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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 39 - 4/30/2001

Who Are Your Gods?

Who are your Gods/Old Ones/Ancestors? Did you choose Them or did They choose you? Do you believe/perceive Them as merely evolved Beings-or are They indeed the all-powerful Masters of the Universe? Do you believe/perceive that Gods/Goddesses/Ancestors/Old Ones are extensions of your higher self, separate and distinct Beings of personality or 'all Gods and Goddesses are One'? In your times of need, do you believe that They can overturn the Laws of Karma/The Fates/The Norns for you? Why do you suppose that some prayers/pleas/invocations are seemingly ignored while others may be answered? Do you feel that the Gods/Ancestors/Old Ones may sometimes 'use' you to accomplish some greater plan than you may be humanly aware of? How do you feel about that? What has been your most powerful, meaningful or life-altering encounter with Them?

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Who Are Your Gods? They Are The Ones You Should Believe In... Apr 29th. at 12:09:29 am UTC

Perrin (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 24

Who Are Your Gods? They are the ones you should believe in, as I follow the black goat, I realize that are a multitude of spiritual beings, that much I think Catholicism has right. I dislike being used for "Good" purposes, as the gods that do this frequently have their own agenda, which does not usually include my well being. As to why some prayers are answered & some not, we will never know the answer to that one, & I can personally vouch that it has nothing to do with how high up you are, I live in mile high Denver, & if altitude had anything to do with it the whole city would have thousands of major miracles every day. Perhaps the answering lies in 2 areas, the person asking, & what type of god the person is praying to. If you pray to an almighty being for something small, or petty, then don't be suprised when He/She ignores you, but if you pray to a God for a specific reason, & that God is able to help, then usually they do, but in either case be careful what you wish for. The classic example of not guarding your tounge is the Leprechaun. Wish for a pot of gold, & you will get one, so the old legends say, but if you don't tell the little guy where you want it, & how much, you might have serious prohlems. I do think that humanity has chased away a lot of the Gods, mostly because a large portion of us don't keep our word, and the rest may not like the overhead power lines we use on a daily basis. We must be wary of being considered fanatics, there are a few amoung those ranks that disturb me, which takes a bit of doing. No one should ever follow a God or a leader blindly, & yet millions do.

Personally I think chance determines fate, fate determines deestiny, and humanities destiny has not been achieved yet, despite 2, 000 years of our shooting for it.

I've Recently Done Some Soul Searching, And Realised That I Recognize No... Apr 29th. at 1:29:26 pm UTC

Artemis Moonshadow (Kfar Saba, Israel) Age: 15 - Email

I've recently done some soul searching, and realised that I recognize no Deity.
I'm an Atheist. Nature herself puts me in Awe, I see the Earth as my home and sacred place. I don't believe any one needs a deity if one truly believes in oneslef.
I don't see the Forces of nature and diving, they're just the forces of nature and they're powerful and should be respected, but worshiped, I don't think so.
Everything has a soul or spirit and we are all unifies in the oness of the Universe, but the universe is not God.
As I Witch, I recognize the flowings and movements of nature herslef and I use those movements for my own workings. But now when I do rituals I realise I don't need to invite Deity becasue there is no Deity and all you need are the elemnts and your own mind in the words of Granny Weatherwax "Headology".
Many Pagans would disagree with me and that's fine, I would probably disagree with many other Pagans.
Any way the way I view my path in life is as an Atheist Witch, I'm probably still considered Pagan becasue of going according to the movements of Nature.
As for Karma, my life motto has always been whatever goes around comes around eqally.
Blessed Be.

I've Been Pondering This Question Lately. And The Only Answer I Can... Apr 29th. at 9:42:18 pm UTC

L. (New York, New York US) Age: 20 - Email

I've been pondering this question lately. And the only answer I can come up with is that my deity is an androgynous One. This sounds monotheistic and I am a bit worried about that sometimes, but I find the polarization of supposedly "male" and supposedly "female" energies and deities just as troubling. I would like to work towards working with a pair of androgynous beings, or perhaps to be able to somehow "fragment" that One and work with its many facets, but I'm not there yet. I used to use "Lord" and "Lady, " as opposed to any specific deity names, but even that has become too gender-oriented for this young queer feminist witch. :-) There are many ways to bring the energy we call "spirit" or "deity" or "God/dess" into your rituals and into your life. I simply haven't found the exactly right way yet. I'm getting there, but because I can't accept the way we tend to define "male" and "female" I can't take the distinction in my works. There are different energies out there, but there are more than two, and they reside in all of us.

