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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 84 - 11/10/2002

Between the Veils: What Did You See?

In the times of the thinning veils, did you look into the past or the future? What did you see?

What forms of divination do you use? Do you have an unusual technique that you would like to tell us about?

Have you had some (or all) of the things that you divined in the past come true? What is the most profound insight that you gained through divination? Do you think that the future is fixed or can it be changed?

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Hmmm... Nov 11th. at 7:33:47 am UTC

Gabrielle (Scotland) Age: 18 - Email

I scry with fire, water, and occasionally crystal. But I get the best results when I scry with water and that's what I used this past Samhain. I use a pretty wooden bowl that I purchased from Au Natural, but I once got to use a chased silver bowl which had amazing results, so I'm saving for one (yes - I know it could have been that particular bowl, or just a one off, but I've got to see if it is the whole silver bowl thing!)

I fill the bowl almost to the rim with salt water or spring water and reflect something in the water - usually a candleflame. I focus on the reflection and then after a while, my gaze sort of slips under the image and then things just come. Sometimes I actually see images but mostly it's a mixture of sound/scent/sense.

What did I see this Samhain? Well, that's for me to know... :¬)


Well, This Is Just Weird But Here Goes... Nov 11th. at 8:06:02 am UTC

Ciarrai (New Jersey) Age: 35 - Email

I'm currently dating a spiritualist. We don't get into heavy discussion about spititualism or Witchcraft but we have had a very interesting involvement w/ the salmon colored bedroom curtains. I guess I've been scrying, well, I guess he has been too. We have found a lot of interesting things inside those curtains. The amusing part of my day is that in a moment of brief hysteria (laughing) about what is inside the curtain exactly he envisioned the singing blue birds from the old Warner Brothers cartoons. This morning at the office on a smoke break we were enchanted by 4 very bright blue birds on a naked tree. He says, "I guess we've been blessed," and I just smiled and agreed.

Oh well - I guess you had to be there. To me this means a nice future between me and a like minded handsome gentleman.

PS: He refers to the curtains as the Salmon pun intended at anyone or at me. Between the Salmon God and the insistence that the White Album is really Beige (we have a "thing" going w/ beige too)...well, I guess I may have met my match.

Color me happy! Oh happy day!

Well... Nov 11th. at 11:58:05 am UTC

Gwen (Iowa) Age: 21 - Email

In thinning the veils? Well, it would all depend of many things. I suppose there is one example where i traveled or thought i did anyway, into the past to try and stop something horrible from happening.

I use tarot mostly for divination. I use the Mythic Deck mostly, but most decks will do if they have simluar translations and symbols that actually represent the card. 98% of my tarot readings are correct. I do tarot on a daily basis for strangers, and it is almost always astonishingly correct. I don't use any unusual spread, but many times if the person I am doing he reading for, don't quite understand what I am trying to tell them, I give them the card and tell them to analize it carefuly and tell me what each symbol says to them, and what it represents in thier life at the time. It doesn't always work because most people will read into a card what they want to hear, but sometimes it is neccessary. What I love and hate about the tarot is, it tells you things you don't want to hear, but need to accept. And it is sometimes a thing that you usuall wouldn't admit or your friends would not say to you.
I also have many dreams of the future, however it is hard to tell the difference between a vision or psychic dream and your subconscious trying to tell you something or just sorting out things in your head. And sometimes it is simply hopes or fears. I am pretty good at translating them for others, but it seems to be more difficult for myself, doesn't make much since i suppose. lol. I have done some mirror scrying, but I have not in many years because the results actually scared me. I just stare into a mirror, with a focus point and it seemed as everything but my face would fog up, and then my face black out, and then come back as a different person. I saw many things from my past among other things.
The most profound insight? I don't believe i could explain that in words, and most here would probably think I am crazy..yes it is very strange if you are worried that Pagans will think odd of you...

