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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 39 - 4/30/2001

Who Are Your Gods?

Who are your Gods/Old Ones/Ancestors? Did you choose Them or did They choose you? Do you believe/perceive Them as merely evolved Beings-or are They indeed the all-powerful Masters of the Universe? Do you believe/perceive that Gods/Goddesses/Ancestors/Old Ones are extensions of your higher self, separate and distinct Beings of personality or 'all Gods and Goddesses are One'? In your times of need, do you believe that They can overturn the Laws of Karma/The Fates/The Norns for you? Why do you suppose that some prayers/pleas/invocations are seemingly ignored while others may be answered? Do you feel that the Gods/Ancestors/Old Ones may sometimes 'use' you to accomplish some greater plan than you may be humanly aware of? How do you feel about that? What has been your most powerful, meaningful or life-altering encounter with Them?

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This Is Just My View - I Don't Believe It Is "right" For... May 1st. at 6:53:12 pm EDT

Iko (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 37 - Email

This is just my view - I don't believe it is "right" for anybody but me. I respect all others views of the Divine, as I hope mine are respected.

We are all but drops of water in the vast ocean of being. The Divine holds the ocean, is the ocean and is the dark limitless abyss that surrounds the ocean. The Divine is in me, in you, in everything and at the same time is separate. We all come from the Divine, and we all return to the Divine. The Divine exists without us; we could not exist without the Divine. Just as we have been told the flapping of a butterfly's wings on the African continent can start the breeze that turns into a hurricane thousands of miles away that slams into the North American coast, the actions of one drop - your actions, my actions - in the ocean can effect all others and all outcomes. This is karma. All is connected. There is no predetermination of events, but there is always a price for any choice. And there always is choice. We can contact the Divine, as it resides in each of us and in everything around us. The mental images I have of the Goddess and God are just attempts my brain makes to grasp the ungraspable, the attributes I give to them are just attempts my mind makes to give limits to the limitless. Yet I do give the divine attributes, and do feel more connected to certain portrayals of Gods and Goddesses than to others. There are moments of clarity, moments of perception, moments when the "veils lift" at which time we can peek into what is not "real" on this our physical plain - and can look into but a fraction of an inch of the limitlessness of the Divine. This has happened to on rare occasions throughout my life. These are tremendously personal and profound experiences, each has been life altering. I have no idea why they happened when they happened other than to say I was ready to see something I had not seen before. I do not think the Divine decided when this time was to be, I think I reached a point where I was (subconsciously) open to the possibility of a different perspective and when I was ready I saw it.
Again, these are just my views - I would not ask anyone else to accept or embrace them.

The Great Goddess. She's Been With Me All Through Life, I Just... May 1st. at 7:27:33 pm EDT

Dan (Jackson, Michigan US) Age: 16

The Great Goddess. She's been with me all through life, I just didn't call her the Goddess, or Lady, untill recentely. Whether she's in one or another form that she sees fit, to me it does not matter, all that matters is that she is extremely important in my life. In all reality, I know that all Gods are One, and all Goddesses One, yet I choose to see that One as the Lady. She can be seen in thousands of different forms, millions of differeant species, and both sexes. It all depends on the eye of the beholder.

Mine Are The Greek Gods And Goddess I.e. Zeus, Athena, And Hestia... May 1st. at 8:25:24 pm EDT

John (Sparrowbush, New York US) Age: 14 - Email

Mine are the Greek Gods and Goddess i.e. Zeus, Athena, and Hestia etc. Ever since I was little I read stories about them from different books. Basically when I just saw a Library book on the floor in the back of the Library where nobody goes (I still don't know why I was in that spot) and I just started reading. Then a couple years later I heard about Wicca and it just clicked. So in a mystical way I guess they chose me.

My Pair Is Inari, The Shinto God Of Rice, And Therefore Wealth... May 1st. at 11:31:14 pm EDT

Amanda (Providence, Rhode Island US) Age: 21 - Email

My pair is Inari, the Shinto god of rice, and therefore wealth; and Athena, Roman goddess of wisdom, arts, justice, and skill. Athena speaks to me of all the things I should be, and I try hard to model myself after Her. Strong, but wise. Inari's messengers are the kitsune, or fox spirits in Japan... I identify strongly with them, so I feel like I serve Inari in that way.
I don't know if I've exactly been chosen by Them, so that probably means I haven't. Either way, though, I serve Them faithfully, and I feel as if They watch over me. In my opinion, They can change the course of events that seem beyond all control, and I think They would do so if I sorely needed it and there was no other way out. Otherwise, I believe the gods would prefer to not have to spoon feed us, and that we should find our own solutions, turning only to Them for help when there is nothing else to do.

