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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 28 - 2/12/2001

Where Did You Get Your Magickal Name?

The tradition of taking on a magickal name is an old one in many Pagan paths. Once used to protect themselves and their covenmates or to create equality among members, magickal names are now often individually chosen to reflect or project certain traits, pantheonic allegiances or just because it sounds cool. How did YOU get your magickal name? What is the story behind it, the meaning of it and the reason that it was either given to you or you chose it?

 Reponses:   There are 93 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Hello Everyone, My Magical Name Is Laineestar And I Just Recentely Picked... Feb 12th. at 4:50:12 pm EST

Elaine Chupick (Minersville, Pennsylvania US) Age: 25 - Email

Hello everyone,
My magical name is Laineestar and I just recentely picked it. I have been a wiccan for about 6 six now and i could never find a name that suited me until now. My husband got me a Star from a place called Starsearch as a gift.It is pretty wild to look up at the stars at night and realize that you have one up there somewhere with your name on it.So i decided that since i love to look up at the stars at night, I decided to call myself Laineestar. Now half the fun is looking up in the sky looking for my star and the best thing is it will be there forever.

I Do Not "save" My Magickal Name Strictly For The Circle. It's... Feb 12th. at 5:18:38 pm EST

Armis (Cape Girardeau, Missouri US) Age: 27 - Email

I do not "save" my magickal name strictly for the circle. It's become much more than a secret name, it's become me in full. More than 10 years ago, I was given the name Armis, by the very person who first made me look beyond what I had known. Latin for arms or better stated weapon, it took the meaning that I was a symbol of mental strength. Even though I didn't see it that way.

After much thought and eventually learning the meaning of the word it became clear to me why she chose that name. And when I'm feeling vulnerable, weak, I call on this side of my personality to guide me thru. The name has become an archtype for me of sorts, and the "word" itself has taken me on a journey of self discovery that I might never have entered otherwise.

The spoken word has the power to heal, unite, empower and most important of Inspire!

Blessed Be,


I Have Several Magickal Names- Public And Private. In A Way, They... Feb 12th. at 5:21:32 pm EST

Sunfell (Little Rock, Arkansas US) Age: 40 - Email

I have several magickal names- public and private. In a way, they are markers that indicate my progress on my path. My earliest Pagan name, Sunfell, is a Nordic name, meaning 'rainment of sunlight' or 'sunny hill'. It has become my public Internet name and pen name for my writing. The name was given to me by a teacher of mine who worked in the Nordic tradition of the Craft. He felt that it was a fitting description of me both physically and spiritually.

Sunlight seems to play a large role in my life, although ironically, I get very little direct exposure to it personally. But I am a Solar person, and even my private Native American name, given to me at an authentic Naming Ceremony, reflects that.

One thing I like about my name(s) is that they are rather uncommon. Like my 'mundane' name, Lorie, they stand out.

If you are looking for a name for yourself, here is a little ceremony that was used on me to get my own name. The rite is called 'seining', and it involves placing the querent into the center of a circle of friends. A circle of seining is raised, the watchtowers activated, and the group sings 'Evohe' while the querent mentally 'seins' for his or her name on the etheric currents. When the name pops into the querent's mind, he or she announces the name, and the singing stops. The HP/S then takes the querent around the quarters and introduces him or her to the Watchtowers with the magickal name. Each member then greets the newly named member with a good wish, and the circle ends. Quite a lovely little ceremony.


My Magickal Name Came To Me In Stages. After Searching For A... Feb 12th. at 5:25:18 pm EST

Shadow WinterMoon (Angela) (Holland, Michigan US) Age: 16 - Email

My magickal name came to me in stages. After searching for a name for awhile, part of my name came to me while I was day dreaming riding home from the mall with my parents one night: Winter Moon. I've always loved the night sky, and the full moon reflecting off the snow in the winter is a beautiful sight to see here in Michigan. On the night of the full moon, I've always slept with my curtains open so the light could shine onto my bed :-)

The other part of my name came through another day dream. I was riding home from somewhere else and glanced out the car window at the full moon and saw in the shadows not the man in the moon, but a woman holding something up in one of her arms. For the life of me, I couldn't make out the man in the moon, only the woman (who I believe was Goddess showing herself to me) so I took the shadows into my name, making my full magickal name Shadow WinterMoon.

