- all of it. I've tried to find that little punk, but he always seems to get away. Haha.

College Freshman Apr 14th. at 1:44:08 am EDT

TetraGrey (Milwaukee) Age: 19 - Email

I'm a Falcon. I once had a dream that I was flying high above the ground, soaring away. I turned my head to look above me, and I was attacked by a strange dark bird of prey. I was instantly returned to human form after I was knocked out of the air and I began to fall. As fell from my serene flight, something caught me. Two great falcons had latched their talons onto my wrists, and they gently lowered me to the ground to safety before flying away.

Flying Turtle Apr 14th. at 1:55:49 am EDT

gail (boston mass.) Age: 61 - Email

i am a turtle. i have a tattoo taken from a card my oldest gave me on my 40th b'dy of a turtle swimming the sky to the moon carrying a small green frog on its back. i also get messages from ravens and at this juncture of my life am getting a lot of input from coyote in real and spirit worlds. also have a close bond to swans. this does not mean i ignore the menagerie that lives in my home (including of course turtles)

Mountain Lion No Doubt Apr 14th. at 5:00:07 am EDT

Shadowseeker (Kansas city) Age: 28 - Email

I have had too many friends in my life tell me that i remind them of a mountain lion. take for example that while running in the open I am only a medium runner but when there are obstacles I can be hard to beat. my hand eye and feet reflexes are blinding quick, and I can climb anything.

A Dragon, My Fox, And An Owl Apr 14th. at 5:04:27 am EDT

Fire Fox (Gessen Germany) Age: 22 - Email

Personally my kindred animal is a fox, it's name that alot of people that see me have said. I have this look of innocence when i'm thinking of under handed things, or just things to do. The more i think the more that I look innocent. there's one that live here in the area and he often comes by and says "hello". In his way offcourse.
The Owl in me is my totem animal that guides me along my path of in the spirit world. And those that know of Owl Med. Knows what I mean.
And then comes the Dragon that i try to emulate. With the power and the knowledge that they stand for.
And all of these different aspects come together into me and out in my mystic workings whatever that may be at the time.

Snowy Owl Apr 14th. at 5:34:33 am EDT

amy (southampton, england) Age: 22 - Email

strange how this came about really. i had no idea of my connection with owls until i had two experiences with two separate people. the first was with my tutor. we were walking out at night having performed a ritual. we heard an owl hoot behind us, and then we heard it again as though it was following us. the other experience was with a close friend who decided to teach me an animal meditation using the snowy owl picture on his wall. i felt at home with this immediately, so the owl became my special animal from then on.

I AM A DOG Apr 14th. at 7:58:57 am EDT

francesca (italy) Age: 20 - Email

I am faithful, kind, really not independent, trusty, and I like to be among people.
Proabably something else..
I can't think of right now.

Air And Water And Fire Apr 14th. at 8:33:50 am EDT

Blackbird (Scotland) Age: 22 - Email

I'ed say my main animal is a blackbird, I see him almost dayly but during meditation I'm often visited by an otter, hes very perky and full of life and energy. Ive been obsesed with Dragons since a very early age so I feel a conection there as well

Fox , Snake , Ox And Owl Apr 14th. at 8:51:31 am EDT

Bobby Trueman (Malta / Meditteranean Sea) Age: 11 - Email

I am like all those animals. I am cunning and crafty like a fox slippery like a snake , smart (so my parents & teachers tell me) like an owl and strong and heavy like an ox.

Wolf. Apr 14th. at 9:51:54 am EDT

Wolf's Voice (Singapore) Age: 28 - Email

Wolf is a part of me. Wolf is also me. Ally. Alter-go. I do growl, sometimes. ;)

I don't think one should completely conquer or tame the inner animal. Instead, we should work with our inner animals. Walk with them. Learn from them.

Wolf's Voice

Hmmmm... Apr 14th. at 10:00:23 am EDT

Anjie (North Dakota) Age: 20 - Email

I'd say that I identify most with dragons. I think that I might've been a dragon in a past life, though I'm not sure. I haven't attempted any kind of searching to find out yet, but I do feel... dragonish... sometimes. I feel like I have claws and fangs and talons like a dragon, and wings too. On some days, I feel like I could just leap up into the air and ride the winds all day long and I ache that my earth-bound body does not. I also have a dragon spirit friend/guide/companion. she says that she and I have been partners throughout time, but this time I had to go alone, 'cause I didn't learn something I should have last time. She and my dragon spirit both have names, though I'd rather not disclose them here.
The only animal curently living with me is my beta fish, Melvin the 4th. I do think I understand him some times, though I'm not sure if he understands me except to know that I give him food pellets. I grew up with a dog and two cats. I always felt that the dog, Maggie, treated me as the puppy she never could have. She and I would lie in the sun to relax togeather. We would also chase eachother arround the house and the yard, playing a wierd form of 'tag', where the one who was 'it' got to tackle the other one instead of tagging them. Maggie also always knew when I was particularly sad or upset. There was a point when I was seriously considering killing myself. I'd cry in my room and feel noone understood me, or cared about me. I felt like they mearly tolerated me. Maggie helped by showing me that at least one being would be upset if I weren't there. (I've since realized that many more would miss me, and don't even consider such things as plausible in my life) . Unfortunately, Maggie and both of my cats died in February of last year, in a fire in my parent's house. I miss them terribly, but I see their spirits arround occasionally. Maggie still comes when I cry, or need to cuddle.

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