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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 88 - 12/8/2002

Are We Alone in The Universe?

Is this Earth the only planet inhabited with intelligent life? (Yeah. I wonder about that "intelligent" part sometimes, too!) Is Life a fluke? Are we unique? If there are other life forms out there, do you think that we shall ever meet them? How far into the future might that happen? Will they find us or will we find them first?

Do you think that the discovery of inhabitants on other planets would change our world view? How would the existence of aliens affect the religions of this world? Do you think such a concept as "religion" might also be found on other worlds?

Have we already been visited by beings from other planets? If an alien did come calling, what might you show him/her/it about life on planet Earth? Would you like to travel to another planet?

 Reponses:   There are 67 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Here's How I See It Dec 9th. at 8:47:04 pm EST

lilith (la ciudad de nuestra senora de los angeles) Age: 33 - Email

so there is a mighty nuclear war and somehow the only two people on earth who survive are: me, because i just happened to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, and osama bin laden, who of course would survive nuclear war. now i dont know he is alive and out there, and he doesnt know i am alive and out there, which is probably a good thing. are we alone?

my answer to that is yes, we are. as far as i know, and as far as i will ever be able to tell in a world destroyed is that i am alone and have to fend for myself as best i can. meanwhile osama is alone too, and no doubt freaking because his particular reading of the koran never mentioned this. he is on his own as much as i am.

now of course literally we are not alone. we are two, not one. but to all intents and purposes we are alone. and if say osama died from some kind of massive karmic shock, i would REALLY be alone, but no more alone than i had been before.

so re: alien life-- i think we are alone, and if not we may as well be alone. i doubt there have been any alien visitations to our planet. i think its funny that historically speaking there is no thought of alien life and no record of sightings of flying objects or little green men or even tall slinky grey-green men until the advent of airplanes and giant bombs and movies starring little green men. when i look out at the sky i do not have a sense of other worlds out there.

having said that, i do feel there may be different dimensions, and in a true sense i think the human race's ideas about spirits and pixies and selkies and faeries and leprechauns and menehunes and sa-sa bonsam etc. may be a reflection of this. just because something is the Other does not necessarily make it the divine.

if an alien ever showed up i would probably want to know what kind of world they were from, what kind of values, do they have gender or race, do they have an obsession with land or space or money, and if so i would say hey, look around you, is this what you want? if the alien was not that kind of being i would have to invite him/her/it to see the redwood forests before they are gone for good. i would like to think an alien race might have some legend in their history of a mystical place that was once the most beautiful thing in the world.

Do You Realize How Simple Minded Would Half To Be... Dec 9th. at 9:47:31 pm EST

raven moonstar (texas) Age: 35 - Email

For me to think that there was not only intelligent but, also more advanced life in the universa I would have to be very simple minded indeed!!!

Statistics, Bah! Dec 9th. at 9:59:53 pm EST

Jo (Sydney, Australia) Age: 26 - Email

Given the size and complexity of the universe, yes and no
It seems that most people have a genuine belief that alien life must exist AND it will be recognisable to us AND is probably watching us from a viewpoint of an advanced technology. Why? Just because the statistical probability supports the notion of other life, and it does, where do these statistics support that they will
1. Evolve in the same time span as us
2. Evolve at a distance close enough to us for contact
3. Be at an advanced enough stage or capable of inter-galactic travel. They could be less advanced.
4. Be recognisable to us. We already know that life just on Earth is incredibly varied, add the rest of universe into the mix and life could be anything.
5. Be intelligent.
Even if the above points were favourable,
6. Would they be bothered to look? They may have other priorities
7. If they looked would they necessarily be interested in us. There may be other more interesting things to look at.
8. If they looked would they be bothered to communicate. After all not many of us have taken the time to try and actually communicate with bacteria.

It all boils down to, no we are not likely to be alone in the universe, but we effectively are as it is incredibly unlikely that we will ever bump into one another.

And if we do I for one will say “wow what was the likelihood of that happening!” and invite them in for tea, because if they have overcome all the other odds they are bound to drink tea right?

Ahhhh, Dec 9th. at 11:06:29 pm EST

Titania T. Moonfoster (Wisconsin) Age: 20 - Email

the conceit of mankind. Are we alone in the universe? we may be, but i find it highly improbable. there are too many sightings, ancient and modern, that give examples of alien visitation. But there are views, like some of the others that have been posted, that question what the definition of alone is. What it all trickles down to, is when a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make asound? what is the sound of one hand clapping? these are questions that have no clear answer, or multiple answers that no one can agree with. the debate will only be answered when we have undeniable evidence that there are others who know who and where we are and are willing to work with us, or even try to take us to war. Then we will know the truth.

