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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 44 - 6/4/2001

Do You Spend Money with Pagan Merchants?

With the rise in commercial ventures in the Pagan community we just had to ask. IN THE PAST 6 MONTHS, what pagan merchants did you give your hard earned cash to? Was there anything that you needed? Are you all set? What did you buy? What are you planning on purchasing from Pagan Merchants? Do you buy your books from Amazon or from a Pagan shop? So many questions but the bottom line is ... IN THE PAST 6 MONTHS was there anything that is sold by the Pagan community that you are interested it?

 Reponses:   There are 24 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Hi, All!; Before Retiring, I Spent 30 Years In The Occult Supply... Jun 4th. at 12:04:37 am EDT

Tarostar (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 59 - Email

Hi, All!; Before retiring, I spent 30 years in the occult supply business
and "trade" aspect of the Craft.

Were I to depend on other Witches, business would have been a bust long ago.
Providing the ingredients for spells, charms and hexes for all occasions, is in demand, not by other Witches, but by the Cowans, who don't want to be Witches, but want the use of Witch powers.

The Witch is a human archetype, who provides the things which take care of problems of love, luck, money, revenge, psychic prognostication and to rid
the ooga-boogas from one's life. Cowans want that metaphysical extra to bear on those problems and seek out the Witch for help.

Generally, Witches will get their spellcasting ingredients from anywhere it is convenient, not necessarily a specialty metaphysical shop. Tools, they generally make themselves. The inexperienced and the new age afficianados buy from those shops.

Being a Witch, I always cultivated the Cowans as customers. Witches as customers are only an extra feature of the trade, but not essentially integral.
What is really unknown, by the mainstream, who assume that only other Witches and occultists buy from an occult shop, is the numbers of non-witch, ordinary
"mundane" types who are customers for a Witch's wares. The numbers would stagger the mainstream.

As for me being a customer for such shops, generally only for books. If I need spellcasting ingredients, I make my own, or make due, or buy anywhere it is convenient, like any other hard core occultist.

As Disiderius (sp?) Erasmus Once Said: "when I Get A Little Money... Jun 4th. at 12:37:46 am EDT

Rose Anna (Exeter, New Hampshire US) Age: 22 - Email

As Disiderius (sp?) Erasmus once said: "When I get a little money I buy books. Then if anything is left I buy food and clothes."
This is absolutely true for me. Most of my spending money goes towards books with some kind of pagan theme to it. I have recently bought books on Kitchen Witchery, dream interpretation, and even a book of prayers to the Goddess(I'm not the most word-creative person). But my most recent purchase has been a new teen series called The Circle of Three. I had been looking for the teen series by Silver Ravenwolf, just to see if it was any good, and I saw this series instead. I was surprised at the fact that it is published by Avon books(which is a Harper-Collins imprint)a definitely non-pagan publisher. I was also surprised that it is accurate and shows right off the bat the consequences of casting love spells and the like. Basically, a girl gets assigned a history paper on the witch burning during the Inquisition. When she goes to the library, she just takes out all the books they have on Witchcraft, and when she goes through them at home, she finds that one is a book of spells. It does apparently have all the other stuff that beginning Wicca books have, but being a teenager, she skips right to the spells section. She immediately casts a love spell to make her crush like her, and another to help her get good grades. Of course, all the spells go way out of control, and she seeks the help of the other two people who took out the book recently to work it out. By the second book, they find out about Wicca and vow to not to anymore spells until they know better what they are doing. So far they have kept that promise and are actually learning about the religion itself. The information in the books is factual and very well written. They are not at all campy, like some movies and television shows I could mention. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone, even though it's "teen fiction." The Past 6 Months. I Really Don't Do That Much... Jun 4th. at 2:23:20 am EDT

Angela McMullen (Montoursville, Pennsylvania US) Age: 22 - Email the past 6 months. I really don't do that much shopping. My funds are rather limited. By no means am I a rich witch *Grin*. I believe that the last product I bought was a Pagan book which was unfortunately not from a Pagan merchant. We have a merchant at the edge of town which sells Pagan-based merchandise that I try to frequent but the items are in a higher price range than I can afford. It's not the proprietor's fault, she needs to make a living just as much as the next person. I have to say I spend most of my money on Pagan based books. I love to read. As far as other items, I simply find them in nature as I need them. No sophisticated magickal gizmos for me LOL. However, I do believe that if one can, they should help support local Pagan merchants by purchasing their wares.

Gentle Breezes

Autumn SilverFerret;0)

Yes! Yes! Yes! I Wholeheartedly Support Pagan Merchants And Do Everything Possible... Jun 4th. at 7:43:12 am EDT

Trish Telesco (western, New York US) Age: 41 - Email

YES! YES! YES! I wholeheartedly support Pagan Merchants and do everything possible to bring myself and others to those I personally respect. There are many merchants in our community who help create the village atmosphere of many gatherings. Without those fine people and their dilligent efforts many festivals would suffer greatly. Why? Because these very same people are also often speakers and facilitators in their own right.

