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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 38 - 4/23/2001

What Are The Greatest Challenges That Pagans Face Today?

We've come a long way, babies, but we still have far to go. What do you see as the greatest EXTERNAL challenges that Pagans face today? Intolerance? Lack of exposure? (No skyclad jokes, please!) Lack of a public Voice in politics or society? That said, what do you think are the biggest INTERNAL challenges to Paganism? The search for identity? Lack of leadership or training? Interpath squabbles? Questionable or tenuous religious history? Is there a serious lack of consensus as to the definition of Pagan/Wiccan/Witch/Heathen throughout the Pagan communities which has us mired down in semantics--or is there simply a lack of tolerance amongst ourselves for the differences that we do have? Have we "met the enemy and he/she is us"?

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Well, Externally Most Of Us Would Agree That Public Reception Of Our... Apr 25th. at 12:53:49 am EDT

Rain (Hubbard, Ohio US) Age: 38 - Email

Well, externally most of us would agree that public reception of our paths is a well as the recent political slant. I would love to see more voices more unafraid to walk proud. To do away with the phrase "in the closet".

So I beleive that most of what yu have said externally I totally agree with...but to me the big one is just secureing our freedom to be.

As far as internal...well that is a bit like the above one...being silent. Although I understand all the reasons and respect them...silence does not always get change. And the misinfo and petty squabbling. I also think soem of the frivoulous lawsuits that occur and grab the media attention hurt us too. There are not alot but by virtue of mentioning wicca or the craft or anything alternative it gets attention. I also would like a better groundwork laid for people, youths especially, to learn and grow with this choice. There is alot out there that is crap.

And I do thin kat times we are our own enemies. But that could be true of any path or race or sex....

I Think Sectarianism Is One Of The Biggest Challenges. We Get All... Apr 25th. at 2:43:59 am EDT

Nathan (Wichita, Kansas US) Age: 20 - Email

I think sectarianism is one of the biggest challenges. We get all hung up on traditions or lack of. Take the main Yahoo chat room (the one not created by users). For a long time it was very harmonious, the only people one had to worry about trying to stir up conflict were the fundimentalist Christians, which is easy just to ignore them. Now it is practically a fight room for pagans. Traditionalists argue with the eclectics, thelemites argue with Wiccans, the necronomicon types argue about how powerful they are, the newbies are simply regarded as fluffy bunnies and rejected. And it really cheeses me off. What happened to all the love and tolerance and all that. We sit there and worry about the radical religious right when if they ever took over with thier theocracy or what have you, all we have to do is fake it (like most of them do anyway) for a while and make sure they don't get back in office at election time. They're so weak now any way that they couldn't mount a succesful campaign to order a pizza. like the question said, "We have met the enemy and he/she is us."

The Greatest External And Internal Threats To Paganism Are Ignorance. Externally, Outsiders... Apr 25th. at 1:47:16 pm EDT

John (New Naumkeag) Age: 33 - Email

The greatest external and internal threats to paganism are ignorance. Externally, outsiders still think we are satanists or evil magicians or befuddled idolaters. Or, they think we are a bunch of nuts who prance in a vapid fantasy world of pseudo-religion. And that latter perception seems to flow directly from the greatest internal threat to paganism, namely...

Internally, we are ignorant about our Truest nature as religion.

* * *

The issue thus is not one of diversity. A religion which knows its Truest nature can have tremendous diversity --even bickering or worse diversity-- and thrive.

For examples, consider the pagan religions of the east, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. They each have great diversity and great dissension, but they also each thrive.

For a specific example, consider the pagan religion of Hinduism. Theologically, Hinduism encompasses animism, polytheism, henotheism, duotheism, monotheism, pantheism, agnosticism and atheism; also, many Hindus regard the God(s) as real; others regard Them as symbolic; and others regard Them as mere myth. Yet, in all their diverse theologies, they are all Hindus. Furthermore, Hinduism encompasses diverse practices: some Hindus practice through ritual worship, some through loving-devotion, some through work, some through knowledge, some through meditation and magic, and so on. Yet, in all their diverse religious practices, they are all Hindus. And, Hinduism has a great variety of traditions, some ancient, some brand new, some ethnically or regionally based, and some universal. Yet, in all their diverse traditions, they are Hindus. And over all these things, they bicker and quarrel and sometimes even commit violence; yet they are all Hindu. Et cetera.

