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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 110 - 5/14/2003

What’s Your Favorite Element?

Do have a special affinity for one of the elements of Earth, Air, Water or Fire? Do you find one of these easier to work with than the others? Do ritual objects or other items associated with this element just seem to find their way to you?

On the flip side, do any of these elements – or what they represent – give you trouble? (For example: If you are drawn to the Fire principle, do you struggle with the emotional or spiritual aspects related to Water?) How do you balance out the elements within yourself? If you are ‘missing’ an element (or more than one) in your astrological chart (few or no Air, Water, Earth or Fire signs), do you consciously make an effort to enhance or strengthen the influence of that missing element(s) in some way?

What symbols, tools, animals, compass direction, emotions or spiritual guidance do you associate with the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire? And what does Spirit represent or mean to you?

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Fav Element May 15th. at 2:23:11 am UTC

Cath (Australia) Age: 15 - Email

my fav element would be fire.
im not sure why, i just like the sound of it.. and the look of it i guess.

Fire And Air May 15th. at 5:22:46 am UTC

Jarren (Yuma, Arizona) Age: 33 - Email - Web

My strengths lie in Fire because I'm a very passionate person.. and Air... the element of thought and new beginnings. I've always considered myself to be a "harbinger" for lack of a better word. What does that mean? Simple! My whole life, no matter what I've done or where I've gone I've always brought change to those around me. Sometimes it was for the worse, sometimes for the better.. but always change. In my 20's I learned how to better get ahold of this situation. It's too long to go into here, but I had a dream one night of being visited by a VERY big fiery bird. It didn't speak with words, but when I woke up I knew I had been visited by a Phoenix. Suddenly my life made more sense. Fire brings transformation. The Phoenix is the embodiment of transformation. I've been accepted by the Phoenix, and now consider it my totem/guardian. Since then, my life has become so much easier. I don't fight the changes that the element of fire brings, I embrace. I'm learning to balance my nature out as the years go by. Learning is never ending. Earth is the element that I've always been weakest in, so I'm working to strengthen myself there. The trouble is that I'm having difficulty finding existing materials in my studies. Maybe you guys can help point me in the right direction. I'm looking for the mystical/psychic attributes of metals right now... specifically titanium and bronze. If anyone can help, please contact me at It would be most appreciated.


Fire And Water May 15th. at 6:57:27 am UTC

Caylin (Singapore) Age: 17 - Email

i like the fire element because it represents power.

Water And Air May 15th. at 7:30:25 am UTC

Shadow Panther (Australia) Age: 16 - Email

My favourite elements would have to be water and air. When ever dealt with a problem i feel i could just grow wings and fly away
Water is a great element for being free in. You can do so much more in the water then you can on land and its so relaxing to just float in the water.
When its raining it would have to be my favourite time.
It combines the air from where the water desends from and the water itself. Even at the age of 12 without knowing it i would slip into a trance while watching a thunderstorm.

Ditto May 15th. at 8:25:59 am UTC

indigo (tx) Age: 19 - Email

It seems that I'm much like the majority of people here, and while I usually would try to be different, I find I can't be in this case. Like many others, my favorite element would have to be fire. I'm a leo, which fits me perfectly in so many ways. My athame is the only tool that found me before I found it, it was my first tool, and it is my favorite by far. My altar is in the south, and my patron god and goddess are both fire deities, though I also associate my god with air and my goddess with water, so likewise I place my god candle on the left side of my altar, east from the south, and my goddess candle on the right side of my altar, west from the south. Deities, to me, can't easily be classified into one element, and spirit can't either. Spirit isn't just spirit, it's the witch, it's all the other elements, it's the world around them, it's the world within them, and it's the world beyond. I use nothing to signify spirit but myself, and I feel that is adequate. To signify air, I use incense and feathers, for water, I have a chalice and a seashell, for fire, my athame and my candles, and for earth, i have a collection of gemstones and rocks.

Most Certainly Earth... May 15th. at 9:54:18 am UTC

Oakling (Okinawa) Age: 33 - Email

Earth has always been the element I am most drawn to. Whether it be the colors I surround myself with or the tools I have chosen or vice versa. My tools are composed of elements that come from the earth...which is probably true for most anyway. I am drawn to "twiggy" things and leaves, trees, herbs, etc.

