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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 13 - 10/30/2000


This week's Pagan Perspective question is about other things that may lie in the future...or speak again from the past. Divination, scrying, inner journeying and many other techniques are often used during the times when the veils between the worlds are thin. This seems to be an exceptionally powerful and spiritually energetic season.

Did you/will you perform any divinations this week? Did you have any unusual-even for you!- experiences that were either hard to explain or especially powerful? See any ghosts? (Wren loves ghost stories!)

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A Ghostly Experience I Had At Halloween A Couple Of Years Ago... Oct 29th. at 8:54:32 pm UTC

Draco (Aylesbury, UK, England UK) Age: 26 - Email

A ghostly experience I had at Halloween a couple of years ago...

Myself and a friend went out to scour the English countryside to seek out a place for a Halloween ritual the following week. We took a wrong turning along a bridleway and came across an old derelict house - only half of it had fallen down.

We had a pretty good time wandering round the rest of the building that hadn't fallen down and nosing round all the out-buildings. We found a Victorian fire place still attached to a wall suspended above our heads - the floor had given way.

One room at the house was partially blocked. I pulled some of the rubble out of the way, my friend went in first and I followed. When I got inside I saw that she had a very frightened look on her face, and then I knew why. The vibes in that room were *terrifying*. You could really sense the fear in that room.

My friend had a torch with her and when she lit it, we discovered that we were in what was the slaughter house of the farm, and we felt that the fear we were feeling was the fear of the animals who had been slaughtered there.

I never went back to the house because I moved away from the area shortly afterwards, but I understand that my friend has been back to try and neutralise (at least) some of the feelings in that house.

But I will never forget the snesation of pure fear wash over me as I stepped into that room...

I Celebrated The Samhain Ritual This Weekend As I Wanted To Utilize... Oct 29th. at 9:07:15 pm UTC

Lynne-Renee (happy birthday to me!) (St. Louis' environs, Missouri US) Age: 29 - Email

I celebrated the Samhain ritual this weekend as I wanted to utilize the new moon energy and I tend to celebrate the Sabbats on the nearest weekend anyway. This year, my focus has turned to acknowledging the feminine side of spirituality. Among others, I called my loving ancestresses to be in circle with me (solitary, this year). I felt comfort and peace filling the circle, as usual. After the rite and some workings, I pulled out the tarot for divination. I asked for my ancestresses to talk to me. It is simple, but every single thing said was so full of love and support I was moved to teary eyes. What a blessing! I was definitely not alone this year for my solitary rite, nor am I ever if I can but hold that feeling of love and nurturing kindness within me.

Hi, All!; Hallows Is Generally A Sacred Season Around The Craft, But... Oct 29th. at 10:52:12 pm UTC

Tarostar (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 58 - Email

Hi, All!;

Hallows is generally a Sacred Season around the Craft, but some of us old timers try to celebrate about a Week after the calendrical Oct. 31st. We try for Old Hallows, generally between 5th - 8th November.

Some years we do a Dumb Supper for invited spirit kin. This year we will do a Welcome Home, Persephone, Party to re-ensconce Persephone in the Underworld for the Winter.

An enactment of her return to Hades and a party of celebration where the coveners will receive readings for themselves for the coming months.

Other years we celebrate a Descent of Inanna through the Seven Gates of the Underworld.

Different things for different years keeps the holiday fresh. BB

I Look Forward To Samhain, Although I Will Be Alone. My Beloved... Oct 30th. at 2:41:08 am UTC

Candle Ogham (Tamai, Italy) Age: 22 - Email

I look forward to Samhain, although I will be alone. My beloved Nanny has been with us since she died (esp. my oldest daughter, who plays with her) and I look forward to being with her in the circle. I will most definatly perform divination Tuesday and look so forward to it! I use the Ogham sticks as described by Amber K in True Magick and always get very strong readings. I also look forward to being near Nanny and telling her how much I love and miss her, although I have talked to her before. When my PaPaw remarried a year after her death, I went to his house with his new wife. I had to go into their bedroom alone so I could breastfeed my baby. I looked on the dresser and saw that she had her jewlery in my Nanny's jewlery box. I was enraged, to say the least. My heart began aching until I felt a sudden charge of energy in the room. A soothing voice in my mind told me, "It's okay, I like Sue and PaPaw should be happy. They have my blessings." I began crying and the energy left. It was such a beautiful moment that I did not want it to end.

