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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 111 - 5/21/2003

So, You’re Dead. Now What?

What happens to our souls/spirits after we die? Is there an everlasting haven to which we retire? Are we reprocessed and reincarnated? Do we – as dearly departed spirits/souls -- have any say in the matter?

How have you coped with the loss of a loved one? Do you feel that this person/animal is still keeping an eye on you from beyond? Do you think that some of your present animal friends are really some of your old animal friends recycled? Would that work for humans as well?

Are you troubled over the thought that one day you will die? Why or why not?

 Reponses:   There are 59 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Duck: LOL And Good Point May 22nd. at 4:30:16 pm EDT

Maria (NY) Age: 26 - Email

I imagine the soul of a cryptogenically frozen individual, rather than crossing over, would just hang around the neighborhood, enjoying the incorporealness of it all or perhaps even reveling in some sort of a soul beauty rest (you know how sometimes a day-long catnap sounds exellent? Think years...) Now, were the soul to decide not to hang around and wait for the body to thaw, ain't nothin' will cause that individual to spring back to life...unless... :)

Honestly... May 22nd. at 5:01:44 pm EDT

Amber D (Santa Rosa CA) Age: 27 - Email

I think death is like cookies. Each person has their own unique experience when eating it.

What I Think May 22nd. at 5:13:44 pm EDT

tai estes (Bono Arkansas) Age: 25 - Email

What is after? No one can be really sure. Somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of Americans believe that ghosts float around here. I've seen something before. I believe that we have the choice of leaving to go to the beyond. There we learn from our life's lessons and prepare and rest before our next life. We can choose to remain though. I believe my husband's grandfather is watching and protecting my husband's grandfather until she passes. He died back in 83 but he feels he needs to remain for a while longer. My grandmother seemed to be around after she died for about 8 months. At that point I had a dream of her telling me to let her go so she could move on. I have heard a bunch of other stories along that line from others I have met.

Choice maybe a bigger matter in the afterlife than we think. Some bonds may infact transend this world and move into that next stage. Death, is afterall; a mere transition that we can't seem to understadn because we don't know how to communicate effectively with the others there. If we could though, it might mess up the lessons we set ourselves up for.

As for the cryo (I can't spell it for anything) people, I would think that the soul of a person who is placed there would have enough sense to not be incarnated elsewhere at the wrong time.

There Is No Answer May 22nd. at 5:31:32 pm EDT

FairOdyssey (Oakwood, Tx) Age: 26 - Email

I think that if I were to say "I knew" or "I believed" the answer to that question, it would be an arrogant untruthful answer. No one knows, life is an adventure and so will be death.

Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth May 22nd. at 7:16:32 pm EDT

Owlglass (NM, USA) Age: 49 - Email

Of course I believe we have souls that go on. The cycle of life is part of Wicca, I always thought. Besides which, I can feel them in some people (always called it 'getting vibes' off someone) and can sense the Diety in deep meditation. I've experienced ghosts, both human and animal.

As to what form the afterlife takes, I have no clue. I hope we get some rest, but I also hope we reincarnate. I could never do everything I'd like to do in one lifetime!

Lol Duck May 22nd. at 7:54:56 pm EDT

David (Visalia, Ca) Age: 27 - Email

I loved that story Duck, it could happen who knows, and i bet the 23rd century jackass would be dumber then the one now, can only imagine that "hey lets take our helmets off and stick our head out the airlock door for a few seconds and see what happens" Ok now to what i think happens, i think we go well to heaven, valhalla whatever you want to call it. We rest there learn what we did wrong in our life, and stay for however long we want to. Then we are reincarnated.

Death? May 22nd. at 8:11:49 pm EDT

Mirri (Somewhere behind the Redwood Curtain) Age: 17 - Email

Okay, here's my,, guestima.... Uh, yeah, here's my blindfolded, totally wild knife throw at the bulls-eye of Truth.

I do feel that there is a "somewhere" that the soul or spirit or whatever goes to after death. I will, for simplicity sake, call this "somewhere" Heaven. I think that it is up to the individual soul whether it goes to Heaven or stays on Earth, based on events that I can only easily attribute to ghosts. Of course, I'm not entirely sure if ghosts are always souls that stayed behind or if they are psychic remnants of souls that weren't quite ready to leave.

I believe in reincarnation, based on the fact that I have frequent feelings of "knowing" certain people who I have never met before. I'm also frequently in the "right place at the right time", usually in a situation that winds up teaching someone a lesson (often me, but sometimes other people, too) . Reincarnation to me seems to explain why some people become emotinally mature faster, and why some people seem to be born with certain skills and knowledge.

As for cryogenically frozen people, one of two things might happen. One, they have nothing to do for eons and therefore loose out on all that time they may have used for learning. Two, they have themselves frozen only to discover that they cannot return to their body because their time is *up*.

As for my own death, I don't fear it...mostly because I want to know whether or not I'm right! :P

Always In Motion... May 22nd. at 8:20:43 pm EDT

lyric (Virginia) Age: 49 - Email

I have a difficult time imagining an afterthislife existence of complete rest. We are dynamic beings, growing, learning, experiencing using all of our senses. I cannot believe that all of this would just stop. I hope that an existence after physical death would vary from this life in the way that painting in oils differs from sketching with charcoal, a different medium perhaps but with the ability to create still active.

