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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 13 - 10/30/2000


This week's Pagan Perspective question is about other things that may lie in the future...or speak again from the past. Divination, scrying, inner journeying and many other techniques are often used during the times when the veils between the worlds are thin. This seems to be an exceptionally powerful and spiritually energetic season.

Did you/will you perform any divinations this week? Did you have any unusual-even for you!- experiences that were either hard to explain or especially powerful? See any ghosts? (Wren loves ghost stories!)

 Reponses:   There are 29 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Well, Here's A Ghost Story! Probably Lots Of People Have Almost The... Nov 1st. at 9:42:28 pm EST

Ariane (Auckland, New Zealand) Age: 12 - Email

Well, here's a ghost story! Probably lots of people have almost the exact thing to tell, but oh well. I was eight, and my ginger kitty Butterball, (1yr old) had been run over a year ago (exactly). Anyhow, I was thinking about him and feeling pretty sad (he was the first pet of mine to ever have died, and at that time, the only.) when I saw a ginger streak run past me. I followed it and I saw Butterball playing in the grass. I was filled with this feeling of love and warmth, and I knew Butterball was safe and happy where he was. And this all happened a just few days before Samhain. Okay, that's my story.
Namaste Om Shanti! =)

I Hope To Perform Divination This Weekend. I Will Use My Tarot... Nov 2nd. at 9:21:06 am EST

Moonlight Morgan (Windsor, Ontario CA) Age: 17 - Email

I hope to perform divination this weekend. I will use my Tarot cards and perform a reading for myself, my mother and my mom's friend Charlotte. I might also use the ouija board. (please don't email me about the dangers of the board, I already know, thanks.)

Yes, there was a very unusual experience. Sure, there could have been an explanation for it, but it was sure freaky happening on Samhain night. It was in a library and the back room (you know, where only librarians can go...) the light kept going out and coming on all by itself. Like I said, it could have been some kind of shortage, but it was weird.

I didn't see any ghosts this time but I have seen ghosts before. There are a few living in my house as a matter of fact.

Hope everyone had a Happy Samhain.

Well, I Read About This Old Fun Halloween Tradition Of Divination: A... Nov 2nd. at 12:04:10 pm EST

Sepra (nope, Arizona US) Age: 21 - Email

Well, I read about this old fun Halloween tradition of divination: A girl will eat an unsalted hard boiled egg at midnight on Halloween in the candle/moonlight while brushing her hair and she can see her future husband. No interest in the husband part right now, but I thought it would be fun, especially since I was trying to incorporate old folk traditions into my celebration. So I did it, except it was 8 pm in the candlelight. I saw like 3 faces, all wierd and then my face morphed into a crone's. So I figure it's either a) The Gods telling me I get around too much :) b) I really will get around too much c) My contacts were really drying out and my eyes were fogging up from me staring at myself in the canlelight while eating an egg and brushing my hair. :)

Some other folk traditions that are fun during the celebration portion of Halloween:
- A girl pulls out a hair and tosses it out the window while saying, "I pluck this lock of hair off my head/ to tell whence comes the one I shall wed/ Fly silken hair, fly all the world around/ Until you reach the spot where my true love is found" It's just cute!

- If with several people: Hide a gold coin and a piece of wood in the food. Whoever gets the gold coin will have good luck, whoever gets the wood should look out for bad luck.

- Not for divination, but for honoring the dead: Some people (I think it's the Japanese) float paper boats inscribed with the dead one's name down the river to keep the spirit alive/ give peace to them and yourself. If you're like me and live in the middle of an urban center in an apartment building with no running water that doesn't go down the drain, paper airplanes are a fun way to do this instead... say a prayer as you "give them wings." It's really cool.

(Note: I keep getting a 404, so If I repost this, sorry.)

Unfortunately I Had To Work On The Night Of Samhain, So I... Nov 3rd. at 11:40:11 am EST

Galen Wainwright (New Westminster, British Columbia CA) Age: 34 - Email

Unfortunately I had to work on the night of Samhain, so I was unable to do much of anything that night...

But I do consult several forms of divination, eg. runes, tarot, I Ching as I have the need or when a friend asks me to. When I was in high school I did a reading for a girl I verl much admired, and saw in the cards many of the personality traits that she normally concealled during her time at school. Shortly after that she and I parted ways, but I still can remember the accuracy of that reading...