No One Definate Answer.... Dec 10th. at 12:37:30 am EST

SunsetSeashell (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) Age: 24 - Email

It really depends on what one means by "alone in the Universe"? I, for one, do not consider myself alone at all! I am surrounded my life in a myriad of forms and way everyday: human and non-human (non-human includes everything that isn't human: animal, vegatable, mineral, etc). As for outside this planet - we are still not alone! There are life forms of various kinds on the other planets within our own system.... so of course we aren't alone.

Then again, if your definition of "alone in the Universe" includes other life LIKE us humans then within our own Universe/System we are alone however I really really doubt that outside our System of Planets/Our Universe that another form of "human" (if you can call it that) does _not_ exist. What I am saying is that the Universe outside our own is infinate and seems never-ending.... because it is so damn huge you cannot tell me we are alone.

To Each Their Own in the end.

Yes, I Do! Dec 10th. at 9:40:44 am EST

Avalonskye (Georgia) Age: 17 - Email

I believe that there is other life on planets not located in this vast place that we call space...I don't think that there are aliens, just simple lifeforms like you and me who could exsist in atmospheres that we can't...

No! Dec 10th. at 11:40:54 am EST

Raven Feather (United States) Age: 20 - Email

In a word, "No!" We are not alone in the universe. To suggest otherwise would seem to me to be both foolish and arrogant. Of course we are not alone in the universe, we are not the only children of the The All, nor are we the oldest or most evolved. We are mere fungus in an infinite living universe, and we should appreciate our less-than-supreme place in the grand scheme of things. Let's not ever make the mistake of thinking that everything revolves around us.

Alone, Never Dec 10th. at 1:08:34 pm EST

hobbit (massillon ohio) Age: 18 - Email

we are not alone. there are spirts always around us, some u may see, some u may feel, and some may be another person. theres earth, then a type of chill place, and then what ever is beyond. no we are never alone.

Alone Or Not I Couldn't Care Less Dec 10th. at 5:38:09 pm EST

Hippie2u2 (Netherlands) Age: 26 - Email

Why bother with that question. What difference does it make? I have to live my little life here. If there where other life in the universe there is little to no chance that we are ever gonna meet up. It's a waste of money and time that people wast on questions like that. Let them spend it on a solution to more earthly problems........ like how to stop poluting our own little living space and how to do that in such a way that we can all benifit from that. How to feed all, how to get rid of all the war.

If we are this perfect little brady bunch planet lets then put energy in the questions that matter a lot less. Cause if their is life in the universe besides us and we would make contact now, we probably do the same with them as we did here with native cultures.

Not As We No It. Dec 10th. at 5:58:29 pm EST

The Sweeper (OK) Age: 48 - Email

It would be both wonderful and terrifying to discover that we are not alone.

I spent much of my early childhood dreaming of the possibility, and wondering if there was anyone out there.

Now after nearly 50 years of life and no real evidence I have, I must confess, become some what disillusioned.

Life on other worlds, we are lead by some to believe, is a statistically high probability, however, if we use there numbers we should expect to see the sky filed with UFOs.

I suspect that there are others; however, I believe they exist on a different plane entirely and differ so greatly from us as be incomprehensible.

It is wonderful to dream and speculate, unfortunately, at some point dreams end and leave us with the reality that perhaps we really are alone.

The Sweeper

We Are Not Alone Dec 10th. at 7:37:06 pm EST

Talon (Here) Age: 21 - Email

I,my self a wiccan, believe that I am never alone,I always have my spirit guides with me and the spirits around me and as a member of life i believe there is life outthere as alien no. We don't live in a universe. We live in a multi-verse, One filled with many diffrent relmes of existance. feel free to e~mail me if you want to. I don't care. ~Blessed Be

I Think Not... Dec 10th. at 8:48:12 pm EST

Andrew (canada) Age: 21 - Email

Alone, never. Although I do not believe that Earth has received visitors of the green kind, I do believe that life on other planets exist (as well as on other planes of existence, obviously). Mars is a pretty darn similar planet to Earth and that's within our own solar system. Now imagine the VASTNESS OF SPACE. I think every galaxy has at least 1 planet that has life on it.

For those of you who like aliens.
The stereotype: pale skin and huge retinas. I can theorize that they live on a dark planet. Enough of that now.

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