Hi All, I Began By Reading All I Could Find On Being... Feb 12th. at 6:28:04 pm EST

Rain BrightStar (Moore, Oklahoma US) Age: 40 - Email

Hi all,

I began by reading all I could find on being a Witch.I decided I'd like to have a craft name, for my dedication of a year and a day as a Dedicant.I meditated for a long time, under the trees behind my home.After a few days I found an old English meaning for my birth name.It's Robin, and the meaning I found was Bright Fame.So I went with BrightStar, as I felt a little Fire was needed. As I got closer to Beltaine, the day I would dedicate myself in 1999. I felt the need for water in my name. River, stream, pond, ocean.None seemed to fit.But each day it rained.Finally i kept repeating the word rain, and it seemed to fit.So Rain BrightStar was the name I chose after 2 months of meditation.Or did it choose me.I feel the goddess whispered it in my ear.I used the same name last year for my initiation.I'm still a Solitary, and very eclectic.I feel this name describes who I am as a Witch, and some non witch friends now call me Rain too.They tagged me with it for my knowledge of trivia, felt it reminded them of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman!How odd, huh?

I've also adopted a middle name I only use with the Goddess.I won't say what it is, but it comes from the literally hundreds of quartz crystals that cover the ground in my backyard.I used to think they were just shiny rocks before I became a Witch!

Well, that's the story.I'm sure I left some things out(I usually do). But the name seems to fit me perfectly!

Peace and Love

Rain BrightStar

My FortŽ In Magick Is Names And Words, And Their Meanings And... Feb 12th. at 8:46:08 pm EST

Awena Llwyndyrys (Murray, Utah US) Age: 23 - Email

My fortŽ in magick is names and words, and their meanings and uses. I am a collector of names. So I keep many names for myself, for different aspects of me. I don't think I could ever pick just one to sum up.

But I did, in this past year, decide I would like a "magickal name" to use and be recognized by, with my fellow Pagans. I haven't done much ritual magick yet, and so I don't exactly need a formal magickal name in the traditional sense. But hey, any excuse to find myself another name! =)

Since I love Welsh mythology and lore, and since Taliesin is sort of my mentor (greatest of bards!) I chose to find a Welsh name. I had been using Angharad (beloved, free from shame) since the first day I got online, and I love it, but I felt I wanted something a bit more magickal. So I found an online Welsh dictionary, and looked through it. I finally chose Awena Llwyndyrys.

Awen: the breath of poetry; prophecy; inspiration
Llwyndyrys: tangled grove

These appeal to me because of my bardic aspirations, the thought of being an oracle, wisdom...and grove because of my forest home (like you, forestchilde!) and tangled because inter-connectedness and synchronicity play a large role in my life, as well as the weaver of words aspect. So it combines the new (creation, art) with the old (old growth tangled woods).

I don't know how long I will be keeping this one, but I do enjoy it, and folks do know me by it now. I think it lacks the essential fey-ness of me, but perhaps I'll adjust it later. I already have other fey names (Sylvan Fae, Faelinn, etc.)

Bright blessings and good dancing,

There Is Only The Smallest Of Stories Associated With My Magickal Name... Feb 12th. at 9:01:22 pm EST

Vivhianna (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario CA) Age: 18 - Email

There is only the smallest of stories associated with my magickal name. Two years ago, when I was first starting out, I was toying around with various names. None of them seemed to suit me, although I certainly liked the way they sounded. Eventually I decided to combine the names of characters from two of my favourite books. This I did, and after modifying the second name slightly and adding the "h" in, I had created a name which suited me perfectly. It was pretty but not overly dramatic, and reminded me of the better qualities of the two characters whose names I had mixed and adopted.
In my opinion, magickal names aren't just "screen names", though doubtless some people also use them as such. I've always been taught that words have power, and when you think about it, isn't a name a kind of word? And because I chose a name for myself which I in part created, it has a special significance to me which is at least as great as my given name. It's part of who I am now. So no, I don't think that *all* magickal names are only "screen names". Otherwise (and I hope I don't offend anyone with what I have to say next), what would be the point in calling them "magickal" names?

Moonsong You May Think This Weird, But I Got My Name From... Feb 12th. at 9:27:58 pm EST

Moonsong (Watertown, New York US) Age: 20


you may think this weird, but I got my name from a bad poem attempt and my agnostic boyfriend. we were sitting outside on a night near the full moon, and we like to stretch our minds by spontaneously making poems. I always found the moon inspiring to me, the several aspects of the Goddess and its beautiful light, and I always observe the full and new moons.. is impulsive for me.

anyways one of the first lines that came to my head was "listen to the moon's song"

the poem fizzled from there, but one thing that stood out to me for a while afterward was the comment my love made after that line. he said "honey I always do, you are a living moonsong to me" (awwww isn't that sweet??)

before that I had began searching for a magical name, and that one just wouldn't leave me alone from then on.