Hinduism and the other pagan religions of the east have diversity (and dissension), yet they are each unified and functional. And the key, in my opinion, is that each has a clear, underlying idea of itself as religion. Usually, that idea is supplemented by a sacred scripture. But, as Buddhism clearly shows, first there comes the idea, then comes the scripture to discuss that idea.

Hence, the key for pagan religions to thrive despite (and often because) of their diversity seems to be whether the religion possess a clear, underlying, unifying idea of itself. And that, in turn, depends upon whether the religion knows its Truest nature as religion.

Now, consider our paganism.

The paganism of the west (western civilization) consists of several religions (Asatru, Druidism, Wicca, Witchcraft, etc.), each of which have little unity within their respective religions. Moreover, our paganism as a whole has even less unity. This is even more telling since, in my opinion, we have much more in common than in our differences. And we have little unity, in my opinion, because we have no clear, underlying idea of ourselves as religion. We have many ideas *about* paganism, but we have no idea *of* paganism.

In short, we are ignorant about our Truest nature as religion.

* * *

Our self-ignorance is not surprising, for three reasons:

1. Paganism (this form) is only 50 years old, and thus it hasn’t had time to work out or discern its Truest nature yet.
2. Many pagans --maybe a large minority, maybe a majority-- are young (under 30), and as individuals they have not yet experienced the range of stages of life from which to cull different forms of wisdom about their religion.
3. Paganism starts with individual awareness of the immanence of the Divine, not with a revelation from the transcendent aspect of the Divine, and thus it is much more prone to diverse interpretation by all those individuals ... for boon or for bane ... till a clear, underlying, unifying idea is matured from that diversity.

Therefore, for paganism to dissolve its ignorance about its Truest nature as religion, paganism must mature as religion.

* * *

Hence, the issue truly is: “How shall paganism mature as religion?”

I suppose at this point I should remark that some would prefer paganism to be just a shaman-like vocation of magic-working. Others might prefer it to be just a way to empower women. Others might prefer it to be just a way to save the environment. Et cetera. Here I will limit my response to this: these things --Nature, the Female, Magic, and the like-- are by themselves good but they are not religions. Instead, they are, at most, theophanies: doors for encountering the Divine. But, the door is not the destination; the door is only the point of departure for a journey that leads to a destination. And it is the destination and the journey to get there that is the stuff of religion and what concerns me here.

* * *

The first part to addressing the issue of ‘how shall paganism mature as religion’ is time.

Normally, pagan religions mature organically. (For examples, I again proffer the pagan religions of the east, as well as the primal paganisms that arose worldwide before the spread of monotheism.) In this process, people of a religion --individually and as a whole-- go through time and the stages of life and a process of trial and error, and they thereby discern their religion.

Specifically, a religion matures when it discerns a concept of itself, namely: *how* to relate people to each other and to the Divine, by and through and because of the Divine, and thence back unto the world. And, from that discernment, there must also come mechanisms for implementing a religion’s concept of itself, through all aspects of being human and human life. That is a tall order to fill.

Over centuries, religions can fill such an order organically.

Hence, the tremendous diversity within paganism today seems to hold the promise of a kind of natural selection and survival of the fittest regarding how paganism shall mature as a religion. Over time, it would seem, the answer would sort itself out organically.

However, I don’t think our paganism has time to mature solely organically. I don’t think we have centuries to let things work out on their own. Instead, I think we have about a generation to mature as religion. Otherwise, I think that paganism shall fail as religion: in its individual members and as a whole.

