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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 98 - 2/10/2003

Would You Live In A Haunted House?

You have found the perfect house. But it’s haunted. Doors open and close. Lights flip on and off. Footsteps are heard in the hallway, furniture is rearranged and ghostly figures are spotted wandering the grounds.

Would you move in?

Would you be comfortable living with ghosts and/or paranormal activities? Or would you send the spirits an eviction notice?

What are your thoughts on paranormal manifestations?

 Reponses:   There are 166 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Haunted Houses Feb 15th. at 11:15:50 am EST

DarkAngel (Lancaster, PA) Age: 23 - Email

I have lived in "haunted" houses nearly all my life. There was plenty of negative entities, but always more than enough of what I called "Guardians" to chase them off. Things being hidden, warm pockets, cold pockets, foot steps, torn screens mending themselves (I've seen this) , back rubs, people sitting on your lap...I got used to all of these things, they don't even phase me anymore. Spirit cats seemed to be the norm in any house, and there was always spirit children and past loved ones keeping my own kids company. I think any house you go to, even if you just had it built, will be "haunted" at one point or another by passing travelers or those trapped on the land. Yes I would, and still do, live in one. Unless they're negative, after a while you just get used to the fact that you're never alone, and life goes on.

Living In A Haunted House Feb 15th. at 3:04:41 pm EST

Adaryn (San Antonio, TX) Age: 24 - Email

I lived in a haunted house in Italy, and it took a long time to get used to it. My main fear, at first, was not of a supernatural presence, but a human one. The sounds that I heard downstairs could have come from a person. Stomping up and down the stairs, doors slamming. It sounded like someone broke in. My husband and I slept with an aluminum baseball bat by the bed. The downstairs area was occupied by a malevolent spirit, I quickly learned not to even try to communicate with it, that just made it angry.

Yes Feb 15th. at 3:21:27 pm EST

Beryl Eagle (Morton, Wa) Age: 26 - Email

I've done it before and I'd do it again. Most spirits just want to be agknowledged and are actual quite helpful in nature. They can, of course, be a bit mischevious at times. However, so are the people a person lives with.

Amy Is Her Name Feb 15th. at 3:33:47 pm EST

Zeyra (Loveland, AZ) Age: 34 - Email

Yes, Amy is her name.
We found the most affordable, TLC needing home in all of Loveland quite by accident.
A friend of mine and co-worker lives in the big farm house sitting all by itself off of a major county road.
Surrounded by fields and with a rather large lake just a 1/2 mile out of the backyard and stunning views of the Rockies. There are at least 60 trees in the yard, though I haven't really counted them all and it just felt like home to visit her there. The house is split into an upstairs and a basement "apartment" though they are both very large and comfortable.
The guy living downstairs moved out and we took a look. It needed help. Filthy and the walls were covered in soot from the fireplace being lit all the time. We still saw a lovely home and immediately contacted the landlord to see about renting it.
Wow, the painting and shampooing and cleaning we did to make it a very nice place to live, very nice.
In the midst of all of that work Amy decided to show herself. She is a small girl, about 5 or 6 and is usually wearing a white little dress with delicate paper wings on her back to resemble angel's wings. She had no shoes on but has a circle of flowers on her blonde little head resting over her long wispy locks. She sat squat in the window and looked very sad, and if she wasn't sure she could come inside to get the care she needed.
Apparently she felt comfy enough to do so, because she is here and here to stay it seems. She is quite fond of turning off the lights and moving things about here and there.
Her newest trick, I have noticed, is to place her tiny handprints on windows, screens and in the dust wherever she can. My children are all very grown up and since we don't have little ones I am sure it is her. She seems to love the kitchen so that is where I speak to her when I feel the need to mother a tiny one.
With my husband gone for Goddess knows how long with the National Guard she keeps me company while the big kids are all out doing their own living in this world.
There are more, I can feel them outside and sometimes in the chill of a winter's eve I can see them wandering in the fields outside and I have seen frosty prints on the windows.
I may someday learn all of their stories, but for now it's Amy alone who keeps watch on the electric bill and the dust and always makes me smile.

I Would, I Have And I Do... Feb 15th. at 4:14:56 pm EST

Karmann (St. Louis) Age: 24 - Email

Ive lived in hauted houses for as long as I can remember, the last house we moved out of was very much haunted.. you could not only hear things but see them.. and I have a photo that was actually documented. The house I live in now is also haunted.. we will never have anyone come in to try to get rid of these spirits. They do not cause any harm.. just sometimes sleepless nights.
We invited the ones from our old house to come with us and my daughter swears they did..

