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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 43 - 5/28/2001

What's On Your Balloon?

We've all seen the bumper stickers and pins: 'Question Authority' or 'Hate is NOT a Family Value' or 'It's Been Lovely, But I Really Have To Scream Now'. Suppose every morning when you got up, there was a big bunch of slogan-balloons there that you had to give away during the day. What would YOUR balloons say and who would you give them to-- and why? (Sure hope some of those balloons make it over to a few of the political circus performers out there!) Wren (self-confessed ex-hippie chick and 70's put-the-daisy-in-the-gun-barrel-political activist) thinks this might be a good real-time idea to consider at protest rallies or to exchange at Pagan Pride events. Would YOU be gutsy enough to actually do something like this?

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Hi!; Anyone Who Knows Me, Knows I Like To Keep Politics Out... May 27th. at 11:10:14 pm EDT

Tarostar (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 59 - Email

Hi!; Anyone who knows me, knows I like to keep politics out of Witchcraft
altogether. I take issue with the political activists and those who demonstrate
for causes that are not "Craft" related.

Religious expression, spilling into the political, or economic, or social activist
arena, I would mistrust on general priciples. Since when has "religion" ever made
one a better person? One has to be a decent Human Being above and beyond one's religious persuasion.

This seems to be an era of "causes" and I am not sure most of them are conducive to furthering the interests of Witchcraft.

Politics, agendas, social engineering, eco-terrorism, and professional demonstrating can be valid in themselves, for those so inclined. However,
I would like to keep the religious element, of any variety, out of the picture.

Hey All Its Me, Whitefeather (again!) I Have A Few Little Sayings... May 28th. at 11:23:47 am EDT

Whitefeather (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario CA) Age: 17 - Email

hey all its me, Whitefeather (again!) I have a few little sayings that I positively love, and would definatley spread around in the form of buttons, bumperstickers and balloons. They are, in no particular order; "Pagans love to party!", "How dare you presume I'm Christian?" "Doing my part to piss off the religious right", "I brake for toads", "Arrive Alive"(I'm my highschool's OSAID president. Osaid stands for Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving) "I smile because I don't know what's going on..." That's all! Blessings and Light!

I Have Many Favorite Sayings, But I Think My Number 1 Pick... May 28th. at 12:32:23 pm EDT

Arden MacKinnon (Alameda, California US) Age: 31 - Email

I have many favorite sayings, but I think my Number 1 pick would have to be, "I love my Country, but I fear my Government." The sad part is, I saw this on a bumper sticker once, and didn't buy it. I haven't found it again, but when I can bet that I'll buy it.

My Balloon Would Proudly Say: Full Of Haute Air... May 28th. at 4:19:13 pm EDT

Silver MayKitten (Springfield, Missouri US) Age: 56

My balloon would proudly say: Full of haute air.

My Slogan Would Be "live Until You Die, Then Do It Again... May 28th. at 4:19:58 pm EDT

Dyan (Potter Valley, California US) Age: 41

My slogan would be "Live until you die, then do it again."
I'd use it to encourage people to actively participate in life rather than merely exist, and to not fear death, to stretch a bit each day and not be afraid to try new experiences. To see the circle in everything, and know the peace and power that accepting the circle brings. To embrace change.

How About: Just Say Know! Or: Fly By The Seat Of Your... May 28th. at 4:31:36 pm EDT

Trish Telesco (Western, New York US) Age: 41 - Email

How about: Just say Know!

Or: Fly by the seat of your Broomstick... OR

* The meaning of life is: You're not dead yet (so do something with it!)

* Hard work is Good Magick

* Don't tell me about your prophesies unless they can grow corn (I can't take credit for this - it's a native american saying, but what a mouthful!)

* Magick is a birthright

* Witches take the "super" out of supernatural

Beware Of Attack Frog Is The Sign On My Side Door. My... May 28th. at 4:45:33 pm EDT

Mark Taylor (Snoqualmie, Washington US) Age: 48 - Email

is the sign on my side door. My sister gave that one.

I'm also fond of a bumper sticker I had on my office door at work:

My own saying:

Forgive Me For Providing Two "balloons". The First: The Meaning Of Family... May 28th. at 6:06:27 pm EDT

Marea (Niagara Falls, Ontario CA) Age: 30 - Email

Forgive me for providing two "balloons".

The first:

The meaning of family values, is that we are all a family and we all have value." - Christopher Reeve

The second:

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." - Azure green

I Am A Huge Beatlemaniac So I Would Have Many Balloons And... May 28th. at 9:03:48 pm EDT

Pandora (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 16 - Email

I am a HUGE Beatlemaniac so I would have many balloons and bumper-stickers. Here they are:

1) It's all in the mind, you know!
2) All You Need is Love
3) The walrus was Paul (or was he?)
4) Why did you push the button?

Obviously, you would have to know either me and/or the Beatles to have any clue.

The second one is always my signoff when I leave a chatroom. I do believe it, dearly.

MP and BB!
Tashi dalai

Though I'd Never Have The Guts I'd Love To Take Some Balloons... May 29th. at 1:48:03 am EDT

Amara Echo (Regina, Saskatchewan CA) Age: 23 - Email

though i'd never have the guts i'd love to take some balloons to my min. wage job in retail sales, to hand out to some of my nastier customers, who hassle me about things i have no control over(i.e. that our price signs all say "and up" in teeny tiny letters in the bottom corner...)they would say:

"would 6 bucks an hour be enough for YOU to put up with yourself?"
"i'm just the hired help"

on a less bitter and superficial note, there are some quotes i'd love to have on bumper stickers, to go along with my "my karma ran over my dogma"

"free me now to give me place, keep me caged and free the beast"-3 Doors Down
"we are gods in the body of god, truth and love our destinies"-from the egyptian Book of the Dead
"it only makes sense to me that God is a woman"-Jim Morrison

I Do Not Know If I Would Really Be Willing To Give... May 29th. at 2:15:41 am EDT

Garrett LoneWolfe (Fountain Valley, California US) Age: 29 - Email

I do not know if I would really be willing to give out balloons as a course of normal business. However, if it were a protest definately. It makes such a fitting gesture.

The one slogan I use more than any in both my personal and professional life is "Take responsibility for your own actions." That to me is the most important rule in life.

Well, I Try To Go Through Life Keeping A Low Profile. So... May 29th. at 5:52:32 am EDT

Big John (South Amboy, New Jersey US) Age: 40

Well, I try to go through life keeping a low profile. So I'm a little too chicken to go around handing out balloons to an angry public, but it's possible the safest path isn't necessarly the best path. Especially considering the condition of the world today.

My favorite saying (that I saw mentioned in an earlier response) "Love my Country - Fear my Government". Yes, I saw the bumper sticker too (sadly, I didn't buy one either).

For my tech friends out there (I'm an engineer of sorts): "Don't forget what you already have learned" and "Keep it Simple". Good advise for all of us tech folk who look for the most expensive, environmentally unfriendly, and complex solution to a technical problem.

For all of us who work for a living: "Work so that you can live - not the other way around" and "Even if you win the rat race you're still a rat".

For all the union folk out there: "United we stand - Divided we beg!".

Lastly, for all of us: "Freedom is a right - not a privilege!".

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