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Question of the Week: 104 - 3/24/2003

Have You Changed Your Mind About the War in Iraq?

Many people were initially for or against the possibility of a war in Iraq. Now that it is a reality and troops are on the ground, have you changed your mind or your position on the war?

Do you think that anti-war protests should cease? Do you think that an even greater divide has opened up between those who hold differing ideologies?

Do you think that the suspension of certain civil liberties for security reasons is appropriate during war time? Do YOU feel safer? Will the world be more secure because of this action?

What – if anything – concerns you the most about the war in Iraq?

 Reponses:   There are 258 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Re: Mar 27th. at 9:38:32 am EST

Allison (USA) Age: 41 - Email

Yeah, my mind has changed alright - I am now even MORE against it - and Bush's corrupt government - than I was before. They were ignorant to go in there showboating their arrogance and thinking that these people would not fight back. Bush seems really disappointed that the whole of Iraq didn't surrender or lay down their arms and willingly succumb. Powell is a bold face liar. They ALL knew this was going to turn out a mess that will last months instead of minutes, days or weeks as they brainwashed most of the American public and world to believe. Bush should be tried for war crimes and for breaching international law when this unjustified and unfounded illegal war ever gets done.

USA does NOT have my support in any form for this travesty of humanity.

Opinon Mar 27th. at 12:50:28 pm EST

Cheryl (NJ) Age: 33 - Email

My opinion has changed about this and so have my inner feelings in general. I first thought that this would be quick and over with but as the days drag on I get more and more worried about all of our people over there and all of the innocents over there. I also am woried about the safety of people within our own country. Now N Korea is starting with the nuclear bomb thing and thats really got me worried. I want a world where my kids can grow up and be happy, not a world full of guns and bombs and miltary walking around all over. I feel as this military scuffle will just be a means to end of life as we know it to be. I wish we would just bring our people home and let the people and if anything just patrol our homeland better

Disgusted Mar 27th. at 1:27:22 pm EST

Thomas (Acores) Age: 37 - Email

I am shocked at the way the media distorts and twist it's reporting of the "war". I am not a pacifist I have been in two recent wars. I Think if we could walk ten feet in an Iraqi's shoes we would agree, no matter how much we distest a regime (and I do theirs and ours) that we would agree the moment an armed force stepped on our soil we would resist by all means available. So Bush never thought he would see Americans handing someone food while they chanted praises to Saddam, or what he calls paramilitarys (read citizens with guns) attacking supply lines, the fact is ten years from now Americans will still be dying in Iraq, Haliburton will still be making a profit, and O'reilly will still be blaiming Iraqis' for not getting out of the way, and we will still be paying for a little cowboy's attempt to right his daddy's mistake. In closing IT'S ALL ABOUT OIL if they did not have oil we would not be there.

Brightest Blessings,

I Haven't Changed My Mind But My Country Has... Mar 27th. at 1:50:35 pm EST

Todd (Ontario, Canada) Age: 27 - Email

I've posted a couple of times stating my heavy anti-war stance. Whereas I have not and will not changed my mind it seems my country has. Canada has now decided to do an about face and send troops in support of the war. The ships on "anti terrorist" duty will now assist the US and UK in the war. The 15 ships are a sizable force in themselves but there are also a few tech and logistics people that are assisting on AWACS planes due to their being on exchange programs to the US military.

I have also found out that our GRTC commandos are operating in Iraq behind enemy lines just as they did in Afghanistan without the publics knowledge and with the official country's stance against the war.

Heh, I guess Malechia was right after all. All governments lie to a certain degree or speak half truths. I never thought I would see that kind of cloak and dagger stuff in Canada but there it is.

So while I haven't changed my mind my government sure has.

Alot of that "double talk" going on in this war. Like our Prime Minister saying to the public that we will not take part and then actually taking part anyway. Interesting times we live in.

Blessed Be

Advocate Mar 27th. at 2:00:33 pm EST

gyillias (England) Age: 17 - Email

Just to say to start i am playing devils advocate here and offering an alternative view, not one i necissarily agree with..
You all speak of how the people suffer now, how much danger everyone is now in. Which is true, there is great danger for eveyone in Iraq including our own friends and family, people born perhapse nearby, as well as thousands of innocent civilians. It may also be true that the only reason we are there is to claim the oil reserves for ourselves.
But let us also not forget that for around 500 years Iraq has been attacked at various times it's people never having anywhere near the kind of rights we have in the west, there will has been broken generation after generation and the conditioning of dictator after dictator imposed on them expanding ther own wealth at the expense of the country and it's people. Having there religion used to enhance his own dominance and control, the people fight for Saddam because most only see only what they have been told to see, they have not been allowed to know any different.
Many will die in the comming months, but Iraq will finally be freed, it is our duty to see that they are kept free, that they may finally have a quality of life they deserve, so they can build there own future.

