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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 103 - 3/17/2003

What Are You Reading?

What was the last book(s) that you read or what favorite book would you recommend to others? When in the bookstore or library, which section do you head for first?

Do you prefer fiction or non fiction? Do you read mostly for enjoyment/entertainment or for knowledge/information?

What media besides books do you read? What is your literary skeleton in the bookcase (such as comics, fashion mags, tabloids, showbiz gossip, sports)?

 Reponses:   There are 95 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

American Jihad Mar 17th. at 9:33:33 pm EST

The Raven of Alaska (Wasilla, Alaska) Age: 46 - Email

American Jihad, by Steve Emerson, accurately chronicles the Muslim extrmists that live among us, share our freeedoms, but want to destor the US and it's culture. this book is well researched, straight spoken, and has caused Islamic fundamentalists to issue a fatwah against the auithor. He now has to live in a secluded location within the US. Read the truth about the violence that is radical Islam. As a Celtic Pagan I wanted to believe what I was being told that Islam was peaceful. This book will force you to think, and that is why it is good.

Peaceful Words For Troubling Times Mar 17th. at 9:57:37 pm EST

Scott (Endicott, NY) Age: 26 - Email - Web

I am reading Thich Nhat Hahn's Living Buddha, Living Christ

There IS a living Buddha, a living Christ, a living Goddess, a living Mohammed, a living Krishna. So many of us seem so intent on killing them these days. What we need to do is embrace peace and become alive ourselves. At this time I urge you to turn to prayer, meditation, or whatever practice you use to bring peace to yourself. Peace for the world must begin with individual peace for every living being. Start with you! You might be surprised what changes you will make.

Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity... all sorts of faiths HAVE the answer to peace NOW! Let us learn them... let us live them.... let them BE.

DELIGHTFUL!! Mar 17th. at 10:17:17 pm EST

Emrys (Normal, IL) Age: 22 - Email

OOoooo, how exciting. Well, last night I just finished "The Wastelands" by Stephen King. It's the third in his Dark Tower series. Besides that, I am also currently reading "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore, an anthology of Christopher Durang plays (fantastic reads for any lovers of theatre) , and Drawing Down the Moon.

I'm a big King fan, and my bookshelves show it. On the top of my list of his books are definitely "The Stand" and "Bag of Bones" (which is fantastic! a macabre love story of sorts)

Lately, I've been purchasing a lot of children's books and both my girlfriend and I teach grade school. Some of my favorites:
"Mrs. Biddlebox" by Linda Smith
"What are you so Grumpy About?" by Tom Lichtenheld
"The Spider and the Fly" illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi

Um, um...uh...
I really love rereading old favorites, and well written books for younger readers. You gain a better appreciation for them at this age.
Anything by Lois Lowry, especially "The Giver" and "Finding Blue"
Madaline L'Engle's "Wrinkle" series.
"The Moorchild" by Eloise McGraw
One of my all time favorites is "Sign of the Beaver" by Elizabeth George Speare

Hmmm, my bookshelves are overflowing with a mish-mosh of books that I love... (I feel like this is an Oscar the orchestra playing yet?)

The Harry Potter Series
Mary Stewert's Arthurian Saga
Any and All Edward Gorey books
"The Crying of Lot 49" by Thomas Pynchon
Thomas Harris skeletons...that I love and adore, any of Jhonen Vasquez's graphic novels (Squee, JTHM)
Roman Dirge's-Something at the Window is Scratching, Monsters in my Tummy, etc.
and Angus Oblong's "Creepy Susie"

Oh, so many more... I haven't even cracked the surface....mmmmm....books....

I Love To Read Mar 17th. at 10:53:53 pm EST

Krystall (Kentucky) Age: 46 - Email

I love to read, anything and everything. I'm reading alot of Z Budapest right now, especially "The Holy Book of Womens' Mysteries". Her CD just came out with her reading passages from "Grandmother Moon" and "Grandmother of Time", another two favorites.

I don't have a preference regarding fiction or non-fiction. I can re-read "To Kill A Mockingbird", and have that book in the bedroom, and be reading a Witchcraft book in the living room. I have read as many as three books at once. I can do that if they're all interesting.

I really like Phyllis Currott, Ann Moura and am delving into more occult books.

My favorite period in history is Tudor England and I've read everything I can get my hands on about Henry VIII, his six wives, and their children as they grew and struggled for the throne.

I also enjoy books by authors Fannie Flagg, Janice Holt Giles (Ky. author) , Olive Ann Burns, Maya Angelou and biographies or autobiographies of famous people, especially rock stars.

READING IS COOL! Mar 17th. at 11:22:29 pm EST

Madelynn (Nebraska) Age: 16 - Email - Web

lol I'm a big fan of HUGE long novels. The last big book I read was 'Insomnia' by Stephen King, and I swear it is the BEST book in the world! It is the coolest! I highly recommend it.

Right now I'm reading 'Lord of the Flies' for English class.

Normally, I don't like to read anything less than 700 pages, I LOVE thick novels. Anne Rice and Stephen King are by far my favorite authors.

Fiction, Poetry, Philosophy Mar 17th. at 11:26:24 pm EST

Dreamless (California) Age: 13 - Email

I prefer the forms of fiction, and than I love to read a bit of poetry over the internet. I love the stories of unicorns and fairies, and that sort of thing. My favorite author is Madeline L'Engle, I just love the way she keeps human emotians in reality, and not one word in any of her books is boreing. Now I am somewhat getting into philosophy and the history of some ancient cultures, but I keep my reading of that kind of thing to what I find online.