Generally, One Can Have A Particular God Or Goddess Who Seems To... Apr 29th. at 10:53:14 pm UTC

Tarostar (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 59 - Email

Generally, one can have a particular God or Goddess who seems to embody one's own ideals and attitudes. That Deity is the one who seems to push him or herself into your waking consciousness all through your life at various times.

Mine is Athena. I approach Witchcraft/Magic/Paganism through a cerebral
mode of action and understanding.

I honor the Olympians as archetypes of a healthy Pagan community, but I do not "worship" in the sense most seem to apply from an xtian Past.

Gods need no worship for being Gods; doing their job.

I would rather apply my own mind and occult abilities in the Universe for problems than ask the Gods for help. A Witch should be able to work the warp and woof of metaphysical Time and Space on his/her own, not so?

My Gods Are All The Gods (except For A Few Who I... Apr 29th. at 11:28:45 pm UTC

suicidal angel (Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand) Age: 13 - Email

My gods are all the gods (except for a few who I really find evil), but I have a few that I dedicate myself to regularly, sometimes in a sub-consious way. They are Venus, Persephone, and although many pagans may disagree on whether or not she is a godess also Eve, the mother of humanity. As you can see I tend to favour the female's over the males. For a while I tried being both sexes, but It really wasn't working because I seemed to connect far better to the females.
As for whether they chose me or the other way around, neither. I believe that the god/ess that we worship are already within us. All of them are, but some are stronger than others. It really boils down to who you are inside, and whether who you are inside connects more toward one diety or another. I beleive that the gods are not the supreme rulers of the universe, but the embodiements of our belief. The different energies that we have created ourselves. The outward manifestations of daily life.
Some prayers and invocations are ignored most likely because that is the best thing to happen right then. It may be that when the prayer was offered it wasn't offered from the depths of the heart & soul, or that the intentions weren't altogether *good* even if they outwardly appeared so. The hidden concious grabs the prayer and doesn't release it. The other reason may be that the diety you call upon may have a tendency to ignore plea's. If the god/ess is said to do just that it may well have decided to remind us that he/she isn't here just for us.
The Lord and the Lady are both equall to me, but I tend to connect with the godess more because Im female. The Lord however is still strong within me in my spirit, for I am a warrior at heart, and that is a *generally* masculine thing.
The gods are different for everyone, so we each need to look within ourselves to find them before we can find them outside.

I'm Still Searching Myself For The Answer, I Have Been For About... Apr 30th. at 12:35:10 am UTC

Amanda S. (Anoka, Minnesota US) Age: 16

I'm still searching myself for the answer, I have been for about a year now. I have come to the conclusion, and stayed with the belief that there is an all. In this great mass, which is the universe itself, there is the masculine, and the feminine. The God and the Goddess. I believe they themselves are a greater force, rather than simple deities. We see the Goddess in each of us, in the moon above our heads, in the grass beneath our feet. We see the God in all men..and yes, women too, the Sun above, and the wind that sweeps by us. (Don't ask why, I've always seen the wind as a masculine force) THrough the ages, different cultures have taken portions of the Lord and the Lady, and broken them down into separate deities. And, it has always seemed to me, easier to ask of a small part of the Lord or the Lady, a smaller deity, such as Bast or Apollo. I identify most with the goddess Bast, if I must choose a deity. For years, she's captivated me, I never quite knew the reason. But, I feel dedicated to her, and Her statue sits on my small, rather unused altar. ^^

I Have Had An Experience Recently That Makes Me Believe That Gods... Apr 30th. at 2:42:28 am UTC

Coyotegirl (Quad Cities, Illinois US) Age: 23 - Email

I have had an experience recently that makes me believe that gods can choose you, that is, appear in the form you most need. It might sound flaky, but this is what happened. I was entering a really transitional peroid in my life and was looking for something to kickstart my future. It just so happened that there was a "Women of Egypt" exhibit at our local museum, and being fascinated with all things ancient egyptian, I went the day before it closed. It was an egyptian pagan's delight, but I was particularly mesmerized with the statues of Sekhmet, goddess of war and healing. I felt a presence come to me, and on the way home I got a strong desire to look into the military as a career. For a couple months I researched and turned the idea over in my head. I am now in the process of joining the National Guard and I feel a very strong closeness with Sekhmet who I believe came to lead me in a positive direction just as my life was becoming the most unstable.

