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Question of the Week: 101 - 3/3/2003

Have You Made Any Extra Security Preparations?

Faced with the potential threats of terrorism and/or war, many governments have asked their citizenry to ‘be prepared’. Have you stocked up on any items? Do you have a first aid kit? How’s your plastic to duct tape ratio?

Should you ever have to vacate your home and you could only take ten (10) items with you, what would these items be?

If you are trained in outdoor survival skills, medical emergencies or in other related areas, what advice can you share with us on how to be prepared in case the unthinkable does come to pass? What ten things do you think everyone should have on hand?

 Reponses:   There are 85 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

What I Would Take... Mar 4th. at 6:46:03 am EST

SilverShadow (Australia) Age: 14 - Email

Yes I do know it's America not Australia that is being threatened but anyhow Australia is a possible target so ya gotta be prepared...

1.My pillow of course (it's purple!)
2.A teddy bear I've had since I was 7 which is completely wrecked but it has alot of meaning to it.
3.My BOS which is only about a quarter full with nothing in particular.
4&5.My pentacle and ankh necklaces (if I'm not already wearing them)
6.A piece of amethyst
7.My Mechanical Animals cd
8.Purple eyeshadow
9.My purple nailpolish
10.My dreamcatcher (yep-purple!)

Yay! I have crap worth saving...

Didn't Even Think Of It! Mar 4th. at 7:02:54 am EST

jade (canada) Age: 16 - Email

well, i am not prepared for war, but since this whole thing is getting a little serious maybe i should think of it. nahhh, what's the point. if you live close to a city that was nuked, duct tape and plastic over your doors and windows is not going to save you! neither is anything else! i can't say what i would bring with me if i was forced to leave my house, because i don't intend on doing so. once again, what's the point. you'll get to out live somebody for a few days, but you might just end up dead anyway. wnat to be save, freeze and go up north, wayyy up north! thinak snow all the time. all i know is if there is a war, i want to be some place peaceful.

My Thoughts. Mar 4th. at 8:52:20 am EST

Andromeda (Miami, Florida) Age: 15 - Email

I haven't thought to gte a first aid kit or any other supplies, but this is hurricane country, so once summer hits my family will be stocked up anyhow. No reason to start now. Honestly, with Turkey Point so close, I probably wouldn't survive an attack. I wouldn't even know I was dying, so why panic now? I'd rather use my time to finish everything that's left to be done. There's too much to do, but we might as well try.
The plastic is just hilarious. They don't even recommend duct tape on windows for hurricanes down here, let alone for some terrorist attack. I don't have any survival skills, just the basics you learn for a hurricane: don't go into water in case there's an electrical wire, don't drink anything without decontaminating it, try not to leave your house, keep your gas tank full, etc. Plain common sense.
It's always best to keep enough supplies to last at least a week alone. Narrowing it down to ten items, it would be:
1. Half a dozen matchboxes
2. Book listing edible/medicinal plants
3. Hunting/fishing supplies
4. Water purification tablets
5. Prescription medicines
6. First aid kit
7. Changes of clothes
8. Rope
At least I would think that's neccesary. No battery operated things for me, because pretty soon batteries die and they're hard to keep around. I especially don't want a radio. It would be too disheartening to find the rest of the world dying, too. But, aside from that, there's way more than ten items I would want to take with me. But if I had to narrow it:
1. My dog, Silky
2. Small altar statues
3. Cuddles. He's the first stuffed animal my boyfriend gave me, so he has a lot of sentimental value.
4. Blanket my late grandmother gave me
5. Oxford Encyclopedia on Ancient Egypt
6. Mists of Avalon
7. A set of basic math, science, and english texts in case all other books are eradicated
8. My old journals
9. Evenstar pendant
10. Photo album

The End Of The World Panic Mar 4th. at 9:16:30 am EST

Fathom (pittsburgh) Age: 24 - Email

Well I can say I actually prepared more for y2k than this panic button issue.

I have not done anything to prepare, and I probably won't. I am afraid that our country likes to distract with panic and hypothosis when more important issues are at hand. scare tactics to prevent us from fighting against this war is not new.

as for my 10 things:
a few photos of the family
My survivalist and medicinal herbs books
The knives and camp cooking set
A heavy duty rucksack
my solar flashlight
My carhart jumpsuit (winter bites here)
Some tradeable items
water cleaner tablets
A big plastic tarp
my childhood blanket

As for my husband I have no clue but I would have to make a backpack for my little dog and he's easy to list for. snasages, rawhide bone, fleece sweater, stuffed doggie and dog boots. after that he's just happy to be with us.

