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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 2 - 8/13/2000

How Do You Define Witch/WitchCraft?

If you were writing the definition (in an encyclopedia) for the word "Witch/Witchcraft" (in the modern sense) what would it say?

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I Don't Really Have A Definition, But An Observation. We So Often... Aug 16th. at 8:18:29 pm EDT

Lenore (St. Louis, Missouri US) Age: 34 - Email

I don't really have a definition, but an observation. We so often here references to "Sabrina the Teenaged Witch", "Charmed" and "Buffy" as mass media images of Witchcraft. However, "Dharma and Greg" seems to depict a much more realistic image of modern day Witches. I don't watch the show often, but whenever I do I am always surprised and pleased by Dharma and especially her mother. Her mother to me is a typical modern day American Witch. Someone who could define this person who follows nature with wit and wisdom, is of pure heart and of service to her fellow man may just have the perfect definition.

First, I Have To Say, That The Britannica Definition Of Witchcraft Has... Aug 17th. at 2:07:58 am EDT

Leim *wolf* Silverbranch (minot, North Dakota US) Age: 26 - Email

first, i have to say, that the britannica definition of witchcraft has just come to my attention. this appauled me to no great end. i can certainly see where there are different ideas of what a witch is in many different cultures, but to not include what many of us ARE is a travesty. my definition would have to include all of the historical accounts of what we know the various cultures have and do consider/ed a witch to be. to do otherwise would be depriving the world of information which could be valuable. what i would certainly have to include is that witchcraft of today is commonly a nature-based, life-affirming religion which teaches harm to none.

oh, and i appreciate having such a foram as this to post my opinion. i am one who sent britannica an email as soon as i was aware of the difinition that they have. :)

love, light, n blessings;

I Would Like To Consider Myself A "new" Witch....studying, Working, Ritualizing... Aug 17th. at 2:53:31 pm EDT

Colleen Hawkins (Long Beach, California US) Age: 26 - Email

I would like to consider myself a "new" witch....studying, working, ritualizing everyday for myself and others. I have enjoyed many of the descriptions already posted by fellow witches and with many of them I completely agree. Although my description is too flowery to be truly considered as an appropriate book definition, it is my true feelings and thoughts on witches, witchcraft and magick. We are beautiful, kind, sympathetic, nature loving people. Many of our intentions are to hurt no one and promote goodness in the world and spirituality within ourselves. I have experienced many established religions and Wicca/Witchraft/Being a Witch is the aboslute most beautiful and loving one of all. There is no pressure from higher authorities to live a certain way, no condemnation, and no disdain, discrimination or hate for other religions or people. It is truly beautiful beyond compare. Enjoy your gifts and regardless of how any group of people that don't understand us or the Craft today ...including some limited view dictionary authors..know we all have each other and OUR knowledge about what WE do is good enough to help educate ourselves and others. :)

Blessed Be.

Yep, The Encyclopedia Entry Misses What Witches Really Are. By My Definition... Aug 17th. at 4:17:38 pm EDT

Ruis (Edinburgh, Scotland UK) Age: 27

Yep, the Encyclopedia entry misses what witches really are.

By my definition...In the medieval period in Europe, many women and men who practiced herbal medicine, midwifery and sympathetic magic were identified as witches during the hysteria and panic caused by political and economic upheaval and plague. Some so-called witches were individuals who bought the mythos created by mouthpieces of the Church, and practiced a text-book form of witchcraft according to such classics as The Hammer of the Witches. Time, The Church and anecdotal evidence have clouded the issue of real witchcraft as practiced in Europe in the historical period.

The modern Witch is a person who respects nature, believes in the immanent god/dess, practices sympathetic magic and lives by a simple rule of conduct called The Wiccan Rede.

A Person Of The Old Religion, A Person Male Or Female Who... Aug 17th. at 5:25:32 pm EDT

Phynix (Marietta, Georgia US) Age: 31 - Email

A person of the old religion, A person male or female who practices rituals and spell work. One who is of the Earth

Witchcraft: Magick, spell work, working with spells,

Witchcraft/witch/wiccan- A Religion Of Balance-worship Of A Goddess And A... Aug 18th. at 12:58:10 am EDT

Bo'Wind Art Do'bhran (Nappanee, Indiana US) Age: 36 - Email

WitchCraft/Witch/Wiccan- a religion of balance-worship of a Goddess and a God, a back to the basics of nature religion, one that embraces and respects the elements of nature, and all her creatures, a religion that took alot of hard knocks, but keeps coming back stronger and wiser, this religion does not boast or brag about being better then the other, it needs no words, just look in the eyes of a Wiccan/Witch, and you can see the compassion for their religion, it is one that is positive. WitchCraft does not worhip a devil, or believe in any such place as "hell", but, they do believe that you can make your own "hell" here on Earth, your own personal "devil". The religion WitchCraft or a Witch can be be summed up in one sentence "Love is the Law"

If I Were Writing The Definition - This Would Be A Draft! This... Aug 18th. at 3:51:33 am EDT

L Norton (Livonia, Michigan US) Age: 45 - Email

If I were writing the definition - this would be a draft! This would have to be a multiple entry. First, it should indicate that a Witch/Witchcraft is a nature based religion, which recognizes multiple gods and goddesses, whose believers practice ritual magic.... (not totally complete but you get the idea).
The second entry would indicate that an alternative definition was introduced by the Malordus ...(can't remember the name - Latin), a fictional book that was written to give the Christian Church a weapon against those who refused to convert to Christianity. In this book, the definition of a witch being someone who cavorted with the Devil ... etc, etc, etc, was developed. This was verbally acknowledged as truthful only by women who were tortured until they agreed with the definition. Those who did not agree died.