In its individual members, I think paganism could fail (unless we mature quickly as religion) by increasing dissatisfaction of pagans with paganism. Specifically, I think we shall increasingly see pagans quietly leaving paganism for other religions, ones that have clear concepts of themselves as religions and mechanisms for implementing their concepts. Yes, I know there is much talk about paganism growing quickly, how its members might be up to a million in the U.S., etc. But, I have also seen (but seen no coverage of) that there are pagans who *leave* paganism. I have already seen this happen in some pagans, and they were not just “fluff-bunnies” or dabblers or kids “going through a phase.” They were serious, sincere people who left paganism to find religious depth and scope that they decided they could not find in paganism. And, I’m noticing this more and more. Hence, if paganism does not mature as religion, I predict that this trend of quiet leaving will continue and grow, especially over the next generation as the bulk of pagans (who are now in their teens, 20s or early 30s) go through the middle and later stages of life and require religious depth that they might not be able to find in paganism’s current state of development.

As a whole, I think paganism could fail (unless we mature quickly as religion) by the disappearance of the conditions which gave rise to paganism. The needs in western civilization which seem to have given rise to paganism -- a need to integrate the individual with Nature, a need to recognize the Female, and a need to acknowledge and develop the Magical and Mystical sides of life-- will be increasingly met by the monotheistic religions and the other mainstream mechanisms in western civilization. Indeed, such is already occurring: environmentalism is increasingly percolating into mainstream consciousness; women are increasingly treated with fairness and respect in mainstream life; and the monotheistic religions are beginning to dust off and revitalize their mystical (and, hence often, magical) traditions. Yes, there will always be those who, for whatever reason, do not “fit into” mainstream institutions, including monotheistic religions. Nevertheless, I predict that these trends in the larger society shall also continue and grow. Hence, absent the conditions in which paganism arose and absent any further development of paganism as religion, paganism as religion could well fail as a whole... similar to when an organism fails to adapt to a changing environment.

For both sets of trends --individual and societal-- the time-frame seems (in my opinion) to be the next 10-30 years. Thus, I think paganism in the west has about a generation to mature as religion, or it will fail as religion: as individuals quietly drift to other religions which work for them, and as the wider society’s mechanisms meet the needs which paganism arose to fill.

* * *

The second part to addressing the issue of ‘how shall paganism mature as religion’ is trying to articulate the version of the Ultimate Question that paganism seeks to answer.

An ‘Ultimate Question’ is one that gets to the gist of how a religion approaches its function --namely, relating its members to the Divine and to each other, by and through and because of the Divine, and thence back unto to the world (i.e., in all aspects of human life). And I call it an “Ultimate Question” because religion deals with Ultimate Issues arising from Ultimate Reality.

Consider then that religions can be seen as attempts to answer Ultimate Questions. Hence, for example, Judaism can be seen as an answer to the question, “How can mankind better live with each other in a Godly way?” Christianity can be seen as an answer to “How can mankind better love God?” Islam, “How can mankind better submit to God?” Taoism: “How can people live in harmony with the Way of all?” Buddhism, “How can people live so that Truth (and an absence of suffering) become self-evident?” Hinduism, “How can people realize Truth?” Etc.

Thus, what Ultimate Question does western paganism seek to answer?

Put another way, what *version* of the Ultimate Question does paganism seek to answer?

Frankly, if paganism can ever articulate its version of the Ultimate Question, it will provide the answer... not only to the question itself but also to the question of whether paganism can overcome its current threats of internal and external ignorance and thus survive as religion. And that is because a religion’s version of the Ultimate Question is the articulation of its Truest nature as religion.

* * *

Thus, the third part to addressing the issue of ‘how shall paganism mature as religion’ is the most important: discernment of our Truest nature as religion.

If we discern what we are most Truly about, we shall be able to articulate and answer our version of the Ultimate Question. That, in turn, will give us a central, underlying, unifying idea upon which we could thrive as religion. And if we do that in a timely manner (say, within the next 10-30 years), we have a chance of surviving as religion. Hence, we must dissolve our self-ignorance. And we can do that only through discerning what we are about, in the Truest sense, as religion.

How to do so? If it is granted that groups of people can tend to behave like individual people (for examples, nations or organizations can be said to have “personalities”, etc.), it would be wise for us to look at the process of discernment that individual people undergo.

