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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 74 - 1/7/2002

What is/was your 2002 New Year's resolution

Did you make a secular New Year's resolution? Have you made one before that you really kept? How about the one that you didn't? 'Fess up now! What was the most significant world event of 2001? How did it change YOUR world? What about a personal breakthrough or event? What do you hope for in 2002?

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My Resolution Is To Follow The Following Axiom: Just Do It. That... Dec 30th. at 11:36:11 pm EST

drekfletch (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire US) Age: 19

My resolution is to follow the following axiom: Just Do It. That is my worst vice; procrastination. That is the source of most of my percieved problems. I don't DO anything. I have a love/hate relationship with the comfort of stagnation. I can't go further without whining so here I'll stop.


Years Ago, I Made A Resolution To Never Make Another New Years... Dec 31st. at 2:05:26 pm EST

Riannon SilverMoon (New Westminster, British Columbia CA) Age: 19 - Email

Years ago, I made a resolution to never make another new years resolution again (it irritated my grade school teachers, because we always had to do 'resolution' projects)
I'm finally going to break that resolution.
This year I want to finally get focused, and start on my book about the Gothic, and other early 80's subcultures.
I've been trying and trying for the past two years to start writing ... but I always start something and never look at it again.
So this year ... I hope to start ... and hopefully finish (most) of the book.

What, Aren't New Year's Resolutions Supposed To Be Private??? Just Kidding. I... Dec 31st. at 2:17:07 pm EST

Starling MoonSong (Montreal, Quebec CA) Age: 23 - Email

What, aren't New Year's resolutions supposed to be private??? Just kidding. I seriously don't have a New Year's resolution, but rather I have a few New Year's Wishes. First of all, I wish for prosperity for myself and those around me. Then, I wish that people, and myself, will be a little more enlightened and open towards one another (on both the bigger and smaller issues). And, I guess, I do have a New Year's resolution (as well as wish) after all... I want to work on my singing, and maybe have a demo done by the end of 2002. I guess that would be all.

Being A Work At Home Mommy, My Biggest Resolution Is To Get... Dec 31st. at 4:29:30 pm EST

manda (Memphis, Tennessee US) Age: 21 - Email

Being a work at home mommy, my biggest resolution is to get out of the house more! :)
As for secular resolutions, mine this year is to find more Pagans in Memphis to talk with. (notice that this one ties into the "get out of the house" one?)
The one I kept was to find my talents in the way of magick. Turns out I'm a kitchen witch. The one I didn't keep was to come out of the closet to my family. Oh, well... maybe next year?

The most significant world event is still in progress. It's the "war on terror, " and I have a feeling that it's not done changing the world as we know it. The 9-11 attacks and resulting action has caused me to reevaluate everything that I think about peace, war, human rights, and patriotism.

On a personal note, my best friend was kidnapped and robbed in May. She was unharmed, but we didn't know where she was until 7am the next morning, and that one night of sleepless, hopeless worry left me thinking about how quickly this life can be over. I try to smile more, and tell people I love them every day. Just in case one of us isn't there tomorrow.

I think the best hope for 2002 goes back to that "goodwill toward men" conversation a few weeks ago. I hope we all take great steps toward tolerance.

Happy New Year and Brightest Blessings!

Well, Let's See... 1) Don't Take Up Smoking, 2) Don't Take Up... Dec 31st. at 6:49:25 pm EST

Juniper Jupiter (Overland Park, Kansas US) Age: 27

Well, let's see...
1) Don't take up smoking,
2) Don't take up heavy drinking,
3) Don't start eating beef or pork again,
4) Eat more chocolate,
5) Love all of my "chitlins"(okay, two cats, two iguanas and three snakes), and
6) Get busier on them Wiccan studies!!
Hey, I've successfully fulfilled the first five resolutions three years in a row, so why not stick to whatcha know?
But seriously, #6 is my main goal!!

Have a Happy New Year, all, and Bright Blessings to you and yours!!

My Resolution Is To Be More Caring Towards Others And Less Concerned... Jan 1st. at 2:37:12 am EST

Caelum (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 27 - Email

My resolution is to be more caring towards others and less concerned whether they care or not. I will make eye contact with strangers and smile, even if they think I'm insane. I will drive less aggressively and more considerately, even if no one else on the highway can handle their vehicle as well as I can. ;) I will spend more time outside with Nature and less time inside sitting in front of the Internet God.

I actually think I'll be able to pull it off this year. Best of luck to all.

I Would Have To Ask What Defines The Difference Between A Secular... Jan 1st. at 5:35:34 pm EST

Kea Erisdottir (.) Age: 37 - Email

I would have to ask what defines the difference between a secular and religious New Year's Resolution. I make resolutions ar they are needed, because Change and perfection of the self are ongoing processes.