I would.. I have and I do..

RE: Would You Live In A Haunted House? Feb 15th. at 4:16:29 pm EST

Heather (Calgary, Canada) Age: 14 - Email

Honestly, I would only live with a ghost or a spirit if it simply lived there. If he/she was interfering with what I do in a day, messes up my house and tries to hurt me, I would get her out of the house for sure!

...Ghosts Can Be Fun...well, Maybe Not... Feb 15th. at 5:26:22 pm EST

Meghan (Vienna VA) Age: 15 - Email

I think my broker would have problems with my doing preemptive spells in the foyer to see if I could ward them off *before* moving in, so that's out. I guess I would move in and try to do some protection wards to keep them out, unless they were extremely bloodthirsty and vicious ghosts.

I think paranormal manifestations are rather interesting, except when they're scary. I don't see ghosts, but as an empath I can *feel* them sometimes. Don't ask for an explanation of 'feeling' the ghosts because I don't understand it either...It just sort of happens. I have friends who regularly see apparitions, specifically a blonde teenage girl in a pink dress hovering around some very ominous-looking (and feeling) trees in the backyard, and they tell me it's a little scarier than one would think, so I guess I can't really say how I feel about the presence of paranormal beings.

Friendly Ghost ..? Feb 15th. at 6:11:06 pm EST

Marcelle MacCulloch (Simi Valley, CA) Age: 21 - Email

When I was in Middle School my family and I moved into a house that was definitly harboring some other kind of entity. I felt uneasy the duration of time we lived there (less than a year, but the house had it's own problems) . If I were to come upon another haunted house, my decision to stay would be based on the energy of the entity. There are "good" ghosts, and "bad" ghosts. I would put up with self closing doors and eratic lights as long as the ghost did not intend to harm my family or myself.

Show Me The House Feb 15th. at 7:18:25 pm EST

Vivien (Connecticut) Age: 51 - Email

I lived in what I believed to be a haunted/possessed house for one year. Believe it or not, it was located on "Graveline" Street and was built at the turn of the century! I was in contact with the spirit which possessed the house soon after moving in. It began subtly with thing missing or moved around, always when I was not home. Soon I began to hear things such as walking upstairs and muffled voices in the kitchen. I enjoyed the mystery and excitement of it all until it began to invade my sleeping. It was something which felt purely evil and seemed to want to consume me. My boyfriend at the time was living with me and witnessed some of the phenomenon. The concentration of activity was on the second floor in the two rooms which made up my bedroom area. At more than one occassion, my boyfriend had to drag me from the bed and out of the room because I could not breath. Once in the hall way, I was able to finally take a breath which burned from my lungs' lack of oxygen for too long. Many more things happened too lengthly to mention and I finally began sleeping down in the living room and put the house on the market. I sold it one year to the day of purchasing it.
Had the presence not been malevolent, I would have stayed and hopefully enjoyed a long and friendly relationship with it/them.

Yea Feb 15th. at 8:00:29 pm EST

Terrishea Jones (mentone, al.) Age: 54 - Email

how great would that be? to get to know about the other half.
to learn, to have some feeling of purpose in a place you share
with something you no nothing about, hoping you will learn.and live
to tell someone.

It Depends Feb 15th. at 8:46:38 pm EST

AM (USA) Age: 28 - Email

If it was common knowledge that spirits inhabited a residence that was for sale, I probably would not buy it. However, if they were generally benign and non-interfering, perhaps. If I lived in a house and all of a sudden entities/spirits, etc. started to stop in and stay awhile, they would have to go. But, I would never kick out spirits that already inhabited a place that I did not, that's their home then. Doing so might be asking for a backlash of trouble. Agreements can be made and compromises sometimes can occur.

Be Good Or Be Gone Feb 15th. at 10:01:05 pm EST

kismit (oregon) Age: 24 - Email

I have never lived in a house that DIDN'T come with noncorporeal roommates. The few times that things have gotten nasty we did perform an 'eviction'. For the most part the ones here just want to be left alone. The current most apperent one likes to play with water pressure. She particularly likes turning the hot water up in the bathtub. It never gets TOO hot, but on warm days this can be irritating! We've seen several manifestations in this building. Some are a bit gruesome, such as the man who lies where he passed on. We call him Mr. Gooey as he has left a irremovable bloodstain on the stairs. The carpeting there has been replaced several times. We take precautions with each move, cleansing the house of negative residuals and offering a truce to any previous inhabitants-"BE good, or Be gone." So far so good!

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