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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 104 - 3/24/2003

Have You Changed Your Mind About the War in Iraq?

Many people were initially for or against the possibility of a war in Iraq. Now that it is a reality and troops are on the ground, have you changed your mind or your position on the war?

Do you think that anti-war protests should cease? Do you think that an even greater divide has opened up between those who hold differing ideologies?

Do you think that the suspension of certain civil liberties for security reasons is appropriate during war time? Do YOU feel safer? Will the world be more secure because of this action?

What – if anything – concerns you the most about the war in Iraq?

 Reponses:   There are 258 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

If Only More Canadians Lived Here In The US.... Mar 30th. at 5:43:49 pm EST

Maleciah (Oregon) Age: 25 - Email

I am sure that no matter what is said or complained about in here is also something that has been talked into the ground for decades. all sides SHOULD know by now that the US is NOT the only one doing theis. there are currently 49 other nations that are assisting in this. No one specific person, country or entity is fully responsible as all the super-powers had a role they played in what we see berfore us; US, Canada, brittan, France, Russia.. the list goes on and on and on. But perhaps if we had more people from Canada who hate the war come down to vote in the next election their voices would be heard by our government. but they will not so our government will not. US dictates it's own policy, not the UN, Canada, England, France, or Russia. Half the time, It isn't what some want, but this is not about humanitarian need nor anything else other than the US erasing a problem that they contributed to. Let them do their work and get it over with. If you don't like it. close your eyes and wait till it is over cause it needs to be done. condemn all you want. it will happen, he will be removed. time to move on to our troops and the civilians and making sure the innocent are not killed needlessly in the interum. Where are the priorities here?

A Final Thought... Mar 30th. at 6:15:12 pm EST

jade (canada (thank Goddess!)) Age: 16 - Email

i have one more thing to say, but i am sure that this has already been said, maybe in another way, but the meaning was the same. this war is RIDICULOUS!!!!! war is not a solution for any problem, yes i suppose it is in short term; but in the long run, this war will only make more, and more and more problems. i have seen and heard so many different things that i have forgotten the reason for this war. is is the war on terrorism? the, i want to impress my daddy war? the gee, the world's oil supply will be gone in 20 years, and since i own a big SUV, and my country consumes way more gas than any other (in proportion) , i want to steal the oil war? really, if they want to make up a lie, then maybe they should stick to ONE reason for going to war. i mean, were not dumb, and those whoi seek the truth will find it, but this all makes the US president look even more stupid! no my opinion on war has not changed! truly, it is all so pointless, and nothing will be gained, but innocent blood will be spilt!!!!!

I've Just Gotten More Stubborn. Mar 30th. at 6:57:10 pm EST

Penny J. Novack (the Berkshires in Massachusetts) Age: 62 - Email

Personally, I've always felt war was wasteful and incredibly bad karma. Violence tends to be, even on the micro-level. But I also believe what my sensei told us when I took 'Chwan Fa long ago. The master of the art will never need to enter into combat. We're using the wrong kind of sports to train our kids in how to deal with violence. Even the martial arts tournaments are just grunt-stupid skill shows. The quality of the master is more subtle. Of course, there is nothing in the U.S. Military establishment which even hints that they have a concept of becoming masters. Therefore, they are not qualified to run an army. An army and a government run the way ours is -- like a football game -- are infantile. A mature, competent government would never need to express itself with war.

So I demonstrate against the war and try to remind people that their freedom comes from The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution --- and an alert, educated and concerned citizenry. It cannot be bought by the blood of our young people but must be lived and cherished.

My Apologies Mar 30th. at 7:52:14 pm EST

Penny J. Novack (The Berkshires in Massachusetts) Age: 62 - Email

I hadn't read any other opinions when I wrote mine. My apologies are to those whose experiences with some demonstrators has been so awful. I am not myself such a demonstrator. In fact, I much prefer walking around town alone with my signs because then I can stop and talk with people. Literally talk WITH people. I believe we must work harder than ever to exercise all our civil rights now while they are under attack by the Bush government but that doesn't justify seriously bad behavior. Of course, I know people who are caught up in the football field mentality just like Bush -- only they think they're "radicals" and that to be really serious radicals they have to kick ass. Same old, same old. But I do love the puppets and the music. It is always time to create, to love, to make music. No one's life is so long that these things should be put aside.

I wish I could be there to shield you, you friends and wives and children of servicemen. And in my most magical heart I want so badly to protect our young folks sent out on this horrific military event (I understand it's not legally a "war") . My signs say things like "Support our Troops! Bring them home!" because I know some of these people. We may not always agree but I value their lives and their spirits.

Blessed Be

No-a Different Perpective Mar 30th. at 8:27:55 pm EST

Jeremy W (Ottawa, Canada) Age: 33 - Email

I've had the same thoughts regarding the war from the beginning-with subtle changes as time goes by. But my general views on war remain the same-I don't agree with war per se although it is a terrible reality in the "patriarchal and masculine" world we live in. Being a soldier myself, I've seen and experienced some awful and horrendous things in my 15 yrs service-save actual combat-which I pray to the Divine I never have to make "the choice". We are (mostly) all caught up in what we are fed by the propaganda machine (yes, we do have one too!) and consequently form our opinions based on this information-when a good deal of "loud views" are expressed by those of us who have their experiences limited to the one and only community they have ever lived in and the propoganda that they have formed into their own opinion. Based on who I am and the sum of my experiences, and my "interpretations/intuitions" of propoganda fed to me, I do not agree with the war, but I pray for those soldiers over there that God or however you perceive the Divine to be, blesses them with the strength and wisdom to "grow" from their experiences there and to overcome the suffering that they will surely see and have . I also believe that the events going on in the world today are part of a "process" and are neccessary before humankind makes the next step in our evolution of universal awareness-the balance of femininity and masculinity.Thank-you.