About the future. It can be changed, and yet it can not. It is one thing I still dwell on, although I sway more towards the future not being set.
"The future is not writen in stone, it is writen in sand. And the tide comes in and anything is possible"
ON the other hand, there is the theory that there is one reality, and everything you do, leads up to the next, and the next...and every little thing in the universe influences you to do certain things and decide upon your actions...and that there is only one possible outcome from the first action. Am I being clear about that? However, I have seen a few prophecies and divination predictions, slightly changed when they began to occur, but perhaps that is because of paradox. And what would happen to a set reality when paradox comes in to play?
But I am pretty sure that we have control of our destiny. There is fate, and it only gets you so far. It shows you the path, and you must walk down it.

-Morgan the Pale

In To The Frying Pan Nov 11th. at 12:35:30 pm UTC

The Sweeper (OK) Age: 48 - Email

My Grandmother introduced me to scrying when I was quite young. She used an old black cast iron frying pan filled with fresh water pumped from her well, so much for fancy tools. We would set a crossed her kitchen work-table, a candle on each side of the pan with the curtains drawn. After several tries I had some small success, but was surprised that what my grandmother saw in the same water at the same time was completely different. She just laughed and explained.

I have tried crystals, mirrors, and tea leaves with some success, however, water feels somehow more comfortable.

I will be quite frank when I say scrying has been little use in my life. I rarely realize what an image means until after the fact. I scry mainly because I often feel my grandmother is with me when I do.

Is the future fixed? I hope not, it would kind of blow the idea of doing the right thing and being a good person all to heck. I mean, why try to do the right thing if the future is preordained.

The Sweeper

Mirrors And Dreams Nov 11th. at 3:15:01 pm UTC

Lily (Labrador City) Age: 20 - Email - Web

In the time of the thin veil I asked the Goddess to bring to me dreams of things past and of the future if they would be something I should know, or something that could help me on my journey. This was done through a simple prayer that I had written and used in the past. What I saw is a bit personal and I am still trying to decipher.
In have done mirror scrying a time or two in the past, but it is not something I try often unless htere is something I really feel I need to know. The method I use is to sit in front of a mirror with the reflection of candle light shining on my face. I chant some words and than focus on a point in the mirror. After a few minutes things will go cloudy and finally my face will fade into blackness only my eyes remaining visible until they also disappear and than an image will replace it. Quite frankly this scares me a little, to watch my face seem to disappear before my eyes.
Mainly things come to me when I meditate or when I dream. Whether I ask for them to come or not sometimes.
Things I have dreamt or saw in meditation have come true. I have dreamt that someone close to me would have a baby girl and she did. That was a happy one. Although they have not all been so.
My most profound experince would be when I was mediatating and meet a beautiful spirit and she told me that things would be alright. That there is a reason for everything, even pain, and that we will know one day the purpose for it all.

While I don' beleive every little thing is layed out for us, I do think that the future is fixed to some degree. The major things in life like who we are born to, who we will ultimately become, and our individual reason for being here are layed out for us, by us, our guides and the Gods/ Goddesses, before we are born. We come into this life with certain lessons we must learn and goals we must accomplish before we can move on to something higher. Our coarse may be altered slightly be the actions of others, or even ourselves sometimes, but the major things will ultimatly work out as they are supposed to.


Presence In The Present. Nov 11th. at 4:29:10 pm UTC

Justin Smith (Sacramento, CA) Age: 25 - Email

When I scry, I usually use smoke. I've always been drawn to smoke as a tool. When I do fortune-telling, I use Tarot cards because of the respect others give them.

I have not had reason to scry in quite a while. I prefer to keep my focus on the "now" rather than splitting my attention. It has been my experience that when I do, today's problems tend to become tomorrow's problems as well.

