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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 107 - 4/21/2003

Would You Be A Good ‘Reality Show’ Contestant?

Would you eat crickets for a hundred dollars? Sit in a tub of worms for a thousand? No way?

Reality shows just keep getting more popular. And more bizarre! Would you ever really consider doing some of those crazy stunts just for the cold hard cash?

Would you like to be on a show like ‘Survivor’? How about Jerry Springer?

‘Fess up now! Do YOU watch them? Which ones? Or do you experience quite enough reality in your own life, thank you very much!

If you could produce the Pagan version of a reality show, what would you have your Pagan contestants do?

 Reponses:   There are 49 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

PROBABLY NOT...... Apr 23rd. at 6:54:11 am EDT

Moon (NY) Age: 41 - Email

....because I think reality shows suck!

Gotta Be Beautiful........ Apr 23rd. at 8:30:14 am EDT

Belisamasana (Wausau, Wisconsin) Age: 33 - Email

Well, the only shows I know anything about are Survivor, Joe Millionaire, and Fear Factor. I wouldn't make it on any of them because I'm too short, too fat, pregnant, afraid of heights, can't swim, and too nice ;) I'm a "normal" woman. The only thing that sounds good to eat right about now are pickles......not grubs. No man deserves having 20 women cat fighting over him. And, I would never stick my head into a tank full of cows blood to win $50, 000. Nope, the icky factor is too much for me. Besides, you have to be goodlooking to make it past the initial selection process, and I'd never make it. Gee, what a bummer!

One good thing that Survivor has done for me and my family. I have vowed to learn survival skills and this summer we plan on lots of nature walks and camping, examining the plants and learning which are edible or not. We're also going to learn how to build shelter from natural materials, and start a fire without matches. I think it will be fun and the kids are really looking forward to it. It will give my kids a jump start on Scouting and will be loads of family fun :) Never would have thought of it unless I hadn't seen Survivor.

My "reality" Apr 23rd. at 9:08:00 am EDT

Fathom (pittsburgh) Age: 24 - Email

The only one I ever watched is the first survivor otherwise I only see the commercials though I watched the last episode of joe milionare and the bachalor. I have debated this topic with friends adn family and decided I would be lousy at the survivor show. My defination of survival means anything neccessary. So if I had to sleep with the entire teamsters union of crew guys to get off the island I would. I'd pour water on the other camp's fire I'd steal and probably maroon them somewhere without their boat. it wouldn't be a game. and I would break just about every rule if it meant geting through one more day. As for the fear factor shows and scare tactics- they are cruel and stupid for the most part. I watched one where three guys adn girls had to eat one of three different kind of male animal genitalia. (I will spare you the actual object) but I can say for sure "not for love or money" I'd rather be poor.It seems like they are awful frat bets meant only to humiliate when someone decides not to do it. SO nope I'd be lousy but hey I refuse to watch them either, give me discovery channel any day.

Reality Shows? Apr 23rd. at 9:47:19 am EDT

A.T. Crowtiger (Nebraska) Age: 44 - Email

Yeah, I'd do it. Just as soon as I find a Reality I like!

No Way. Apr 23rd. at 11:12:20 am EDT

Kat Williams (Central Kentucky) Age: 38 - Email

I don't own a TV, so I rarely watch television. I must confess, though, that one of the reasons I got rid of my TV was because I became disgusted with myself when one day I skipped work to watch an episode of Jerry Springer. The other reason was that I had a boyfriend who was addicted to UK basketball, and I couldn't stand to be near him when the Cats lost; eventually, of course, though, I just couldn't stand to be near him. Anyhow . . . My mom loves these reality TV shows, and I have watched a couple of them when I've been at her house. In general, I find them absolutely, mind-numbingly boring, puerile and disgusting. It seems to me the only point behind most of these shows is to see how far people will go to debase themselves in front of millions of viewers. And I think that a lot of people watch them just to see how much flesh will be exposed (the crack of the guy being arrested on cops; the breasts of the chicks on the island, etc.) . While we're on that subject, I see these shows as yet another vehicle through which negative images of women's bodies are presented to the public and therefore perpetuated as the norm ad infinitum --the same is true of men's bodies, but to a far lesser degree; I don't recall ever seeing a fat woman on any of these shows, but there have been some fat men "allowed" to put their shirtless selves on TV. So, here's the deal: the day someone agrees to do a reality show about a fat Wiccan woman (and I mean, fat, not 25 lbs. overweight but, say, 50-75 lbs. overweight) who gets to select whom she wants to "date" from a group of men - who will accept her body, her politics, and her paganism, without question or complaint -- then I'll buy a TV. And sign up to be a contestant. ;) - kat

PS - I heard yesterday that is putting a "real reunions" show into production. I only pray that no one from the past tries to look me up! I'll have to move to another country!

