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Question of the Week: 92 - 12/29/2002

What Do You See in 2003?

Even though many Pagans celebrate the New Year at Samhain, Solstice or Yule, the new calendar year is upon us. Do you have a resolution to make for 2003?

What do you hope changes? What do you hope stays the same? What do you think the world will be like at the end of 2003?

What national and/or world events will be played out? Will things be better or worse? Got any predictions to declare?

 Reponses:   There are 47 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Hoping For The Personal Status Quo (not Holding My Breath) Dec 31st. at 12:27:54 am EST

Cheryl in Erlanger (Kaintucky) Age: 93 - Email

I hope that nothing changes in my personal life. I continue to enjoy just breathing and being. For the world in general, who knows? I sure don't. But I don't ascribe to the "sky is falling" scenario myself. I'll bet that in 1903, 1913, 1923, heck, pick any year you want, that humans always want to say how bad their times are, we are in the "end times", that if we don't do something "right now", humans are going down the tubes. Sometimes I don't think anything ever really changes. And I know the situation in the world isn't wonderful (it never has been) but times have been worse.
I wouldn't say I'm optimistic or pessimistic, kind of benignly indifferent. Whatever happens, happens.

Third World War Dec 31st. at 2:05:43 am EST

Sundragon (South coast of England) Age: 43 - Email

First a quick history
For two nights running I had the same nightmare I was walking down a street and saw a group of grim faced women in the grounds of a dark old house some were up a ladder that reached up three floors to the roof.
some women were trying to nail tiles back on the roof others were throwing them down,
I climbed the ladder and despite my fear of hights tried to help them
2 weeks to the day the twin towers fell.

The second nightmare I had for only one night and while I don't remember it I do remember that one week later the ivasion of afganistan started and an isralie jet was shot down.

When the allies attack iraiq they will find that chemical and bilogical weapons have been used to deneigh them the cities Bin ladens group will make attacks and israle will suffer
and the war will engulf the middle eastern countries pakistan and india will fight and plages will break out around the world.
sadam has hidden his weapons in the desert and in office blocks and private homes around his country and he will use them despite killing thousands of his own people his will be a scorched earth war and this time he will destroy his own oil wells.

The line between the survival and death of the world is thin I hope we will make it.
I had a dream last week in which I was traveling between dover castle and the rest of britian collecting people in a train equiped with a hospital the population was numbered in the thousands.

I use to think it would be cool to see the future My eldest sister most years dreams the winning horse in the grand national I just see the death of friends and other grim events,
I hope some one can see a different future for us all.


To Know The Future.... Dec 31st. at 2:56:16 am EST

Avian (Canada) Age: 22 - Email

Well, I don't really want to know what 2003 has in store for the world. The last time I glipsed the future, I saw something I didn't want to see, and within 2 months it came to pass. It was something I knew would happen anyway, but I didn't want to face it. I haven't used the cards seriously since.

On a brighter note, I think that things may be turning around - and I am sure this is not going to be a popular position, but I give the credit to North Korea. Many, MANY people (I, myself was one) claimed that Bush's path mirrored Hitler's in the 30s. But now, I think there is hope. I think that with the threats of nuclear attacks from Korea, Bush will have to think twice about whether he REALLY wants to go after Iraq's oil or not. Now he faces what brought both Hitler and Napolean down - splitting your army to fight on 2 fronts simultaniously. Pride is unpredictable, but a staring contest is better than war.

There is still a long way to go before anyone sleeps without a worry in their head, but I think that 2003 will be a stalemate - at least that is what I hope. I really don't want to know if I am wrong, I will deal with that if and when it arrives.

For now, the Forest House is a good place to escape to, and from there, I can think of another couple of stories that you know will have a happy ending.

A New Beginning Dec 31st. at 8:46:46 am EST

Morgan (Honolulu, HI) Age: 17 - Email

If my mind serves me right, I believe New Year's is a new chapter in your life story, a death of the past, and birth to the future. Though many things occured throughout the past year, there is nothing I can do to change the past nor predict the future. What comes goes. I'm thankful to the fact that I have freedom here in America---for my resolution is to be what I want to be, just carefree and happy-go-lucky me. :)) Blessed Be.