On Divination Nov 11th. at 5:03:22 pm UTC

Tony (Biloxi, MS) Age: 20 - Email

This is my very first time actually reading this website. I've never really believed in wiccanism,
or tried to explore it until a couple of my friends read me and said that I have, quote, "massive
untapped power that I sometimes realize is there," and that it is "an enormous blesing from the
Goddess." So now, that I'm actually learning wiccanism, what are my views on the future? I
believe that as a whole, as mankind, a future is inevitable as long as the Gods permit it. True,
we are born, we live, we die, but by the way we are made, there is an inclination that we are
supposed to live forever. So our futures are what we make of it - where we are, where we plan
to go, what we do when we get there. But for a whole future, I believe that is up to the Gods.
I shall leave you with a saying that can sum this all up, "Victory favors neither the righteous
nor the wicked. It favors the prepared."

Vision At Samhain Nov 11th. at 6:49:00 pm UTC

Albatross Autumnsea (Vancouver, USA) Age: 64 - Email

During our ritual feast we called our departed friends and pets. We saw our cat and felt the presence of those friends although we did not see them. We saw our cats several times in the following days. I believe they are powerful souls and share our love and this is why we were able to see them.

Blessed Be.


Just A Dream Nov 11th. at 7:50:26 pm UTC

squib (Oregon) Age: 32 - Email

sometime between the full moon and samhain i dreamed i had to find something in a room full of thousands of eggs. What i needed was in an egg, and i had to break each egg individually to find what i was looking for. In the dream, i just remembered thinking "I'm going to be doing this the rest of my life". Looking, for something, amongst perfection i have to destroy. I guess... I'm still workig it out.

I'm not so good at "regular" divination, but occasionally the odd dream comes along and i understand something.

Some Thoughts Nov 12th. at 8:08:14 am UTC

Mafdet-Athtor (Miami, Florida) Age: 15 - Email

I didn't neccesarily look into any specific time or place. Instead I searched for my departed loved ones, for my uncle who was newly gone and for my best friend Raven whom I lost a few years ago. I felt Raven near as a strong presence, but my uncle was quite faint and dissapeared like the snuffing of a candle. Perhaps, since he was newly departed, he hasn't rested enough in the Summerlands to meddle in matters of human life.
As for forms of divination, usually I only meditate and ask questions and hope for answers. Raven and I were closer than sisters, so many times when I ask for answers I feel her there taking my questions away, then returning with the answers. Maybe it makes no sense, but I think she is my soulmate and now my spirit guide, hence why I use her as my divination source. I've never heard of anyone using a spirit as their only divination source, but if you have, I would really like to know.
Many things I have found through divination have come true. Usually I don't know the meaning of what I find until after the event happens and I put the two together, which suggests to me I have a lot more wisdom to aquire. However, I now believe that men are not to know ther faiths, so they are shown them cryptically but not enough to control their actions. Fate is fate and cannot be changed, but still, we must make our choices blindly or go mad with thinking that we only follow a predestined path.
Bright Blessings

Dreams Nov 12th. at 9:22:44 am UTC

Foxfire (Flintstone,GA) Age: 34 - Email

Last week I dreamed of twin tornadoes. I figured it was about the issues I have going on in my life right now.Two days later I went to the ER with an acute asthma attack-- I stopped breathing! Then we had these tonadoes come through our area. In my dream the tonadoes were scary at first, but they did no damage. I came home from the ER the night I went in, and my family suffered no damage from the storms. I figured my dream was symbolic, but... I don't know...

Disappointed Nov 12th. at 2:45:21 pm UTC

Terri Adrian (Oswego NY) Age: 41 - Email

I was unable to do anything special for Samhain this year and I was very dissappointed about that. I have, however, enjoyed reading most of the entries here....that is with the exception of one in particular....the one at the end from danielle in TX. I dont understand how anyone can be so cruel and coldhearted. What ever happened to "you do your thing and I will do mine and we will leave each other alone"....namely, TOLERANCE! No one is asking you to change your ways and yet you jump right in and criticize people anyway. You must be a very angry and hurt person to be able to say such things. I feel sorry for you. I hope that someday you will feel loved enough to be tolerant of others. I wish you peace.

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