Thought Provoking Mar 4th. at 11:50:28 am EST

Amanda (Silver Spring, MD) Age: 23 - Email

I didn't really think much about preparing for terror. I mean, I live right outside DC. Wouldn't I be one of the first to go anyway? And then I got to thinking, there aren't ICBM's coming our way (most likely) . If they're attacks similar to the Sept. 11th ones, then they'll be devestating but they might not destroy everything in one shot. I could have a chance of survival and I'd like to do just that. With those thoughts in mind, here's my list of what I'm going to keep in my car from now on, just in case.

First aid kit
dried foods (rice, beans, spices, etc.)
guide to local plants
a knife
wash line rope, fishing line, and butcher's twine
matches in a plastic bag
and if I were really worried and wanted to plan for the super long term, seed packets and little garden tools

As for the 10 things I'd take from my home, I think it's carry-on only. In that case, I'd take:

Dog stuff
As many clothes as I can put on my body (esp. socks, I understand they're important)
A book my boyfriend gave me
matches in a plastic bag
important papers (also in plastic)
plant guide (can you tell I'd be raiding my car?)
rope of some sort

Except maybe one or two of those important papers, or the clothes, I don't really have anything to barter with, and that kinda sucks.

No Prep Mar 4th. at 12:12:09 pm EST

KatRivers (Kentucky) Age: 38 - Email

Well, I think that war is, of course, a distinct possibility. Still, I believe that the Bush administration is using scare tactics on Americans just to get us to eventually support his damn war, drilling in the ANWAR, etc. Before you know it, we'll be completely ignoring color-signal warnings because we'll have grown oblivious to them or supposed dangerous situations (I think they're a stupid idea, BTW) . So, no; I've done no security preparations. Remember years ago when the shooter stood in the middle of traffic in Virginia and shot at communters as they sat in their cars -- I forget the particulars. Anyway, I find that sort of thing a far scarier potentiality than attack by missiles, invasion, etc. katrivers

I Am Sick And Tired Of All Your Duck Tape Bashing. Mar 4th. at 1:21:46 pm EST

Ryan W (lino lakes MN) Age: 18 - Email

The thing I would want the most is Duck tape. If you have ever read the Duck tape books you know what I am talking about. I don’t think that it will stop a chemical attack but it is extremely useful nun the less. First off if you fold it along the short side than brad 3 strips together you can make a rope that can hold a 210-pound person off the ground (I have dun this so I know) . You can also waterproof anything, from your pants to a roof to a bag. For that mater you can make a bag or a case or even a backpack (again I have dun this so I know) . Admittedly you need a LOT of Duck tape but it is still very useful. As for the other things I would want a nice machete, 2 knives, 1 big axe and 2 small ones, a Dutch oven, a rope saw, flint and steel and finally a good friend. Everything ells I could find, make or hunt. I don’t see a need to rush out and buy all of that (mostly because I have it all anyway) . I live on a farm with lots of area and I could make it to Canada if I needed to. If you want to see a good (or at least a) movie about surviving a war rent Red Dawn. It isn’t realistic but it dose have people surviving in the wild.

Ryan W

Learning From The Movies Mar 4th. at 1:56:10 pm EST

Anjie (North Dakota) Age: 20 - Email

My younger brother and I talked about this once, though, it was more along the lines of: "what would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?" I should also note that we had just finished watching "Cast Away", and that that is how we got on the topic. We made a list of things Tom Hanks' character did wrong, and what we would do to prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes. We ended up deciding that we should absolutely always always carry a pocket knife, just in case we were ever stranded. We determined that we should at least make sure we knew a decent ammount about survival in the wilds. I'd found a good book on this, but i can't remember the title for the life of me. I do remember though that it was bound very securely in textured rubber, so that you could take it with you and not worry about it getting mangled. Very interesting stuff. Also, my brother and I decided that we should have a water-proof, rust proof case of water-proof matches. We found these both at Target.

Defeat... Mar 4th. at 2:40:39 pm EST

Maggie Caldwell (MI) Age: 20 - Email

I cannot bring myself to prepare for a threat of terrorism. If this is the type of world that we are living in, and myself and my family are going to be struck with nuclear weapons, then so be it. I would prefer to live each day as though it truly counted and die in a week than cower in my duck tape haven breathing through gas masks and live a year.

Procautions & Provisions Mar 4th. at 2:52:40 pm EST

Vi WitchHazel (PHOENIX, AZ) Age: 32 - Email

I haven't actually stored or prepared anything yet, but I am this week.
*Food items that are easy to store and prepare,
*Changes of clothing already in a bag or near the bag.
*In ZipLocks keep identification and important papers.
*Plenty of dry & canned catfood.
*Medicine & vitamins & a few sentimental personal items.
*And as many candles as my husband will allow.

By the way, I wrote a poem for peace in the sand while visiting
the Pacific Ocean this past weekend.
I would like to share it:

Grant us Protection from Man and Best
From Dangers Great and Small

As we Raise our Voices...

