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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 43 - 5/28/2001

What's On Your Balloon?

We've all seen the bumper stickers and pins: 'Question Authority' or 'Hate is NOT a Family Value' or 'It's Been Lovely, But I Really Have To Scream Now'. Suppose every morning when you got up, there was a big bunch of slogan-balloons there that you had to give away during the day. What would YOUR balloons say and who would you give them to-- and why? (Sure hope some of those balloons make it over to a few of the political circus performers out there!) Wren (self-confessed ex-hippie chick and 70's put-the-daisy-in-the-gun-barrel-political activist) thinks this might be a good real-time idea to consider at protest rallies or to exchange at Pagan Pride events. Would YOU be gutsy enough to actually do something like this?

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L 0 2 U ("'ello To You!" It Would Actually Be A... May 29th. at 8:31:26 am EDT

Kerry Marie McGrath (Warren, New Jersey US) Age: 33

L 0 2 U
("'ello to you!" It would actually be a pretty cool license plate, huh? And I will admit, I'm stealing this one from one of my sister's, but she probably wouldn't want to know that I posted it here, after trying to "save" me this past Easter and all!)

Another one that I'd love to see: "I've got blistas on my fingas!" -- John Lennon!

Okay, This Is Gotta Be Simple 1) I'm With Dalai 2) Fear... May 29th. at 10:05:36 am EDT

JourneyWalker (Covington, Kentucky US) Age: 17

Okay, this is gotta be simple

1) I'm with Dalai

2) Fear is the mind killer

3) I slept with Jerry Falwell

4) Watch out here is one scary vampire witch

This is my last post until August until then
Blessed be!

I Am So Sad, This Is My Last Post Until August 15th... May 29th. at 10:13:30 am EDT

Journeywalker (Covington, Kentucky US) Age: 17

I am so sad, this is my last post until August 15th ! So in general I guess this is what I got.

1. Beware of the scary vampire witch, don't piss her off!

2. I Love Jesus, but I love the Goddess too.

3. I slept with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Bob Barr

4. Something Wiccan this way comes ( I have seen this, didn't buy it though)

Love Ya and see ya in 2 and a 1/2 months

If I Had A Bunch Of "balloons", To Give Away They Probably... May 29th. at 12:03:18 pm EDT

Mythrandir (Las Vegas, Nevada US) Age: 21 - Email

If I had a bunch of "balloons", to give away they probably would be ones to either tick people off only after they thought about what they said, or be insanely true. They are funny when you read them, but when you think about them. . . .
Evolve Damnit!
We were here first, go HOME!
Bush the next pope
imagine, an honest politician
what's a functional goverment?
the witch trial are NOT over
freedom from your religion . . .

These were just a few of them. I would glady participate in a "pagan pride" rally and pass these out. The more I read the more sorrowfull I become. History has not painted a pretty picture for the protectors of your mother Gea. Nor does it paint a good future. . . . .

My All Time Favorite Saying, Seen Once On The Bumper Of A... May 29th. at 12:34:42 pm EDT

Kris (Concord, California US) Age: 28

My all time favorite saying, seen once on the bumper of a moving car, is "Loving Jesus is no excuse for being an asshole". I don't think I'd hand this one out to anyone. I don't think it would be conducive to adult discussion, but as a general statement to the world, I love it. One I would hand out to anyone and everyone is a sticker I got at a Dar Williams concert-a line from her song "The Christians and the Pagans"-How can you argue with "We find magic everywhere"? And isn't it sad when people *don't* find magic everywhere.

My Thoughts Are Visible On My Car..... 1. Its Freedom Of Religion... May 29th. at 2:43:20 pm EDT

Guardian Hawk (Atlanta, Georgia US) Age: 26

My thoughts are visible on my car.....

1. Its Freedom OF Religion Stupid (The O in Of is a pentacle)
2. Freedom of Religion means ANY Religion
3. Dark Angel
4. Your dimwitted obvious and nonexistant opinion has been duely noted.
5. Gun control is aiming....

Okay, These Three Quotes Are My Mantras. I Think About Them Everyday... May 29th. at 3:02:19 pm EDT

Ivy (Laramie, Wyoming US) Age: 208 - Email

Okay, these three quotes are my mantras. I think about them everyday and sometimes even giggle madly when I think about them. They *must* go in order (because I deem it so!) to be effective!

1) There is no spoon. - Neo, The Matrix
2) I deny this reality! - The Doctor, Dr Who
3) Computer, deactivate iguana. - The Doctor, Star Trek: Voyager

#3 cracks me up. Just thinking about it cracks me up. It was from an episode that had a holographic iguana that would repeat what people said, like a parrot is supposed to. The doctor finally got annoyed and had the computer deactivate it. For a week i went about trying to deactivate annoying people. Was great stress relief.

#2 is on my car (okay, was until the wind tore it off). I had to yell that one almost every day when I worked in tech support. okay...i had to yell it hourly.

The way I see these three is #1 recognizing that there's something going on, #2 making your opinion about #1 known, and #3 doing something about it.

More people should contemplate these. They should be in every problem solving manual and religious text.

... May 29th. at 3:06:22 pm EDT

AmberPhoenix (Greenville, South Carolina US) Age: 44

I Apologize For The Double Post Of My Name. This Is My... May 29th. at 3:25:02 pm EDT

AmberPhoenix (Greenville, South Carolina US) Age: 44

I apologize for the double post of my name. This is my first time posting
on Withchvox. I would have to say I have many I would hand out but the one that sticks with me is for all the MANY people who seems to want everything done RIGHT NOW and with NO PLANNING. Simply put:

"Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my behalf"
My front license plate logo is for my EX Husband of 20 years it reads:

"She Got Him, I Got His Money"
Bright Blessings to All....

Heh Heh You Asked For It! So Many Christians So Few Lions... May 29th. at 3:40:36 pm EDT

Deagan (jacksonville, Florida US) Age: 21 - Email

Heh Heh YOu asked for it!

So many Christians So few Lions...

Witches do it in circles

Who the hell asked you anyway?

I'll get off my broomstick when you get off your cross.

YOur opinion has been noted and duly ignored.

:) that's about all i can think of for a while.
Safe travels. Deagan

Ok, My Sayings: 1. One Mountain, Many Paths 2. If At First... May 29th. at 4:08:08 pm EDT

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney (Friendswood/Houston, Texas US) Age: 44 - Email

Ok, my sayings:

1. One mountain, many paths
2. If at first you don't succeed, try reading directions.
3. What, am I going too slow for you?
4. What part of 'self-inflicted wound' don't you understand?
5. Never embarass Mom in public.

The first is a descriptive. The second is because I'm a technical writer and I write those directions. Third is for all those lovely commuters I have to deal with on the Houston freeways every day. The fourth is what I say to my kids when they whine.

The fifth is the last of the three household rules for my kids, the other two are:
1. An it harm none, do what you will.
2. As long as it doesn't involve the cops, jail, lawyers, the morgue, hospitals, ambulances, blood, or more money than I have in the bank, you can probably do it.
3. See above under "Mom"

Blessed be

I Rather Like The Bummper Sticker I Saw In Azuregreen. "my Convictions... May 29th. at 8:20:24 pm EDT

Penny Minze (Augusta, Georgia US) Age: 41 - Email

I rather like the bummper sticker I saw in azuregreen.
"My Convictions Are Not For Public Display"

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