The process of discernment seems to be a dynamic of activity and passivity, which is consciously directed toward discovering the truth, and which is culminated by decision. Activity (study, interaction, communication, experimentation, etc.) is the means for acquiring data. Passivity (reflection, analysis, etc.) is the means for sifting through the data. Activity and passivity, thus, act in a dynamic harmony: taking in experience and then processing it, and then taking in more and analyzing it, and so on. The conscious direction keeps the focus of the process. The culminating decision makes the process purposeful by preventing it from going on indefinitely.

Regarding paganism, then, I think that we are in the process of discernment of our Truest nature as religion BUT that we must become conscious of this. We already have much activity --both in existence of the specific pagan religions (Asatru, Druidism, Wicca, Witchcraft, etc. and their various traditions) and in interaction (physically, such as festivals and open circles and groves or covens, etc. and in communication, such as websites, etc.). And we have some reflection and analysis. But, we seem to be unconscious of the fact that we are simply going through a process of discernment as religion, which itself is simply part of a greater process of maturation as religion.

Only by becoming conscious of what we are going through --a process of discernment about the Truest nature of paganism as religion-- will we be able to undertake that process successfully within the limited time we effectively have to mature.

Thus, the third part of ‘how we shall paganism mature as religion’ is, in reality, the first step: we *must* consciously discern our Truest nature as religion. If we do so, we could then have the self-knowledge to articulate our version of the Ultimate Question. With that articulation, we would then have a clear, underlying, unifying idea that could in turn give us unity as religion and a basis for thriving.

* * *

A possible stop-gap method of discerning our Truest nature as religion is what I addressed in an essay (“Whithersoever Our Lammas”) that was posted at this website earlier this year.

In it, I suggested that one of the most practical things would be for pagans of the west to look to pagans of the east. The eastern forms of paganism didn’t fail in the face of Christianity and Islam, as did the old forms of western paganism, and they thrive today in urban and modern environments ... similar to ones in which we live. For both reasons, pagans of the east could teach the pagans of the west a lot.

So, I suggested that we should look to pagans of the east (Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, etc.), shamelessly borrow what works, and cobble together a naked syncretism from eastern materials (especially Hinduism) and western materials (especially the Perennial Philosophy). That would give us *something* that works as mature, pagan religion till we have time (a century or two) to truly make something of our own.

* * *

In conclusion, I think that the greatest threat, internally and externally, to paganism in the west is ignorance of our Truest nature as religion. It is not our diversity. In religions which have a clear, underlying, unifying idea, the diversity becomes commentary on that idea. However, in current western paganism, there is no clear, underlying, unifying idea yet. Our youth as a religion (and in many of our members) makes this understandable. However, paganism must dissolve its self-ignorance within about a generation, lest it fail as a whole and lest individual members quietly drift away to something that does know what it is. Hence, the organic process of discernment that any new religion undergoes must be quickened in paganism by consciously seeking to discern its Truest nature as religion. With that self-knowledge, we could articulate our own version of the Ultimate Question and thereby provide ourselves with a clear, underlying, unifying idea that would also be the basis for future growth.

I’ll close by stating the obvious. It is we who must do all of this; it is we who must Craft all of this. We have no avatar, nor prophet, nor much of a past, nor guarantees of a future. Realizing that is, perhaps, the price we must pay if are to stand in the World Between the Worlds: between Form and Essence, with one foot in each but never fully in either, in the fulcrum of Free Will and Destiny. But if we are willing to pay that price, the rest can follow. What we can have, if we seek it, is Truth. What we can achieve, if we Craft it, is a doorway to Truth. But it is we who must seek it, and we who must Craft it, and it is we and our posterity who must Realize it, in this our present life.

Blessed Be.

