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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 30 - 2/26/2001

What Do You Support and Why Do You Support It?

What sort of organizations or causes do you regularly support? Are they usually local causes or national/international projects? When serious First Amendment problems come up, many folks say, "Go to the ACLU"-yet one might wonder how many people giving this advice actually send money to the ACLU to help them respond to these requests. What criteria do you look at when making a decision to support or not to support some project, cause or organization? Given the situation surrounding Napster, do you think that people are basically greedy and self-centered and will take whatever they can get for free-or does humanity really have an altruistic streak which urges us to help others and support causes that we believe in? What do you financially or as a volunteer support-and why? Or why not?

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To Start Off With I Think The Napster Situation Is Not About... Mar 1st. at 3:56:38 pm EST

Garrett LoneWolfe (Fountain Valley, California US) Age: 28 - Email

To start off with I think the Napster situation is not about greed. I believe it is about John Q. Public being tired of paying almost twenty dollars for a CD which has one or maybe two great songs, and the rest are second cuts. The recording industry should look at the success of Napster and re-think their pricing policies.

As for groups I support it varies. I do not give money, for I have little to give. But I do actively participate in letter/e-mail writing campaigns for many things I believe in. Occasionally I will give an organization some money when I feel the need is there. Giving back to the community in whatever form in my mind is like putting good deeds in the Three-fold bank. It will come back to you someday.

As for others, I do think that most people are genuinely good. But I do feel that Americans have their priorities all mixed up. The Stock boom of the last few years is a perfect example. Everyone wants to 'get rich'. Indian reservations have to have casinos just to feed their kids. And those that frequent them have the false hope of winning big. However, as a Social Worker, and seeing those that are often the deprived I do have a renewed hope in human beings and what they are capable of.

The Causes We Support Are Close To Home. An Organization For Retarded... Mar 1st. at 5:01:01 pm EST

Medusa (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 50

the causes we support are close to home. an organization for retarded children, a local food bank, the Nature conservancy that buys land to take it out of the way of development and destruction and also a little known organization, the Chemical Injury Information Network in White Sulphur Spring, MT. They put out a newsletter OUR TOXIC TIMES which is available for a reasonable donation and they try to encourage getting dangerous chemicals out of our lives and away from our children.And around here recycling is a passion. We like to buy at thrift shops especially the ones who support things like a shelter for battered women and children

Since I Have The Opportunity To Have Money Taken Out Of My... Mar 1st. at 9:26:32 pm EST

Stardragan (Bremerton, Washington US) Age: 40 - Email

Since I have the opportunity to have money taken out of my pay check to go to charity, I have money taken out every payday to support my local food bank. I have been in the position myself where I've needed help and they were there for me and I believe in giving back. Also food banks need money all year long not just at holidays. I also donate blood on a regular basis and volunteer occasionally at my local PBS channel to help out at pledge nights. I try to look for ways to help in my community and give to charities that do the most good. I also try to give to the Rex Foundation that was set up by the Grateful Dead.

I believe that no matter what our beliefs are we should give some of what we have to others. Not because someone or a book tells us too, but because it's the right thing to do. We all share this planet and need to take care of it and each other.

Merry Meet! Like Some Of The Other Respondents, I Am Also Able... Mar 2nd. at 6:05:59 am EST

StarGuide (Birmingham, Alabama US) Age: 23 - Email

Merry Meet! Like some of the other respondents, I am also able to have a donation deducted from each paycheck. My employer supports the United Way, so each employee can conveniently donate if they so choose. The United Way sponsors many charitable programs in our area, and we can choose to support particular programs or we can have our donation equally distributed to all. There are assisted living programs that help the elderly and disabled maintain an independent lifestyle and programs designed to help families in need regain their financial stability, as well as several programs to help battered women and children and neglected children. I chose to have my donation equally distributed to all because all of the charities are so vitally important to the community.
There are several organizations and causes my husband and I would like to support in the future, but being that we are in our early twenties and still in college, our finances do not yet permit us to do very much. We are definitely big fans of leaving Mother Earth in better condition than we found Her if at all possible. Recently we bought several cloth grocery bags, as we had wanted to do for a long time, but we were never able to find any locally. Not expecting to find much, my husband decided to check the internet for a company that sold them, and immediately found The Cloth Bag Co. If you're interested, the web address is The prices are very reasonable, the bags are very sturdy and quite large enough, and "no order is too small to fill." We recycled nearly every material we could for several years but sadly, the collection center we were using shut down and we have not yet found an adequate replacement.
In years to come we would like to be regular supporters of NASA (my husband's personal favorite), PBS and public radio, to name a few. NASA, because they have helped and will continue to help broaden our understanding of our own planet and the universe at large; PBS, for the mentally stimulating programming; and public radio, because the news programs that are broadcast on our local public radio station, such as NPR, give the most accurate and unbiased information that you'll find in the media, as far as I can tell, not to mention they are the only station in town where you'll hear Mozart.
I would like to find a local cause that I feel strongly enough about to solidly commit my time to it, but it is so easy to become consumed in my own little problems and forget that there are people who are way worse off than me. I keep saying once we graduate college, I'll become more involved. Hopefully, I will follow through.
One thing I must mention--do be aware of the obvious, that there is no better place to start than your own back yard. For me personally, this means recognizing the needs in my immediate and extended family before all others. I can't justify sending money half-way accross the world if my mom can't pay her car payment this month. All throughout my teenage years, one of my aunts was always there for me, as well as for all of her other nieces and nephews. She had no children of her own so she was able to do alot for us financially, as well as being an understanding adult to talk to when our parents were being difficult or downright irresponsible, as was sometimes the case. I can assure you, she kept us out of more trouble than any after-school program ever could have. Sadly (for me), she joined our ancestors nearly three years ago. To honor her memory, one day I would like to fill her shoes, so that no one in my family will have to turn to charity.
Are humans altruistic? I'm not sure. Giving of ourselves is such a positive thing that the giver inevitably benefits, one way or another. And we often give to those causes and charities from which we stand to benefit personally in some way, like public television. Perhaps giving is less like a selfless act and more like all of the other cycles in life. You give because you may some day need.

