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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 57 - 9/3/2001

If You Were Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island...

If You Were Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island... - and- while all of your immediate needs for food, water, shelter, fire were being met- you faced the reality that you would not be rescued for several weeks, what ten (10) items would you like to have with you in order to pass the time or save your sanity?

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I Would Like To Have The Following Things: A Rubber Ball-there Is... Sep 2nd. at 4:38:50 pm EDT

Paige D. (Charleston, South Carolina US) Age: 18

I would like to have the following things:

a rubber ball-there is so much you could do with a rubber ball

a magical book that would change into a new book when I was done with the previous one.

a male companion - just because

a dog - to play with

a fingernail file - it drives me nuts if I have dirty fingernails

fingernail polish - to pass the time

a hair brush

my baby blankie

a calender

a huge journal that I could write in

a never ending ink supply in a pen

1. My Discman, With Fresh Long-lasting Batteries 2. A Cd Wallet With... Sep 2nd. at 5:15:40 pm EDT

April Starchild (Beaverton, Oregon US) Age: 21 - Email

1. My DiscMan, with fresh long-lasting batteries

2. A CD wallet with a few CD's in it

3. The Mists of Avalon, the book--it's nice and long

4. The Clan of the Cave Bear series--also nice and long

5. My boyfriend, if I could

6. If I can't, then, a two-way pager with email, or a cell phone (which probably wouldn't work anyway if you're that far out)

7. A laptop I can hook up to the cell phone, with batteries.

8. A straw hat and/or sunscreen, to prevent sunburn

9. A notebook and pen

10. A harp

Good One, Let Me Think. 1. My Cat Simon, He's Always Good... Sep 2nd. at 5:52:45 pm EDT

Jerry (Kalamazoo, Michigan US) Age: 18 - Email

Good one, let me think.

1. My cat Simon, he's always good company.
2. Some broken house hold things, and tools to fix them with.
3. My mp3 cd player, with two full cds.
4. My weight set.
5. A note book.
6. A few pens.
7. "Carry on Mr. Bowditch" I can't remember the authors name.
8. Sunscreen!
9. A few candles for reading light at night.
10. A telescope.

I think that covers everything

What Would I Want To Have With Me ? Hmmmm.... 1. An Intelligent... Sep 2nd. at 8:37:32 pm EDT

Raindancer (Christchurch, New Zealand) Age: 53 - Email

What would I want to have with me ? Hmmmm....
1. An intelligent, thoughtful, creative, articulate and interesting Witch lady, maybe if I could borrow Wren for awhile Silver Ravenwolf, de Traci Regula, Normandi Ellis or someone similar for long discussions

2. Shortwave radio that would pick up distant radio stationswith lots of batteries

3. My dulcimer

4. lots of paper, with pen, drawing pencils, eraser

5. A good book, maybe Green Witchcraft, Buckland's Big Blue, something like that, that I meant to read sometime, but never had the time.

6. my swiss army knife, I found it hitch hiking back in 72, and its the most useful tool I've ever had.

7. Thick book of crossword puzzles

8. small statue of Isis

9. candles with lighter

10. frisbee

I'll probably think of others after I hit the enter bar. Whichever of number one with the best sense of humor...

Blessings and Light

Red Hair W/freckles = Lots Of Sunscreen (the Nifty Gel Kind By... Sep 2nd. at 10:20:57 pm EDT

Lynne-Renee (rural STL, Missouri US) Age: 29 - Email

¥Red hair w/freckles = LOTS of sunscreen (the nifty gel kind by coppertone for the adult acne crowd)

¥my Lovey cover (given to me the day of my birth, it has been re-covered 3x's)

¥several gold gel pens and 3 composition books (the old fashioned kind; this is my "stock" for magickal diaries)

¥my Catahoula, Gaylan (that's a web-footed dog by the way; he has "ghost eyes" which are white with black pupils, he also weighs 90 lbs and has 3/4 inch canine teeth)

¥Shafali perfume - it reminds me I'm me, if you understand

¥mala beads

¥incense: I'm extremely partial to "Airs" brand "Secret Garden" and "Russian Amber." If I have to choose one, I'd get one of their 36 element packs; currently I'm working a lot with Water so...

¥extra-thick moisturizer (my hands turn to bark very easily)

¥Luna bars (s'mores, key lime pie or other fruit flavors. I don't care for the other chocolate kinds but those mentioned above are yummy)

¥depilatory (gotta feel smooth and clean)

For a Hillcat, I'm rather commercialized, eek

This List Goes On The Assumption That -anything- I Want Will Be... Sep 2nd. at 11:20:55 pm EDT

Lori Dake (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 27 - Email

This list goes on the assumption that -anything- I want will be provided for me >:)

10) The ultimate entertainment system!
9) *My idea* of the ultimate CD and DVD collection.
8) An original B.C. Rich "Warlock" bass (white, with black trim), with mother of pearl diamonded inlays, complete with amps that *must* be able to crank to "11" (a little "Spinal Tap" humor there).
7) A clock.
6) A *GIANT* solar panel to run all that stuff above! >:)
5) My favorite Tarot deck (so I can find out when the Carnival cruise ship should be arriving to whisk me away!).
4) Lots of PAPER and PENCILS. Very important! (you can do alot with that!)
3) A calendar, though it may become depressing to cross off days.
2) My book collection (a good a chance as any to re-read stuff I glossed over).
1) Pictures of my family and friends.