New Naumkeag, U.S.A.
25 April 2001

The Greatest External Challenge We Face Today Is Lack Of Accurate Educaiton... Apr 25th. at 5:03:53 pm EDT

Autumn Wren (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 26 - Email

The greatest external challenge we face today is lack of accurate educaiton about Paganism/Wicca/Witchcraft. I think many people, when they hear the words "pagan, " or, "witch, " still think of a negative image. I think that stereotype is gonna take a long time to go away. It may not ever. All we can do is continue to educate those who want to learn and hope understanding will spread from there.
The greatest internal challenge we face today is perhaps a sense of direction in the political arena. I think the lack of a structure and a lack of a heirarchy are great gives us the opportunity to retain the flexibility that so many "religions" do not have. It is one of our greatest assets. However, I think that the Pagan Community as a whole could really fight for change - both political and social - if we all had one organization to rally around. How we make that happen I don't know. But I think it would give us a clear direction for all of our efforts.

I'm Fairly New To Paganism So I Can't Really Comment On Internal... Apr 26th. at 1:31:45 am EDT

Big John (South Amboy, New Jersey US) Age: 40

I'm fairly new to paganism so I can't really comment on internal challenges. But, I believe that I've seen enough to make some comments on the external challenges.

It seems obvious that the Christian Fundimentalists are a dangerous group not because they disagree with our various paths, but because of their closed minded intolerance for any ideas not their own. Fortunately, more and more people are seeing their "I'm right and anyone who doesn't agree is evil" attitude for what it is.

What concerns me more is corporate greed and the political lust for power. While there are many different pagans and different paths I feel comfortable in saying that as a group pagans tend to be liberal, free thinking, politically outspoken, and value the Earth and the environment. All things that stand in the way of big money and political power. Our history is full of cases of an outspoken minority being silenced because they stood in the way of a church, government, or corporation.

In a lot of ways it would be wonderful to have a greater voice in the political world, but it comes with a price - we would lose our anonymity. A dangerous thing in the world that we live in. Perhaps it's not time to come out of the broom closet just yet.

I Think That One Of The Biggest External Problems In The Pagan... Apr 26th. at 2:10:57 am EDT

Nick (twin cities, Minnesota US) Age: 20

I think that one of the biggest external problems in the pagan comunity is acceptance, but not in the way you may be thinking. One of the most common things I hear when flipping through web pages is that everyone wants their religion to be accepted by their community. The second most common thing that I see on webpages are pagans slandering the people who they are trying to gain acceptance from. Most of this is directed twards Christians and family. I know that the pagan community would love for other religions to stop saying you're evil. I know that you're sick of your parants throwing out your books, tarrot deck and anything else that looks like it might be used in witchcraft. I know that you're sick of everyone in your town looking at you like you should be in a psyc ward. I don't think that the best way to get these people to take you seriously is to call them closed minded, unimagionative, ignorant, ect. I know that I tend not to listen to people who are flinging insults in my face. I don't realy expect anyone to sit through that and afterwards say "Hey, Lets be friends." I know that alot of what is said isn't meant to be insulting and that alot more horrable things are said about pagans but it is the pagans that are trying to make an impression, not the people who are considered the "norm" of society.

One of the biggest internal problems in the pagan community is one that is talked about alot but nothing is ever done about it. When a person first shows some interest in paganism there is an enormous amount of information to be found. In just about every book store there is a new age or occult section. These sections of the book store aren't smal either. There are a million and one webpages out there that you can learn from, and websites like witchvox where you can search enormouse archives for what you are looking for. These are all wonderful things but they do pose one problem. The problem is that the ones who have been studdying and practicing a pagan religion for some time now seem to believe that these books and all the information on the internet is alls a newbie needs. Now you don't have to teach anything to the next generation of pagans. I tend to agree to a certaint extent. people get a better understanding of there beliefs if they learn things for them selves. It also weeds out the people who want to understand magick with out first doing the work. Unfortunatly the elders are now ignoring the newbies and the newbies who are doing the work and feel that finaly they have found a religion that suits there spiritual needs feel rejected. In every religion there should be a sence of belonging. In every religion that I have experianced the people will do every thing possible to make the new members feal welcome and at home. You don't find this alot in the neopagan religions. There are no pagan rolemodles. Pagan discussion groups are centralized around collages, and it is difficult to find anyone who will meet with you outside one of these groups. New seekers are ignored. When they ask for help they are turned away, mostly told to read some more. This leaves the new guy fealing rejected and without that sence of belonging that s/he should be fealing.