This Year Will Pass Dec 31st. at 12:32:09 pm EST

Suz (Hoosier State) Age: 51 - Email

I like many others feel that there is far to much unrest in our world , countys with weapons of mass destruction , and leaders of countrys with no regard for human life , I feel the coming months will bring about changes that all living souls have never seen but always have had great fear of
but this shall pass, time will heal all

Common Knowledge Dec 31st. at 1:23:20 pm EST

Rowan (USA "The Deep South") Age: 37 - Email

I think it is common knowledge that whatever happens in the next year will have already happened and we will be powerless to change it after the fact. So, what we need to do is think right here, right now. RIGHT NOW you could be educating yourself for better service to your fellow man. RIGHT NOW you could be helping someone and you don't even know it,(wouldn't it be great if we really did know for sure how many individuals we have helped). RIGHT NOW you could be more spiritual than you are. RIGHT NOW you could be planning a future instead of dreading the future. We can only live one future at a time, one day at a time. We'd better appreciate our freedoms and our conveniences while we have them. Nothing is promised to us. It could be gone before I post this message. If you LIVE at all, you are setting an example for someone, let it be a good example, let it be a positive example. Pray for good things but don't wait for them to come to you, go to them. There is balance in the universe, sometimes it is hard to find and even harder to see, but it is there. An it HARM NONE, do what ye will. DO UNTO OTHERS as you would have them DO UNTO YOU. Isn't this why we are here? Shouldn't this be our goal every year? I don't want to be told what my future is, I'd rather live it for myself, it's more fun. It's more rewarding.

More Of The Same Dec 31st. at 1:46:57 pm EST

The Sweeper (OK) Age: 48 - Email

What the future bring, despite the noise, despite the fanfare, despite the hand wringing and the angry words, is more of the same old news, and will affect me the same.

When I was a young person I,
I watched the peaceful world of academia, gripped by a frenzied few, turn into a rioting mob.
I watched young men go to war, I watched them suffer betrayal and I watched them die.
I watched the rise of hope for a new Camelot and saw it crushed by an assassin’s bullet.
I watched the flowery birth of the peace movement and I was there to see it wither and fade.
I watched the storm clouds of the cold war boil then disappear.

Now that I am older I realize that as significant as these events seemed at the time, their real affects on my life were minuet.

With or without them;
I would still be the same Witch following the same Path.
I would still wake in the mourning to the touch of the love of my life.
I would still have the joy that my beautiful Daughters bring to my world.
I would still have my close circle of friends.
I would still have my gardens, my home, my town, and my world.
I would still be at peace with my life and myself.

What come next year will be interesting, because for good or bad we live in “Interesting Times”, however, my affect on what it will be is small and its affect on me, likewise small.

The Sweeper

What I Have Seen For 2003 Dec 31st. at 2:47:12 pm EST

Priestess Electra Danae Willow Heart (North Dakota) Age: 23 - Email

In the last year I have had dreams on what we see today with Iraq and I know that we are going to be in a big war that is going to end in Devestation. And so much I dont want it to happen but because of selfish people and money being an idolized object of greed we will go to war. We dont need a war we need to heal our selves and our lands before fighting anyone but because of the presidents vengents we can not rest we have to worry about our neighboring countries welfare. In my dreams i have seen the attacks on the states and other countries i know it is coming closer and I do believe that saddam is part of this. But the problem lies with attacking some one and putting persuction on someone who has not done anything for years. And though he may be telling the truth now we do not know what will happen in the years to come. Our president has never suffered so he doesnt understand what the great people of the Usa are having to deal with. His family has the money to keep him alive on some resort while bombs pound our countries lands and the future of our children infact what we do now will be the clean up of our children and this is one mess my child should not have to clean up after. Mother Earth is in great problems not just with this undeclared war but also with polution and our atmosphere as a whole, And hopefully new things will be discovered to help us further help with cleaning our lands up.

Blessed Be

Priestess ElectraDanae WillowHeart

Make The Magik Happen Dec 31st. at 5:06:38 pm EST

Catherine (Virginia) Age: 46 - Email

To predict the future is to believe that to some degree the future is pre-determined. In 2003 people will die, I’ll plant roses in the garden, and we humans will continue our quest for the omnipotent truth. Our destiny will move no matter where we stand. We can choose to craft the future or we can ride the tide.

I’ve been all around the world and I can tell you that America is the corporate monster. We are fat and free because we have the most money, the most power, and the most corrupt politicians. We can thank God, perform our rituals, and wave our flag, but that doesn’t really mean much to a hungry child running through the slums of Haiti.

I suggest that in 2003 we stop watching the news and start making the news. If you don’t want war, then stand up for peace. If you don’t want children to starve, then feed them. There are Pagans for peace all over the planet and the numbers are growing at warp speed, but the people in Kabul can’t afford the internet and they are fresh out of libraries. It seems like a good time to REALLY come out of the closet. Each of us has the power to change the future, and together we are a voice loud enough to be heard all over the world. We just have to care enough to step up to the plate.