This Past Friday I Was Told Some Very Hurtful News. Apparently Two... Oct 30th. at 2:52:07 pm UTC

Gryphontamer (Corona, California US) Age: 29 - Email

This past Friday I was told some very hurtful news. Apparently two of the members of my former grove (I'll call them Bob and Lena) have been spreading rumors about me and my best friend (Chaz) within the grove. They have not said anything to my face, but I was told of this by two people whose integrity I trust, who heard it directly from Bob and Lena. The substance of the rumors isn't important -- suffice to say they were not true, not in any way, shape or form. So that was one problem.

The other problem was that I knew Chaz also needed to know what was going on, because he was trusting Bob and Lena and shouldn't have been, and I didn't want to be a tale-bearer. He'd been their friend longer than mine, and I knew that no matter what else might happen, he was going to be very hurt and angry. I was afraid he would not believe me and that our friendship would end over this issue. And I wasn't able to contact him or see him until Sunday (he has no phone, and we always get together every Sunday).

I did the only thing I could think to do that might relieve my fear of losing his friendship. I got out my sodalite pendulum and asked it if Chaz would still be my friend after hearing this news. I directed the pendulum to swing back and forth if the answer was "yes", and in a circular motion if the answer was "no", then focused and asked the question.

The pendulum immediately began swinging side-to-side, and in huge arcs. The answer was obviously affirmative. I asked it a few other questions and all of them were the answers I expected -- "Are Bob and Lena actually stabbing me in the back like this?" "Is the grove going to break up?" All were answered "yes", until I asked this question: "Were Bob and Lena ever really my friends?" The pendulum changed direction so sharply it almost flew out of my grasp as it began describing circles (and widdershins circles at that!), a definite "no".

Feeling somewhat relieved, I also did a tarot reading to find out what was going on with Chaz. It was a three-card reading, past-present-future. It came up Judgment, The Empress, and The Three of Swords. "Rebirth, " "plenty and peace", and "heartbreak".

Which, it turned out, was exactly what was going on in his life. The rebirth was when he began to think for himself, the Empress was his current physical situation, and the heartbreak was, of course, in response to my news about Bob and Lena.

I saw him Sunday morning and told him what I knew. He was hurt and angry, but -- unlike what I'd thought -- not really surprised. And he swore that he would never give up his friendship with me for telling him the truth. He also told me he didn't have to talk to the people who'd warned me -- he knew I was telling the truth because I had never lied to him. As far as Bob and Lena.... well, let's not go there, shall we? He was mad enough to chew iron and spit out nails.

If this doesn't confirm my skills at divination to myself, I suppose nothing will Everything turned out just as the pendulum and cards said they would.

My tarot readings for others have always been right -- one of the most recent was when my friend Kate had just told her husband she was going to divorce him, and then asked me for a reading. In every reading prior on this issue, she always had the Ace of Cups (new emotional direction) followed by the Ten of Cups (complete emotional success) come up. In this reading, literally minutes after she'd told him that she was divorcing, her reading came up with the Tower (complete destruction) in the past and the Ten of Cups in the near future. No Ace of Cups showed up. I'd say that's a pretty good indicator that she finally took its advice .

Now I know that I can trust the divinations I do for myself, as well. That is such a great feeling.

(All names in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of my friends and ex-friends. Harm none, you know.)

I plan to do a divination tomorrow night on Samhain, too... about the outcome of the US elections. I would sleep a lot easier if I knew for certain that Gore would win, or at least that Bush would not....

In peace,

I Am Just Beggining To Learn More About Wicca Due To Several... Oct 30th. at 2:54:11 pm UTC

Emma (Manchester, England UK) Age: 25 - Email

I am just beggining to learn more about wicca due to several strange incidents that have happened to me recently. I am a 25yr old girl, and I had always believed in there being a spiritual dimension to our world but had never taken that thought any further. When I was about 17 I believed that I had seen my grandmother standing at the bottom of my bed at 2am one morning. I told myself it was a nightmare as my grandma was very ill and the next morning my mum got a call from the home saying she had passed away at 2am!