Our Selves. This Is The Biggest Challenge. We Can Face The World... Apr 26th. at 3:02:24 am EDT

Riki Crosado (Christchurch, New Zealand) Age: 34 - Email

Our selves. This is the biggest challenge. We can face the world stronger if we can improve, and better our selves. We all have problems, and the cycle of life is here to help use grow.

I Think That Our Biggest External Challenge Is One Of Perception. Most... Apr 26th. at 1:10:11 pm EDT

Richard Gant (Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky US) Age: 29 - Email

I think that our biggest external challenge is one of perception. Most people form their impressions of wiccans, witches, and neo-pagans from the news and from popular "literature", where we are treated as either flakes or Satanists. Neither view is correct (much of the time, anyway), but it is all that is known. Until we can find some way to overcome these perceptions, this will continue to be our greatest external challenge.Our greatest internal challenge? A lack of tolerance for different beliefs, both inside and outside the pagan "community". We talk a good talk about equal rights and allowing everyone the freedom to believe as the wish. But it seems much rarer that we are willing to back that up; inter-tradition conflict, animosity between covens, and mutual hatred between Pagans and Christians have helped to prevent that talk from becoming a reality. "We have met the enemy, and he is us" as Pogo said.

Hi Peops. What Are Our Greatest Challenges External And Internal? I Think... Apr 26th. at 3:40:33 pm EDT

mik63033 (Ferguson, Missouri US) Age: 40 - Email

Hi peops. What are our greatest challenges external and internal? I think the external ones are all too obvious and need to be addressed seperately and catagorized in order of urgency. The more insidious (and ironic) challenge comes from within. On the Pagan 'net you'll find plenty of voices, a variety of opinions, and invariably one or two who appoint themselves experts. Translation: I am the ONLY one who knows what I'm talking about. Flakes need not apply. Or reply. Or breathe. Or exist. Oh and by the way, this gos for the unwashed masses too. Then you have the anal retentive, super self-conscious "Pagan" who's afraid to be associated with "those" "fruitcakes", "nutcases", "wackos"...insert your own played-out Archie Bunkerism. These are the Uncle Toms of Neopaganism. They put me in mind of a middle class black who's ashamed of those "niggers" who give "us normal" blacks a "bad name". tsk..tsk.
#?%! that. First of all, if you're soooo concerned with image and afraid of how you come off to the "mainstream", just give up the pretense and go back to your Catholic, Baptist, whatever church where you're obviously more comfortable. I know if I liked closed-minded, clueless, judgemental types, I'd still be going to Catholic mass, and surfin' the Pagan net too often seems like I am. Rolled eyes and gasps included. There are those who call themselves Neopagan while at the same time stereotype and insult our own. Again, they like to distance themselves from the "wierdos" 'cause they're afraid of how "they" make them look to Xtians, Jews, Moslems, you know, the "legitimate", "official", Big 3. If you don't talk and act white/normal/mainstream, you're a "bad" example. ooooh....
To those I would say get a life. Any life. For example. There are some Neopagan elements who have a problem with NatureSpirits or reincarnation. fine. whatever. Remember though that just because YOU can't make the pieces fit doesn't mean the pieces don't fit. I've never been to the sun but I know it's hot. And I'd rather cast my lot with the likes of that "wierdo" General Patton than with paganposeurs who sit around making pronouncements on the real deal. yeah, We're REAL openminded, individual, and nonjudgemental. Being openminded doesn't make you stupid. Insulting things you don't understand does. Being skeptical doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. It's been said again and again so I might as well say it. Again. Who needs a "Them" when we have "us"? As long as we're not making live sacrifices OOPS! oh no...I just implied I work Majick!
uh oh - I also happen to know reincarnation is real! YIPES! I guess that makes me a nutbar too. So mote it be baby. I'll take a "nutbar" over a too tightly wrapped pseudopagan anyday. Watch out for these bohunk boonie bullies: you know the ones;the kind that likes to sit around and box people into one dimensional groups that are easily accessible for their little minds, and, if you're sitting next to someone who sounds more like a washed up redneck comic trying to do observational humor about your fellow Pagans, don't walk, don't run, FLY, on the nearest broomstick, staff, walking stick as far away as you can. This person is low-minded, mentally lazy, and using lame material. Internal challenges? The internal challenge is us.
Blessed Be the Witches of the world