"No Harm, No Harm, No Harm to All"

And if this overrides the freewill
of one man or two
Know we only meant for good and true.

As we have said so let it be done,
no curse upon us and harm to none.
So Mote It Be.

Phoenix, AZ

My Ten Things Mar 4th. at 3:00:33 pm EST

Starchilde (Wisconsin) Age: 20 - Email

would have to be a sharp knife, an axe, a knife sharpener kit, my .22 marlin, bullets, a good blanket, water purification tablets, a good pair of socks, a waterproof windproof lighter, and duct tape. Why? the knife would come in handy for all sorts of stuff, the axe for chopping firewood, the knife sharpener for when the axe and knife eventually went dull (actual random stones just dont work as well) my .22 and bullets for protection and food, blanket for warmth and if its a good tight weave it can be used to make shelter, the water tablets so i can have potable water, since you never know what has been dumped into a stream or lake, the socks, well, nothing is worse than having a pair of wet socks, the lighter for fires and light, and, yes, duct tape, it really does come in handy. Now, i dont suggest to everyone to go out and buy these things because not everyone is going to find these handy if living in the wild. if you don't know how to shoot, or never even handled a gun, do us all a favor and don't go out and buy one unless you go through hunters safety. I just happen to have been around them since I was little and taught how to use one when I was of age.
If you happen to get caught in the woods, don't assume that anything is edible unless you have been trained to know what is and isn't, people whom I have been walking in the woods with have tried to pick some strange and poisonous things, sometimes mistaking it for an edible plant that was of the same genus. I have grown up in the woods, and have been taught some survival skills. Remember, books work, especially if they have illustrations showing how this and that is done.
Well thats what i would take if i was told to vacate my home, but i doubt if it will come to that, even if there is war.

Preparedness Is An Every Day Thing.... Mar 4th. at 3:16:17 pm EST

Shane (Mansfield) Age: 31 - Email

not just something you do in an emergency. That means walking thru this world like you belong here and being aware of what is going on around you. It also means being ready to respond when something does happen. As for the ten things I'd take with me I'll just give you a list of the things I carry in mine and my wife's bug-out kit. We use a couple of army-surplus frame mounted medium alice packs. These can be bought in any army surplus store for around $50.00. It also helps if you have a partner or friend you can bug-out with. This way you can carry twice the gear and throw in a few things you might want to take instead of just the bare essentials.

1.) Medium size fixed blade knife (my wife's is a Cold Steel recon tanto)
2.) Kukri knife (Cold Steel here also, in my opinion this is better than a machette)
3.) Water purification device (tablets or filter will work in the short term)
4.) 1000ft. spool of parachute cord (infinite # of uses)
5.) Magnesium fire starter (I also have a zippo and lots of lighter fluid, with extra flints)
6.) One extra-pair of jeans, warm shirt, socks, and underwear (clean clothes can do wonders for moral)
7.) 3 days worth of MRE's (short term food)
8.) 2 camouflage tarps
9.) Camelback hydration system (fancy canteen)
10.) A manual on native plants and other flora.

These are the items I would carry with me. There are some others that I would throw in the truck also. These include a dutch oven, a .22 caliber rifle for gathering small critters to eat. A 12 gauge shotgun for defense, spare ammunition for both. Extra blankets are good. I wouldn't bother with barter items, I've been an EMT for many years so I would just use my medical knowledge to barter with. Common sense and compassion are necessities as well, if the world is in such disarray that people are leaving their homes then we all will need some help. This is when finding others to band together with will come in handy. Also instead of carrying everything with you, many things can be foraged or "picked up" as you go wherever it is you are going.

I tend to be a minimalist, I consider this list my bare essentials, if it's a survival situation then I want the things that are going to keep me alive not comfortable. I have grown up in the Ozarks so I already have a strong knowledge base of woodsman skills. If you don't there are good books available to teach you. Also it's a good idea to carry items that serve dual purposes. Have a plan in place, it's easier to respond if you have already thought about these things and don't get caught flat footed. Finally, network with your friends and family, have several options available. Be realistic in your preparations and planning, define your immediate needs and have those things available, plan with a group or your family for future needs. We should all have several days or a couple of weeks worth of food and water on hand. I live in a remote area of southwest Missouri so these are things that we do already, I do keep a little extra food for the pets on hand but my animals are remarkable foragers so in the long term I don't worry about providing for them. They are constantly bringing half eaten critters up into the yard, and since there are five of them they pack hunt anyway. They keep the coyotes and other critters thinned out pretty good. Lastly, I hope it never gets that bad in this country but if it does then maybe we'll see each other down the trail. If you would like to trade ideas or network then by all means drop me an e-mail, we would be glad to hear from you.

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