Thank The Creator For Choices Mar 31st. at 12:02:54 am EST

Queen Gwen (Alberta) Age: 44 - Email

I've not changed my opinion. I believe that any place under suppression needs liberating. They asked the USA for help, the USA is giving help. Over 10 years we have all waited for that evil rotten man to disassemble his armament, he has not. So................enough!

I do believe that this should have gone faster, only one device could have been used to end this horrific side of man kinds nature. He is no different than Hitler, etc.

I still stand by my belief that we do not go looking for fights (war) . But if asked to defend, or to help, we as witch's / pagans, we of all people should understand suppression..........yes?

That's all I have to say on this matter.

I pray for all involved. I pray our fantastic Canadian Military young men and women don't need to go help our American brother's and sister's.

May the gods/goddesses help mend this mess.

War Is Never Good, But.... Mar 31st. at 1:38:56 am EST

Rev. Kelley Stephenson (Casa Grande) Age: 27 - Email - Web

I have to say I have a skewed view about what is going on. I grew up in a military household. My Great-grandfather fought in WWI, my greandfather in WWII and my father enlisted because of Korea. I grew up in a military town, many of my friends in highschool had either parents or siblings in the Gulf. I hold a lot of personal pride in the military of the United States of America. As an American I feel I have two choices, either follow our elected leaders (whether or not I TOTALY agree with them and exersise my right to speek out) or leave. If I leave I don't feel that I have the right to say that anyone in power is flat out wrong, but I would say that I don't agree with them.
Now I don't agree with the policies of Mr. Hussain, or anyone who kills their own people then hides under a mantle of religion just to raise (or try to raise) support. When you are in a hostile invinron anyone with a gun is an enemy combatant, and under the rules of warfair is not inocent. Imagin what would have happened if there was a polital power who came in a told the Inquistors they had to stop the persecution of non-Christians or there would be a war?
What would have happened if that same political power had launched inspections and the INquistors had hidden and lied about tourture devices and Jews and Pagans in custody. That is really what this is all about.
One man who has a history of abusing and ignoring basic human rights and want's to distroy everything that does not fit into his idea of the world (much like a Austrain around 1935 in Germany) . This threat must be put down and put down quickly.
I forsee this whole thing, from the time we went in, to the time that there is truely free elections in Iraq, to take five years. I have signed up for information on the Chaplain Corps, to serve my duty to my country and my military.

Goddess bless America

I Still Waiting Mar 31st. at 1:50:10 am EST

Skeggi (NZ) Age: 32 - Email

For the proof that this man has womd. Even if he had them the inspections were working and there was no need for a war.
I glad the iraqis are putting up a good fight, maybe one day the world will learn not to force a peoples back to the wall. And overwhelming firepower is no safegaurd against being killed.

America are white knights? They save the world?
Maybe. So they can rape and pillage it too. Liberate people to force them to live in a democracy?
Smother native cultures with their own commercial canned culture.
Freedom to speak as long as we agree with what you say or you can afford the legal fees.

How many Iraqis have we liberated perminatly now? 4000, 5000?
Goddess bless Iraq.

This Illegal War Mar 31st. at 5:03:04 am EST

Sloopz (Scotland) Age: 17 - Email - Web

My feelings about this war hace never differed I am agaisnt all forms of violence, raciasm etc.

I will never change my mind about this war Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

Unjustified War In Iraq Mar 31st. at 7:27:30 am EST

george francis (arclid green) Age: 13 - Email

ok. so like, personally, i do not see how this war is justified.
i mean i get the whole thing with the gulf war, but i just don't get this war. email me if you agree!

Unjustified War Mar 31st. at 7:36:53 am EST

Taz (Food Tech room, School) Age: 13 - Email

I don't agree with the war because Bush says that it will help the people of Iraq but how is it going to help them by blowing them into little pieces? Also, whats the point of teaching us about how horrible war is in school, if we're going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? How can you justify killing innocent people?

Don't We Ever Learn? Mar 31st. at 9:49:04 am EST

Tyladragonfly (St. Pete Fl) Age: 52 - Email

I have felt from the very beginning that, regardless of our 'rationale', this war is about oil, oil, oil. If you look at Mr. Bush's holdings, you will find oil, oil, oil. Duh, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the personal conflict of interest here. Additionally, he has a family interest that says he is supposed to clean up his father's historical legacy.

No, I don't think that Mr. Hussein is a good person, who takes into account the needs of his people. So, yes, I do think that he needs to be removed, but by his own people. Those people have not made much effort to try to get rid of him. They have used suicide bombers, though, to try to get rid of US troops...and British troops, and the 300 Spanish troops that are over there. So, if they have the willingness to actually change their way of life, and their leadership, then, they have to show that to the world...before we jump in and "liberate" them. Too late now, they are going to have to suffer the price of living the way they have chosen, rather than the way Mr. Bush, et al, have decided they should live.

AAAARGH...didn't we learn a darned thing in Viet Nam? In Korea...Yep, we learned that we can spend more lives, and more money that anyone else in the world to try to create a world that looks like the US government (note, I didn't say the US people) want it to look like...and not quite succeed. By the way, during the Viet Nam war there was a television ad that said, "If all of the old men fought the war..." and showed two old men about to have a duel...far fewer young men and women would have been lost in this and other battles. And I heard that only one person in the US Congress has a child in the military...does anyone know if this is true? Scarey when they can send the common person off to fight their wars...huh?

May we find balance one way or the other...and no, I don't feel any safer today than I did three weeks ago. I didn't feel threatened then, and I don't feel threatened anyone but my own rights are dwindling away day by day.


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