I Once Read Somewhere That The Great Divine Forces Are Limitless In... May 2nd. at 1:56:21 am EDT

Nick (Shakopee, Minnesota US) Age: 20 - Email

I once read somewhere that the great divine forces are limitless in all aspects. There are no oposites or duallities to the divine else there would be limits set upon the divine. Since the human mind sees everything in oposites (black, white; up, down; male, female; ect.) something of this magnatude is beond human comprehention. So inorder to compensate for our mind's lack of scope, we have to put these limitations upon the divine to help us understand it better. This is why many pagans worship both a God and a Goddess. It is very difficult to explain to anyone how something can be both masculin and femmenin but at the same time be niether. This is also why many Christians believe in both god and the devil. Try to explain to them that God is both good and evil, yet neither too.

This all is someone elses theory written in my own words. I can't remember where I read it but it stuck in my head cause it made sence to me. It helped me to understand how all religions can be right when they say that the God/dess that they worship is THE God/dess. It's just that they call their God/dess by a different name.

The form of the divine that I worship depends on the ceremony, problem, or whatever else I may need. If I can place a name of a god to the problem than I refer to that name. Otherwise I just don't use a name and refer to him/her as god/dess.

I don't actualy believe that the divine forces actualy awnser prayers, but it is us that awnser our own prayers at a subconcious level. Well since I see the divine as nature, and we are a part of nature, I guess that in a since it is the divine that awnsers us but more importantly it is that piece of divine that is inside of us.

Many of you may understand what I'm saying wile others may be totaly confused. Don't worry. All this stuff blows my mind away just trying to comprehend it all. I'm not even gonna try to say that I understand everything that falls under this theory. Like it says above, The divine is beyond human comprehention.

PS... I would love to give creddit to the person who thought up this theory but I don't have a name to give. I can't even remember where I heard it from. If anyone can tell me who it was or what book to find it in than please let me know. I would love to read more about it but I haven't stumbled across it again yet.

bright blessings,
Nick (self proclaimed fluffy bunny pagan)

Who Are My Gods/ancestors? The Primary Spirits With Whom I Associate... May 2nd. at 2:20:12 am EDT

the ShadowDancer (Tucson, Arizona US) Age: 47 - Email

WHO ARE MY GODS/ANCESTORS? The primary spirits with whom I associate myself certainly have been called Gods/Goddesses over time. They are seven in number. Old testament type Hebrews called them Elohim, and one of their number became EL, the old testament "GOD". Prior to that (by 1000's of years) proto-hindu shamans thought that they lived on top of a sacred mountain to the north of India. Prior to that Siberian shamans associated them with the seven stars in Ursa Major. To me they are agents of a greater Unity, responsible for certain matters on and around this planet-- humanity, in particular. My realtionship to them is that of student to teacher-- I learn from them, they require certain tasks of me in this middle world. (My ancestors are a different matter entirely, though my association is similar).
INITIALLY, they chose me, but it is my responsibility to seek them out. They are pretty busy, and I doubt that I have ever had the attention of all 7 at once.
They are DISTINCT BEINGS for sure, however not exactly distinct personalities. (It seems presumptous to assume that beings of pure spirit manifest in such mundane psychological typologies as personalities). They do differ as to what tasks they are responsible for. Some are male, some female.
THE FATES/NORNS/WEIRDS refer generally to our destiny in THIS LIFETIME. That destiny can certainly be altered by adhering to a spiritual path, following a particular "God/Goddess", etc. It is exceedingly rare, however, that they will do it for you, generally it must be a choice made and followed by your own free will. Random events are part of the variance (Chaos!) of fate, this cannot be emphasised enough. (Is it real or is it Memorex, only your hairdresser knows for sure!!)
KARMA has to do with how soon you will reach the ULTIMATE DESTINY of you soul-- a matter strictly between you and your higher self. This is not really the domain of the "Gods/Goddesses", unless you bring it to them.
PRAYER works, but not outside the bounds of Destiny.
INVOCATION is outside the bounds of my personal practices, so I won't comment.
YES, I AM AWARE that the spirits use me. It is fine with me, I am glad to be of service to the greater good of humanity. By my free choice, I am a servant of the "Light", though I am well acquainted with the "Dark".
My life was transformed 20 years ago from one of complete hedonistic pursuit, selfishness, and despair to one of spiritual awareness, service, and hope. I am not complaining.

