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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 106 - 4/13/2003

What Is Your Inner Animal?

Do you tend to ‘bark’ at people? Howl at the Moon perhaps? Do you have catlike reflexes or can your psychic ‘whiskers’ pick up nearby energy vibrations? Do you have a ‘nest’ or like to ‘burrow’ under the covers? Do you actually even growl sometimes?

What animal traits do you think that you sometimes exhibit? Has anyone ever told you that you remind him/her of some animal?

How much of an animal nature do you think that we humans might retain? Should we attempt to completely conquer or tame the ‘animal’ within? Or do you consider your inner animal to be an ally or alter-ego?

What is the name of your inner animal? If you share space with an actual animal, does the animal (or animals) consider you ‘one of them’? Can you and your animal friends communicate in mysterious ways?

 Reponses:   There are 127 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I'm Alittle Bit Of A Few Animals Apr 20th. at 2:39:51 pm UTC

tiffany c (chatsworth, georgia) Age: 17 - Email

i think i am a little bit of a few animals. first the wolf, because i'm quick and cunning, second the dragon, because i'm strong and powerful, third the tiger, because i'm slient and sneaky, forth and finally the spider, {which is an insect}, because i'm vicious and i pounce on my prey.

I'm An Otter Apr 20th. at 3:52:57 pm UTC

Nathalie (Paris) Age: 37 - Email

really, i think i'm an otter (that's my magical name) , although i'm not quite in step with cold water…i sometimes think i'm a marmot (do you say like that in english ?) or a mongoose. I would like to squeak like these animals and i often do...

Hmm.. Apr 20th. at 3:56:38 pm UTC

Lemarr (NY) Age: 16 - Email

well, my totem animals are the lynx, basilisk, wolf and hawk.

Unicorns Apr 20th. at 4:18:05 pm UTC

Honey (Los Angeles) Age: 21 - Email - Web

They have always been fascinating to me and I notice that that point was what some of the responses were based on. I've always been drawn to cats also, but I have not done any pure research to see if I do fall anywhere between those two animals.

I Think My Inner Animal Would Be A Starling. Apr 20th. at 8:35:26 pm UTC

Roxanne (Michigan) Age: 16 - Email

I feel as if my inner animal would be a Bird. Many times when I feel trapped or depressed I imagine myself flying above my troubles. Another factor is that soon after I started practicing wicca, and I was thinking about having a totem animal, I heard a bird that was trapped. after a few seconds it stopped moving. I wanted to make sure it was ok so I started attempting to release it. Then as if it knew it was free it flew away. Ever since then I have felt as if my soul bonded then. And as well I have seen tons of them visit me in my backyard every day.

Help Me Figure Out My Animal! Apr 20th. at 9:23:04 pm UTC

Brittney (Maryland) Age: 13 - Email

I'm fast, smart, strong, and sometimes I can be very emotional. I think one of my animals might be a dog because I love dogs and I'll bark at my dogs and they'll always do something in return. Please help me figure out what my animal is!

Cat Apr 20th. at 9:29:09 pm UTC

L.I. (Florida) Age: 44 - Email

I lean toward Feline, due to the fact that when people annoy me I hiss at them, and I really don't care to go swimming or anything having to do with the water (except my showers) . No boating, swimming, fishing etc.

Easy It Goes Apr 20th. at 9:41:42 pm UTC

JadeLight (Pennsylvania, USA) Age: 46 - Email

I know that the Native Americans say that your 'soul animal' is the one that is around the corner every where you go. That would be a squirrel for me. But, then, in Pennsylvania, that would be a squirrel for every resident here. LOL

No. My inner animal is a Koala Bear. I, like the Koala, am soft and cuddly. I like to do things in my own way and in my own time. Unlucky for those around me because my own time is usually a lot slower than theirs.

I met a Koala Bear at the Minnesota Zoo. Well, there was glass between me and it but we met. At least our eyes met. I seemed to be the only person that the Koala Bear seemed to be interested in. It was probably wondering, "What is that thing that moves as slow as me and looks just a cuddly?" I was thinking the same thing while looking at it.

