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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 104 - 3/24/2003

Have You Changed Your Mind About the War in Iraq?

Many people were initially for or against the possibility of a war in Iraq. Now that it is a reality and troops are on the ground, have you changed your mind or your position on the war?

Do you think that anti-war protests should cease? Do you think that an even greater divide has opened up between those who hold differing ideologies?

Do you think that the suspension of certain civil liberties for security reasons is appropriate during war time? Do YOU feel safer? Will the world be more secure because of this action?

What – if anything – concerns you the most about the war in Iraq?

 Reponses:   There are 258 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Have To Post This.. Apr 4th. at 9:12:26 pm EST

MoonOwl (Egypt Lake, USA) Age: 39 - Email

I was wondering why they would need DNA testing to determine who the troops were that were buried in the pit near Jessica (Go Girl Power!!!!) Lynch. Silly me. Heard on the radio that it is *rumored* the troops were hacked to bits & pieces.. Hence the need for DNA testing. Yeah, we are the monsters here.. Give me a frelling BREAK! I hope we return the favor when we find saddam & sons but we won't because we are NOT barbarians. Hacked to pieces. Who frelling deserves that??? I think it says quite a lot and I wish this little tidbit would make it to world news if it is indeed true. Makes me pretty mad. Those poor parents on both sides of this. May their God comfort them in the days to come.

I too am glad to be hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of happy Iraqi's. I also think it's comical to see other countries starting to turn around on this now that they see that the hard work is nearly done and there is money to be made in rebuilding. Kiss Our American (and the rest of the troops) Behind! Sorry I'm testy but thinking about people being hacked to pieces really boils my brain. Yeah..we're the bad ones here...puhleeeeezzzzeee!

Go Troops!!! Kick ass & take names and show them what humanity is all about.. saddam & sons heads on pikes for all Iraqi's to do with as they choose.

This attitude makes me less of a Pagan? Yeah, right.... Says who? Never claimed to be a fluffy bunny. Sometimes it takes violence to have peace.

p.s. I still haven't found 5, 000. dead either. But after hearing about this little rumor (that's probably true) I really don't care how many republican guards get killed as long as we free the people who deserve it...

One ticked off, heartsick MoonOwl..

Sigh At Demetrius Apr 5th. at 3:36:37 am EST

Skeggi (NZ) Age: 32 - Email

Yes I do believe that when you are defending your country against an ilegal invasion force that outguns you completely, you may use any means to defend your country.
Have you forgotten how you defeated the English?
You put your faith in the rule of arms not law, and becoming a monster to defeat a monster defeats only the purpose.
You and yourr aliies are responsible for all the deaths in this very avoidable war.
P.S. I am glad I live in a different world mate, try reality occasionally you might like it.

THE DANGERS OF PATRIOTISM Apr 5th. at 6:47:04 am EST

elf (england (unfortunately)) Age: 23 - Email

You know, reading your responses makes me think two things.

Patriotism is the most dangeorus thing. In America you have far too much of it. It means that you see people from other countries as being different from you and this is not good. When someone from a certain country does something bad against an American, you see that as being an attack by this country on America. We are all just people, we all feel the same way and at the end of the day, we are really all one. I think Patriotism is the root of evil in this case.

Also, this is not meant to upset people, but some posts I have read sound worryingly far-right wing. I am suprised to find that on a site like this one.

Walk A Mile In A Mans Shoes Apr 5th. at 8:50:02 am EST

melissa (Ephrata, Pennsylvania) Age: 27 - Email

Yes, I have changed my opinion on the war in Iraq. I changed my mind the day I imagined what it must be like to live in a society like that. I changed my mind the day I wondered what it would be like if someone where to overthrow our government and take away my rights. I changed my mind when I realised I would want others to come to my aid. Perhaps we should all close our eyes and imagine what it would be like if that happened in our countries. Would our opinions change?

Freedom Of Expression Apr 5th. at 9:32:16 am EST

Spirit Walker (Long Island, NY) Age: 44 - Email

I haven't changed my mind about this war. Saddam had to be removed. No one can invision what kind of politics went on in the UN. Why would countries like France and Germany and Russia decide to go against us? Only time will tell.

As for protesters both for and against the war...we have this right to do so. As it has been said by many, we may not agree with the anti-war protesters, but we will fight to the death to give and keep that right. Should they be allowed to disrupt others lives with their protests? NO! Let them do their 'Die Ins' in the middle of field where they will not disrupt the truck driver trying to make deliveries.

As for suspending our civil liberties...not a chance. No one has the right to do so for any reason. And that includes national defense. If we allow it, even temporily, we give someone the chance to push a wedge in further.

As for our current administration... I can only say that at best [or worst?] he can only be in office for another 4 years. Then it will be someone else's turn to make 'their mark'.

So remember....VOTE!!!

Pray For Safety Of Troops And Civilians, Quick End Of War Apr 5th. at 10:01:39 am EST

gabriela (Woodinville, WA) Age: 35 - Email

The war has been been a gray area for me. I don't think it is wrong to remove Saddam's regime, he is a psycho who has committed atrocities against his own people. But my heart was breaking for all who would suffer as we anticipated the beginning of this war.
American troops are now in Iraq whether we like it or not. War is happening and we cannot turn back. I don't see the purpose of any more war debate (finish the war and help the Iraqi people move on) . It would better serve the situation to put our energy into prayers or rituals to whatever deity we are aligned with, asking for safe return of our troops, civilian safety and a brighter future for Iraq. I believe that by starting this war, our country and Britain and others have committed ourselves to helping the Iraqi people build a more humane government and establish a free, prosperous society.
Now that the war is under way, i feel that i must be supportive to our courageous troops and urge our government to follow through with helping the Iraqi people restore their dignity and livelihood.

Arguments Apr 5th. at 7:07:44 pm EST

squib (oregon) Age: 33 - Email

Skeggi (and anyone else) , if you wish to draw people into arguments about their opinions, i don't think this is the place to do it. I personally don't feel the need to defend my opinion or my belief. You can email me or invite me to a discussion elsewhere, and anyone else you disagree with, but i'm not going to bite and be drawn into a fracas here, where the editors have graciously given us a forum to state our opinions and specifically asked us NOT to engage in arguing or 'attacking' other people. Obviously, i'm not the only one who thinks like i do, and obviously, not all pagans think the same. And if we did, what would that make us?

So thanks for agreeing to disagree and leaving it at that. The divine light in me honors the divine light in you.

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