I Read A Lot Of Books About Greek And Egyptain Mythology When... May 2nd. at 4:45:18 am EDT

Alanna (Rockingham, Western Australia AU) Age: 22

I read a lot of books about Greek and Egyptain mythology when I was younger, and once or twice I can remeber praying to Athena and Maa't. Then on holiday in Queensland I was given a book on the Celts. My favourite part was on their religion. It made the biggest impression of my 8 year old life. When I got older, all these gods and goddess's made more sence then being a Christain did. So I began with Hecate, Athena, Isis, Maa't and The Morrigan. I see Them as an distant, yet here with me beings. Their biggest impact was when I was 13. It was Samhain, and I was depressed as anything. I heard a soft, gentle voice, but like the winds rolling through the tops of the trees. They (i'm not sure who) spoke to me, and told me the answer was in my heart. It was and still is, and I am more happier whenever I think of that moment, then I ever have been

My Goddess Is Sekhmet. She Chose Me. She Is My Mother. Krishna... May 2nd. at 7:31:48 am EDT

Shepsut (columbus, Ohio US) Age: 30

my Goddess is Sekhmet. she chose me. she is my mother. Krishna is my God. He also chose me.

I Don't Know If I Chose My Gods Or If They Chose... May 2nd. at 1:45:20 pm EDT

suzin roberts (dundee, England UK) Age: 14 - Email

I don't know if I chose my gods or if they chose me, I've always been to drawn to certain ones. Aradia is my goddess and Pan my god. I do go to other deities but these are my main ones. I don't know why and I guess I never will but I have a feeling that they somehow chose me.

My Gods/goddesses For The Most Part Have Chosen Me And In... May 2nd. at 6:41:36 pm EDT

Bridget Blackwater (Santa Barbara, California US) Age: 22

My Gods/Goddesses for the most part have chosen me and in oddly demanding ways as well. To me, they are guides, companions and teachers. For instance, Rhiannon, when she comes to call, likes to almost literally knock me around with her chosen method, and I end up with very real bruises in the morning. She also guides me through the "otherworld", because there I have no "eyes" if you will. Other goddesses come in touch with me as well, Kwan Yin and Brigid are both mothering type goddesses, and come to me when I need them the most.

I don't believe anything can turn over Karma or the Fates, what will happen will happen. The believe strongly that higher powers know us well enough to know what we truly desire and what is spur of the moment.

In general, my experiance with the higher powers have a tendancy to be more enlightening that frightening, and more relaxed than formal. This echoes the way I practice my rituals, and the way I hold my values to me. I believe we are all here for some purpose, we just don't always know where, when and what it will be.

Like So Many Other Parts Of Wicca, There Are Quite A Few... May 2nd. at 9:51:07 pm EDT

Nexy Jo (saddle brook, New Jersey US) Age: 45 - Email

Like so many other parts of Wicca, there are quite a few different views and beliefs of divinity. When I was growing up, I was taught what I believe to be the traditional perception of god – an old man with a long white beard, sitting on a throne in heaven, handing out justice and judgment, and watching all and in control of the universe. This image never sat well with me.

I believe that the universe itself, and everything in it, makes up god. All the galaxies, suns, planets, everything on earth, including us, is all a part of and makes up god, with the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts. With this in mind, we are all made of “god stuff”, along with everything else. This ties in well with the concept of love and respect for everything, since everything is a part of god, and worthy of love and respect. In this view, there is one god. Just as all the cells in our bodies, while alive in and of themselves, together make up a human being, all the “things” in the universe together make up god. And in both cases, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Since my view of god is so unimaginable, so infinite, and encompasses so much, everything in fact, I choose to celebrate god in two aspects. A goddess and a god. So many things seem to take the form of “polarities” or opposites in the universe, i.e. light and dark, male and female, wet and dry, hot and cold, that this works quite well for me. Another common saying in Wicca is “as above, so below”. This refers to the apparent similarities between god and everything on the physical plane of existence. Even the bible would seem to incorporate this view to some degree with its statement that “man was created in the image of god”. Of course, since in my view, god is the universe, this is an obvious conclusion. So knowing about the things in this earth, nature and the like, can give us insight into the nature of god, bringing us closer to divinity.

