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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 12 - 10/23/2000

Pagan Choice for the y2k US Election

This week's Pagan Perspective question is a redux of one that we asked about at the beginning of August... And we apologize in advance to our non-United States readers that we have again brought up an issue that is rather exclusive to just one country, but feel free to comment on the shenanigans of the American political system as you see it.) Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Have you made up your mind or changed your mind? Will you vote and who-if you don't mind telling the world-are you planning to vote for? Why have you made this particular choice?

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I Am Voting Democrat, Al Gore Will Do A Better Job Of... Oct 30th. at 9:31:14 am EST

Steve Weise (Massillon, Ohio US) Age: 42 - Email

I am voting Democrat, Al Gore will do a better job of protecting the enviroment than his opponent.

It Has Become Apparent Top Me That The Vote For The Presidency... Oct 30th. at 11:26:07 pm EST

Joy Card (Gautier, Mississippi US) Age: 51 - Email

It has become apparent top me that the vote for the presidency of this country should go to the "lesser of the evils", George Bush. Al Gore appears to be a manipulative liar. My husband explained to me that although Al Gore "said" he had reduced government spending infact all he did was hire private
"sub-contractors" instead. It's obvious what the "intention" is.
However I do not know what stance George Bush is taking toward pagans.?

I Will Vote For Ralph Nader/winona Laduke, And Every Other Green... Oct 31st. at 6:31:31 pm EST

Ellis D. Tripp (anywhere) Age: 39 - Email

I will vote for Ralph Nader/Winona LaDuke, and every other Green candidate who appears on the ballot. If the Greens get 5% or more of the popular vote (and thereby FEC funding), they will be in a better position for the long struggle ahead.

The 2 major party candidates are virtually identical on issues like GATT/NAFTA/WTO, military spending, the drug war, the death penalty, and the general destruction of civil liberties in this country. Both men are willing to pander to whatever corporate interests they have to in order to get elected.

Gore's supporters claim that he is a great environmentalist. Rhetoric aside, I wonder if he ever even READ his own book (Earth in the Balance)! Gore's environmentalism seems to be limited to the nice, safe issues like more bicycle paths, tax credits for folks rich enough to buy electric cars and solar power systems, and cleaning up abandoned industrial areas to make more room for condos for yuppies. Al Gore , who feigns outrage at "Big Oil" on the campaign trail is a major stockholder in Occidental Petroleum, which is currently destroying the homeland of the U'Wa people in the Columbian rainforest. He is opposed to the growing of industrial hemp for fuel and fiber. Turning the tide of environmental destruction is going to take more than the feeble efforts that have characterized the Clinton/Gore years. Fundamental changes in the american way of life will be required, as well as the elimination of corporate influence in policy making. A green revolution is needed, not a continuation of the neo-liberal status quo.

As to issues like the Supreme court, where were the Democrats when reactionaries like Scalia and Thomas were appointed? Scalia was passed through the senate with a vote of 98-0! And now the democrats want to claim that they are the only bulwark against a conservative-dominated court? Give me a major break! They drag out the supreme court "bogeyman" every 4 years in an effort to browbeat the progressive movement into perpetuating the evil of 2 lessers. Enough is enough!

Nader was not my first choice as a Green nominee (I much preferred Steven Gaskin or Jello Biafra), but the Green party is building momentum as the electoral expression of the anti-corporate groundswell that was born in the tear gas of Seattle. The only voices calling for the kinds of major policy changes that are needed are the Greens and the Socialist party, and the Greens have a shot at enough votes to fight the good fight in 2004. They are the only ones out there who work for progressive votes, rather than just counting on them.

Go Greens!!!

What A Choice We Have This Election Year... Bush Lite Or Al... Nov 2nd. at 1:46:45 pm EST

Pale Owl (Augusta, Georgia US) Age: 27 - Email

What a choice we have this election year... Bush Lite or Al "Tin Man" Gore.