Honesty Meets "reality" Apr 23rd. at 12:00:48 pm EDT

Dave (NW Pa.) Age: 36 - Email

First off, let me say that I do watch "Survivor." I find it funny how many of my fellow Americans do not know the first thing about basic human survival. But I don't think I would be a good contestant on "Survivor." First, I'm not one of the beautiful people (not that being pretty or handsome is bad) . Second, I do have survival skills, so living out under the stars would be more of a vacation than "slow torture." Lastly, I'm too honest, the producers don't want honest, they want back-stabbing, lying, and cheating; it makes for better TV, I guess. Learn the woods-skills on your own, read a book, then get out there, you'll enjoy it a whole lot more.

Not My Brand Of Unreality Apr 23rd. at 12:21:00 pm EDT

Starwalker (Down East, NC) Age: 54 - Email

yes, I know what some of these so-called "reality" shows are about. No I don't watch them... no interest at all. And no I wouldn't make a good contestant, not the least of which is because money is NOT a prime motivation factor for me. Besides being staged, edited, and slanted toward the slease factor, the realities I have lived are every bit as challenging and would fell the average person just about as fast as they fall on these shows, but with a lot less excietment. How about getting out of an abusive relationship and in the process deliberately making yourself homeless, with $20 to your name and no job... raising 5 kids "beyond the sidewalks" with no electricity, indoor plumbing, TV, etc. just for starters.. I've also "lived" "the X- Files", a low-budget soap opera.. etc... who needs TV???

Uh, Ew Apr 23rd. at 2:30:29 pm EDT

Amber Heathen (Cornelius Oregon) Age: 22 - Email

The closest I get to even watching reality tv shows is Trading Spaces LOL...I've even taken a liking to What Not To Wear (it's mean, but funny at the same time) . I won't watch the Which Nasty Gold-digging Skank Wants To Fearfully Marry Joe Millionaire The Bachelor type shows. Better ways to waste my time.

I think I would kick a** if I ever went on Trading Spaces though, but I doubt I could ever talk the hubby into signing up.

Hmmm...Surprise By Design....hmmm...

No Matter How You Film It, Apr 23rd. at 3:15:27 pm EDT

Bonny (Cache, Ok.) Age: 23 - Email

or what you're filming, anything broadcast to thousands of other viewers is no longer real. It's not the "real YOU" anymore.
I personally don't watch much television. But I was dating a guy that LOVED Joe Millionaire, and I was forced to watch a few episodes. Honestly, it made me sick for several different reasons, far too many to list in fact. I was actually embarassed for the people that participated.
But who knows? Maybe it will wake up a few people out there and show them exactly how SHALLOW our society has become. Perhaps it will usher a change!
I mean, ... "Married by America"?!!! Are you SERIOUS? It's just shameful.

Who Knows... Apr 23rd. at 3:22:38 pm EDT

Remy (Orange County, CA) Age: 28 - Email

I was going to immediately answer no... then I changed my answer to yes... now I don't know...

There's the piece of me that would love to do it because I wouldn't take it seriously and I'd probably do things just for laffs... But then doing stupid things tend to get ratings.. (And here I used to complain about TV that consisted of home movies of children hitting parents in the groin with plastic baseball bats) ...

But then I'd probably be on and stare at the camera.. get all paranoid that America hated me.. develop several ulcers and break down on national TV...

Again good ratings most likely.. but not how I would like to live my 15 minutes....

Surreal TV Apr 23rd. at 6:48:30 pm EDT

Stormshadow (Leesville/Ft.Polk) Age: 17 - Email

I HATE reality TV shows. From the fools who eat worms on Survivor (which I hope they take to Antartica next) to the off-key whiners of American Idol, I HATE them. I hate them so much, that I'd probably be perfect for being on one (although I'd probably send death threats to the person who made an offer to me) . As far as a Pagan reality show...well, it'd probably be closer to reality than the surreal "reality" TV shows there are now days. I doubt it'd work, because there wouldn't be enough, if u stuck a Pagan, a Satanist, a Muslim, a Buddist, a Catholic, and A Christian together, Now THAT would bring in a few ratings. You could give it some corny name, and wait for the ratings to start running up.

Reality.... HA Apr 23rd. at 8:14:25 pm EDT

Vix (Leesville) Age: 15 - Email - Web

Ok about reality shows... they suck in general... they really do the people can't sing, dance, and definently wouldn't survive if they didn't feed them off screne- I agree with Stomshadow I hate them.

But a pagan reality show would be more of a complex kind of entertainment. Not so much as throwing together a mix as leaving a small coven in the middle of a redneck town... that would be funny... satire a must :)

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