I Belive That Deity Is Within As Well As Without. We All... Apr 30th. at 3:32:08 am UTC

Angela McMullen (Montoursville, Pennsylvania US) Age: 22 - Email

I belive that deity is within as well as without. We all have a little bit of divinity within us after all in my belief system They created us. I believe that everything has a spirit. The animals, the trees, the rocks. But I also think that deities are also beings all their own. I had a dream once about the God/dess and in that dream They gave me the name that I use when I speak with Them. It was very vivid and enlightening. The goddess whom I am most drawn to is Diana. I had dreams about Her. I tried studying other pantheons but for some reason she kept calling me back. So in a way They do choose you. I beleive that there is an All and that the gods and goddesses come from that All. Kind of like the All is the parent and the gods and goddesses are the children. This is just my personal belief system and spirituality.

Gentle Breezes


I've Recently Done Some Soul Searching, And Realized That I Recognize No... Apr 30th. at 9:30:30 am UTC

Artemis Moonshadow (Kfar Saba, Israel) Age: 15 - Email

I've recently done some soul searching, and realized that I recognize no Deity.
I'm an Atheist. Nature herself puts me in Awe, I see the Earth as my home and sacred place. I don't believe any one needs a deity if one truly believes in oneself.
I don't see the Forces of nature and diving, they're just the forces of nature and they're powerful and should be respected, but worshiped, I don't think so.
Everything has a soul or spirit and we are all unifies in the oness of the Universe, but the universe is not God.
As I Witch, I recognize the flowings and movements of nature herself and I use those movements for my own workings. But now when I do rituals I realize I don't need to invite Deity because there is no Deity and all you need are the elements and your own mind in the words of Granny Weatherwax "Headology".
Many Pagans would disagree with me and that's fine, I would probably disagree with many other Pagans.
Any way the way I view my path in life is as an Atheist Witch, I'm probably still considered Pagan because of going according to the movements of Nature.
As for Karma, my life motto has always been whatever goes around comes around equally.
Blessed Be.

In Reality, I Do Not Believe In Diety So Much As In... Apr 30th. at 11:01:23 am UTC

Juana Bruja (Saint Cloud, Florida US) Age: 30 - Email

In reality, I do not believe in diety so much as in the living energy of the universe. However, I'm only human, and as a human I benefit from having symbolic representations upon which I can focus. In my instance as a practitioner of Brujeria, I have two main figures, Mayahuel and Guadelupe. Mayahuel came to me in a dream. She is the Aztec goddess of the maguey planet and of the fermented beverages it produces (such as tequila). What I really found in her was the heart of a people, the way her sacred plant lies at the heart of Mexican culture and its gifts the lifeblood of a people. Guadelupe is sometimes controversial among Pagans who do not understand her unifying significance. In one sense, Guadelupe is the Virgin Mary. But in a much greater sense, Guadelupe represents the Great Mother of what we call the New World (which is not new at all). While Mayahuel gives me strength and ability, I call upon Guadelupe for guidance. The best example I have had of her power recently was before, during, and after I had my wisdom teeth extracted. Both Mayahuel and Guadelupe, plus myself, the bruja, make up a feminine trio which is virtually unbeatable.

I Believe In Jesus, Allah, Buddha, And The Goddess. I Feel That... Apr 30th. at 12:53:52 pm UTC

JourneyWalker (Covington, Kentucky US) Age: 17

I believe in Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and the Goddess. I feel that there is one being but just different names.