Not to mention that Koalas are a bit shy or at least they stay away from the action. My schedule is always open fo anything that comes along. I am still waiting for something to come along, though. After all these years. LOL Additionally, if there is conflict, I just go and hide. Avoidance of conflict is my game. Therefore, I am quite easy going, much like the Koala.

And diet. Well, I have particular things that I like to each and all else is garbage. I will try just about anything as long as my particular things are the ingredients. How so like the Koala.

Yes, I love my inner animal and would never part with it.

As for my own sharing of space, I own two parakeets and three rats. I can not communicate with the parakeets but, then again, I think it would be a miracle to be able to communicate with a parakeet. They never sit still nor shut up long enough to listen. But the rats are a different story. They have particular squeaks that mean things to me. A high pitched squeak means they are interested in what you are doing. A high pitched squeal means they are scared or hurt. All other sounds mean I want fed or out of the cage. Couple these sounds with facial expressions and they are irresistable and usually get their own way. and the fact that they make themselves at home in my apartment, storing their food in strange places and stealing things of mine to make the corner bed must mean that they consider me one of them.


Meow. Apr 21st. at 12:54:32 am UTC

Avelynd (Florida) Age: 14 - Email

I think my inner animal, is the cat. I own three, and they are, overall, my favorite animal. I like to relax and be left by myself. I like to sleep and roll up into a ball when I do. I talk to my cat, Jasmine. I look her into the eyes and focus all my attention and talk to her through my mind. I'll ask her to close her eyes for a moment, then have her twitch her left ear... and she does it. I ask her questions and she responds. Like the feline do, they are most active at night then any other time, as I am. This is why I think my inner animal is the beautiful feline.

An Awful Lot Of Ocelot Apr 21st. at 10:48:26 am UTC

DaVinci's Daughter (Greeley) Age: 42 - Email

Ever since I was small, I have had ocelot dreams. I can see my spots, I can feel my body, I can feel the sharp teeth in my mouth. I've never actually seen an ocelot in real life (who has?) . It took me many years to figure out what I was, since ocelots aren't exactly common. Then one day, I saw a picture of an ocelot in a nature magazine, and I finally was able to see all of myself. It was like looking in a mirror. And suddenly I KNEW. I just knew.

Fox? Apr 21st. at 11:29:32 am UTC

Kitsune Witch (Silver Spring, MD) Age: 23 - Email

I try and emulate Fox's wisdom. I'm always curious, and I try to use my brain to keep me out of trouble instead of brute strength. I like to trick others when I can. My favorite is using my clothes and short hair to change gender. ::grins:: It's amazing how many people will call you sir if you hide your curves correctly, comb your hair in a certain way, and leave the makeup home. A useful trick when I work until 2am.
I like trouble... at a distance. I try to find out all sorts of information about something before jumping in so I can be better prepared, maybe even have the upper hand. After some years studying Japan, my boyfriend decided I must be one of thier spirit-foxes, or kitsune, so that's what he calls me. I'm not a shifter, so I'm not sure it applies, but it's sweet of him.

Why A Hawk Apr 21st. at 1:48:26 pm UTC

Reddusk Hawk (Orange) Age: 18 - Email

I realised my connection with the Hawk only after it choose me! I was walking down the road one day, delivering some videos, when a rather LARGE hawk swooped down and landed maybe fifteen feet from me on a sign. I was a bit scared at first because I thought maybe there was a dead carcass up ahead or something, but as I got closer I realized that the hawk was just sitting there, contentedly preening and looking down at me. Now keep in mind that this is on a busy stretch of road that you wouldn't find a tiger on, much less a Hawk, I got almost within touching distance and the hawk still just sat watching me. I was there a good half hour, just kinda caught up in the fact that this beautiful bird was so brazen. Ever since then, the Hawk has been my symbol!

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