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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 85 - 11/17/2002

What’s Your Motivation?

What motivates you? What is the guiding principle(s) by which you steer your course? The Rede? Freedom and Justice for All? Honor? Kindness? Truth?

Have you ever had to wrestle with conflicting impulses or actions that may be contrary to what you hold to be your guide? How did you resolve it?

Is there a quotation (or quotations) that best sums up the ideals that you try to live up to or that is your inspiration? Please share it!

 Reponses:   There are 97 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

My Motivation Nov 19th. at 2:23:54 pm EST

Charles (Texas) Age: 39 - Email - Web

My motivation in life is to live as mankind was intended to live. To care for Mother Earth and all her children wether they be human, animal, or mineral

My Motives For Life Nov 19th. at 2:36:05 pm EST

jenny (mckinney,tx) Age: 17 - Email

what motives me in life is love between my friends and I.What motivates me in life is love i have for family and friend and the world around me.Life overall is hard for me.My motives usaul are what i look for in life.knowing there may be alot of things in the world that are so horrible undescrible in life .Life is so confusing to me but when your around friends and family life seems to be so clear again. Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

Motivation Nov 19th. at 3:11:00 pm EST

Rowanchilde (Appalachian Mountains) Age: 44 - Email

To move forward, to evolve. We know intellectually that we are all part of the whole cosmos but how difficult sometimes to realize this on a true level. So I stand back and take in the whole picture. The vast timeline we a part of and how insignificant we appear in the enormity of it. It seems a paradox. Yet by viewing it like this I realize the how truly significant I am and that every movement I make, every thought I design, every tiny breath I take has an impact on my evolution, singly and as a part of the whole.

Motivation Moves Me Nov 19th. at 3:28:41 pm EST

Raven Sunwing (White Rock, BC) Age: 17 - Email

Life is my motivation. That may seem odd coming from a seventeen year old from a upper middle class family, but really it isn't. The way I see it life is the ultimate motivation for anyone. Truth and justice may guide your path but they remain only the tools created by the motivation. For me I have survived depression and suicidal thoughts, I continue to battle against the dragon that is my diabetes but I do not give in. Simply because it is life that drives me to continue. Shakespeare said that "all the world's a stage" and well I'm an actress and I'm not about to miss this play. Blessed be.

I Am Connected To The Web Of Life Nov 19th. at 4:49:39 pm EST

Rhianna (Beautiful Oregon) Age: 34 - Email

I am motivated by the constant feeling of connectedness. I am apart of the Big Everything and I am not alone. Somewhere at sometime, someone else (or 2 or 10 or a million) others have felt the same way I feel - good or bad. This has allowed me to love myself and others with less judgement.

To Plod Forward, Even In The Face Of Certain Doom Nov 19th. at 5:06:21 pm EST

Tamara K Winfrey Bennett (Indianapolis IN USA) Age: 31 - Email

Motto: "To plod forward, even in the face of certain doom"

And, from LOTR, when Frodo tells Gandalf he wished the ring had never come to him(paraphrased-- I don't have the book or movie in front of me):

Gandalf: "So do all who live through such times, but that is not for them to decide. What is important is what we decide to do with the time we have." I've probably butchered that, but you get the idea...

And there is the ever-popular "God hates a coward," which my Catholic husband seems to like....

Love Of Life Nov 19th. at 5:09:13 pm EST

Bryir Fox (Omaha/Bellevue) Age: 25 - Email

What Modivates you?
I think about this alot. I mean It is never for me in the Front of my mind it is for those around me. My Loves weither they are a year old or 100. Those special people that who I would give my all to. For me I could live in a box on a corner, For them I have left my doors open and food in my Fridge, Money what ever. Just to keep them safe.
I am Also Motivated by the Need to LIVE, to see and touch all that is around. Travel (A sagitarius imagine that), to Learn and to DO.
If it wasn't for the People and all that is around I don't know that I would get out of bed in the morning.