Greetings All! My Name Is Heidi, Iam A 35 Year Old Heathen... Apr 30th. at 1:01:20 pm UTC

heidi (stump city) Age: 35

Greetings all! My name is Heidi, Iam a 35 year old heathen, of Germanic, Slavic and Celtic decent. I wanted to share two of my dreams, as they were most important to me in knowing the Gods of my path. Yes, I feel in my bones and heart the Gods and Goddesses are real. They make the Cosmos "go". They manifest in many forms and ways, they help, they hinder, they just sit back and don't care. Sometimes they give, or take. These dreams all manifested at times of spiritual need, the first when I was newly exposed to the traditions of my Germanic ancestors, and the second when life was harder than it is now for me. I consider them gifts, and all the subsequent dreams They send. Once I dreamnt about walking down a mountain trail, high snow capped mountains around me, soft new spring greenery was everywhere, and the trail was bordered with flowers, larkspur, daisies, lupines.As I walked I busily picked up eagles feathers from the trail, my arms were full of them. Over head a huge , beautiful eagle, soared into the branches of the biggest oak tree I have ever seen. It perched on top, and gazed down at me, watching as I gathered it's feathers. Now in this dream I was lucid, meaning I knew conciously that this was not a dream induced by my dinner, no, this was a "special" dream, and it was important. I looked up at the eagle, and behind it a huge thunderhead boiled and rolled, the wind kicked up and a massive bolt of lightnening slashed across the skylike a golden net. Where there should have been a thunder clap to shake my bones, the eagle looked me in the eyes and opened it's golden beak saying "I AM WODAN!!!!" It's voice boomed out over the mountains, shook the earth, and brought me to tears of joy. It gazed on me with such strong love and power that I knew I was in the right place. I was not scared, but I knew that I was seeing the Gods Wodan and Donnar. I woke up abruptly, and thanked the Gods for their message. This was how I came to know Wodan/Odin and Donnar /Thor. Many months later, when my life was full of turmoil, I dreamnt of standing alone on the Ukrainian steppe. The wind howled in my ears, and when I looked down at my feet I saw I wore soft leather boots. My tunic was fine linen, my pants of wool, dyed red and silk embriodered. My long hair was braided in ornate coils. Over my tunic I wore a mail shirt of fine gold. I stood and gazed out across the wind tossed field. It was midsummer, and Saule, the Queen Sun, was high in the sky. I saw in the distance a rider, and he was dressed in golden armor, in the manner of the old russian warriors. His horse was white and splendid. The rider came to me and told me He was Perun, the God of my ancestors, and that there were other Gods who watched out for me. With that he pointed to the four directions and other riders appeared. They rode up, and each was dressed in the old manner, beared and in in glorious armor. They spent the dream telling me many magical things and when I awoke I wept. It was this dream that helped me to be strong, to have courage, to be brave. My life improved, and I began to actively honor the Gods/Goddesses of my Slavic and Germanic ancestors. During a summer thunder storm I dedicated myself to Donnar /Perun, the lightening crashing and flashing as I stood barefoot in pouring rain, spinning and singing. Pouring out dark stout ale to Him, My clothes drenched, legs muddied, I laughed with joy. I asked for a sighn, and the sky flashed with white hot brilliance, Thor's hammer split the sky.. I built household altars, and in the local park I found a fresh water spring, hidden from the main trail. I would go there and leave offerings and such.Pray, sing, ask Nerthus/Mokosh for Her blessings and thank Her for all that She has done. She answered. When I went there and cried out my sorrows over a lostlove, She helped me to find center again. I brought mead, bread and honey to a thicket of wild roses and raspberries that grew over a large boulder. I poured out the honey to Freya, and broke the bread for Her there. I poured out a bottle of mead, well, I did drink some of it too:) Mead sweet and sticky ran golden over the smooth stone, and honey bees came to lap it up. I don't always ask for personal help or boons to be granted by Freya. (or any of the Gods) I honor them with offerings, art, songs, good dinners, toast in their honor, and ritual. But a year ago when I had had enough of being a bachelorette I asked for my log term mate to be made know to me. I had a list of particulars about him. I lit a fire, I burned herbs, I hopped up and down and wailed about my plight.
Freya heard my plea for a loving devoted wonderful mate, and She has blessed me with love, friendship, and prosperity in many ways. I thank Her.

Sometimes The Gods/Goddesses help us, sometimes They trip us, and sometimes They say "time to come home now, back to the Summerlands.." I have wondered many times why the Gods did not stop the xtians from destroying Their holy places, why people turned away from their traditions. I wonder too why The Goddesses allow women to remain objects of abuse or scorn in many parts of the world. Why we are allowed to go on destroying the earth, I wonder on many things like this. I don't have the answers.
I don't get to know all that until I too cross over, and even then maybe I still won't know. I do know that i feel the Gods manifest in my world, in this
walk through life. I honor them as best I can, and am pleased that this is my path.

In friendship and joy, heidi the smith "

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