The Story Of My Magickal Name Is A Simple One. I Was... Feb 12th. at 9:36:18 pm EST

Owen Cindereagle (Concord, North Carolina US) Age: 18 - Email

The story of my magickal name is a simple one. I was looking through a book on magickal names and saw Cinder, which almost everyone knows is a fire word and represents a lively personality. That word then struck a cord in me like it was my name but it didnt feel whole like a part was missing. Then one day i was standing outside a cool breeze went by and i semislowly closed my eyes to enjoy the breeze for it was a hot day, and then i saw it an american bald eagle flew by in my minds eye and then landed thats when i knew my name Cindereagle, but still it didnt seem right then i found out another pronunciation of my birth name which i love ian which used to be owen, finaly my name seems whole Owen Cindereagle

My Pagan/heathen Name Is Aedh Rua. It Is Gaelic, Clearly, And... Feb 12th. at 9:36:23 pm EST

Aedh Rua (Prophetstown, Illinois US) Age: 35 - Email

My Pagan/Heathen name is Aedh Rua. It is Gaelic, clearly, and means something like "Red Fire", though Rua is only one of the two words for red. By the way, it is pronounced "AY-uh ROO-uh". Rua means fiery red, as distinct from Derg, which means blood red. Rua generally has connotations of life, power, and vitality. I got the name while meditating, as many no doubt have.

I had gone by the name Gwydion, a name which I picked only because it "sounded neat". During the time I called myself Gwydion, I evolved toward a more and more traditional Gaelic religious framework, though I was still pretty far from my current practice. Eventually, the name just didn't fit any longer. I no longer identified with it, and knew it had little to do with who I really was. I wanted to pick a new name, something more traditionally Irish or Scottish, which reflected where and who I was. I meditated and asked the Gods I worship for a new name. The result was Aedh, a name I barely recognized. After some more meditation, taking only a couple days, the second element, Rua, was added.
The name does seem to suit my personality, and my natural affinity for fire.
I have had it for almost ten years, now, and it really is my name, at least in emotional terms. Legally, I still use my mundane name, for security purposes.

What I didn't know when I got the name was that it had been borne by an Irish king/local deity. Aedh Rua was a king who shared rule over Ireland with his two brothers, at least so it is told in Dindsenchas. Eventually, after a very long, fruitful reign, he drowned in a spring/waterfall, which was named Ess Ruaidh (Rua's Spring) in his honor. In time, he became the patron deity of this spring, which I gather still exists under the name Essroe.

As I say, at the time I got the name, I knew none of this. It does make one wonder...

My Magickal Name Just Kind Of Hit Me. I First Heard The... Feb 13th. at 1:09:18 am EST

Aurora Firelight (Port Royal, South Carolina US) Age: 20 - Email

My magickal name just kind of hit me. I first heard the name when I was a little girl and watched Sleeping Beauty. I had always liked the name Aurora but it was always just there in the back of my mind, not something I thought about but it was not until I decided to embrace paganism and I was sitting down and thinking of a name that it popped up in my mind. It just seemed to fit so well. To me it symbolized a new begining, the "dawning" of a new era in my life. Since Aurora means light or dawn it just just seemed right. And it also reminded me of a time of innocence in my life when everything was pure and new ans the most tiny things amazed me. The last part Firelight was inspired by the fact that I love the light from candles and fire and also from my sometimes firey temper. To some people their magickal names might be a mask of sorts but to most I think, it is a source of pride and a part of their connection to the God and Goddess. I know some who infact have more than one magickal name and have one in particular that they only share with the God and Goddess.

Bongiorno! I Have Changed My "outer Court" Craft Name Three Times Now... Feb 13th. at 6:13:01 am EST

Filomena Sophia (Duluth, Minnesota US) Age: 30

bongiorno! i have changed my "outer court" craft name three times now. (i use outer court with quotes coz i'm solitary so don't really have a court to speak of).
anyhoo, when i first came out of my coccoon, i was butterfly. then i began looking for a more human name, so i took our my character naming sourcebook and settled on simona, which means "one who hears." this was perfect coz i had discovered that i was clairaudient. later i added the warrior name of elda. this served me well for quite awhile, until i made a spiritual connection with my paternal grandfather.
now i take on the feminine form of his name: filomena. i also added the name of a neopolitan witch from the fourteenth century who was purported to have been a follower of aradia's. her name was sophia, which was perfect, since i also have an ancestor with that name (tho slightly different spelling.) i feel this new name will serve me well for a long time. it is mena for short, and i've already had people in my "other" family tell me that it fits me and rolls off the tongue well.
thank you and namaste all!

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