To Learn As Much In My Life As I Can, My Addiction. Nov 19th. at 6:00:57 pm EST

Danielle Stiner (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Age: 17 - Email

Since I was little, to learn new things was my biggest passion, it didnt have to be anything in specific, but it was my, addiction. This religion if you call it, intrests me very much and yet no one seems to quite understand how intense our human emotions can challenge our will to do the, sensible thing when we get hurt. I am not sure if I can ever explain the way your religion makes me feel, but I can say thank you all for, wanting to learn new things, for having an open mind about modern religions, older, ancient, practices. You open the door of opportunities for more than just those who would like to practice but for those who truly need some real faith. Something that won't turn us down if we break one rule, a religion that will always be there.
Love Always,

"if You Can Keep Yr Head... Nov 19th. at 6:10:34 pm EST

lilith (los angeles) Age: 33 - Email

while all around you others are losing theirs and blaming you..."

anger is my main motivation. its not always a healthy one. it doesnt always work. its not always easy to control. i was attracted to the concepts of ceremonial magic, not because i am obsessed with rites and gestures but because the idea of summoning the dark forces and bending it to yr will sounds like what i go through on a daily basis. i have to work to keep the anger constructive and not slip over the line into hatred. that is the tricky part. other than that, anger has been an energizing force for me. i sat down some years ago and contemplated the emotions that are hard for me to control, and they are depression and anger, and anger is more an emotion and depression a state of being. the emotion that is always closest to the surface of my life is anger. so i realized if i could work with it instead of against it, i could harness it and do something useful with it. so i consider it my main motivation.

depression is a motivation also. i will not take drugs to control it. i have to be careful with that one as well, because these are both potentially destructive things to have in one's personality. depression can so easily tip into listless lethargic suicidal nothingness that in some ways it is more deadly than the explosiveness of rage. but it also keeps me sober and observant and sharp, oddly enough. depression has been a curse and a gift and i wont let go of it unless i get to the point where i cannot function on any level.

these may sound like strange motivators. but they work for me. i use them to keep going. anger makes me politically interested and keeps me working for the causes i work for. depression keeps me compassionate, at least in bursts. so i own them and i have no problem with them. they are demons but there are tools and rites to keep them on my side.

as for a good quote? God hates a coward.

What Motivates Me Nov 19th. at 6:46:22 pm EST

Maggie Caldwell (Midland, MI) Age: 19 - Email

The reason that I manage to get out of bed in the morning is quite! Nothing else in my life is quite so stable, and quite so satisfying as the melody on which I ride. There are many areas of my life that make me unhappy, and just to have that one to cling to is the most precious thing in the world. "My love is music; for I will marry melody..." Perhaps this is so important to me because my one passion, my one desire is to express myself through music; to let the world know how I feel, and to let it consume me. I always know that no matter what goes wrong, or how lonely I am, music will always be a part of me that cannot be taken away. "Won't you let me take you for a ride; you can stop the world, try to change my mind; won't you let me show you how it feels; you can stop the world, but you won't change me. I need music, I need music, I need music to set me free, to let me bleed." (The quotes come from the song "Bleed," by Cold).

Thirst For Knowledge Nov 19th. at 7:20:45 pm EST

Ember820 (Lebanon,ohio) Age: 40 - Email

Sice the age of 12, I have be thirsty for more knowledge of our wiccan ways and the way of the witch. My grands were witches and i loved their way, their way is alot like the wiccan but just not quite. So I do alot of research on these awesome matters. I am a professed witch with wiccan ways and some poeple just laugh and say you can't have it both ways and i tell them i can 'cause I am a solitary practitioner no onr rule in my dome but me. AND THE GODS THAT BE!!!!!Being of Indian decent also gives me more stomping ground too. So you see I have Motivation all over the place!
Blessed Be to all and Merry Merry Ment

WHAT IF.... Nov 19th. at 9:07:35 pm EST

Diego (Brazil) Age: 20 - Email

What if there was no war arounding us? What if there was no hungry among people? What if there was respect, love, tolerance in pures 100%?????? Well, thast´s my MOTIVATION...I dream for the day that all these things will come true (respect, love and tolerance).
Kinda utopic, but still a dream...Only a dream can change the whole world to better...I could say many others things, but would get many days to write them down (LOL), but I can resume them in 1 single statement: "Everything that's good for me and to the others is the right option".
So, I must confess sometimes I got myself very pissed off(so sorry 'bout this word)with many important issues that aren't in subject or are lefted away by people.
I don't know quite well what happens in other countries but Brazil, but I do know that in here we have really serious probs, but many interested people are doing their part, joing in Not Gov Orgs as Greenpeace, CARE, and so...I also do my part, or well, try to as possible...I´m an Ecletic Solitary Wiccan that just born (or re-born)to the Gods, and I learned how to love Them and respect Them...I worship my magick for their glory and that's my motivation!!
BB )O(

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