Some years ealier, after a night of hanging out with some friends who played at Ouija, I was on my way home. While I was waiting for the train, the night took on a quality of 'otherness' that I now know to be a shadow of the other side. It was then that a very old, and to me at that time frightening vision appeared. It showed me just how fragile life was, and challenged me to learn all I could, while telling me that most of the beliefs I had were just illusions. Fast forward twenty years, when I have become a dedicated Wiccan, open minded, and willing to speak my mind about the abuses of society and the planet. I had joined a group of like minded people for the first time, and was invited to open the circle. At one point during the ceremony when we were all reaching out to the Lady, the vision appeared again, this time smiling. It nodded in approval, and said I was now ready to truely learn. When the circle had been closed, and we were discussing what we saw and felt, one of the other participants said that I had undergone a spontaneous Shamanic initiation. Since then I have felt very free and opened spiritually. I have thought about this many times, and I now feel that the vision was in some way a Native American spirit or manitou. Maybe because I hold Coyute the Trickster and Nelvana, Lady of the Northern lights in my personal pantheon....

On Samhain Night I Did A Tarot Spread For The Year Ahead... Nov 3rd. at 1:33:13 pm EST

Andraste (New York, New York US) Age: 35

On Samhain night I did a tarot spread for the year ahead. Nothing spooky happened beyond the cards themselves, which as usual had a lot to say. I'm expecting a very "interesting" year ahead with The Tower apearing for unseen influences !

Samhain Was A Sad And Strange Experience For Me This Year, And... Nov 4th. at 11:24:09 am EST

Sunfell (Little Rock, Arkansas US) Age: 40 - Email

Samhain was a sad and strange experience for me this year, and for the first time in years, I did not participate in any of the preparations, decorations, parties, or even rituals, aside from lighting my 'special' incense. You see, my mother crossed over a week before, and I was still in shock from her loss.

But I took a look at my Witches Datebook, and guess what- the actual astrological cross-quarter day for Samhain is Monday, November 6. Somehow, the Powers the Be have granted me a small reprieve, and given me a week to get my head together.

So, on Monday, I will light up another special joss stick, sit down quietly, and do a little divination. It is perhaps a little too soon to expect to hear anything from Mom, but I'll have my 'ears' on just in case. I tend to get my information in flashes, and 'squirts' that I have to sit and mull over quietly. This is very handy, because I don't really need an external device like cards or runes to get info. I still use them to keep my hand in, though- because just looking at a person and telling them stuff out of the blue frightens the heck out of them. They think I can read their minds. Not really, it's the pattern of their actions left on the Akashic levels that I can easily see.

Sorry if my post this time seems a little rambling. I did not expect to start the Year of Rememberance for my mother this soon. Next Samhain will definitely be a special one- one year out- how will my family and I have changed? I am down to one parent now, and feel like I am hanging out over the abyss. It is a strange feeling.



This Samhain Was Most Interesting, Actually. I Had A Number Of Friends... Nov 4th. at 8:59:26 pm EST

Bess (Naranja, Florida US) Age: 18 - Email

This Samhain was most interesting, actually. I had a number of friends, all solitare & of many generations, over 4 an open ritual/feast. I am a diviner, have worked in divination since the young age of 8 ( when I was given my first set of Tarot Cards ). Anyway, I was giving everyone readings as they chose, & during 3 of the readings, the candles kept going out. They would be relit, & they would go out. I found it very strange & unsettling, but I also saw it as a very good sign that the veils were indeed thin. So, the next day, I did a reading on my father who is dying of Cancer, & was shocked by the information I recieved - thing's that he had never told anyone made themselves apparent in my head, & the reading has been very accurate so far. I plan 2 continue my daily divinations like always, but this experience has given me a little more insight into the work, & 4 that, I am greatful. I hope everyone has had a memorable Samhain, Blessed Be 2 all.

Bright Blessings,


This Samhain Has Been Strange All Around, Mostly In The Mundane! (wait... Nov 5th. at 5:53:35 am EST

Shae O'Herne (Apache Junction, Arizona US) Age: 42 - Email

This Samhain has been strange all around, mostly in the mundane! (Wait, no...the mundane is spiritual, when you live your Craft...)hmmmm. Truly a new year for me - received an new "daughter, " when my niece came to live with me and my 3 children, I changed majors in school and made new life decisions, found new pagan friends over the ocean and posted poetry to the web for the first time...I have not had to lay out the cards to see that my life is changing, and mostly for the better! But this is the first year in many that I have missed the Witches' Ball, and was unable to take part in a good Samhain circle - a friend I invited to the one I hosted showed up over-imbibed and brought another with her who was in the same condition..passed out on the couch, rendered the atmosphere useless for the rest of us. So again, without the need for scrying, I see a change in my circle forthcoming!

So I want to share a ghost workplace is located on an old Air Force base that sits on many, many ancient Native American archaeological sites. There have been lots of stories of ghostly occurrences in a certain area where a large village once stood - cries, singing, the smell of food being cooked at dusk. The building I actually work in has a ghostly tenant that I see often, standing at the end of my Reception desk. Just before Halloween, I was speaking with a co-worker, with my back to the end of the desk, when I sensed someone walking behind me. I turned to greet a visitor, or say hello to a passing co-worker, but no one was there. I asked the other person who had gone by, thinking they had turned the corner quickly. She told me no one had been there. But even still, I had the sense of a passing presence - as you do when someone has gone by recently. Later, another co-worker, an engineer, tripped as he came by the desk. I asked, are you ok? He, of course said yes, and I quipped, "good - I thought that the ghost tripped you up." This man, an engineer, and also a member of a pretty fundamentalist church, said, "Oh? you mean the one that makes all the noise when I'm here early in the morning? It's been here for years." So, now I know I am not alone in my experiences at work!

