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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 96 - 1/27/2003

If You Were Granted Three Wishes...

If You Were Granted Three Wishes... What would you wish for?

 Reponses:   There are 179 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Tough Choice Jan 27th. at 12:37:00 am EST

Timoto (PA) Age: 19 - Email

1. All Weapons of Mass Destruction to go away: Explanation: A DUR!

2. Ultimate Power. (Just Kidding!) Food for the Starving!

3. All enviornmental problems to be cured Positivley.

If I Had Three Wishes Jan 27th. at 1:07:14 am EST

Barbara Clegg (Texas) Age: 36 - Email

1. Wisdom to know the truth as it pertains to each situation.

2. Stamina to spread the truth to all who seek it.

3. Ultimate love to know and ease the sufferings of each living creature.

Wishes Are Like Snowflakes Jan 27th. at 1:10:05 am EST

David Aquarius (Renton, WA USA) Age: 44 - Email

They are unique and can be beautiful to behold, but never live long once they hit the tongue.
I have few things that I would wish for. To wish means to expect something wonderful to occur from nothing, out of the blue. I believe that the things I need can be obtained through work and will. But there are things that I would like to happen that are outside of my realm of influence.

War: There is no reason for it. There are always ways to prevent war. We have the means and the strength to avoid war and bring about peaceful solutions to disputes. Wars are fought to gain power and material wealth. We need none of those. My wish: To rid humankind of the horror of war and be replaced by equal justice once and for all.

Love: Sounds rather sappy, but there isn't enough of it, especially between strangers. We have great love of family, friends, even neighbors but we have no love lost for strangers. Those who are different, those who don't quite fit in with the normal world are not as easy to care about. It is easy to dismiss the lives of Iraqs and Palestinians, Bosnians or Afghanis when we have no love for them or their culture. To love an adversary is the hardest love to maintain, and the most rewarding. Of course, there are those people who prove to us that they deserve no love like terrorists and evil emperors but those unfortunate folks held captive by them do. If we truly loved our neighbor like the man said 2000 years ago, conflicts would have ended way back then. To show love is to be human, completely human. My wish: To welcome love into places it was asked to leave many years ago

Divine: The Creator is all about us. It is the air, the light, the Earth, Catholic and Jew, American and Iraqi. No one group or religion has a monopoly on the Ways of the Creator. No human mind can come close to comprehending the scope of the Creative Force that set loose the Big Bang. The "My way or the Highway" approach to personal faith is as ludicrous as it is dangerous. The Creator speaks to each of us in the way best for us to understand it. My Spirit is part Creator, part me, not part pope John Paul II or Franklin Graham. My Spirit thrives on things that I find interesting, not things force-fed to me by others. I do find comfort in communing with those who are of a like mind, but our differences are what makes the group come alive. To allow others to realize this fact is my wish.

Will they come true? Maybe. I always have hope, that's why I buy a lottery ticket.

My Three Wishes Jan 27th. at 1:47:37 am EST

Gayle Gartman (South Caroilna) Age: 40 - Email

If I had 3 wishes, they would be this..........

1- I would wish for world peace. The children are our
future, and if there is now world peace, and there
is war, and everyone dies, thenwon't our future die
as well?

2- Then I would wish for a cure for every known disease.
Not so everyone would live forever, but because then
we may get to enjoy our families a little longer.

3- Then I would wish for racial peace. We were not all
put on this earth to be one color, but we should all
learn to get along as one nation. I have many friends
black and white, and I love them all dearly.

The First Wish Jan 27th. at 2:56:11 am EST

Richard Gilmore (Shoreline Washington) Age: 49 - Email - Web

I would wish for the knowledge and wisdom to make my next two wishes.

After Some Thought... Jan 27th. at 4:03:28 am EST

Joshua (Missouri) Age: 27 - Email

1. To always have my clarity.

2. To see things without a layer of ignorance and self-deception.

3. Most importantly, to have hair again.

I Would Wish For Jan 27th. at 6:40:50 am EST

Tone (Britain) Age: 20 - Email

1) Total and complete happiness for everyone (That pretty much covers everything indirectly I guess!)

2) Complete understanding by all of all.

3) Something fanastical like the discovery of aliens or the next evolutionary step for humans Homo so cool I cant think of the latin for it!!!!!

Be Careful What You Wish For... Jan 27th. at 7:21:49 am EST

jade (canada) Age: 16 - Email

did you ever read the story "the monkey's paw"? if you didn't it was about this family who had the monkey's paw, and they were granted three wishes. now, the monkey's paw had a reputation of getting you what you wanted, but at a price. the family wished for some money, and they got it. no money came falling from the sky, or arrived in a basket at their doorway, in fact at first everything seemed normal. that afternoon a stranger came to their house. he told them that there son had injured himself at work and he died, his insurance was going to give them that amount of money that they had wished for.and the story went on...
when we have an oppurtunity to be granted three wishes we would be greedy. now we can say all the good things that we would do because we are not in that situation. if we were things would be different, we would be blinded by power.
what would i wish for? i wouldn't wish for anything. people get what they deserve be working for it, oe by other means. why do we do rituals and the like? to make our wishes come true, and so far it's been working. i don't need three wishes to make myself a better person or make a better world, it isn't right. other people would praise you like a god/dess, and why? because you did a great thing.
wishes are tricky business, i wouldn't wish for a thing.

Selfish, But True! Jan 27th. at 9:11:11 am EST

Ciarrai (New Jersey) Age: 30 - Email

(1) To find the love of my life & be able to spend the rest of this life w/ him.
(2) To find the power to get over my insecurities/jealousy issues so I can have normal relationships with people.
(3) That someone would please finally find a cure for diseases not limited to but including cancer, AIDS, etc.

Depends... Jan 27th. at 9:28:18 am EST

amy wallen (southampton, england) Age: 22 - Email

i have asked myself or been asked this question many times. i guess being a pagan and having to deal with that extra responsibility brings with it a habit of always looking for the catch. i know everything depends on everything else and you can't get something for nothing.

having said this, supposing no harm could ensue, these would be my wishes...

1) all to share in the abundance of the earth
("from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

2) an end to oppression in all its forms

3) that we actively rebuild the earth's environment.

Hmmm Jan 27th. at 9:35:40 am EST

Mathair Cat (TN) Age: 29 - Email

(1) A better, peaceful, none diseased world for my five children to grow up in. (I know that is probably unrealistic and naive--but I hope)

(2) To live comfortably, instead of pay check to pay check.

(3) That the love of my life (my husband) would feel life without pain of his arthritis & RSD. So that he could be happy and healthy and not so tired and sore all the time.

I am sure there are TONS of things I could have listed for myself. But these are the most important to me right now.

*Mathair Cat*
"Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it"

My Three Wishes Jan 27th. at 9:37:58 am EST

jerry l ethridge (shelina mo) Age: 47 - Email

1 to live forever. 2. to be healthy. 3. for all humanity to have this as well.

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