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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 63 - 10/21/2001

Have You Done Any Protection Spells or Workings?

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th, have you done any protection spells or workings for yourself and your family? Have you done any for the military forces or for the nation? How about something geared toward the biological/chemical threats? Have you participated in any of the calls for a binding spell aimed at stopping/finding those responsible? Do you plan to do something like this in your Samhain rituals this year? Have you asked your Gods/Ancestors/ spirits to watch over you, guard you or aid you in such magickal endeavors? Do you think that the recent events will change how you usually celebrate or participate in Samhain rituals?

 Reponses:   There are 38 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

The Very Day Of September 11, I Was In Downtown Toronto. The... Oct 17th. at 1:53:04 pm EDT

Aminata-ken (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 22 - Email

The very day of september 11, I was in downtown toronto. The aura of fear I fealt was palpable to say the least. Don't ask me why, but I have always been fascinated by skyscrapers. I have always felt things for them and from them that no one else seems to, and I also believe that the old concept of "ship's spirits" applies to these magnificent structures. In other words, they have a lifeforce all their own. On that fateful day, so worried was I for my beloved city, that I invoked the Goddess and her angels to protect it. In my mind's eye, I immediately sensed a brilliant whitish yellow light around the roof of the toronto stock exchange tower, as if is gaurdian angel had arrived. I also sensed several beings, most notably Kali-ma on the roofs of several other buildings. A short while ago, I also performed a sypathetic protection ritual for the Aon Center in Chicago. As I live in Toronto, I used a picture of the building, and I burned several types of incense with magical properties such as bergamot, which gives protection from harm, and frankincense, which protects from evil. I also said a few short prayers asking the gods to place Aon center under their protection. I find all of these events very interesting, because for the longest time, I have been toying with the idea of a skyscraper blessing ritual.
On another note, concerning the lost souls of manhattan, I continue to feel the presence of the two towers of the world trade center- North and South Tower, respectively. The interesting thing is that they don't seem like your typical lost soul-although their physical bodies are dust, they still want to remain here, possibly as protectors of their city and it's people. At the first Bank Tower, in toronto, on the day of the attacks, I felt that aura of fear very strongly, as if the building itself were feeling it. I later recalled that the buildings of the world financial center were built by the same developers who built first bank tower, and that they too had been damaged in the attacks..
Blessed be,

The Day It Happened, In Fact Less Than Two Hours After The... Oct 17th. at 10:25:53 pm EDT

Johanna Maple (Albany , New York US) Age: 20 - Email

The day it happened, in fact less than two hours after the crisis happened, I went up to my college dorm room and lit candles and did a protection spell as well as asked for a blessing from the God and Goddess for all those involved with the terrible tragedy. This was not a written spell but one from my heart. I feel that those are the most powerful. In my college's Samhain ritual I am planning to have all those involved ask for blessings for all and possibly do a protection spell over all. I hope that all that were directly touched and even those inderectly touched are comforted in knowing that there are many out there praying for this cause and doing all that is in our power to help. Blessed Be to all of you.

As A Twenty Three Year Veteran Of The Craft, Protection Spells And... Oct 18th. at 11:54:27 am EDT

Colleen (Providence, Rhode Island US) Age: 36 - Email

As a twenty three year veteran of the craft, protection spells and workings have been part of my practice for many years. I regularly update and reinforce the protections I have on my home, and cast spells (general and specific) of protection for my family and friends who may ask for them. I believe that we must take a proactive part in our own protection. We cannot simply ask the God and Goddess to do it for us. Like everything else, we will only get out of it, what we put into it, hence the regular reinforcement of those spells.
When the U.S. began sending planes and troops to Afghanistan, I was literally working at a Ren faire in my area. I immediately found a quiet area backstage and did an off the cuff ritual (no candles, no circle, just me and nature) for the protection and safety of our troops, and the innocents in Afghanistan who may have found themselves in the line of fire. I have done something similar every day since then. Sometimes it's nothing more than a simple prayer before I go to bed, sometimes I keep a candle lit all day when I'm around the house.
On Samhain I fully intend to do a more detailed ritual of protection and prayers for peace to come quickly to our troubled world. I will also add some stronger protections to the ones already in place on my home and family.

Bright Blessings On All! My Response To This Question Is Rather Selfish... Oct 18th. at 12:26:01 pm EDT

Alice (Claremont, California US) Age: 40 - Email

Bright Blessings on all!

My response to this question is rather selfish. Yes, I have included this country in my nightly circle prayer, as well as my countrypeople and Afghan innocents far away. Other than that, I really only do a verse around my car when I leave the house (it's a 1970 Bug, so it needs all the help it can get).