I purposely used the word “celebrate”, and not “worship”. To me, “worship” conjures images of unworthy subjects groveling at the feet of those much more important – and in my view, all of life and the universe is “worthy” of respect. “Celebrate”, on the other hand, brings images of dancing, and love, and enjoyable times – things that sit much better with me when I think of divinity.

I don’t see the goddess and the god as two separate beings. Instead, I see them as aspects, or representations, of a part of divinity. The goddess is the female aspect, though not necessarily in the sense of gender. Female attributes include receptiveness, as opposed to projectiveness, soft as opposed to hard, black as opposed to white, and so on.

Some Wiccans see them as separate beings, and some also celebrate a pantheon of goddesses and gods, either as separate beings, or aspects of the two. I find the two aspects of divinity, the goddess and the god, to work perfectly for me.

I don’t see divinity as a guiding force, controlling or directing the happenings in the universe. Instead, if anything, divinity sparked the “big bang”, set up the “rules”, and let the cards fall as they may. In this view, free will rules, and we all have some control over our own destiny. Additionally, we all must take responsibility for our actions. There’s no devil to blame when we act inappropriately. We sent out evil and hate, and that’s what comes back to us, or we send out good and love, and that’s what comes back to us. If we are unsatisfied with our lives, we must take positive action to make a change for the better. In this way, prayer, or spells for that matter, simply helps with our motivation to make this change – there’s no “divine intervention” to save us from ourselves.

In spite of the apparent passive role that the previous paragraph indicates about divinity, the ability to celebrate from pretty much anywhere, one’s home, in nature, and even while sitting in traffic, without a rabbi or priest acting as an intermediary, and outside the trappings of a temple or church, allows for a closer relationship with divinity, at least for me. In effect, all Wiccans are priestesses and priests, and the whole world is a temple.

Because of god's passive role, one must live with whatever the laws of karma, fate, and/or destiny have in store for you. Reincarnation is in my belief system, so it's very possible to carry karma, or the results of the law of returns from one life to another. God won't interfere with that - only we have the power to do that.

All prayers are answered. Sometimes however, the answer is no. Prayer is a focus of will, toward a desired change. Sometimes, our will is strong enough to cause that change, either directly or indirectly. Sometimes it's not, or someone else's will is simply stronger than ours. Or, in cases of karma and the law of returns, sometimes even will cannot stop those forces of nature.

There are times when i feel like a pawn in a plan for the greater good. I suppose i don't like it, but hey, it's like like you can argue. Well, I could complain, but I don't think she takes to kindly to too many complaints...

Finding my spirituality - finding god, was my most meaningful experience. It seemed everything just fell into place after that. Don't get me wrong - things still go wrong, and I still suffer, and feel pain, but at least now, there is meaning.

Mm! I'll Get Right To It. I Believe In The Goddess, The... May 2nd. at 10:56:59 pm EDT

Jen (Whitefeather) (Soo, Ont, Ontario CA) Age: 16 - Email

MM! I'll get right to it. I believe in the Goddess, the God and a Supreme Higher Up who is part of everyone and everything, like a big Oneness of the universe. I also believe in other (but not lesser) gods or goddesses. Artemis is the goddess I feel the closest too, along with Isis, Iris and Hecate. There aren't many gods I feel close to, except Pan. Zues is fun to tease, but not during a rain storm, I learned that a couple of years ago. lol Do I believe that these god/desses will overturn Karma and save my butt? Probably not, unless it's not ordained already. Whatever happens to me, it's in the cards. I believe they can do whatever they want, whenever, but are still subject to the Laws of Karma and the Laws of Nature.
Well, there it is, my views on the Powers that Be. Thanks for reading! email me at, I love to exchange ideas and have conversation with other pagans! Also, my Yahoo!Messanger name is ladyangelwings2000. Blessings and Light! Whitefeather

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