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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 90 - 12/22/2002

Which Christmas Ghost Would You Like To Be?

You know the story. In A Christmas Carol, three ghosts visit Scrooge: The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future. Which Ghost would you like to be?

And who would you like to haunt? Boo!

 Reponses:   There are 82 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Ghosties Dec 23rd. at 2:21:26 am EST

Peter (Victoria, B.C.) Age: 18 - Email

I would be the ghost of Christmas Present, because I believe that nothing is as important as the here and now. The present is shaped by 'presents' past, and shapes 'presents' future, but it all comes down to living the moment. If I were the Ghost of Christmas past, however, I would get to see the 60's... :)

On a side-note, I recently discovered that the image of the Holly King in my imagination was formed a great deal from the Ghost of Christmas Present in the Christmas Carol movie (the one with Alistair Sim).

I'd Like To Be The Ghost Of Christmas Past..... Dec 23rd. at 6:57:36 am EST

Michael (Oceanus) (Brooklyn, New York) Age: 33 - Email

I'd like to be the Ghost of Christmas Past because we all need someone or something to help remind us of all the good and bad things we've lived through that make us who we are. We need reminding where we come from and where we've been, and most of all.... we can learn from our past mistakes so we do not repeat them.

The Ghost Of Christmas Past Dec 23rd. at 7:02:50 am EST

NorthernDoe (Michigan) Age: 36 - Email - Web

The Ghost of Christmas Past would be my choice. Showing those in need the effects of or reasoning behind choices made. Often those alone bring on a whole new light to the present and allow us to move into our future with more peace and gratitude.

Spirit Of Seasons Past Dec 23rd. at 8:53:18 am EST

Rainbow Walker (FL, USA) Age: 54 - Email - Web

Watching several versions of Scrooge each holiday season seems to be one tradition that has endured in my days of future past. The Ghost of Christmas Past is sort of like a light and love patterning empowerment angel and soul loss retrieval shaman for Scrooge. The Spirit of Seasons Past chose key life matrix points to show Scrooge and taught him how to fish by teaching him how the choices he made altered his pathway over the years. Thus, he laid the foundational template for regeneration and transformation.

What most intrigues me about Scrooge was how did someone once so full of promise turn into such a spiritually bitter and impoverished man. Hindsight or perspective is often necessary to understand the whys and wherefores of personal behaviors and idiosyncrasies. Once Scrooge had compassion for himself, he could laugh and dance and be generous with others, sharing all aspects of himself including his wealth.

And who would I haunt? Well in the slightly modified words of Tiny Tim who just seems to know that it was Scrooge who sent them the Christmas present simply because it was Christmas (meaning love was blanketing the earth in a warm angelic heartwing embrace). “Goddess/God Bless Us Everyone!”

In the Spirit of the Season there are five pages of Gifts For You (amulets, talismans, charms etc...). Please help yourselves to any or all of them.

Blessings of Peace and Love,
Maureen Grace, aka Rainbow Walker Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

I'd Love To Be The Ghost Of Christmas's To Come... Dec 23rd. at 9:24:22 am EST

Claire Elliott (England) Age: 18 - Email

Well basically i would love to be the ghost of the future, hopefully from some day when racism, poverty, war and opression have been ended and all people live in peace and can truely be as one. When people can celebrate their freedom and all they have been given without advertising and social veiws making them worry about the size of their gifts or making them try to keep up with their friends and neighbours current fads.
I guess that gives you the idea!
Yuletidings to all, have a wonderful celebration no matter what you are celebrating! For Thought!!! Dec 23rd. at 10:31:35 am EST

amy wallen (southampton, england) Age: 22 - Email

there are certainly merits to each one, but if i had to choose one it would be the ghost of christmas present. why? because if you are from the past you are living in the past and cannot necessarily connect to the present, the zeitgeist as it were. also, we don't know what the future would be like, and i don't believe in a fixed future - it's the one we make ourselves. however, if you are from the present, you can show the hauntee just what exactly is happening in the world today, and presumably refer to the past in doing so. by not specifying a particular future, you are giving someone the opportunity to change the world, and/or the way they see it.

who would i like to haunt? i'm not sure. there are so many people i know (or know of) who just need to change their perceptions a little, and they'd be much happier (and in some cases, the world would be a safer place for it). i'd certainly like such people to know what i think, but only if i knew it would help.

sorry. i know i ramble and i hope i've made sense.

bright blessings in the darkness

Scariness Dec 23rd. at 1:40:31 pm EST

Brian Acevedo (Hartford, CT) Age: 15 - Email

I would be the Ghost of Christmas Future. I would like to be the 'Future' Ghost because I like to scare people, esp. people who are bad! It would also be interesting to see other people's future. I would make crazy special effects to enhance the scariness. It would feel good to teach someone bad, a lesson (like I do it enough!) Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

I Would Be . . . Dec 23rd. at 1:41:28 pm EST

Hrimdis (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Age: 31 - Email

The ghost of Christmas present . . .but only if I can be the ghost of Christmas present from the movie "Scrooged"! heehee

There'd be lot of people I'd haunt in that case ;-)

This Year, The Ghost Of Christmas Present Dec 23rd. at 2:33:06 pm EST

Moonlight Morgan (Canada) Age: 19 - Email - Web

This year I would definitely pick Christmas Present because these year is going to be so great. I did my Yule Ritual and Christmas is in two days. I can't wait to see my family open up their presents.

If you had asked this question last year, I would have said Christmas Past because that year was NOT very good. I had been in the hospital again, none of the family was in a Christmas mood and we were all depressed and angry.

I would never say Future because who knows what life will be like in the future? Sure I'm looking forward to my first Christmas/Yule with a husband and my first with a child, but when I think of Future, I think of far in the future.

Brightest Blessings

I Think Im Spooky Enough Dec 23rd. at 2:42:19 pm EST

lilith (lost angeles) Age: 33 - Email

to be the ghost of christmas future. and i would haunt george w. bush. for fun i might haunt donald rumsfeld, just to wipe the smirk off his face. and john ashcroft, to see if he can rationalize my ghostly visitation into his fundamentalist christian world view. and dick cheney, to see if i can give him a heart attack.

and the last shot of me walking down the boulevard, my work here being done, would be my spikey hair and spiked bracelets and a black t-shirt reading MERRY F**KING CHRISTMAS on the back, arm and arm with joe strummer.

RIP, you babe you. rock in peace.

Hmm, To Be Or Not To Be,,,,,,,, Dec 23rd. at 4:44:13 pm EST

elle (New York City) Age: 0 - Email

Definitly,,,the ghost of the future. The future is what you make of it.

Jolly Christmas Present Dec 23rd. at 5:19:24 pm EST

Mathair Cat (TN) Age: 29 - Email

The ghost of Christmas present. Just because I love the big ole' man, and his Cheer. But yet he had the seriousness side to show Scrooge what he needed to see and made him see it.

Of course I wish some Christmas spirits would haunt Bush and his friends to make him see what he is leading us to is not a good thing. Hmmm wonder if we will all wake up on Christmas morning and Bush will be on CNN hanging out his bedroom window in the white house screaming Merry Christmas. No war! and chucking coins at people.....probably not.

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