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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 73 - 12/31/2001

Do You Believe in Faeries?

Faeries, the Good Folk, the Sidhe and many more Otherworld beings of this type populate the folklore and tales of the world. So such beings exist? Did they ever? Are they an archetype, a memory of a long-lost people or simply that thing that we catch out of the corner of our eye? Have you ever had a Fae Encounter? Tell us your favorite 'faery tale' and point us to it if the source is on the net. And don't forget your pixie dust.

 Reponses:   There are 44 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Yes If Angels Exist So Do Fairies. It's All In The Belief... Dec 24th. at 5:23:04 pm EST

Gina Yocum (Vista, California US) Age: 46

Yes if angels exist so do fairies. It's all in the belief

Hands Clapping, A Hint Of Pixie Dust In The Air* How Can... Dec 25th. at 12:35:58 am EST

Joe, aka "Tempest the Bad Pixie" (Davison, Michigan US) Age: 19 - Email

*hands clapping, a hint of pixie dust in the air*

How can I deny that Fey exist when I see one in the mirror every morning?


Not very glamyris at that time of the day, but still, thats not my point... anyway, yes I do!!!

"Strength and love is ours today
joined as one now
human and Fey"

Fritz, you couldn't be more wrong! There are many pagans and non-pagans alike awaking to the idea that fae magick (or fae blood, depending on who you question) runs through their spirits! And no small amount of credit goes to Lavedise and other sites of the like popping up more and more. (

I must note that everytime I listen to the above song, my heart is lifted and I am reminded that human and Fey
are one!

May Faerie Bless!

Fritz, You Couldn't Be More Wrong!" Opps... My Mistake! I Meant To... Dec 25th. at 12:39:52 am EST

Joe, aka "Tempest the Bad Pixie" (Davison, Michigan US) Age: 19 - Email

"Fritz, you couldn't be more wrong!"

Opps... my mistake! I meant to type "right", not "wrong". Please forgive my bad typing! I've had a cold for the last few days and the medicine is making me quite drowsy.

Good night, and may Faerie bless!

I Have Always Thought That Faeries Were Real. I Don't Think That... Dec 25th. at 12:46:08 am EST

Karin (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 18

I have always thought that Faeries were real. I don't think that I have had a personal sighting or anything like that. I like to think that there are Faery Folk out there being helpful or not so helpful. I was born on June 21st. This I think has made it easyer for me to know that Faeries are real.

P.S. Don't forget to put out some cream for your Brownies. (the household Fay who do your chores at night)

Considering The Body Of Work Devoted To The Wee Folk (including Faeries... Dec 25th. at 1:00:34 pm EST

Quest Wulf (New York, New York US) Age: 38 - Email

Considering the body of work devoted to the wee folk (including Faeries), I have a hard time that they are not real. I look at the work of Wendy and Brian Froud and other artists and find both the Familiar and Unfamiliar.

Part of this comes from my paternal grandmother who told me many a tale of the wee folk and other Irish folk tales. Part of this comes from what I have learned and studied since.

They are there just in or out of the corner of your eye waiting to be recognized.

Quest Wulf

Pirilampa And Pirlimpimpim I Could Never Forget These Two Faeries That Showed... Dec 25th. at 7:58:25 pm EST

Fig (DeBary, Florida US) Age: 41 - Email

Pirilampa and Pirlimpimpim I could never forget these two Faeries that showed me my way back to the camp with radiant light, in the darkest of the nights, in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest were a lived for two years.
Do I believe? Yes! I had a magic encounter with two of them!

Of Course I Believe In Them. In My Humble Opinion, They Are... Dec 25th. at 11:33:03 pm EST

Aedh Rua UiMhorrighu (New Richmond, Wisconsin US) Age: 36 - Email

Of course I believe in them.

In my humble opinion, they are nature spirits of a type less than the Gods as such, but still inhabiting the natural world. THey are of many types, some allied to the Gods, some hostile to the Gods, and many neutral, with their own agendas.

All of the Good Folk deserve respect, except for those truly hostile to the Gods and natural order. Luckily, the truly "evil" sort are quite rare, and mostly found in areas which have been spiritually or materially polluted.

So, unless you are sure that you live on a toxic waste dump, or in Dunwich, Mass (chuckle), then make some offerings to them!

Before My Journey Into This 'new Land' Or Witchcraft, I Laughed At... Dec 26th. at 2:09:56 am EST

Nickolas Holtzscheiter (Scranton, South Carolina US) Age: 16 - Email

Before my journey into this 'new land' or Witchcraft, I laughed at the idea of faeries. However, since I have joined this religion, more than one person has told me of faeries interupting their spells. I could only give a look of shock and disbelief. One person told me to befriend the faeries with sweets before I cast any spells. She said this will make the faeries true and trustworthy allies. I will not know the truth of faerie being real or make-believe until I decide to cast a spell without candy for the faeries. What's the worst that could happen? What indeed...