The selfish part to this response is this...I and my two daughters have been planning for the last year-and-a-half to move to New York City. My ten-year-old's adoption finally became final in February, and I have had a decent job so I have been able to save some money (Wow, planning ahead like a grown-up), and my eldest graduated high-school. My eighteen-year-old even went on a trip to NYC with two friends in August, where she had some very clear-cut signs that it is time to move. I am waffling somewhat now about moving (mostly the fear of economic instability rather that blatant terrorism). We had been planning to move at the end of October, but I decided one more month of saving money is a good thing. Our current target move date is the end of November.

We are making an empty-handed leap into the void. I have no job, no apartment, and no one that I know in the city.

Am I crazy to move? My cards conflict (reflection of my psyche); The Crone (Motherpeace) upright being the outcome. Am I ignoring signs?

Thoughts and insights greatly appreciated.


Greetings. My Wife And I Did A Protection Spell With Some Friends... Oct 18th. at 2:19:22 pm EDT

Timberwolf (Cincinnati, Ohio US) Age: 36 - Email

Greetings. My wife and I did a protection spell with some friends who were being bothered by an old boyfriend. He has some psychic powers(as does she) and he had been able to walk around the apt. and get into her head while she was there or asleep. We did a binding on a personal item of his, and I wrote up a protective chant that we did on the night of the full moon in September. We also did one putting his name on a piece of paper into a baggie of water and freezing it. Except to get the remainder of his belongings from the apt., he has not bothered her since.

I Have Not Performed Any Spells For Protection. I Have Mainly Concenrated... Oct 18th. at 4:37:47 pm EDT

Kevin Arnold (Hamilton, New York US) Age: 18 - Email

I have not performed any spells for protection. I have mainly concenrated on healing for myself and for others. I used it as a time for reflection upon my own life and the things I value in it. I made a circle of red candles and sat inside of it and just thought over what happened Sep. 11, it was a very moving experience for me. I also sent out energy towards the relief workers to keep them strong. I think that everyone having faith, in their own way, will help and get us through this.

I Have Not Done Any Protection Spells Or Workings. All I Have... Oct 18th. at 6:49:07 pm EDT

RowanOak (Billings, Montana US) Age: 22

I have not done any protection spells or workings. All I have done is prayed. I pray to God/ess, for peace. I have said simple prayers , I don't know if I will see instant results. We will never forget what happened on 9/11 . It was one of the most horrible events in American history. Pray for peace. There is nothing wrong with being pissed off. We all are. If Osama Bin Laden is responsible for this act of devilitry, we are all are justified in our anger. The question I have for Bin Boy is WHY!!!!. What in your corrupt soul would possess you to inflict a terrorist act of this monstrous magnitude? Do you feel any remorse for what you have done? 8000 people are dead!!!!! Are you too simple minded to try to resolve political conflictions in a peaceful , civil manner. You hideous monster!!!! We will resist and we (America) will stand victorious!!!!

Like Most People I Viewed The Events On September 11th With Disbelief... Oct 19th. at 5:43:50 am EDT

ravensara29 (cornwall, England UK) Age: 45 - Email

Like most people I viewed the events on September 11th with disbelief and horror. Living so far away did not lessen the impact of the images on my tv screen. I had so many conflicting emotions that any working would have been impossible. Now, just over a month on, I feel I can look towards Sahmain with a specific working in mind. I have read the views of other pagans and taken notes from some of them. I am very tempted to try a binding spell but my gut feeling is that this is wrong, it is coming from a need for revenge. I feel that the events are so monumental they are best left, so, apart from a protection spell and a working for peace and love towards all beings, I will leave Bin Laden to his own Karma.

Bright Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in the craft.

Blessed Be. The Saturday Before 9/11, I Went Into A Little... Oct 19th. at 10:44:53 am EDT

Amaranth (Cape Canaveral, Florida US) Age: 34 - Email

Blessed Be.

The Saturday before 9/11, I went into a little store to buy some school supplies for my daughter, and asked for no reason at all that I knew of if they had statues of Kuan Yin. They did, and I bought one, despite budgetary constraints. (The last time I bought statuary of any kind was over five years ago.) I have been working with her ever since, including for nine nights of magic which began 9/11. I have not bound bin Laden or any of his band, but instead concentrated on healing. Many have posted differences in the feel of the Earth's energy. While many healing strategies involve grounding and using Gaea's stability as an energy source, I haven't felt that this would be fair lately. Instead, I have been relying on "energy alchemy" - flooding pockets of negativity with as much white light/positive energy as required to transmute the illness/bad energy into useable, positive energy. No more grounding and letting Mama fix it - at least not for a while. I also sent energy to the rescue workers, comfort to the bereaved, clarity to our leaders, asked for us to learn whatever it is we're learning from this with as little harm to the universe as possible, apologies to the fey and elementals (this really disconcerted them), direction to the dislocated, focus and resolve to the members of our armed forces.