Sorry For The Double Post But My Whole Post Was Not Posted. Dec 31st. at 6:09:46 pm EST

kaT (Toronto) Age: 33 - Email

I would like to see unity in our diverse sisters and brothers all around our beautiful earth. Perhaps when those who have gone too far will see the light in their darkness. I pray.
I keep a book of 'THANKS'. I write in it every night before I rest for the night. When I read back upon the things I am thankful for Joy overcomes me and I see there is hope, I do good for others and in return good is passed on to another by them. The simplicity of giving kind words, doing something special even if small can change another persons view on life. It is a beautiful chain reaction. As this war is negative, more negative builds and builds to a boiling point...then what?
Oh this is too grim to write about for Peace on this earth, this beautiful gift we were given and all the family is our world yet we all do not have the heart to let go of the past, have an open mind and just LIVE. We were put on this earth to help one another, to love and cherish all we have no matter what it is. Sharing is wonderful and hopefully eyes will open in the darkness of this gloomy nightmare called life.
I know I really did not answer what I was to but in light I wish I could permanently stamp this post in the brains of those who hate people and love hate.
Be good to yourselves deserve it.
Blessings and good health brothers and sisters.

Gaia's Child kaT

Earth Year 2003 - The Year Of Magickal Dreaming Dec 31st. at 8:33:04 pm EST

Rainbow Walker (FL, USA) Age: 54 - Email - Web

BE the Dreamer. Dare to go where none have gone before by Dreaming New Dreams. A New Year’s Eve Dream where you just say no thank you to patterns and miasmas of negativity. Where you say to the forces of entropy, you have no power over our world. 2003 is a 5 year - the 5 elements, the 5 senses, the 5 pointed star. Five is the number of the Hierophant in the Tarot. So I will start the New Year’s Ball rolling forward into a future where I wish 5 things for the everyone in the world. They all begin with the letter E which is the first of the 5 letters in numerology (N & W are the other two).

Dreaming New Year’s List for 2003 for Everyone in the World - I wish you the 5 E’s of Magickal Dreaming - Empathy, Empowerment, Enchantment, Endurance, and Evenness.

Empathy - feeling what others feel, understanding how and why they walked their talk, wearing their boots for a spell, viewing things from the other’s point of view, looking about your days and ways with both the male and female eye of Ra, realizing that you share space and grace with a myriad of other sentient lifeforms all of whom are equally precious to the Goddess/God/All the Is Was and Ever Will Be.

Empowerment - a deep sense of inner knowing that thoughts have wings, that words spoken and written can heal and cure, that you are unique, that you are special, that you can change your destiny, that you can make a difference, that you do make a difference with every step that you take and every move that you make. Just as one bad apple can spoil a bushel full, one splash of color can brighten the entire canvas of daily living. Chose to commit random acts of kindness, to be the solution not the problem.

Enchantment - the knowledge, the chants, the invocations, the songs, the words, the movements, the helpers, the inspirations, the insights, the wisdom, the guidance to weave new destiny patternings of upliftment, healing, wholeness, and wellness that encircle the globe in an emotionally cleansing but heart warming catharsis. To surround everyone and everything in a safe secure cocoon of rainbow radiance that will initiate and spark the transformation process, changing the caterpillar into the butterfly, gifting our spirits with the ability to soar.

Endurance - the stamina, patience, fortitude, strength, and commitment to go the distance, to learn how to fish and then to pass on what you have learned to others, to be in this Uni-verse’s Unified Field of Dreams for the long haul, to accept with equanimity that growth is often gradual and can also sometimes be painful. Breathe through the discomfort of looking at the contents of the toilet bowl. Flush away the toxic debris with healing waters, then scrub the bowl with a bristle brush and some Comet. Just remember that soon you might have to repeat the process all over again but that does not mean that you are not moving forward and spiraling upward.

5. Evenness - the balance, the equilibrium to truly see things as they are not as we would like them to be and not as others would like to manipulate them to be, to really be able to serenely get IT in all IT’S pristine IS NESS, the which ness of the was, the solution to the puzzle, the easiest route to your destination, the whys and wherefores of the maze and labyrinth, but, to be able to do it all and perceive it all in a manner that is both constant and consistent.

So here’s a toast to Daring to Dream New Dreams for ourselves and all that we hold dear in the cherished chambers of our eternal star hearts .

Have A Glorious, Happy, Joyful, Merry, and Wondrous 2003,
the Year of Magickal Dreaming *****

Blessed BE,
Wishing New Dreams,
So Mote It BE

A Little Smaller Point Of View Dec 31st. at 8:43:25 pm EST

Marreau (Idaho, USA) Age: 24 - Email - Web

Where I cannot see the future and I have no visions to declare, I hope for much of the same as many people in our communities: peace, understanding, tolerance, love and all things along those lines. I sincerely believe that all humans are born with a strong sense of hope, and I have a high optimistic view that hope will prevail amongst us. I hope that I will become more knowledgeable and be able to pass on that knowledge to those around me. I hope I will learn tact to not offend those that may be offended by truths. I hope that people stop what they are doing, and really look around at what they have, what they are doing, who they are and what they are. I hope for truth.

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