It needs lots of work! Feel feel to fix this!

If A Hard, Be-all And End-all Definition Were Needed, A True Definition... Aug 18th. at 10:07:24 am EDT

Autumn Silvermist (Manassas, Virginia US) Age: 20 - Email

If a hard, be-all and end-all definition were needed, a true definition of witchcraft could take many pages! It is a gentle, peace-loving tradition of people who love nature and all life. Who have absolutely no intentions of harming others. Just as we all have different personalities, Witches worship in our own ways. We may subscribe to a particular tradition, but we make it ours with our own personal touches. That is the beauty of Witchcraft. We don't follow a strict, do-it-this-way-or-no-way doctrine. We do as we feel is right and pure. There are some who want to abuse the power, but they cannot truly call themselves Witches. Anyone who is out to harm others is anti-Witch. And I must say that as a Witch, I am deeply offended at the defintion offered by what I thought was a legitimate source of information. My eyes are open now.

Blessed Be!

The Word Witch In Dictionaries And Encyclopedias Are Wrong. However, I Am... Aug 18th. at 10:31:18 am EDT

Kathleen (Moonlight Morgan) (Windsor, Ontario CA) Age: 17 - Email

The word witch in dictionaries and encyclopedias are wrong. However, I am not really worried about it. There are a lot of words in the dictionary that are wrong. No matter what dictionary you look at. Not only that, has anyone ever bothered to look at what they define Christian as. I have a Funk and Wagnalls dictionary at home. This is what it says


1.Professing or following the religion of Christ.....
2. A civilized, decent or respectable person.

According to the dictionary, unless we are Christian, we are not civilized or decent. The words Buddhist and Hindu are okay and even the word Pagan is not bad. So how come Witch/Witchcraft's definitions in Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are so far off?

Because of when they were made/published. During the time that Christianity was dominant. Now, if you are getting the idea that I am against Christianity, I am not.

I do not own and Encyclopedia but I read what Britannica had to say.

Well, I am off topic here, the question was what would my modern definition for the word Witch/Witchcraft be?

My answer is simple, I would not change it.

Witch. In The Modern Day, A Witch Is A Female Or Male... Aug 18th. at 2:41:22 pm EDT

Adelandaya BirchGrove (DeKalb, Illinois US) Age: 27 - Email

Witch. In the modern day, a Witch is a female or male follower of a nature based religion, often also called a Pagan religion. There are many different religions encompassed in that definition, but the commonalities are as follows:

1. Belief that harm done to others returns to the Witch, and often returns increased in volume.

2. Belief that good done to others returns to the Witch, and often returns increased in volume.

3. Some sort of belief about deities is usually included, but seeing that doctrine tends to mean less than the practice of the Pagan religions, an argument can be made that a Witch could be an atheist and still be a Witch as long as s/he practiced the religion.

4. Celebration of and recognition of the major seasonal changes, usually celebrated on the eight major holidays. Cycles of the planet are important to the practitioners of Witchcraft.

5. No belief in a Satan/evil figure in the Witch's pantheon. In fact, evil may well be seen simply as a human creation, and have nothing to do with the God/dess(es) at all.

Of course, seeing that this religion has no formal hierarchy, no "one true book" which defines what all Witches must believe, and much encouragement of "solitary" is certain that one may be able to find Witches who do not fit the mold, who make their own way. But this is just a generalized overview.

Craft Of The Wise. One Who Conducts Oneself In Perfect Harmony With... Aug 18th. at 6:47:28 pm EDT

Myrrdin (Lancashire, England UK) Age: 21 - Email

Craft of the Wise. One who Conducts oneself in perfect harmony with ALL nature. Humans and animals alike. Does not repeat the words of the craft to any other person other than those respected in the craft itself. Is an equally mixed religion with no sexist domination and has female and male Goddesses and Gods. Those of the craft strive to endure perfect love and trust with all living things and do not place any other religion under dogma or slander. A Witch IS love and peace.
Blessed Be xxx

Witch -- Wizard Intuitive Tuned In To Nature Connected To The Spirit World... Aug 18th. at 9:33:38 pm EDT

Petra Poundstone (Baton Rouge, Louisiana US) Age: 38 - Email

Witch --
Tuned in to nature
Connected to the spirit world
Harnesses the elements.

Witchcraft --

The practical application of magick (both light and dark arts) for the benefit of the user.

There is a lot of truth in what the Britannica says. Many practitioners of the art of witchcraft are not connected to the Wiccan religion, and some are not connected to any religion. (i.e. Santerian witches, Christian witches, Taoist magicians) but the Britannica is one-sided in it's seemingly negative view. However, many so-called 'white witches' are just as one-sided in not seeing that the harnessing of the elements can be used for good or evil, depending on one's value system and one's perspective.

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