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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 19 - 12/18/2000

What do YOU of our newest entry into the Presidential Political Pool?

Okay, the United States has a new President-Elect. And that's all that we here at TWV are gonna say about that! What do YOU think about our latest entry into the Presidential Political Pool?

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I Think I'm Beginning To Agree With Nostradamas, Or However His Name... Dec 22nd. at 2:16:32 pm EST

Mino Mercurious (Naples, Florida US) Age: 42 - Email

I think I'm beginning to agree with Nostradamas, or however his name is spelled. And that's all that Mino is going to say about THAT!!!!!!! *smile*

I Don't Trust Either Mr. Bush Or Mr. Gore. They Are Both... Dec 22nd. at 7:13:08 pm EST

sprite (Portland, Oregon US) Age: 25 - Email

I don't trust either Mr. Bush or Mr. Gore. They are both power junkies. In this day and age, you have to be to aspire to the highest office in the land. I do prefer Bush to Gore in hopes that he will slow the growth of the government. Either way I'm sure we will see no end to the slew of new government regulations that have plagued this country for 70 years. And I'm sure those new regulations, which are all intended to do good things, will continue to cause unthinkable and unknowable harm to us all (poverty, war, environmental damage, economic instability, loss of liberty, etc.) The path of imbalance is wrought with the best intentions to paraphrase an older, better known cliche.

Personally, I hope the Libertarians gain a foothold soon. They are the only political party that rejects the initiation of force against others. They expect the government to abide by that, too, not just us poor individuals.

I'll part with one last thought. Common law in this country has fallen by the wayside, and its replacement--political law--is very dangerous. Common law can be summed up in two sentences: Do all that you have agreed to do. Do not encroach on other persons or their property. When common law was our way, the goverment abided those two laws as well as individuals. Spread the word.
PS Read Richard Maybury if you want to know more.

To Begin, I Am Tired Of Hearing Greens Blamed For Gore's Loss... Dec 22nd. at 9:08:50 pm EST

pat james mannix (lancaster, Pennsylvania US) Age: 16 - Email

To begin, I am tired of hearing Greens blamed for Gore's loss. Your vote is intended to help you SUPPORT who you WANT to be president of the United $tate$, not IMPEDE who you DO NOT WANT. If this continues, we will never have a non-republicat president. That seems simple enough.
I didn't vote, of course; I am sixteen. But, I am old enough to be disgusted. There really isn't much else to say that hasn't been being said. Here I come, Canada ...

I'm Thoroughly Disgusted With How This So-called Democracy (usa) Has Conducted Itself... Dec 22nd. at 9:44:45 pm EST

Seongeona (Stevens Point, Wisconsin US) Age: 33

I'm thoroughly disgusted with how this so-called democracy (USA) has conducted itself and I'm quite fearful about what's gonna happen the next four years. I'm even seriously considering leaving the country. I'm keeping a very close eye on "W" (I refuse to acknowledge him as Pres.) and will fight him every step of the way when he upholds the Right - he stands for everything I'm against.

Usually, I Don't Really Care Who's In Charge Of Which Country. When... Dec 22nd. at 9:55:29 pm EST

Luna Fae (Franklin, Wisconsin US) Age: 19 - Email

Usually, I don't really care who's in charge of which country. When I lived in Belgium, it bugged me that I payed about forty percent income taxes and ended up with roughly $1000 a month, while the Princes did nothing and drove around in Beamers and Porsches on account of the working class. If they feel they need to take so much, why can they not give it to the underpriviledged, set up funds so these people have a chance at climbing the ladder, which they now can not?

But now I live in the US, and though I live out in the middle of nowhere and hardly anyone comes out this far and bothers me, I'm afraid.

In Louisiana, people are trying to pass a law against public practice of the Craft. Doesn't the Constitution say "Freedom of Religion"?

Bush is already trying to pass a law, forcing people to register their faith. Why? It may sound paranoid to Christians, I don't know. But it seems to me, knowing who is Pagan can only come in handy when they haul us off to be terminated.

