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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 67 - 11/19/2001

What Is Music?

What is 'music' really? What sort of music do you like or has special meaning for you? Do you use music in your rituals/meditations/workings? Share your favorite music line quotation or the one that has expressed a thought, emotion or hope that you wish more people would 'get a clue' about.

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All My Life Music Has Been All Around Me From The Day... Nov 14th. at 1:11:54 am EST

Dragon (San Francisco, California US) Age: 25 - Email

All my life music has been all around me from the day I was born when my parents sang to me in harmony, to today when I lift my voice in harmony with others. Music was my only religion before I came to Wicca, so now I have two. Singing is like breathing. Everything I hear is music, sometimes wounderous and enchanting, sometimes haunting, sometimes terrifying, like all of life's sounds.

I use music in ritual whenever I get the chance. The first time I conducted my own group ritual it was entirely with music: casting the circle, calling the quarters and the Lord and Lady, and raising power was all done through song and sound. It was one of the most powerful I can remember. Chants can induce a trance state in which many effective spells can be worked.

I was given the gift of song for which I am constantly grateful. I share that gift as often as possible.

"...and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."
- The End
by the Beatles

I Could Do Without A Tv, But Don't Think About Touching My... Nov 14th. at 9:05:01 am EST

Gray Jay (Labrador City, Newfoundland CA) Age: 26

I could do without a TV, but don't think about touching my radio and CD player! Even in the office I have music on always. I think one of my favorite songs with a message has to be the "Christians and The Pagans" by Dar Williams. It is a song about a multi-faith family and the christmas they spent together. Some of Ms Williams' other music has a pagan bent to them (Calling the Moon, for example) and the ones that aren't are wonderful folk music. Here in Newfoundland and Labrador we have a rich store of traditional irish and "Newfie" music. A house party isn't a party unless someone plays an instrument. Our history is full with our own kind of music and stories, some of them that come from our ancestors. As a witch with major influences from my irish ancestory, this music helps me connect with that culture. I am also a big fan of hard and heavy rock... the kind that makes you want to jump up and down and let all your emotions loose; music has a theraputic component that is unmatched anywhere else. I hope your day is full of music!

If Only I Had More Time To Speak On This... Although My... Nov 14th. at 2:42:34 pm EST

Hawthorn Fox (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia CA) Age: 33 - Email

If only I had more time to speak on this...

Although my own attempts to make music with traditional insturments sound pretty bad (I am among the "rhythmically impaired") I hold musicians in very high regard.
My answer to the question "What is music ?" comes from an anonymous Shinto priest who said,

"Music is the silence between the notes."

I started growing up as a strictly rock n' roll animal.
I am still growing up, but my tastes have expanded to jazz, blues, baroque, classical and ambient.
The neat thing about music is that style is really unimportant. A catchy beat or a poignant note can make anybody take notice.

Enjoy the silence, everybody.

Music For Me Is What Gets Me Up In The Morning. It... Nov 14th. at 6:15:11 pm EST

Silver Lotus (morenci, Michigan US) Age: 13

music for me is what gets me up in the morning. it sets the mood for the day, it relaxes my mind or envigorates it to get to work. If it wasn't for music magick would be terribly hard.

The kind of music I listen to varies but i'm always in the mood for atmospheric/celtic/meditational music and being the age i am i love pop. I am raised in a family of aging hippies so I grew up with 60's and 70's music so simon & garfunkle are on my play list.

The line that expressed a thought that i wish more people would get is

"well you couldn't be that man that i adored, you don't seem to know seem to care what your heart is for, i dont him anymore, " - Torn, by Natile Imbruglia

to me it shows people change and if more people realized this then they wouldn't get so upset when there friend showed there non-sugar coated side.

I Am First Nation's And Spanish, And Was Adopted Into An Irish... Nov 14th. at 9:39:24 pm EST

Lisa (Halifax, Nova Scotia CA) Age: 32 - Email

I am First Nation's and Spanish, and was adopted into an Irish family. Needless to say, music has a cultural importance to me. I prefer music without voice. This allows me to experience the emotions of the instruments. Music is my lifeline. I too can live without ever watching television, but I could never be without music. Have you ever allowed yourself to feel the sadness in the music? I find that music provides opportunity for growth and healing. The drum is my calling. It is our tradition to beat the drum during many ceremonies. To put this feeling in words is difficult. It is as though the earth is calling for me to attend to the many things unspoken. It doesn't matter how I was feeling before, that first beat goes deep beyond my soul. Music unites us. It inspires us. It creates moods and compassion for all. Music is truly our universal language. Bless it Be.

Music. By Definition Is An Art Or Science To Combine Vocal And... Nov 23rd. at 11:13:40 am EST

spiravdaeg (Bradenton, Florida US) Age: 47 - Email

Music. By definition is an art or science to combine vocal and instrumental sounds to create patterns. But this group of words does not anywhere truly define what this thing - music - is, does it? Is music even a noun? Or an adjective in our lives? Does it augment or enhance, evoke or at times regulate our very spirits? Yes to all, I feel. Music is the extension of our beings, the 'color', texture of what it means to be human. Music at once entertains and is part of our beings. Nothing to me is more sad than the person who has no love for any type of music. A tremendous void exists in souls such as that.

Music is a tool used for and by us all in our lives; as well, it is used by others to cause response - from the commercials and other media related agendas to our centers of belief and social gatherings. But is this really all it is? A means of external and internal manipulation?

Music speaks in a voice, with varying results to one person at a time. Repelled or drawn, each of us responds in an unique manner to any specific melody or lyric. So ....It is my best opinion that music is individual.

What form of music do I love, enjoy and partake of? And do I use it in ritual? As honestly as I can answer - that music that reaches to me at the time and that which just seems to fit/match where my heart and mind are taking me. Both in day-to-day life and spiritual life. Yes, I use music and let it use me as a vehicle for its expression.

The lines that came into my mind when I considered what set of words I would choose to 'pass-on' are from Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason (no laughter from those who know me all too well!):

One slip, and down the hole we fall
It seems to take no time at all
A momentary lapse of reason
That binds a life for life.

Beyond the obvious message - it is one we all need to keep in the forefront of our thoughts. Each act, each word, each moment we share with another on this earth, this go-around, binds us to the other, to a moment irrevokable. We need to never forget that our lives our intertwined and the choices we make immutable. As no moment can be returned, no sound recalled to the lips, no touch made unfelt. Like our Craft - what we do, say, think and feel - well, it is who we are. It is our life. It is the greatest responsibility that makes us what we are - people.

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