The first that come to mind are Don and Daniella Waterhawk who absolutely amaze me with the quality of their work, their warm energy, love of the community, kindness, and the way they touch lives whether they're speaking or selling (see Another merchant I appreciate is BlackHawk who is doing wonderful things with gourds giving whole new meaning to creative ( There are so many others - Rose at Kalimart who offers great pagan sheik at pagan friendly prices, Dana and her dragons -- in my mind I am looking down merchants row with a smile and thinking of how many of these people have become friends who I depend on for not only goods but good conversation! There isn't room to list everyone here!

I think this speaks very highly of our community in terms of having people with integrity selling goods. BRAVO to our merchants and artists who bring all those wonderful things to us.

Oh, Absolutely, And Especially Now More Than Ever! As A Matter Of... Jun 4th. at 9:03:18 am EDT

Kerry Marie McGrath (Warren, New Jersey US) Age: 33 - Email

Oh, absolutely, and especially NOW more than ever! As a matter of fact, just last night, I pulled "Witches" by Erica Jong out just to read some of the poems, and that Barnes & Noble receipt was there. I said to myself, "gee, Kerr, you can order these from the on-line pagan shops." (I presume that's one and the same as a merchant?) But yes, in the last six months, I've ordered Celtic CDs, incense sampler packs, incense burners, window treatments, greeting cards (including "generic-holiday-type cards" for my die-hard Christian relatives), scarves, gifts (jewelery for my nieces and girlfriends) and 4 different 14K gold-plated pentacles until I finally decide to "settle" on one for when I self-initiate or am initiated (I'm still in a major study phase). If I find a site that I find extremely helpful needs a sponsorship, then I sponsor it - either in the form of a straight out sponsorship or buy purchasing a t-shirt. In fact, I've been doing quite a lot of surfing just for items for my altar when I'm ready to construct it. Since the weather is getting nicer, I can plan a trip to New Hope, PA, where they have a wonderful Pagan shop, I'm told. In fact, if my budget and work schedule allows, they offer Wicca 101 and 102 classes there. (Laurie Cabot gives her Witchcraft as a Science classes at the same place; I figured, heck, these guys must be great!) I will try to purchase my books through Pagan shops in the future because right now my books are the most important thing right now. However, I have to say that most of the on-line Pagan shops bring you directly into anyway. Probably depends on the shops that you're surfing. I do have a few personal favorites so I'll probably keep supporting them and more likely than not keep experimenting w/ others (since I did admit weeks ago that I am a shop-o-holic...)

Cudos For What "tarotstar" Wrote (1st Post): As A Witch, I Usually... Jun 4th. at 10:06:42 am EDT

John (New Naumkeag) Age: 34 - Email

Cudos for what "Tarotstar" wrote (1st post): as a Witch, I usually get or make the physical tools I might need for crafting magic from Nature. (But when I can't, I try to buy what I need from a true "witch-shop" instead of a mainstream store, to support the community and for better quality things!)

As for what I *do* buy from pagan merchants...

The ONE type of place that CONSISTENTLY gets my business is the pagan coffeeshop or pagan tavern, *BUT ONLY* if it allows smoking. If I can get a decent cup of joe *and* smoke a cigarette *and* "talk shop" and not have to be worried about the various fascists (health fascists or some of the less open-minded members of a certain religion) berating me, *that* place has my business. (If I can light up my pipe and write in my journal, too, or if I can have a shot of tequilla and listen to a good band, too, well goooollllly, I'm in heaven!) Pagan or pagan-friendly coffeeshops and taverns are few and far between, but when I find one I rejoice ... and I put down my money.

I Used To Spend Huge Chunks Of Paychecks At A Metaphysical Store... Jun 4th. at 11:00:21 am EDT

Adaryn (San Giovanni del Tempio, Italy) Age: 23 - Email

I used to spend huge chunks of paychecks at a metaphysical store in my hometown. But the merchandice was not the only reason I went. Phyllis, the owner, and her daughter created a magnificant little haven. The lighting was perfect, the music was uplifting, and the atmosphere was enchanting. I could walk into the store and instantly be at peace. Not to mention the wonderful people who frequented. I gladly spent my money, not just for the candles, tapestrys and jewlery, but for the ambiance. Since moving here, there are no Pagan merchants nearby. I have been known to buy gifts from online merchants, but money is tight. Most of my tools are handmade, altar tiles, wands, etc. My herbs are courtasy of McCormick's. It's more fun and readily available.

My Husband Wants To Quarantine My Check Card! I Like To Visit... Jun 4th. at 1:58:41 pm EDT

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney (Friendswood/Houston, Texas US) Age: 44 - Email

My husband wants to quarantine my check card!