Thanks for the challenge. I've now spent over 2 hours trying to figure this list out. I realize it may not be what most people consider to be "the necessities", but it's based on what *I* like to do in my spare time :)

Sign Me Up! Several Weeks Alone On An Island With The Goddess... Sep 3rd. at 12:29:46 am EDT

tree merryweather (san diego, California US) Age: 51 - Email

Sign me up! Several weeks alone on an island with the goddess? Wooohooo!!!
Items 1-4 are essential; the book would be a good thing to have as would the art supplies. I'm nocturnal so i don't think sunblock will be essential. Music not essential i will be making my own -chanting and rattling. it would be a totally enchanted interlude - a time spent with the spirits of the place and my own spirit animals. what a fantastic vision! thank you for the opportunity to create it.

1. essential oils kit: melaleuca, peppermint, lavender, joy and thieves

2. nag champa

3. sage

4. my glasses: shades and reading

5. book: twelve wild swans by Hilary Valentine and Starhawk

6. sketchbook and pens

7. boline

8. a large rectangle of sturdy cloth-multi functional

9. hiking shoes and change of socks
10. what the goddess wishes me to have

The Items I Would Require: 1. My Minidisc Player And All My... Sep 3rd. at 12:40:42 am EDT

Gwydion Canu Bleidd (Knoxville, Tennessee US) Age: 32 - Email

The items I would require:
1. My MiniDisc player and all my favorite music on MDs.
2. A Fender Telecaster with a Trace-Elliott amp.
3. A large-bodied acoustic guitar, six- or twelve-string.
4. A lap dulcimer (can you tell music is very important to me?).
5. A portable DVD player and plenty of DVDs (movies, classic Monty Python, etc.)
6. A good-sized library filled with books by Michael Moorcock, Morgan Llywelyn, Stephen King, and others.
7. A short-wave radio, so that I could at least keep in touch with what's going on in the world.
8. An attractive female Pagan companion.
9. A decent laptop PC, preferably with the latest technology available (1 GHz Pentium III CPU, Windows 2000, 30GB hard drive, and a satellite broadband uplink--hey, it's a deserted island, you really think there's going to be cable or DSL?).
10. A second attractive female Pagan companion. While I enjoy my books and my gadgets, they won't keep me warm at night, and I'm polyamorous anyway. ("I don't really see/Why can't we go on as three?")

Gee, After Reading Through The Responses I Feel Practical And Boring. Oh... Sep 3rd. at 6:04:27 am EDT

Zoe (San Luis Obispo, California US) Age: 24

Gee, after reading through the responses I feel practical and boring. Oh well =)

My ten things would be:
1. large blank notebook
2. pens and pencils
3. my tarot deck
4. a dozen books
5. a big knife
6. soap
7. toothbrush
8. hairbrush
9. lotion

1. My Health. (if I Actually Had A Vacation/opportunity Like Wren... Sep 3rd. at 8:03:28 am EDT

John (New Naumkeag) Age: 34 - Email

1. My Health.
(If I actually had a vacation/opportunity like Wren described, I'd want to be able to enjoy it/use it.)

2. My Toiletries / Medicines.
(Since I would have my health, I wouldn't want to lose it by failing to do my medical/dental maintenance.)

3, 4, 5, 6. My Four Main Books.
(The Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Dharmapada, and the Old Farmer's Almanac.)

7. My Swiss Army Knife.
(a *very* versatile tool)

8. My Journal.
(lots of blank paper and lots of non-smearing ink in the pen)

9. A Two-Way, Multi-Band Radio.
(Solitude can be wonderful; so too can be communication. This radio, of course, would be one of those models that have a crank which, by turning it, can recharge the unit: expensive but worth it under these circumstances.)

10. My Tobacco.
(Ok, maybe it's not the most healthy thing on earth, but it would help me save my sanity.)

At The Risk Of Being Slightly Practical, Here Goes My List: 1... Sep 3rd. at 10:24:54 am EDT

Kalika (Kingsport, Tennessee US) Age: 19

At the risk of being slightly practical, here goes my list:

1.) Shampoo/Conditioner -- i swear, it's not just a girl thing!

2.) My boyfriend's "survival athame" -- 8 inch blade w/a compass in the hilt (which screws off and holds waterproof matches and other nifty things).

3.) My telescope

4.) Toilet paper -- leaves just won't do the trick.

5.) My lil' statue of Saraswati

6.) At least one, and preferably all of my notebooks (now numbering 16). Not that i'd finish any story that i started, but it's the intention that counts, right?

7.) Pens n stuff to go along with the notebook. (though i could prolly write with charred sticks if it really came to that)

8.) Toothbrush/toothpaste

9.) A year-long supply of doublemint gum

10.) The entire Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. If that won't keep me entertained for several weeks, i don't know what will!

There's my list, enjoy!

I'm A Backpacker, Sometimes A Better Backpacker Than Pagan, So My List... Sep 3rd. at 11:30:35 am EDT

Chronarchy (Columbus, Ohio US) Age: 21 - Email

I'm a backpacker, sometimes a better backpacker than Pagan, so my list doesn't look much like the others here:

1: My hiking boots
2: My sleeping bag
3: My plastic tarp
4: One of my pocket knives
5: A cooking pot (doubles as a well for an altar)
6: Duct tape
7: A Nalgene watter bottle
8: A pen
9: A large, blank notebook
10: One pair wool hiking socks.

Maybe I'm too practical, but I can't imagine needing anything else. No music, no books, no people; just me and Nature. There is no better way to be a Pagan.

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