Reading Is FUNdamental Mar 17th. at 11:29:53 pm EST

Ananke (NYC) Age: 35 - Email

Currently, I'm reading "Deepening Witchcraft", by GreyCat because I'd read and heard enough raves about it that I felt it was worth picking up. And so far it has not disappointed. :-)

I have not read a book specifically for the neo-pagan audience for almost a year now.

My great loves in book genres are: horror, various non-fiction, philosophy, psychology and mythology and satire of any kind.

I also read the newspaper each day as well as keeping up on various news sources on the web.
I also enjoy satire a great deal as well.

The skeleton in my bookcase would have to be either my Stephen King collection (for some reason I get alot of groans when I tell people I enjoy his novels) or my collection of MAD magazines! :-D

Reaching To Heaven Mar 18th. at 3:14:41 am EST

Cherie (Sacramento) Age: 47 - Email

I am currently reading "Reaching to Heaven" by James Van Praagh. It is the first of his works that I have read. It is nonfiction. I have found some of the information repetitive to what I have read before, but also new matter. A very satisfying read so far (I'm about 1/3 the way through.)

Me Bookworm!! Mar 18th. at 5:54:29 am EST

Silver Raven (Jo Marriott) (Nottingham, England) Age: 20 - Email - Web

I've got a few books on the go at the moment. I'm currently engrossed in 'Witchcraft for Tomorrow' by Doreen Valiente - good book!! I've got a books page on my website where we review and discuss books, feel free to come visit by clicking on the weblink at the top of this article.
I love books. I love to educate myself further through reading for pleasure. For example, I enjoy history, so at the moment, I am also reading Volume 1 of Simon Schama's 'A History of Britain'. I also adore music - the last music book I read was one I finished a couple of weeks ago, 'Freddie Mercury, An Intimate Memoir by the man who knew him best' by Peter Freestone.
I have many different types of book at home - music, craft, history, paranormal/supernatural, novels, Shakespeare, encyclopaedias, dictionaries/language books etc etc. My taste is pretty eccletic - like my taste in music, food - just about everything in my life is hugely varied!!
When I go to the library, the first place I head for is the computers. I don't have a home computer right now, so I access the Internet courtesy of the library (this is all soon to change though...) . Then I have a look in the music section, then history, then religion, then gardening, then cooking, then novels!
Besides books, I enjoy reading local and national newspapers and magazines. My favourite magazine at the moment is 'Spirit and Destiny' - it's cool because it takes all the good bits of various non-mainstream religions (including witchcraft!) and puts into everyday life e.g. recipes, healing, some spells, life and love advice, horoscopes etc etc. It's a women's mag with a difference and very enlightening, I recommend it to anyone!

Uh... Mar 18th. at 7:24:03 am EST

SilverShadow (Perth, Australia) Age: 14 - Email

I am (or was) reading:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling-I bought it about two months ago to read on the plane but I never did start it.I've got about 100 pages left which I am sure to accomplish one day.

To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf-I found it when I was at the markets.It was just sitting on top of a pile of books and I thought wow!I bought it for $20 second hand.I've read most of it and I'd highly recommend it.

Toxin by Robin Cook-My dad told me to read it.I have no idea why.I maybe got the first 4 chapters read and then I just got confused.It probably is a good book but it's an adults book so the story is a bit complicated.Basically it's about a father who's a doctor/scientist (I forgot) and his daughter gets e.coli food poisoning and I think he must take some sort of action against it.

Yes I do read and I am capable of finishing a book!!

A Book Mis-shelved Is Knowledge Lost... Mar 18th. at 7:29:53 am EST

Heathwitch (Cheshire, UK) Age: 23 - Email - Web

Well, I'm a bit of a bookworm -- okay, that's an understatement. I devour books, and always have at least one on my person at any time. That said, I'm currently reading "Philosophy of Wicca" by Amber Laine Fisher, "The Witches' Craft" by Raven Grimassi and Edain McCoy's "Spellworking for Covens". I have "Witchcraft and the Web" by M. Macha Nightmare waiting for me, calling to me from the bookshelf.

Non-Witchcraft wise, I'm reading the fiction novels "Bel Canto" (by Ann Patchett) and "Lady of Avalon" (by Marion Zimmer Bradley) .

Before these, I read Trish Telesco's "Advanced Wicca", "Just For Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary" by Linus Torvalds (yes, I am a computer geek!) and Starhawk's "The Fifth Sacred Thing" and "Walking To Mercury". Oh, and "Year of Wonders" by Geraldine Brooks, and the last issue of "Sagewoman" magazine.

Talking of Starhawk, I just ordered her books "Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery" and "Dreaming the Dark: Sex, Magic and Politics", as well as Caitlin and John Matthews' "Ladies of the Lake" and a collection of short stories, "Out of Avalon: Tales of Old Magic and New Myths", edited by Jennifer Roberson. So once those arrive, I'll have masses to enjoy :)

I'm an English major - in fact, I'm taking a MA in the subject right now, and so books are vital to me (or seem to be) . I adore the poetry of the Romanticism period - Byron, Keats, Wordsworth. I love classic fiction, and whenever I am down or need a boost I read "The Prelude", an epic poem by William Wordsworth.

As for skeletons ... Well, I am addicted to Joseph Michael Linsner's comic books based around the heroine-Goddess Dawn ... Remarkable. And I still have a copy of "Watership Down" on my bookshelf, and I adore Anne McCaffrey's "Dragons of Pern" series.

I could go on forever about books ... I'd better not, I'd bore you all. But I love to read. With reading comes joy. *smiles* Blessed Be!

One Underway And One In The Wings Mar 18th. at 9:51:32 am EST

Kevin (Ottawa, Canada) Age: 40 - Email

I am in the middle of The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra and have Martin Luther King Jr. autobiography all set to go once I've finished Capra.

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