On the subject of bin Laden and the Taliban, rather than bind or punish them or accelerate their karma, I have been sending them emotional and spiritual healing as well, on the theory that their motivations approach the level of mental illness. If this mental illness, this snapped connection in their leaders' spirit is repaired completely, I believe continued acts of terrorism will become impossible. They will still have their accrued karma to deal with, just as we all do. I have a personal belief that love is at the core of us all, and that when we are in alignment with that core, all's right with the world.

Finally, if you have not read Isaac Bonewit's link about the magical impact of the terrorist attacks, please do. You can link into it from Vox's site. Just in case I'm mistaken and found it somewhere else, here's a brief summary. While being a sociopolitical statement about their desires, the attacks were also a blood sacrifice which opened a gate into our country. Therefore, after our Samhain rites, we must very decisively route anything negative back through that door and firmly close it. His words rang true for me, and I will be adding my own kick to make sure that door is shut tight.

Dear Witchvox Im Not American. But, I Tried To Do A Protection... Oct 19th. at 12:58:00 pm EDT

Mo (Middle East, Qatar) Age: 14

Dear WitchVox
Im not American. But, i tried to do a protection spell....but there are a lot of things i cant get here. I live in Asia. I am a wiccan and i just started. But I always try to de protection spells for all try to get peace. But i cant find any place to buy supplies here, i have to shop online and it takes too long for the supplies to arrive.
I wish that there was a wiccan group here. But there isnt and i cant talk to any wiccans anywhere here.
Thank You

As Of Yet, I Have Not Performed Any Protection Magick, But That... Oct 19th. at 2:09:19 pm EDT

Frog (Natchez, Mississippi US) Age: 32 - Email

As of yet, I have not performed any protection magick, but that is not to say that I am without defenses. As I see it, the greatest danger we face is fear. Fear of what has happend. Fear of what might happen. And while fear may be a good thing, taken to deeply or in the wrong context, fear becomes paranoia. And with everything that has happened recently, paranoid is supplanting rational fear.

Attacks against my person I can and will defend unto my death, if needed. Attacks against those I love I will defend unto my death as well. But what about attacks against not the physical, but the psyche and the spiritual? That, I believe, is the greater enemy we face. It has been said that the objective of terrorism is terror. If we start to fear everything, including our mail, then terrorism has won. It is at that point when we slip from rational fear into paranoia. And the best defense against paranoid is common sense and a cool head.

I read Wren's article about "The Hall Monitor", and it made me think about the Guardians of the Watchtowers that I call upon during my rituals and how I envision them. Some may think of the Gaurdians as being arms, stalwart warriors, armed with swords and shields. Others may think of them as avatars, spirits of awe and might. And still others may picture them as being dragons. Personally, I envision the gaurdians to be more like gargoyles; fearsome, almost grotesque beings with a heart of gold that adorn medieval catherdrals. And why not? That was, in part, how the gargoyles came to be. That, and they also served as rainspouts, hence their onomatopoetic name (also related to "gargle").

Now why this little side trip into Achitectual Details of the Middle Ages? Well, a parallel could be drawn that the fear we face today from an enemy unkown and unseen, is much the same as the fear faced by those living 800 years ago. And like our ancestors, we too look towards faith and The Divine Spirit to guide and protect us.

And, yes, the recent events have changed, in part, how I will celebrate Samhain this year. In addition to honoring those loved ones that have passed beyond this realm, I will also honor those whose lives were cut all too short due to the events of September 11, 2001. I will also raise and send out healing energy to the surviors and the relatives of the victims. It is a small act, true, but it comes from the heart, and that is what is needed, now more than ever.

As as for protection, I will look for four gargoyle statues, each representing one of the four elements, and add them to my altar to protect my home from fear and other unworldly dangers.

Our Group Paricipated In A Ritual For Healing After The 9/11... Oct 19th. at 10:50:18 pm EDT

Rain (Hubbard, Ohio US) Age: 39 - Email

Our group paricipated in a ritual for healing after the 9/11 events for the people and the land.
As far as protections, yes I have as well as several of our group, for our loved ones and those abroad. I also have asked the goddess to watch over those who in innocence will bear the conflict in person as bombs fall over lands and villages.
I pray for resolve and for justice....knowing it will be hard to find. So much is at stake not just personally for usa...but politically and religiously as far as the lands we are presently hunting in for the terrorists.

As far as a binding...not as of yet...personally I am still soting thru some of the facts and feelings I get when I seek to see within the perpetrators...such as faces....because I keep coming back to the fact that the faces and names are not just from the area we now rage against....that of course could be due to the recent anthrax problems...I am not sure.

I was taken aback when it all happened..not so much that we could be attacked, being in the service prior, I knew it was a possibility, it was more the numbers...the absolute staggering amount of damage to life and land. It took days for me to truly assimulate it all. And then I shut off the television. Sadly majority of the media after the initial facts came to light have done naught but fan the flames of the fear they tell everyone will cause more damage than the threats...

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