Death/Afterlife/Reincarnate May 22nd. at 9:40:46 pm EDT

Kenn (Sin City) Age: 39 - Email

I believe death is as you believe it to be , as you have been taught it by the verious religious belief systems.When it happens , it will be like going home to those who have gone ahead of you.You will look through your last life here on earth and learn from the actions that you took while you were here and see if you have done what was needed to be done
to balance them with other actions from other lifes.You will then plan your next life to accomplish other things that need to be balanced from all other lifes including your ancestors lifes and plan your next incarnation w/parents and siblings that you have lived w/before and have issues to balance or learn from. You will forget all of this when you are born into this consciousness we call life on earth.If you are an evolved Soul , you will remember past lifes the more you meditate and spend time in the quiet place and commune w/ Highter Spirit .And realize that you are only dreaming a dream , in a dream of multiple worlds and dimmentions .You are living many lifes in many worlds at the same time .Once you see this you will see through different eyes like never before.You are constantly thinking yourself to be where ever you choose in every moment in all worlds.

No Title May 22nd. at 11:59:27 pm EDT

Etain (Ohio) Age: 31 - Email

I am always one to be skeptical of things I can't touch, see, hear etc. I have no proof of any of this but this is what I think about death and dying. Stay with me here because this is going to sound way out there......

Energy never dies. It may convert into something else, but it never dies. So yes I believe in reincarnation. I don't think there is a time limit on reincarnation. You are reborn when you're ready, if you're ready. For some it's right away and for some maybe never. Some Buddhists believe you have to be reincarnated over and over until you've learned your lessons. I'm not so sure about that. I think WE choose our lessons. When we are formless in the other world/dimension...heaven, valhalla, whatever you may call it.... we choose what we will do in our next life. It's kind of like college...we sign up for classes and all of these classes earn a "degree" in life, so to speak.

Sometimes our energy/soul signs up for too much. This might explain tragic events that happen to us. We think "why me"... why did I have a horrible childhood, marriage, life, etc. Some of us might even feel we don't have direction in our life and don't know where our lives are heading. This leads to a direct resposiblity of one's own life. We're in control of our lives and always have been. We may pick and choose our life lessons with the condition that we don't remember. Why? If you knew the plot to a great book would you read it all the way through? Probably not. Laziness is human nature... so why would we? Simply stated, if we knew the ending to our life and everything in between we wouldn't care about working towards anything, it's going to happen anyway.

To find the answers to our life we just have to look a little deeper at the messages being given to us (on a daily basis) and not get caught up in the "earthly" aspect of being "grounded" in our bodies. A lesson in detachment usually helps. I guess it would also be easier if people in general didn't think of deity/higher power as outside of themselves. A deity that is in control of one's life and has "a plan." But I guess that's a whole different topic to contend with.

Sometimes I would like to think my deceased loved ones are watching over me. But I don't know. If I hear a song or see a picture I remember them and their love and that gets me through. I would like to think their souls have better things to do than watch over me.

I am not troubled about dying. I don't think of it as the end. I think it's just part of the cycle. The thing I do worry about is the people I would leave behind and the loss & grief they would feel. Because in the end we're only human. We cling to each other and the bonds that we have with one another... whether it be love, hate or indifference. What else do we have?

Open Your Eyes May 23rd. at 3:44:56 am EDT

Drew (Jersey City, NJ) Age: 31 - Email - Web

What do I think happens once you pass?
Hmmm, This is a question I figured out for myself a long time ago. I believe that a persons spirit is too strong to just fade away because they've passed, to stay away from all that they loved and cared for.
I believe that after death the spirit leaves the body and becomes very confused and scared.
Usually left in a day dreaming kind of state until they remember bits and pieces.
And then they try to recollect everything they have lost.
Trying to speak with those who they love so much.
Most of the time being frustrated because they can't.
Why do I believe this to be so?
Because for as long as I can remember, maybe around four years old. I've gotten a lot of visits from many spirits.
Well, that's what I think they are.
Through the years I have watch them watch me.
They'll sit, stand and sometimes even whisper my name.
I've learned to smile and laugh with them.
As a child, My very religious mother constantly told me to ignore them. That evil was simply trying to get me.
I felt very frightened, confused, and yeah I thought I was crazy. But since trying to block them out didn't work I just kept them to myself. Trying very hard not to acknowledge them when my family was around. Now that I'm in my thirties I've learned to trust them. When they show up it's usually because they're trying to share something with me.
I can feel them trying to move near me or sometimes they'll
cross my sight very quickly.
I always look forward to speaking with them through my witch board and hope that when I pass they'll be someone there to acknowledge me.
Well, this is what I believe, and how I've come to understand it.
I know I'm not alone.

Blessed Be.

The Great Beyond May 23rd. at 4:12:18 am EDT

Anise (Vancouver) Age: 20 - Email

My theory is something of a cross between the theory of the astral planes and the view of death presented in "What Dreams May Come". I believe that after we die we decide where we go and what we do, whether that means going to find our loved ones, creating our own private universe out of all that other energy out there, or deciding to be reincarnated on Earth. If someone ends up in a kind of hell, then he/she has put him/herself there by treating others with cruelty and hatred in life; however, I believe that even the most evil people have the capacity to change, so hopefully this hell would only be temporary, lasting until the person realized the error of his/her ways.

I have lost several loved ones over the years, and while I still occasionally grieve over each, I rejoice in my belief that their spirits live on. I don't know if they look in on me. I just hope they are enjoying eternity in their separate ways.

I do not fear death. Two years ago a doctor told me he was almost sure I had cancer. Three days later he told me I didn't. But in those three days as I waited for the biopsy results, contemplating that death might be closer than I had previously anticipated, I never once felt fear. It wasn't shock. I've known shock before. Shock is a state of feeling nothing. Instead, this experience was like feeling everything in the world at once, as though all the energy surrounding me was invading my very soul, and everything became twice as beautiful and left no room for fear.

Death is only terrifying if you believe you have nowhere to go but six feet under.

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