Water May 15th. at 10:32:52 am UTC

Shalimar (Rochester, NY) Age: 22 - Email

Although I am a Leo, my moon sign is Scorpio. I am always ruled by my intuition as that is the Mother's gift. I like water because it makes things clean and new when they get hard and dirty. When I have a problem I just love to take a shower or go for a swim or watch a creek pass me by. The chalice is my favorite represenatation of water, it is also the symbol for the Goddess's womb. Blessed be!

My Closest Element... May 15th. at 10:34:20 am UTC

Silviar (Gardner, Kansas) Age: 18 - Email

is definitely Water. I have close affinities with water, swimming, and lots of water activities. I'm also a Scorpio, so that shines through. I also have a lot of control over water.

I do a good job of balancing the elements, and one isn't oppressed by the others, but my abilities with H2O definitely outshine the others.


The Earth The Air The Fire The Water......... May 15th. at 11:04:07 am UTC

Ananke (NYC) Age: 35 - Email

It took me a long time to figure out how to balance myself out. I have Gemini (air sign) in my sun, moon and ascendant positions. So I have always been a rather large airhead. (pun intended, though bad I know *g*) But the other thing is that I have always had a large number of fire element signs, mostly Leos, around my life. It's still that way, so my life has tended to lean heavily towards air and fire......and I honestly like it that way sometimes.

I never knew I COULD make attempts to balance things out more until I had a bout with Bipolar Disorder (Being a triple Gemini, who'd have ever thunk it, huh? lol) and entering into some heavy duty therapy as well as beginning training in a Wiccan coven.....I learned......and it has made a world of difference in my life.

I used to cringe from things that wound ground me for too long.....Earth energy I saw as my I welcome it openly.

And I was always attracted to water.....I am a very strong swimmer and I've always loved being near the ocean or bodies of water. And I feel my emotions very intensely (which is probably a by-product of my condition....)
I'm still very much the air oriented person....very into the cerebral pursuits and communication....I can talk on the phone for hours and my bills for the phone have always been a priority and quite high......but now I just work to keep the balance in place and to appreciate and take in the pleasures of the other elements as's opened my life to many more fulfilling experiences.

Life, Light, Love, And Law May 15th. at 11:41:54 am UTC

Persaefonee (Las Vegas, NV) Age: 20 - Email

All of the elements have particular attributes which I could identify with myself. I am intelligent and full of life, so I am attuned with Air. I am also a Gemini, an Air sign. Fire is so facinating to me, because as an artist, I am constantly seeking new ways to capture light and colors onto canvas. It is also very masculine, represented by the Sword, and polarity is essential to all life on Earth. I have always been down to earth, almost to the point of being passive. I believe in a structured system of laws and rules to live by. But out of all of these things, I think that the one element I am most attracted to is Water.

I do not swim since I have lived in a desert all my life, I don't take long baths or showers, and frankly, after seeing the horrible destruction water does to cities in flash floods, I'm almost afraid of water in large, fast-moving bodies. But Water is a feminine element, representing the fruitfulness of the Goddess. Love is attributed to Water, as is growth and Nature. My favorite altar item is my chalice, which symbolizes water and the Goddess in the Great Rite. I found my chalice at an antique store and I have always felt particularly drawn to it.

Definately Water... May 15th. at 12:54:02 pm UTC

Elizabeth (Minnesota) Age: 33 - Email

I am drawn to it, for some reason. I am currently seeking help on becoming Pagan so I do not know how to balance all the elements yet, but I find myself drawn to water, especally large bodies of it. When I drive north, I can feel Lake Superior pulling me towards it and when I arrive and see it, I feel like I am home. Like this is where I belong.

Fire, Absolutly Fire. May 15th. at 12:59:15 pm UTC

Danielle Husken (Redford, Mi) Age: 17 - Email

I have not been wiccan long, but I know that I love heat and flame, no worries I'm not a pyro, lol, I just love the warmth felt in the flame.

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