Humans As A Race Need To Stop Fighting Amongst One Another. It... Apr 27th. at 11:00:09 am EDT

Galena (Glen Burnie, Maryland US) Age: 22 - Email

Humans as a race need to stop fighting amongst one another. It is a human error that we, as a race completely disreguarding color, religion or heritage have to overcome.

I think the biggest challenge that we have is to better ourselves and actually live the way you believe. I don't mean as a group. but each person, if you believe that it is wrong to lie, wrong to steal, cheat, kill slander or act out of predjuidice then don't do it. I know that is not easy. but we can't change other's opinions of us. We have the power to change ourselves. If we all walked the walk, and were the best little people we could be then we wouldn't have to argue or fight to prove/defend ourselves as a religion. Just the way we are would stand up for itself. And doing it that way we would not be guilty of the same things that we are blaming other religions and people for.

Every group has the good the bad (and the ugly...yes I know). WE have to strive to remember that about others....even the christians. Most of them are not trying to condemn or hurt us. They might not even know anything about us. It is just the ones with big mouths that we do not like, or that make us so angry that we want to slander them. But they should look at us in the same way.

We are different. Everyone is. But if we cannot accept that of eachother or others then how should we expect them to do the same for us?

Work on changing yourself and being the best human that you can be.

(anyone who wants to talk, feel free to email)

I Think Our Main Problem Is Not Having Enough Mainstream Information About... Apr 27th. at 12:35:00 pm EDT

Sheene (Abbeville, Georgia US) Age: 19 - Email

I think our main problem is not having enough mainstream information about our Pagan religions. I watch the news for at least an hour or two every day and never have seen any type of news about Pagans, Pagan organizations, or anything else. The only Pagan news I see is on the web. Also, instead of everybody being quiet and "in the closet" about their religion, everyone should open up and say, "Yes, I'm Pagan, I'm proud of it. Ask me what you want. I will not change, so don't try to convert me." Whenever the subject of religion comes up around my friends or family, I tell my beliefs, don't bash them, and tell them not to bash me. I am the only openly Pagan person I know of in about a 100 mile range. I don't have the support of any group, and have to defend myself. I live in South Georgia, the Bible Belt. I was went to Baptist churches as a child. Now that I'm in college, I have the freedom to express my opinion. Too many Pagans don't do that. They're afraid to come out. They're afraid of being criticized for their religion. My mom got me started by giving me books about Wicca and such, but she won't convert from Christianity because she's afraid of going to Hell. Now, she says my beliefs are wrong. There are too many people afraid of the mainstream Christianity. The first amendment protects our rights as well as theirs. I suggest that everyone should be open about their beliefs, and if they experience discrimination, find a lawyer and fight for your rights. That is all we can do. That's what we have to do. ALL PAGANS SHOULD FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS INSTEAD OF HIDING IN THEIR CLOSETS.

I Think The Greatest External Challenge That Faces Pagans Today Is Not... Apr 27th. at 6:02:29 pm EDT

Moonlight Morgan (Windsor, Ontario CA) Age: 17 - Email

I think the Greatest External challenge that faces pagans today is not intolerance but lack of exposure. There are actually a lot of people who have never seen a pentacle and don't know the word Pagan or Wiccan. We are also not taken seriously.

The greatest internal challenge is interpath squabbles. Most of us have realized that Paganism isn't the only true way, yet we argue that OUR Paganism is the only true Pagan way. Isn't that hypocrisy??

Yeah, there's a lack of consensus on the definition of Pagan/Wiccan/Witch/Heathen throughout the Pagan communities, but so what.

I think that if we want to "cure" the external challenge, we need to start with the internal challenge.

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