Nothing noticibly strange happened after this until recently, when I moved into my boyfriends flat. I had never felt happy sleeping in his flat and it had got to the point where I was taking tablets in order to sleep as I just couldn't fall asleep no matter how tired I was, it came to a head, one night when I hadn't taken anything and couldn't sleep. By 4am I had been drifting in and out and was totally frustrated so I got up and went to lay down on the couch in the living room. As I was lying there thinking to myself I suddenly felt like an electric shock had passed through my entire body. For a couple of seconds I couldn't breathe and my body was physically thrown of the couch into a sitting position. All I could feel was my heart hammering at a rate of notts. Totally shaken I scrambled of the couch and went to my partner. I refused to ever sleep there again! Since then he has admitted that his previous girlfriend refused to be left alone in the flat in the evenings even though she had no viable reason why.

A couple of months later he was staying in a hotel on business and I went to visit him. By now my nights were again back to normal and I had no problems sleeping. However this night I woke up and glancing across the room I saw an old man with a hat sitting in a rocking chair, just looking straight ahead and being quite peaceful. I myself felt no fright, I was just slightly alarmed at seeing what I thought must be a ghost. It lasted for only a couple of minutes and then he faded to nothing. I looked and looked but could see nothing - there wasn't even a rocking chair in the corner of the room.

This was 2 months ago now and I have had no further strange occurances apart from coincidences which seem to happen a lot more regularly than with other people I know. I will randomly think of someone and no sooner than I do that person will call me up or knock on my door. These have always happened to me but seem to be doing so every day now.

I am sorry if i am wasting your time but I don't know what to think, or if I am going mad!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

I've Got A New Deck I Want To Dedicate And Protect This... Oct 30th. at 5:28:32 pm UTC

Maythen Apple (Redding, California US) Age: 23 - Email

I've got a new deck I want to dedicate and protect this Samhain. It's actually a pretty big step for me. I used to practice divination in several ways (tarot, runes, water scrying, and flame scrying). But Ihad a bad experience that scared me away from it for several years. A friend desperatly wanted me to do a tarot reading fro him about a prospective love interest. I felt apprehensize but eventually agreed. Usually my readings are a trifle vauge and deal with the mental and emotional aspects of the situation. However, this reading was not like the others. The cards were very clear about concrete events. And what I saw before me frightened me. The cards indicated that his lady would actually realize she loved him, but only after his death. It went on to explain that she would be morally and emotionally devestated by the loss. An accident would befall him very soon.
I did not want to believe. I refused to tell him what I saw before me. I assumed I was misinterpreting the cards. Instead I twisted the meanings around to let him hear what he wanted to. I did not tell anyone what the cards had really said.
The next day my friends came to pick me up and take me to the hospital. Our friend had been hit by a car and was in a coma. He remained unconciouse for over a week on life support, untill his family decided to let him go and signed the papers to take him off. His girlfriends family would not even allow her to come see him.
After that she hit a pretty nasty downward spiral which she still hasn't come out of. I locked my tarot in a box and refused to do readings. I kept thinking over and over that I could have saved him if I had only told him the truth. But it was too late now. I still feel responsible for his death. I didn't trust my gift. Maybe if I had I could have saved him.
It's still difficult for me to face divination again. To put aside the guilt and self doubt. But I realize that I can't turn aside from it any longer. I refuse to allow negativity to take my gift from me, or taint it either.
So this Samhain will see me with a new deck. And special gifts for those I failed. I know that I am forgiven. But now I need to learn to forgive myself.

Divination Is Not Something To Do While You're Depressed, In The Middle... Oct 30th. at 7:01:54 pm UTC

Andele (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 32

Divination is not something to do while you're depressed, in the middle of a breakup or deeply anxious about something. All you will get is gobbly gook and even if you don't all you'll get is a) something that will depress you (if its negative) or 2) something that you won't believe anyway (if its positive).

Going through a breakup and hitting the online tarot every hour or so is kind of like hitting the bottle, you get stimluated and you just get a headache later and you'd better not get caught doing it at work. :) on the other hand if you can laugh at yourself doing it go right ahead. That's what I've been doing all week.

Better to go get some good music. Sting's Brand New Day is a fine breakup album if only for Desert Rose and the neat French-language rap song. Or dye your hair.

Self pity. gotta love it.