Do I want to give birth to a child in this country? Do I want to teach my daughter to hide what she believes in?

She will have free choice of religion, if she chooses Christianity as her faith, we will not even try to tell her it isn't right. It isn't religion that makes people dangerous, it's belief. My husband has told me already: if she chooses to marry a Christian, he will gladly walk her down the aisle.

But she will know how to use Majick. There is hardly any doubt about that.

I am afraid. More than I care to tell him, more than I want him to know.

People are insane. An angry mob has no beans with the law until the witch has been hung.

Am I paranoid? In light of the past, I don't think so.

See Ya', I'm Moving To Europe! But Seriously. America Is A Great... Dec 22nd. at 11:33:15 pm EST

simona elda (duluth, Minnesota US) Age: 30

see ya', i'm moving to europe!

but seriously. america is a great country. at least in theory. our european ancestors came over here because of the idealism america conjured up for them, and i for one will be damned if i am going to let their dreams die simply because i do not care for our president.

i personally voted libertarian because i see it as the only party who truly practices keeping the government out of people's personal lives. this is something that neither of the two major political parties seem incapable of doing anymore. both democrats *and* republicans (tho the latter won't admit it) are for *more* government intruding on us and infringing upon what made this country great in the first place--freedom! and i'm not talking about the narrow-minded freedom of the puritans. i'm talking about our deist forebears who gave us true freedom.

i think the green party has a good platform, but in my opinion, none of this can be accomplished until we first re-teach the government what their true role is--that they are *our* servants, *not* the other way around! the libertarians would clean up washington, d.c., in my opinion, and *then* the green party could move ahead with their reforms. in the meanwhile, i will continue to clean up the environment the best way i know how--through the fork.

that's it for my rant for today.
blessed be!

I Think A Lot Of People Are Missing The Point Here. What... Dec 23rd. at 12:37:49 am EST

Wayne Adams (Lexington, Kentucky US) Age: 45 - Email

I think a lot of people are missing the point here. What Gee Dubya himself will or won't do, or what he thinks (if he thinks) about any subject at all, is largely irrelevant. The president does not personally pass any laws, or make any judicial decisions. What he DOES do, however, and what we all, right-wing, left-wing, or in the middle, should be concerned about, is appoint supreme court justices and other key figures who DO make those decisions. This president will probably be appointing several justices and, largely thanks to the supreme court being packed with conservative justices during the Reagan-Bush administrations, we've already lost more civil liberties over the past twenty years than at any time since Abraham Lincoln suspended the Consitution during the Civil War. In the long run, those losses effect all of us. If anyone thinks that the supreme court decisions weakening Miranda and upholding no-knock warrantless searches apply only to REAL CRIMINALS, they need to wake up and smell the tear gas.

I Don't Agree That We Have An Elected President. As Many Times... Dec 23rd. at 2:59:44 am EST

J (Charleston, West Virginia US) Age: 45 - Email

I don't agree that we have an elected president. As many times as it has been said, THEY NEVER FINISHED COUNTING THE VOTES! And I am really scared for the country in the next 4 years. I hope we survive the stupidity and greed of George Bush.

O.k. You Wanted To Know How We Feel About Twv And The... Dec 23rd. at 9:55:44 am EST

Steve Winn (w.Babylon, New York US) Age: 29 - Email

O.K. You wanted to know how we feel about TWV and the Political Pool.

I think it is a great step forward. And I am very happy to see the witches voice (no pun intended) all over the U.S. is being heard in the Political arena. However I do have a problem. My problem is we want to be heard as a group and TWV asked all witches and Pagans to et out and vote. ( and that is great) And I know you at TWV can NOT support one candidate over the other. (I don't relay get why) But I am sure that we could have made more of an impact if we could agree on a candidate to support. After all the Jews and Christen let every one know who they support.I know that you can't say one way or the other for legal reasons.(That is a shame because TWV is very powerful)know don't get me wrong. I am not saying that we shouldn't make up our own mind but maybe we could have more of an arena on TWV to debate and maybe agree on few reasons why one candidate is better for us then the other candidates.
I think that this is very important to unite the Witches and Pagans to make a huge impacted.

