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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 97 - 2/2/2003

What Natural Objects Are On Your Altar?

Do you have sticks or stones or shells on your altar? How did you come by them? What do you use them for?

Do you go by the traditional correspondences in using your ritual tools (colors, gemstone properties, elements, etc) or do you let the object ‘tell’ you what it is to be used for?

What is your favorite magical/magickal gift or tool from nature? Why?

How do you set up your personal altar(s)?

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Items Feb 2nd. at 10:34:26 pm UTC

Danielle & James (Tx) Age: 21 - Email

Let's see... I don't have an *altar* per se... but more of a *working area*... Well, I have a refrence book that I wrote, like a Grimore, a blade, a cord, a stang (my most important tool) , an antique desk bell, three candles for light, and one for a weekly ritual, a bone, a bowl, a small cauldron, a chalice, a plate, a censor, and I think that's it.. :-p

What's On My Altar? Feb 2nd. at 10:55:54 pm UTC

Connie Jones (Los Angeles) Age: 40 - Email

The natural items on my altar include a large conch shell in honor of Yemoja, a ram's horn in honor of Osoosi, a sage bundle, various clear quartz crystals and salt.

Caetren Feb 2nd. at 11:11:13 pm UTC

Caetren (New York) Age: 49 - Email

A stone.
Sea Salt.
Incense sticks.
Tibetan "Singing Bowl" and wooden striker, resting on embroidered cushion.
Two white candles.

My Altar Feb 2nd. at 11:17:11 pm UTC

Shirah (Western Washington, USA) Age: 15 - Email

The following natural things are on my altar,
~Flowers, from last year, but I fell in love with the way they looked, so now they're dried and used year after year
~Bowl of earth, heeheee...I got this from my backyard. Nothing speical about it really. (umm, it smells like earth? DOes that count?)
~Rocks, from a trip to Ireland I took this summer, I grabbed a bunch of really cool ones from the beach.
~Shells and a piece of coral, I used to collect shells so I have these from waaaay back. They look really cool, so onto my altar they went!

Happy Imbolic to All!

On My Altar Feb 2nd. at 11:39:34 pm UTC

Aurora Rose (Pennsylvania) Age: 23 - Email - Web

On my altar I have sea salt, and a statue of my totem, Tigress, sits on a rock from the Allegheny River, which I grew up next to. Those things represent earth. Right now my chalice is filled with water collected in a thunderstorm around Beltane a couple years ago. (I don't drink it! It's just for cleansing) I have a turkey feather representing air. I found it on a four-wheeler ride with a special friend. That day we also saw a huge buck, and the feather also reminds me of that day. My athame isn't a natural object, but I did find it in nature, I didn't buy it. It's a pen knife, I found it laying in the middle of the lawn at college. I think that sums it up.

MP and BB

Altar Feb 2nd. at 11:45:15 pm UTC

Boneflower (Sacramento) Age: 21 - Email - Web

Most of the items on my altar are natural stones. I keep stones that correspond to the five elements around the chalice in the middle of my altar, as well as a large crystal sphere for the Goddess and a marbled obelisk for the God. I chose most of the stones based on color relations, though sometimes one rock just seemed more right in a certain spot. My altar set-up changes frequently with my mood, the seasons, and the energy I'm trying to invoke.

My favorite natural tool is my wand. It's a beautiful length of quartz that's been gently polished. I never had a wand until I found this one - nothing else felt right. This piece feels good to hold and calming to work with.

Natural. Feb 2nd. at 11:48:07 pm UTC

Wolf's Voice (Singapore) Age: 27 - Email

Two white votive candles.
A bowl of polished stones.
Bits of corals.
Dried flowers.
A large silver spiral shell.
A small chalice of Spring water.
A wooden statue of the Mother (Virgin Mary) .
Wooden necklace depicting a wolf.

Wolf's Voice

Natural Altar Objects Feb 3rd. at 12:12:26 am UTC

Donna (Canada) Age: 43 - Email

natural things on my altar:

of course i have stones/crystals
acorns given to me by a good friend-associated with the God-real ones and one carved out of ceder
i am a doll maker and and in the center of my altar i have a Goddess doll that i made...she is pregnant with the spring (Sun/Son) she is about to give birth to...she is dressed in a gauzy type of material as a robe which is decorated with dried flowers and also a dried flower head garland...she is standing on a mirror which is decorated with shells, stones, feathers, dried flowers and leaves around the outside of the mirror...i like to have natural things around me and these things are on my altar to help me to feel connected to nature, some are for symbols relaed to the God/ddess and some are for decorative purposes

My Alter Is Mostly All Natural Elements Of Nature Feb 3rd. at 12:48:47 am UTC

Ember (Lebanon, ohio) Age: 40 - Email

On my alter I have two teakwood bowls, two large half shells, an eagle feather, a bluebird
feather, a cardnial feather, a meteorite rock, fossils, quartz, blood stone, tigers eye stone
prism quartz, wooden medicine crusher, wooden candel holder, a lot of other stones and feathers
and then I have the usual, bell, wooden clackers, pentagram candel holder, chalice, wooden box
to hold all my private books, a velvet cloth for my book of spells to lay upon, a silver
candle snuffter, it is all i need to make my rituals complete

It Changes With The Season Or What Work I'm Doing Feb 3rd. at 12:50:21 am UTC

Ananke (Staten Island) Age: 35 - Email

Some natural things that may be seen regularly on my altar:

Sea shells
polished or raw stones or rocks
dirt....yep, plain ole dirt
sea salt
shed antler
Yes, crystals......I like them. :-P
One of our cats (not because we put them there......they just choose to explore)
fallen twigs and small tree branches

These will change from time to time. Right now I don't have a permanent main altar area
but rather little shrine-like areas on shelves and such. I love bringing nature into the house
when appropriate.

Rocks Feb 3rd. at 3:21:47 am UTC

Spider (Texas) Age: 47 - Email

I love rocks. I like to rearrange my altar & change them a lot. Quartz cluster, selenite sphere, an uncut geode, "witches' brains", a lava rock, a slab of rose quartz, a chunk of labradorite & assorted polished stones (for divination) . I've bought most of them, but some have been gifts or found objects.

I also have a lovely set of antlers, a piece of driftwood, a vial of "waters of the world", an owl wing, and a little venus figure of carved amber. There's also silk and wool yarn I spun on a drop-spindle and dyed with natural dyes.

I mostly follow traditional correspondences for the use of tools, but I'm not too rigid about it.

My favorite gifts/tools are the antlers - a gift from a dear friend, and a blob of unformed sterling silver that became my personal amulet in a healing ritual.

My altar stays set up & I arrange it in a way that's visually pleasing, easy and safe to work with (candles & breakables where the cats can't knock them) rather than using a traditional layout.

To Add Or Not To Add Feb 3rd. at 4:32:01 am UTC

Sloopz (Scotland) Age: 17 - Email

Well currently my alter is getting rebuilt due to my dog search and destroying mission, so far it has a weird shaped stone that i found at Loch Long and this unknown ore wich has very weird properties and is a nice greeny black colour. Also some petrified wood I found on the beach on Texek Island.

Some objects that have sentimental value are the broken shell my ex girlfriend sent me and a feather of a rare bird I found.

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