I like to visit the Pagan stores here in Houston. I do it about once a month, come in, talk to the owner, look at the goodies (drool on the cases) and then I try to always pick up something I can use or give. I really try hard not to leave without something. Why? Because I LIKE supporting them and my community.

When I travel, I do the same thing: if there's a store and I know about it and if I have time, I'm there.

I am currently serving as Representative for CMA and interface with the community is one of my jobs. But honestly, I would do this even if I didn't have a job to do: shopping is so much fun and the merchants always have cool stuff.

I have not ordered from a Pagan shop online yet, I really don't online shop. I like having the item in my hands, feeling the vibrations. I only shop online in an emergency when there's no other choice.

What I would wish for is more merchants with "other stuff". I would LOVE to order from a pagan clothing merchant with more "goddess-sized" stuff (cotton sun dresses, please!!!) and pagan kids stuff (we need more kid-oriented things, from books to toys and games to clothing with "that look").

But I love shopping the Pagan community, whether at festivals or in the towns.

Blessed be:

In The Past 6 Months? I'd Have To Say That No, I... Jun 4th. at 3:17:15 pm EDT

Comfort (Reva, Virginia US) Age: 33 - Email

In the past 6 months? I'd have to say that no, I did not purchase anything from pagan merchants, unless you consider Pyramid Collection a pagan merchant. Why? Well, mainly because I live in a rural area and merchants, let alone pagan ones, are few and far between in general. I don't buy athames, crystals, etc. I have a friend who makes most of my candles and I buy books and tarot decks from Why? Because Amazon has it all bookwise & if I was a tarot deck, and the "Chalice & the Blade", and the latest Anne Perry mystery, and Tex-Mex cookbook and a collection of Dilbert cartoons, it all goes on one order. I've also been burned to the tune of $200 from a so-called pagan online merchant (couple years ago) and now only use online stores after hearing many good recommendations from folks I trust. I have purchased from online pagan stores and had no problems. I just haven't done it in the last 6 months.

I Buy Some Stuff From "pagan" And Metaphysical Shoppes. Smudges, Crystals, Some... Jun 4th. at 8:23:38 pm EDT

Calliope (Oakville, Ontario CA) Age: 21 - Email

I buy some stuff from "pagan" and metaphysical shoppes. Smudges, crystals, some candles. I don't go there specifically to buy "witch stuff", such as altar tools. All my altar tools are things I've happened upon. To list:

Athame: found at a flea market
Cauldron: yard sale 2 summers ago
Salt Bowl: flea market last year (the one i used before was inherited from my mother)
Water Bowl: former salt bowl, was an antique silver planter
Wand: i made it
Goddess and God Candle holders: Silver Dollar
Goddess and God Candles: Ancient Earth (pagan shoppe)
Altar Tile: a flat rock which i painted a pentacle on
Chalice: Value Village
Bell: The Salvation Army
Libation Dish: hand made clay dish from the IODE Opportunity Shop
Cords: Michael's Crafts
Books: wherever I find them cheap--bookstores, pagan stores, second hand stores
Book of Shadows: Sketchbook from College Bookstore
Grimoire: Scrapbook from College Bookstore

Well, you get the picture! I'm always looking for magickal items, and often buy candles, crystals and incense. Mostly, I utilize the dollar store (can't beat 6 candles for $1).

As a Pagan Crafter, I have tried to sell my wares (wands, invocation rings, etc.), and I have found other Pagans as cheap as I am. They are not willing to pay for the time and effort put into the work, and always try to barter the price down.

There *are* some things I have bought: a pentacle necklace, smudges, crystals. Other than that, I don't believe I have bought anything but books.

A Bought A Shirt From, And I'm Assuming That They Are... Jun 4th. at 11:05:42 pm EDT

Manda (memphis, Tennessee US) Age: 20 - Email

A bought a shirt from, and I'm assuming that they are Pagan only because I linked to them from Hmm.. I bought some jewelry at a gem and mineral show in Memphis from some decidedly "witchy" feeling folks, but didn't ask because that admission in a crowded room in the bible belt could cause all sorts of trouble for the vendors.

Other than that I haven't bought much of anything from anyone, Pagan or otherwise. *sigh*

Hi. I Live In Western Massachuessettts.....and I Just Had To Post... Jun 5th. at 7:12:01 am EDT

Rob Velasquez (chicopee, Massachusetts US) Age: 21 - Email

hi. I live in western massachuessettts.....and I just had to post my bit. Considering where I do live its hard to find paganmerchants resonably nearby to meso ive found my self shopping everywhere..... Barnes and Noble for any books I might be wanting, a little book store in NorthHampton for my jewlery (Ive found a beautiful little pendant of the Great Mother there) and a place down the street from that one for my incense and herbs. Anything store for herbs (don't ahve ability to grow own garden), dancgin bear inmall for oter incses and just whereeve I am lucky enough to find what im lookin for. I would prfer to have a pagan store nearby since that made things much easier wen I lived in southern california....but this right now has made me somewhat more resouceful. Lol.

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