Would you not help a people be freed of what could be said to be something only a little above slavery? So what if they politicians are playing there games to grab oil, it is still an opportunity to see those thousands take hold of their own lives...

The war is started there will be no stopping it, there will be consequences for our leaders later. Forget them, campaign for a peoples right to freedom, and pray to whatever you hold dear that the war is short, and the least pain is caused.

Divided Loyalties, Making A Difference Mar 27th. at 2:41:09 pm EST

Laughing Fox (philadelphia) Age: 30 - Email

I have yet to make my mind up about this war.

On one side, thousands of Kurds sick and born with defects from chemical weapons used on them. Over 600 Kuwaiti prisoners of war still missing. Iraqi Americans telling of chemical baths and huge ovens for disposing of political prisoners, found during the uprisings after the last war. I cannot turn my back on these people and their suffering, not and remain true to my beliefs.

And yet, we have a president who was elected by the Supreme Court, not the people. Who has bungled diplomacy in a way so embarrasing as to be ludicrous. Back-room deals and greed dictating foreign policy, while our own economy tumbles further into the gutter. A war started with greed and humanitarian efforts hand-in-hand, but then, isn't that always the way?

I don't like this war, but I do not support the peace protestors. I think it's a huge waste of time, banging drums and dancing around with puppets. Feh. We have the most free and accessible democracy in the world, shouldn't we be using it? The only way I see to make a difference, to make sure that humanitarian interests come BEFORE greed, is to get involved. Vote, start working to make sure everyone you know gets out to vote. And not just for the presidential elections, ALL of them. Write letters to your congressmen, instead of shipping them painted tampons. Feh. Stupidity. You're all net savvy, take the time to look up the info for your politicians, get involved with political parties in your area. The only thing they listen to is money and votes. You may or may not have money, but you can all vote. Don't like what the government is doing? Then by all the gods change it. After the last election, no one can say their votes don't matter. Don't leave it in the hands of the Supreme Court again.

I can't stop this war. I have no idea if it will make life better for Iraq. But I can work to make sure it doesn't go so wrong in the future, and so can we all. Quit blocking intersections, quit harrassing the poor families of our military. Get off your lazy, bongo-beating-chanting-sign-waving-intersection-blocking butts and do something that will actually make a REAL difference.

-Laughing Fox

My Thoughts..... Mar 27th. at 2:52:14 pm EST

Mathair Cat (Clarksville, TN USA) Age: 30 - Email

I still don't like war, and all that it entales. I am still, not really pleased with Bush and with his doings--I do believe there was other ways...but now seeing things on the news. And the pain and suffering Hussien has placed on his people. I would have to say that we are there, let's get the job done, and hurry home. I am not for war, but I am for the soldiers and their families and I will fly my flag for them and honor them. I pray nightly for the troops. For all my friends and family there that are from Ft. Campbell, KY.
And I would like to comment to some of those Anti-war protestors. What good are you doing but creating more chaos, in a chaotic time? If your words didn't stop the war months ago, why do you think that it's going to stop now? I know, freedom of speech (but somtimes people abuse that for freedom of stupity like Mike Moore on the Oscars..there is a time and place and I think he doesn't know the difference.) All your doing is hurting the military wives that sit there watching news trying to get a glimpse of their loved ones. How about a sign "I don't like war but I love my soliders?" I had one of those protestors spit on my friend and call him a baby killer before he left for "in country". And all he did was stand there and take it and when he didn't get violent with her she got mad at him!! Come on, if you want peace and love, than do it and stop adding to it. To much insanity as it is. And I wish that they would watch the news and even though there are many supporting Hussien over in Iraq, there are twice more than that, that are thanking us and begging us for freedom.
War is ugly and I hope that the civilains of Iraq get the relief they need, and the freedom they need from a man that rapes and kills his own people with chemical warfare. I pray that our soilders do their job right, do it good and they come home safely. And maybe some day we wont be the "police" of the world. : (
Thank you
Blessed be
Mathair Cat/Ange

War Is A Two Headed Coin Mar 27th. at 5:46:50 pm EST

RedDusk Hawk (Texas) Age: 17 - Email

First let me say that I have always, in every way, dispised war. In every aspect I find it deplorable and feel incredible sorrow to see that it festers in the minds, breaking out in a mass disease about once every generation. But let's face facts, we've done so much to prevent this war. We've given Saddam more then one oppertunity to surrender or at the very least escape. He has not taken it. Let's also take time and realise that NO WAR is ever started over one thing alone. Dp I agree that Bush is partially trying to finish his father's business...yes. Do I belive that part of this is due to oil "needs"...yes. Do I also belive that we have waisted so much time with Saddam and the Iraqi government that they've become arrogant and decided that we won't retaliate against their aiding of terrorist activitys...YES!! In conclusion let me say this. I hate war, and I do hate that we've become involved in it, but if I were needed in ANY way to fight or defend my county, I would stand beside both my peers and my president at the cost of my life.