Nothing in 2001 changed me more than finally finding a credible treatment for Chronic Fatigue/ME and slowly starting up the path toward health. 9-11 was an annoyance, but not the real news for me, and the prospect of changing my life to finish the healing process is far more exciting and invigorating than just about anything else that I might do.

I have books to read and happy children to educate. My Yule wishes were centered around the education of me and mine, and to build a larger library.

I Think The Question Of "most Significant World Event" In 2001 Is... Jan 1st. at 7:28:36 pm EST

Gwydion Canu Bleidd (Knoxville, Tennessee US) Age: 33 - Email

I think the question of "most significant world event" in 2001 is entirely too easy--the events of 9/11. It changed forever how we would perceive safety and security in this country; if the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and the shootings at Columbine High School in 1999 weren't evidence enough, then the destruction of the World Trade Center should have proven to us all that "It can't happen here" is a fanciful notion with no basis in truth.

For me, it was a year of constant motion. In the space of just 14 months, I have moved from one end of my home state (Tennessee) to the other, living for seven months in the middle area, have been in and out of work, in and out of school, and in and out of love. That last, I am happy to say, is a problem that has been solved forever; I finally met the love of my life, after some 33 years of searching in this lifetime, in late November, and I have never been happier.

What do I hope for in 2002? Where do I begin? I would like to see a resolution to the war we're currently fighting. On a personal level, I hope to see the love between myself and my lady, Naima, blossom and grow to its fullest potential. I am hoping to finally be able to start a band. As for resolutions, I mean to start taking better care of my health, to eat better, and to continue to make sure that my immediate needs are taken care of properly. I finally began to get a grip on my finances after years of handling money poorly; that's a goal worth working for, I believe.

Most of all, I wish for peace and prosperity for all my Pagan brothers and sisters. Blessed Be, everyone, in 2002...

Well, Obviously The Biggest Event That Changed The Most Lives Was The... Jan 2nd. at 12:42:42 pm EST

Ashleigh Skaggs (Texas, Texas US) Age: 15 - Email

Well, Obviously the biggest event that changed the most lives was the events an September 11th, and the following events. Those events will forever remain in the minds off my fellow pagans, amaricans, and humans worldwide. If you think about it, All of us are the same, yet, different.
Iv kept all of my previous new years resolutions, and thats how Iv gotten this far. My new years resolution this year is to strengthen my weaknesses, and help improve my circle. Other than spiritual resolutions, I am too lose weight, at least 20 lbs! So happy new year to all, and blessed be.

I Don't Make Resolutions...i Come Up With A Theory Of The... Jan 2nd. at 3:29:12 pm EST

Ciarrai (Somewhere In Middlesex County, New Jersey US) Age: 34 - Email

I don't make resolutions...I come up with a theory of the year..."what not to do that you f'd up last year" type theory.

2001, got divorced, moved twice, lost my first friend in my generation to cancer, and 911.

And 911, and 911, and 911. (Rocked all of our worlds.)

I think 2002 is going to be better. I had a really fantastic new year's eve experience. After all that had happened, the party was very serene, we all cried over the loss of our friend, and 911, 911, 911 (we're Jersey girls; we love to harp on things). But we all felt better later, and I met a new friend.

Blessed Be Well to All of You in 2002!

ItÕs Really Hard To Look Back At 2001 And Not Think Of... Jan 2nd. at 9:23:03 pm EST

Terrance (Fort Collins, Colorado US) Age: 24 - Email

ItÕs really hard to look back at 2001 and not think of September 11. ItÕs been a hard time. As a military reservist, I have gnawed my fingernails to the quick so many times I canÕt count.

However there was, and is more. My entire livelihood and life was changed long before the events of 911. I left my high paying computer networking job to become a full-time university student. In 2001 I left working with and on technology behind and decided to go into natural resources.

My headaches have stopped now that IÕm out of the electromagnetic ŅhumÓ of Denver. My frolickings into the wild have brought me so much peace. My closeness to the Deities is tenfold now that I have found my path. IÕve made better friends. IÕve drank sweeter wine. IÕve seen more majestic sunrises. 2001 was a good year.

My plea to everyone is not to blindly move on, forgetting the tragedies and heartaches of 2001. Nor do I recommend we dwell on these feeling, either. LetÕs instead move forward, refreshed and awakened to life. Sometimes life is so tender and frail that if we whisper it, itÕs gone. LetÕs move boldly forward living every second Š not as our last, but as our best.

ThatÕs my resolution for 2002 and beyond.

Blessed Be!

I Intend To Lose Weight In A Healthy Manner This Year. I... Jan 2nd. at 9:53:56 pm EST

Andie McElyea (Anderson, Indiana US) Age: 23 - Email

I intend to lose weight in a healthy manner this year. I did make this resolution last year and kept it. But I did it by developing anoerexia. This year I intend to do it the right way.

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