They Say That Those Who Have Passed On Can Communicate With Us... Nov 6th. at 6:57:56 am EST

Kevin (Swansea, Massachusetts US) Age: 43 - Email

They say that those who have passed on can communicate with us through our dreams. I have been trying to teach my son what I have been able to learn and pass down my limited knowledge lately. On our drives into the city (me for work, him for school) I have been telling him tales about the different seasons and their significance, goddess stories, etc and with Samhain coming-up I told him some of the significance of the season. On Halloween night I settled into bed and had a dream about my father who passed away a few years ago. My father and I were close. We had a lot of good times together, and it really bothers me that he never got the chance to meet my son. My wife put-in a request for a Mass (yes we still practice Catholicism!) said for my father (before this dream), and it was said yesterday. My son and I picked-up my mom for the Mass, Afterwards we went out for lunch and she told me that on Halloween, she also had a dream about her husband (my father). Nothing sppoky, but just validating what I've heard all along, that people come to you in your dreams, and that Halloween is the best time of year for this to happen. Can't wait till next year!

I'm Afraid That I Have Had No Progress At All This Samhain... Nov 6th. at 12:03:58 pm EST

Michael (Dublin, European Union, Ireland) Age: 23 - Email

I'm afraid that I have had no progress at all this Samhain... in fact I'm making as much progress as an asmatic ant carrying two heavy bags of shopping...
Ah well it could be worse...

Still though, I'm pretty comfortable with the whole pagan thing, I don't need any fireworks or mysterious sightings to tide me over.

I'm off to my parents home in the countryside, so there is time still.

See you all next week.

My Buddy Dave Has Something That Keeps Opening His Cuppoard Doors. We... Nov 6th. at 11:48:41 pm EST

Woman of the Wolf Dream Dance- The Queen Witch of hangar 200 (Newport News, Virginia US) Age: 21

My buddy Dave has something that keeps opening his cuppoard doors. We were watching The Lord Of the Rings and I saw a red flash of light in the kitchen and I thought I sniffed too much Jet fuel or something (just kidding) and didn't say anything and he turns to me and says "Did you see that?" I nodded and he pointed out the the cuppard doors were opened so I went and closed them when I sat down on the couch ... I looked up and they popped back open!!! He said it happens all the time.

Being An Astrologer, I Generally Do My Yearly Divinatory Forecasts At The... Nov 7th. at 9:27:17 pm EST

Wendi (Norfolk, Virginia US) Age: 31 - Email

Being an astrologer, I generally do my yearly divinatory forecasts at the time of my solar return, or when the sun has moved all the way around my chart to conjunct my natal sun's position exactly. However, this being the time of year to discuss divinations, divinatory tools, and ghosts/other beings, here goes:

On Ouija boards: Yes they can be dangerous! However, the one I have had for the past ten years has never given me even a smidgen of trouble. For those who are interested in pursuing such automatic writing devices safely, may I suggest blessing, consecrating, and sealing the board before use? It has worked quite well for me. Also, do not forget to ask your spirit guide/totem/protective forces, etc. to come when they are needed, whether you call them or not! (It's kind of strange, the spirit that comes to me over my board almost always starts with "Clean your house!"). Maybe because I'm so disorganized.......

On Tarot: The Tarot showed me this last June (Yes, I am a Gemini - Help, I am talking and I can't shut up!) that I could expect to be doing a lot more writing and begin the foundational process of changing my entire life focus...amazing how accurate that was! My readings for my friends and family have all showed great amounts of change and growth. In 15 years of reading Tarot, I have never seen so many Major Arcana show up as I have in the last five months. Comments, anyone? Please e-mail me or IM on Yahoo messenger if you wish.

On Ghosts: Not much to tell here, but I have a couple. Both incidents were at the same geographical location, at my mother's house. One incident involved two ghosts, of children at the top of the stairs, looking down at us, in their pajamas. Funny, the house was not as old as their clothing would suggest.... The other incident was when my mother, brother and I were all sitting in her living room (before she had furniture!) when suddenly we all looked up and saw we were ringed by scores (too many to count) of spirits all watching us, with the feeling that we were being used as an example of something? It was a very odd feeling... I would have written it off as too much imagination - if my mther had not looked at me and said "You saw it, too?"

As far as the holiday goes, once again I had to work. If I were the paranoid sort, I would think it was a conspiracy!

Bright Blessings and a Fruitful New Year!


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