Ghost Stories! Who Doesn't Love Them? Mine Is Slightly Odd To Anyone... Oct 30th. at 10:30:18 pm UTC

NightTiger (Liverpool, New York US) Age: 16 - Email

Ghost stories! Who doesn't love them? Mine is slightly odd to anyone who doesn't know me very well. So a brief explination is due. My dreams are very powerful tools in my life. Not only do I get glimses of the future (that no matter what I do I can't seem to change because my attempt to change them shows up in the dreams) but I do a lot of astral walking in my dreams. On to my ghost story.
Not very unusually for me, but I ended up on the astral plane one All Hallow's Eve. Of course being nine I didn't know it was the astral plane but I know realize just how important this dream was for me. My great grandmother had passed away earlier that year, and I'd been spending a long time thinking of my grandfather who I had never known because he died when I was three months. Anyways, I'm out on the Astral Plane, talking with my guides (I thought they were just imaginary friends at the time, wrong again! hehehe) when all of a sudden a beautiful women and man came up to me. Smiling they sat down and taught me several mental games and mentioned some family stories I hadn't heard. I heard the man turn to the women and say "I wish she had been able to know me, as her grandfather, not just her mother's dead father. You were lucky to spend so much time with her Elizabeth (my great-grandmother's name)." I couldn't believe it, but I woke up feeling so much better about them passing away. Such a big settled relief.
Anyways, maybe you all will get to talk to your relatives :) Many Bright and lovely Blessings

A Time Of Letting Go. Out With The Old, In With The... Oct 31st. at 12:14:01 pm UTC

Secular Pagan (Minneapolis, Minnesota US) Age: 37 - Email

A time of letting go. Out with the old, in with the new. Earlier this month I did a full Tarot reading (everyday I usually use one or three cards) on something that had been a long-time literary obsession of mine that I was trying to understand. The Tower came up in the "root" position, but it wasn't until a few days ago, reading some commentary on The Tower, that the meaning struck me fully and clearly: What once served to open my creativity and inspire my own vision is now getting in the way of pursuing that original, personal vision. It is time to acknowledge the role that this obsession played in unlocking my creativity and then let it go, move on, shift my focus from the other person's "world" to the "world" and charcters that *I* have given birth to. I have been doing some clearing out of books, etc., on the old subject and have already felt the expansiveness and sense of relief that comes from shedding dead weight.

Since then, I have also been overwhelmed with a resurgent wellspring of new ideas, direction, inspiration regarding my career and harmonizing my various creative interests. Details would clutter up this board unfairly ;-) but I found it interesting that the Fool, a long-standing companion in my journey, came to the fore once again, promising to play a prominent role in my future endeavors!

So, after trick-or-treating for UNICEF (as good an excuse as any to dress up as Groucho Marx and gallavant through the autumn night!), I plan to spend this Samhain in a quiet, solitary ritual of letting go of the old and visualizing and welcoming the new, bringing closure to the past and ushering in the present-future.

Secular Pagan

Well, No Ghost Stories But The Fearies Have Been Having Their Fun... Oct 31st. at 12:40:38 pm UTC

MachaCrow (Charles Town, West Virginia US) Age: 31

Well, no ghost stories but the Fearies have been having their fun!
This week I have been locked out of my running w/lights on, stereo blasting, hood popped up Neon. (a car without power locks and two of them were unlocked when I left the car to check my mailbox).

I've "lost" several items to find them in the first place I looked - note, mostly shiny things of gold or silver...

And some horrible fog (which the natives say is normal, but I refuse to believe) in the mornings - you know the bad zombie movie type fog, no frogs, birds, crickets or sounds.

And lastly some 1.5 ft. gray spectre with a tail running across my dining table - I wonder if cats can have OBEs?

It's been a fun Samhain/Halloween this year. Magick has been afoot since about three days before the New Moon. I can't wait to see what they have cooked up for tonight's entertainment! LOL

Greetings All, I Read Tarot Regularly, And Have Had Several Odd Occurences... Oct 31st. at 1:20:34 pm UTC

Whitefeather (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario CA) Age: 16 - Email

Greetings all,

I read Tarot regularly, and have had several odd occurences with them in the past. ie Knowing about a person's childhood when I've never met them before etc

and tonight (Samhain) I plan to read the cards for as many people as I can to see if the viel between the worlds will be lifted enough for me to see the future/past more clearly than usual. Wish me luck!

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