I Remain In Favor Of Peace Mar 27th. at 6:44:52 pm EST

EponaSpirit (Laytonville, CA) Age: 54 - Email

My opinion about this war has not changed. War is outdated, and unnecessary, a huge failure of diplomacy. I do not, however, support continuing protests that disrupt the lives of people who are tryig to maintain their daily commitments. I believe that we have registered our dismay at this action, but now the troops (not all of whom are in favor of this war, but are honoring the commitments that they made) they n ow need our support. The more we support them the faster that they come back, and I believe that they will have fewer causalties (as will the Iraqis) with more good will support than the continued hostile actions that are taking place here.
I do not feel that we will be safer, but, instead that we are breeding an entire generation of terrorists in the world that will hate us and try to attack us whenever and wherever they can.
I do not believe that this war exists for any other reason than to get GWB elected president the next election. He needs to have something like this going on (for this will be a long drawn out battle) to distract the country. I am so ashamed of this country right now, and I just do not know what to do to tell the innocent victims of these powerful men to make it better

NO CHANGE HERE Mar 27th. at 8:00:22 pm EST

Moon (New York) Age: 41 - Email

I am still against this war. I support the troops and admire them for their dedication but I am horrified at what is going on over there and I think things are going to get worse before they get better. May our troops stay safe. I send blessings to them all. ) O (

Haven't Changed My Mind, This War Is STUPID! Mar 27th. at 8:04:43 pm EST

Copper Lion (CA, USA) Age: 51 - Email

My intial feelings regarding the American invasion of Iraq was that it was unnecessary, without validation and just plain stupid. Unnecessary because if the point was to "get rid of Saddam Husein" and our Military is as state-of-the-art and powerful as they claim to be, why not send a special forces team in there and just kill him? This would save us and the rest of the world the loss of thousands (maybe millions) of innocent lives. Without validation, because as wicked as Saddam may be, Iraq has not attacked the USA (Bush has either forgotten or convieniently ignored the fact that most of those that attacked the World Trade Center were Saudi Arabians, not one of 'em was from Iraq) . In the eyes of most of the rest of the world, this makes us the aggressors. And Stupid because it is galvanizing a large part of the world against us. These kinds of feelings are not quickly forgotten, just ask anyone from Ireland how much they love the English. My opinion is unchanged at this moment. As to the issue of whether this is creating a greater divide between people of differant ideologies. You bet it is! Our administrations attitude towards Islamic nations is obviously growing more antagonistic by the day, and they are responding in kind. Let's not mention the numerous public statements by various "Christian" leaders in this country that have belittled and slandered other peoples beliefs. I read somewhere ther are close to a billion Muslims worldwide, and we as Americans should keep in mind the fact that we (with approx 300 million people) comprise only approx. 6% of the total world population.I personnally do not feel safer, as we systematically piss of other countries (some whom hated our guts to begin with, and don't need an excuse to do something nasty to us) our "brilliant" commander-in-chief has sent most of our military force to the other side of the world on this idiodic crusade of his. Does this make any of you out there in TV land feel safer? What concerns me most about the war in Iraq is not that we will loss (my feeling is we will win That particullar conflict) , but that it is stirring up a hornets nest across the world and the consequences may not be immediately obvious. In closing let me bring up a skeleton from our recent national memory. At the height of the Vietnam War we had close to 1/2 a million military personnel over there and at the time we were considered to be one of the most powerfull military forces on the earth. We got our butts kicked by a small third world country.

Moon Said It Well. Mar 27th. at 10:46:11 pm EST

Jervamp (Illinois) Age: 28 - Email

I am still against the war. I feel that we have no call to be there right now. But by the same token, I hope that we as a people do not repeat the errors of a generation ago. The soldiers of Vietnam were welcomed hope to spitting, curses, and screaming. I hope that this is not the greeting that these troops will get. I feel that most individuals there don't want to be there any more than many of us want them to be there. They have something that they have to do and they are going to do it. I admire their resolve as individuals to persevere in the face of horrors, while shaking my head in dismay at the leaders that send them there. Let's not forget to ask the Goddess and God to keep the warriors on both sides from harm. The Iraqi people stand to loose the most. Blessed be.

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