Thank you

I Guess I Should Duck For The Pelting I Am Going To... Dec 23rd. at 11:31:10 am EST

KarmicBear (Pinellas Park, Florida US) Age: 34 - Email

I guess I should duck for the pelting I am going to take over this, but I am thankful Al Gore did not win. G W Bush may be a right ring conservative, but at least you know where he stands...he doesn't lie to you about his opinions. And that's all they are, OPINIONS. Yes, it is true his opinions will have a bearing on whom he appoints to key positions in our government, but they will not be the only issues coming to bear. And I think a great deal of folks are giving our President a lot more power than he actually has. We have a virtual split in the law making branches of our Republic, which I personally beleive will make for some interesting debate and some important laws to be passed in the next few years.

The Republican party is for less government intervention in our lives, so why would I be worried if Bush does not consider my religion a religion? For G W to try and sponsor laws that would limit the freedom of religious expression, he would be going against something he himself has stated many times that he is against.....and I don't believe he will do that. And by blasting him for his religious beleifs, are we all not doing the same thing we so dislike? If we expect respect, we should treat our leaders with respect. If we expect tolerance of our beliefs we must be tolerant of others beliefs.

A lot of issues have been raised about Bush's integrity, but I think his integrity is intact. Yes, he admitted he has made some mistakes in his younger days, but he is beyond that now. And who in this world has lived a perfect life, without any "skeletons"? If you can find that person, we could elect them President in 2004.
I may be wrong, I have been known to be so before. But I hold to my opinion that Bush is the best man to lead our Country at this time. Only time and his deeds will tell.

I Think That It Is A Blessing That The Us Can Settle... Dec 23rd. at 12:04:05 pm EST

Larken (Midpines, California US) Age: 27

I think that it is a blessing that the US can settle such an issue in a peaceful manner (albeit a litigious one). I can think of too many countries where there would have been riots, a coup, or worse.

On the other hand, I think that it is awful suspicious the family interest that existed in Florida - the Bush's had total control over the whole process. And I dread seeing those family interests control our country for the next four years. Already Dubya has turned a blind eye to the oil industry polluters in Texas, he wants to turn back the clock as far as women's and religious rights go, and he stands to inherit his dad's appointees, as well as appoint more.

But I have faith that the US will come through it okay - it is only a four year term, and we have channels to voice our opinions and to keep the executive branch in check.

My First Response Is "uuuugghh!". I Do Not Believe That Bush Is... Dec 23rd. at 2:33:33 pm EST

Vivienne Phoenix (Arlington, Virginia US) Age: 25

My first response is "Uuuugghh!". I do not believe that Bush is the rightful winner of the election and I do not consider him to be my president. I think that if all the votes had been counted correctly (if the ballot mix-up hadn't happened) Gore would be the winner. I think it's very upsetting that the candidate who won the popular vote by so many votes was not elected. I think that Bush did everything in his power to create obstacles and stalling devices using the judicial system until it was too late because he knew that he didn't really win. I think that he is inexperienced and corrupt, and beyond that, I don't agree with his policies. But, I believe that regardless of who won this election, both candidates are big money, corporate representatives.

I know that change must sometimes be gradual, but I feel that America needs a president who will protect the environment, and protect our freedom of choice. Whether that choice is to bear children, be in a gay marriage, own a gun, or practice Witchcraft. I don't have any solid answers because I know how complicated politics is and that money does make things happen- but I wish we could get a positive president who's willing to take risks and can foresee his impact on the world. A president with integrity and a strong sense of spiritual (not religious)obligation to himself and society. Gore would've been better than Bush. But, perhaps Bush will mess up so badly we'll be ready for something entirely new! There's a purpose to everything!

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