I won't consider voting for a third party candidate, as they have little chance of winning and I don't wish to waste my vote. Bush feels that our religion is not "real" as well as being "pro-life." As a woman and a Wiccan, I do not agree with these positions. I also find his ideas about Medicare etc. a little frightening. I have relatives dependent on social programs who may suffer if he makes the changes he proposes. Gore does not inspire any great confidence either, but I will vote for him as a vote against Bush.

Scandals aside, I do feel this country has improved economically under the Clinton administration. Of course, I also think the economy is much like the weather. Even though the weatherman can do little about the weather, he catches all the blame. Hopefully things will continue on a upswing. Fair skies and all...

Considering That George Bush Thinks Wicca Is Not A Valid Religion And... Nov 3rd. at 11:28:20 pm EST

Lady Tablatha (Nederland, Texas US) Age: 23 - Email

Considering that George Bush thinks Wicca is not a valid religion and should not be allowed to be treated with that repsect in the military, then I'll have to say Al Gore. Let's face it, we do not want to take a step back. We've gotten this far, let's go all the way with religious freedom.

The Thing That Will Ensure That We Loose Our Constitutional Rights, Is... Nov 5th. at 3:57:28 pm EST

WindSong (Los Alamos, New Mexico US) Age: 17 - Email

The thing that will ensure that we loose our constitutional rights, is if we think it can't happen. I know that we'd love to make a statement, but while we can survive a bad presidency that lasts only four years, we cannot survive a rightest Supreme Court that lasts the majority of a lifetime. Maybe you can live with the result if Bush wins, but are you willing that your children would. Congress is already going to go to the Republicans, if we don't have a president that is Democrat, our government will start trampling us. This is why we have a party system. Yes, there must be a better way, but this is not the time to push it. Nader so obviously doesn't care - or he would step back, realizing that he is endangering his own values. I can't vote, but I am one of those who suffers a lifetime from the results of a rightest Supreme Court. I'm a woman, pagan, and handicapped. That's my right to chose, my right to worship, and equality right there. I may be against other opinions - ever abortion - but I don't have the right to decide for another what they will do with their life. The only thing that stops others from making this decision for us is the Constitution. This is the very heart of Constitutional rights. This is why this vote should be about who you want in the Supreme Court.

To Day I Voted For Al Gore I Really Like Him. He... Nov 7th. at 5:39:14 pm EST

Jennifer (New Bedford, Massachusetts US) Age: 27

To day I voted for Al Gore

I really like him. He is the best man for the job!!! I am confident that Bush would grind the Country into the ground.


I Voted For Gore, Although, I Was Originally Going To Vote For... Nov 8th. at 10:06:48 am EST

Stacy (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin US) Age: 37

I voted for Gore, although, I was originally going to vote for Bush. I don't think Gore is a totally honest person, but I liked his stance on religion, environment, and abortion. I personally would not have an abortion at this point in my life, but the government is not the one who should make such a decision. Life is prescious, as all Pagans know. But government should not have a hand in that decsion. I didn't like Bush's plan to drill for oil in the wildlife refugee in Alaska, and I didn't like his uneducated response regarding Wicca. I did like his tax plan and his Social Secruity plan better than Gore's. However, the issues that were more important to me made me vote for Gore. Now we just have to wait and see if Gore is a liar or a man of his word.

Even Though I Am Only 14 And Can Not Vote In This... Nov 16th. at 9:15:57 pm EST

SilverPanther (Rockville, Maryland US) Age: 14 - Email

Even though I am only 14 and can not vote in this election, I sincerely hope that Al Gore will win. He supports many issues that I, being a woman and a Witch, believe in, such as the environment, abortion, gay rights, and freedom of religion. Our country needs a president who knows what is good for the people, and Bush's idea of running the country is clearly taking away human rights. It is not for the government to decide whether a woman should have an abortion or not. It is not for the government to decide what people should believe in. Bush does not see Wicca as a legitimate religion, and thus violates the whole "freedom of religion" amendment. More than that, his Ideas to cut taxes are not very stable. The government needs to get money from somewhere, and if taxes will be eliminated or drastically cut, our whole nation would simply crash down. So for the sake of our country, I strongly believe Gore should be president, and I wish with all my heart that I could take part in the election.

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