I Believe That Faeries Exist. I Can't Explain Them Through Folklore, I... Dec 26th. at 1:27:08 pm EST

Bron (Austin, Texas US) Age: 20 - Email

I believe that Faeries exist. I can't explain them through folklore, I can't prove that they exist. I don't know what reality they belong to or what "rank" they hold in the natural and/or supernatural worlds. I couldn't even tell you what they look like. But I believe. I believe that the orange lizard that lives in my atrium is a faerie because I have seen it disappear into nowhere, right before my eyes. I know that, laying in bed at night, I have seen flashes of light not only appear from nowhere, but zing across my room and disappear as quickly as they showed up. I see things move in the corner of my eyes, I feel their inspiration in my artwork, as if they whisper to my subconscious. I have always believed in Faeries since childhood and I refuse to explain it away as I move into adulthood. They exist in my reality and that's good enough for me.

Favorite Fairy Tale: Hans Andersen's "the Little Mermaid" (fair Warning: Not-so-sub Christian... Dec 26th. at 2:01:52 pm EST

Cat (Asheville, North Carolina US) Age: 34

Favorite fairy tale: Hans Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" (fair warning: not-so-sub Christian subtext notwithstanding, the story is roughly 15 times better than the Disney movie and VERY different.)

But on *literal* belief in fairies, faeries, angels, or Sidhe...ouch, I hate to say this, but the (literal) truth is no. I mean, if someone says "if you believe in fairies, clap your hands", I'll clap; it costs nothing and I'd hate to take the chance of letting Tinkerbell die. And if "faery" has metaphorical or spiritual ramifications beyond the literal, maybe I'd say yes. And I'm more than willing to change my mind if some of the Fair want to give me a clear reason to. But I've had no encounters of the obviously Fae kind; found no literal doorways to the other world (not that, probably, I'd know one if I fell into it); never heard a noise in the woods (and I spend a fair amount of time there) that isn't as easily accounted for by a squirrel or a vole as by a fairy. That a holly contains a dryad is, for my money, much more empirically believable.

To get metaphorical, though, and to draw heavily from David Abram (his book *The Spell of the Sensuous* comes highly recommended if you can get through all the phenomenological theory), the fact that I don't lirerally believe in miniature winged people fluttering around doesn't mean I don't make offerings; and if fairies and possums don't have to be mutually exclusive, then you might say I believe. I think the act of scattering birdseed is synonymous with making offering; and when I leave the cornbread and apples from a ritual outside afterwards and find them gone in the morning, I don't have to visualize little people instead of possums or raccoons (or even rats) to feel that the offering was accepted. One of the hallmarks of a phenomenological or animistic world view is NOT distinguishing between spirit and flesh, or between faery and possum. For the truly animistic, the carpenter bees and the paper wasps and the chickadees and even the local weeds ARE the household spirits--the aptly named Little People (they're also very fair)--and, by and large, if you're good to them they'll return the blessing manyfold in pollination, and song, and pest control; and perhaps, who knows, in other ways as well.

Afternoon All! I Realize That This Is My Third Post, But I... Dec 26th. at 2:34:00 pm EST

Tempest (Davison, Michigan US) Age: 19 - Email

Afternoon all! I realize that this is my third post, but I thought that I'd rewrite what I posted earlier know that the cold medicine has worn off.

Yes, I most definitly believe/know faeries. I have read just about every book, web page and leaflet about the Fae, seen countless movies (not a good source, but hey) and sat in Nature pondering for hours. It was something that Brian Froud wrote though that made a lot of sense. Faeries are a part of us so much as we are a part of them. They show us who we are. They are a part of Nature, and connect us to Her. Some would say, and myself included, that faeries have become one with mortals, though Faerie is full of enchanting beings running about. But Faerie isn't a distant land.... no, it lays right on top of this one, ever so to the side, and only those who haveen't given up on magick can see, hear... sense it. Children live in it, as do many adults who haven't lost heart. Can mortals awaken to a Fae existence? Most certainly! Do the faeries that we read about still dwell in Faerie? Of course! Faerie exists within the hearts and spirit of everyone, yet it is seperate all the same. Sound confusing? Such is the ways of magick! But you already knew that, didn't you?

Take heed, friends! Listen to the whispers of Nature in the wind, the water and the trees, and everywhere else too! Where are the faeries you ask? Look closely... you may discover that what you have been looking for is staring at you from the mirror!

May Faerie Bless,

As Long Has Man Has Had Imagination, Faeries Have Had Form. I... Dec 26th. at 2:54:33 pm EST

Auntie ƒ (Western, Massachusetts US) Age: 29 - Email

As long has man has had imagination, Faeries have had form. I believe that the energy existed before it had substance and that each generation shapes the Faerie Lands and itÕs inhabitants in it's own image. To this end, we should have no fear of being left behind by the Faerie Folk É if we do, then we have lost our own imagination and we as a people are doomed.
BTW, they love chocolate and sparklies ;)

Bright Blessings
Auntie ƒ

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