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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 107 - 4/21/2003

Would You Be A Good ‘Reality Show’ Contestant?

Would you eat crickets for a hundred dollars? Sit in a tub of worms for a thousand? No way?

Reality shows just keep getting more popular. And more bizarre! Would you ever really consider doing some of those crazy stunts just for the cold hard cash?

Would you like to be on a show like ‘Survivor’? How about Jerry Springer?

‘Fess up now! Do YOU watch them? Which ones? Or do you experience quite enough reality in your own life, thank you very much!

If you could produce the Pagan version of a reality show, what would you have your Pagan contestants do?

 Reponses:   There are 49 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Reality Where Apr 24th. at 9:53:30 am UTC

sloopz (Scotland) Age: 17 - Email

I dont know how people can class the reality they just put a bunhc of things on a good series wich has more reality than survivor etc is The Royal family.

They are more real than any survivor u have to agree with the others there shoul be a programme with different faiths beliefs etc in a room and see who wins ( i know i would jump ayt the chance to go into that room to make people realise we arent what they think)

Boring... Apr 24th. at 11:17:53 am UTC

Silver Raven (Jo Marriott) (Nottingham, England) Age: 21 - Email - Web

I don't think I'd be a very interesting contestant - I like my own space too much so I'd just end up boring everyone silly or sitting quietly in the corner.

These kind of shows are getting boring now. I have to admit that I enjoy to watch 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!', simply to see how well-known stars cope in a totally alien environment. I odn't know how they do it - I'd go to pieces! Although, the chance to live so close to nature for a fortnight would be fantastic... ;o)

Like everything in life - reality shows are the trend at the moment, so there's too much of it. A bit of moderation would be good, then it might be fun!

Reality, What Reality. If That Kind Of Reality Existed.... Apr 24th. at 11:23:16 am UTC

RafenCat (Parsonsfield, Maine) Age: 33 - Email

I'm a firm believer that anyone will do anything for money. And herein lies my opinion. I hate reality t.v. because there is no reality to it. I watched one episode of survivor for 5 minutes and shut it off. What a bunch of hooey. If it was reality, they wouldn't have nice places to sleep, they'd have to hack and forage for food and shelter. I think that the survivor in that situation would be a stronger person over all. My husband would add an addendum to this and say the survivor would have to survive on the island with no help from the outside world and build a boat to get off it. As for American Idol, never watched it and could care less. Talent lies in so many other places and unless you need to have someone berate you on national t.v to make yourself feel better, I believe there is a deeper problem here..The sad thing is lots of people tune in weekly to see what's going to happen next and that fuels the fire.
If there was a Pagan reality show, I think it would have to fall along the lines of the National Geographic show Taboo. Think about it, we are not the greatest of accepted people in the world. And while fear and criticism seem to fall high up on the list of how Pagans are viewed by others, the reality is that we exist, we do what we do and soemtimes strength in numbers doesn't apply. And life in of itself is a reality show when you look at it that way.
Bright Blessings.

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms Apr 24th. at 4:39:13 pm UTC

Laurie (Key West, Florida) Age: 38 - Email

The crap on TV now is for those who have nothing in their lives that they find interesting. It's sad to know that while so many people are becoming brain washed the " government " is voting our social security and medical care right out of reality. We need to pay attention to what is going on here & now !
And just for the record, I won 5 bucks when I was 10 years old for eating a worm...

-snort- That Would Be Amusing. Apr 24th. at 6:22:28 pm UTC

Entropy Aurelius (Ann Arbor Michigan) Age: 23 - Email

I'd eat crickets. They'd probably have to be live ones, because it's no fun for the audience unless they're still wriggling :) Hey, if it's good enough for aboriginal cultures, it's good enough for me. You'd be surprised what you can keep down just as long as you ignore the taste.

I'm fairly out there, and yeah, I'd so some of that nutty stuff just for cash. Oh yeah. Heck, I'd look at it as a new experience and something fun, with the added benefit that some schmuck's actually -paying- me to do it!

I think Survivor's kinda funny, but yeah, I'd do it. I'd rather it go on a point-based system rather than an elimination, because at least that way you can have the fun of doing all the neat stuff :) Jerry Springer's all acting and such, that's far too easy for me. Not enough challenge.

I don't really watch TV much anymore myself, so of course I don't really watch 'reality shows' either. I do find myself chuckling over Survivor and shows like that though. Sometimes I wonder how those people can be so insanely amusing and blockheaded. I find myself going 'Duh, people, do -this-!' (I'm a rather vocal TV-watcher.)

*LAUGHS* A pagan reality show ... boy would the fundies get a burr in their shorts ...

Lemme think ... A sort of treasure hunt around a certain spot for items to use for elemental correspondences ... on the spot reenactments of various stories from a certain mythos... heck, I dunno, I can't think straight from laughing too hard! =^.^=

Not Me Apr 24th. at 7:05:46 pm UTC

Jo (CO) Age: 23 - Email

I would be a terrible reality show contestant because I don't like playing mind games or doing gross things. Plus, I'm not "TV pretty, " so the people who like reality shows wouldn't want to watch me be boring. I would be a bust for any network.

I have watched one reality show, only because it had a funny concept, but all in all I think they are just fad and pop. I would rather be out with friends or watch a movie or play a video game.

Sure, there are a lot of problems in the world that are more important, but in the long run sometimes you just have to chill out and let some stress out. I think that is what draws people to reality shows. They are so silly that it takes people's minds off of their fears and worries for an hour, and in a year or two the same thing will be true of something new. The mass populous needs something, and right now this is it. My theory is, if it makes you happy even for a little while to watch people be idiots for money, then, hey, whatever. Life was meant to be enjoyed, right?