Blessed Be

I Spent A Lot Of Time And Money Over The Last Few... Mar 2nd. at 12:46:11 pm EST

Sphinxring (Snoqualmie, Washington US) Age: 48 - Email

I spent a lot of time and money over the last few years supporting a Native American drum group. I bought them things they needed, helped with transportation. When it came time for putting on pow-wows, I helped with the set up, worked security, was gofer, and then helped with take down and clean up. I provided a place for a sweat lodge in my back acreage and encouraged my native friends to use it. A lot of this has to do with providing positive alternatives to alchohol abuse, and the rest of the tragic consequences of reservation life. I worked hard at this, and endured many hardships. It all hinged on a native friend who was a major activist in all this. Things were going great and we could see results in many young natives go out and dancing, and finding some spiritual rewards from their traditions. Then disputes arrose in the drum group over matters I still see as trivial. It all exploded and spinned into a downward spiral of drinking, lies, abuse, and economic ruin. Many children born to the group ended up suferring and eventually in foster care, their parents in jail for drunk driving, or beating each other. I bore a lot of the brunt of this fighting to try and pull things back from the brink. Now I'm broke, confused, and trying to build a new life.
My faith remains, and I'm grateful for many lessons learned, but my willingness to get involved is severely burned. I know I'll heal and try something new eventually, but for now, I'm fighting to regain my center.

I Do Not Have A Great Deal Of Contact With Organizations In... Mar 2nd. at 3:53:00 pm EST

Silver (Calgary, Alberta CA) Age: 20

I do not have a great deal of contact with organizations in my area. But, I do try to support those organizations that I use on a regular basis. This site is one of the organizations that I try to assist when my pocketbook has some extra cash in it. There are a couple of organizations in my home town that I either donate time or some money to. I do what I can - but I don't have very much money or spare time, being a full time university student, plus working part-time. Brightest blessings!

On The First Amendment Rights, You And Everyone That Reads, Writes, And... Mar 3rd. at 7:53:29 pm EST

Little Sister Hippy (Charleston, West Virginia US) Age: 32 - Email

On the first amendment rights, you and everyone that reads, writes, and watches, like us. Know that right now in present time that almost all of american people are wating and hoping that the wrong group , or the wrong person wil mess up and make a mistake (usually someone wanting more power then they need or should have!).

And due to our miss-fourtune we are one of the prim hot spots for the goverment to point a finger at, or want to band our rights to wear what we want to, speek what we want, and to be as we are. With out being told that we will be fired, or that we are disturbing the peace, or that we are not allowed to do that accourding to the goverment, or according to their employee rules, that is a crock of bull, and no one in the USA was ever to have that kind of right accourding to the right of religon act.......!

The other thing on the music, I think it is wrong to take something that is not yours without permission, so if they listen to the music they should ask the permission of the artist for the right to copy it. If told no make it where the bussiness that has the music have a program that locks the computer and stops them from downloading it, and if they are told yes then they have no one to complain to but themselves. I know that is a bit harsh well some people do bring that apon themselves somtimes.
The old saying aplays that what ever you do will come back on you 3 fold or more depending how bad you are.....(he he)it usually get's me 10 times if I cuss.
Thank you for letting me rant I will come back to see what other questions you all come up with just found you guys I love this site every so often it is nice to yell and scream about something that a person is passionate about thank you all again.
Merry met and merry shall we meet again! So mote it be!
little sister hippy

I Tend To Support Organizations On A Case-by-case Basis And Do Not... Mar 3rd. at 9:41:23 pm EST

William J Grant (Fitchburg, Wisconsin US) Age: 32 - Email

I tend to support organizations on a case-by-case basis and do not regularly support any organization. If a specific issue comes up that I feel warrants my contribution, I will support it and will be reasonably certain my money will go to addressing that issue.
Too many times, even very respectable organizations, especially civil rights organizations will be too eager to jump on a bandwagon without thinking the issue through and will end up pushing the pendulum in the wrong direction, having said that, I think people are basically altruistic as long as they are left alone. The problem is that there are too many strings attatched to the publics nose; religion, politics, ethics, marketing.. etc. Each and every one of us needs to cut those strings and stop doing things because someone convinces us they are right. We should do something after we have found out for ourselves that it is right. Picket Washington when an elected official goes back on a campaign promise . Learn about a religion instead of just sitting in a church and absorbing what the preacher says . Think about the product and not the advertising Demand the problem get fixed instead of finding someone to blame

I Support A.i.d.s. Project Here In Cincinnati And In Covington. I Work... Mar 4th. at 4:49:41 pm EST

Selkie MoonChilde (covington, Kentucky US) Age: 17

I support A.I.D.S. project here in cincinnati and in covington.
I work with Amenesty international and abused children I support
such causes cause they are important to me, the people i care
about and just are important issues everyone should care about.

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