My Opinion About Reality Shows And Idea About A Pagan Show Apr 25th. at 3:09:35 am UTC

Katya (Santa Maria, CA) Age: 24 - Email

I am not very fond of most reality shows; "Fear factor", for example, seems to just show how much people can put up with for money, - up to dying from the experience; Jerry Springer for me is "how low can you go" - people get humiliated for money and actually don't mind it. I like the idea of "Survivor" - making it in the wild, without any help of modern civilization.
If I had a reality show for Pagans, it would consist of 2 parts: theoretical and practical. Theoretical would be a test of knowledge - on religions, pagan traditions, myths (Greek, Roman, Celtic e.t.c, magickal qualities of objects..
I would offer different prizes for different stages of the game, - from consolation prize to 1st; from "Witches almanac" magazine to gift certificate for the magickal shops to year's supply of Dragon's Blood (example) .
2nd part of the show would be for the winners of the 1st part on application of their knowledge: take them to the house/place where people say "strange things are happening" (but real PEOPLE, not some public source) and have them investigate the situation.
Thank you.

It's A Matter Of Taste..... Apr 25th. at 8:48:31 am UTC

Siara (Annapolis, MD, USA) Age: 43 - Email

If the television producers decide the public wants to watch a middle-aged woman lounging around in overalls, petting her dogs and reading arcane books-- I'm their lady'

Like A Train Wreck Apr 25th. at 5:32:01 pm UTC

Tuesday (MN) Age: 29 - Email

I confess, I watched Joe Millionaire- only to see if that poor dolt picked the evil money grubbing she devil over the sweet girl next door... shocking... who knew? *shrugs*

I watched Mr. Personality- just to see if my theory was correct. Its like cyber dating, just hands on. *yawn*

Me? On a relaity show? Only if I could be on World's Scariest places or soemthing like that. I'd do that. Of course I wouldn't scream and run around like an idiot. I'd probably just find a comfortable spot and hang out and wait for something to happen..okay, I'd run off to the pub with whoever had the coolest accent and watch from some remote location while other people ran around and screamed like idiots..hehe

Pagan reality tv...we'd have to go live out on a big secluded nature preserve, build mud huts and have lots of bonfires.. see who can build the best natural percusiion instruments, who's the grooviest dancer, loudest singer and most resonating chanter.. see who can go out on a vision quest and come back with the most profound insights? I don't know, it'd be like survivor but as a team with no one getting eliminated...everyone growing. I'd like to see a relaity like that anyway, everyone working together and growing..

Reality Vs Unreality Apr 25th. at 6:39:23 pm UTC

Becca (Kent, WA) Age: 21 - Email

I actually like this round of survivor, don't know why but I do. Maybe its because this group of people they have in the Amazon realize that it has little to do with surviving in nature as much as it has to do with surviving your peers. I hope Christy wins, it would wow a lot of people. (Christy is deaf) .

I also enjoy watching American Idol. I have a background in Music and theater, I know just how cruel auditions and cattle calls can be. I enjoy watching each performer and then discussing with my family the merits of each performance, we could care less what the judges say. We each vote once for who we think is the best of the group. (Except for last week where we all voted for Carmen because Randy was such a d*ck to her.)

Another show that we watched was called Castaway, not the Tom Hanks movie but the show on BBC America. They haven't done another season of it and we were kind of disappointed. The show was based on the idea of survivor but instead of winning a million dollars the idea was to build a self sufficant community on a tiny island just off the coast of scotland. They did have problems because they brought in complete families. And the Doctor and his Wife felt they had the right to special treatment and the producers gave it to them. Other than that it was an interesting watch. I see a Pagan reality show along those same lines ie building a community. However it should be set in a warmer climate, I think Northern New Mexico would be perfect because it offers a nice range of climates suitable for raising crops and animals. It also offers stawbale and adobe building materials. Another improvement to the Castaway format would be an age cut off for the youngest member of a family.

Well I'm done Rambling now...

Fear Factor Is For Wimps! Apr 25th. at 10:56:29 pm UTC

seven (Ohio) Age: 24 - Email

I think that the producers of fear factor spefically get people who are afraid of their own shadow! I watched an episode of it a while back when it first premiered, and there were people in a pit with non-poisonous snakes, shaking like leaves in autumn! What were they so afraid of? That seems to me to be a really easy way to earn a couple grand. The people sitting in the pit were perfectly aware that the snakes were non-poisonous, (which half of us weren't always so sure about the ones we played with in the woods when we were kids:) there was another one where I thought the contestants were being scardy-cats, they had to shimmy out on a flag pole, somewhere like 20 stories up on a skyscraper, but they were securely tethered to the pole. They couldn't have fallen off that building if they wanted to, yet, the contestants once agian were completely freaking out. I think they're all a bunch of wimps, the only thing that is bad on that show, is the stuff they eat.

Pagan Version Of Reality Show Apr 26th. at 7:27:41 am UTC

mariaan (u.k) Age: 20 - Email

well well what a great topic. there is so many people out there not knowing who they are and if not knowing who you are how can you say that you are a pagan or wiccan. so i would create a reality show for those who are stuck in the middle to help them out. my reality show would be about getting to know the true you the inner you. so all that i will sugest is a short seminar then unleasing them to the show with tasks to do like: finding elements to use in nature for a specified spell and and then have a blair witch project prank pulled to see who uses their initiative for casting away evil spirits and bringing on peace if you cant complete a spell, well weekest link good-bey. they would find themselves very quickly indeed

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